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New car took it in whining noise coming from gearbox they had to put 2ltrs of oil in box car done 300miles could there be any damage what is the capacity of gearbox

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Answers :

Yes there could be a lot of damage to the transmission, I hope you received a copy of the repair order and it states the low fluid. As you didn't list which model and options, the best way to find the capacity is to look in your owner's service manual, it will be listed there.
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New car took it in whining noise coming from gearbox they had to put 2ltrs of oil in box car done 300miles could there be any damage what is the capacity of gearbox

Yes there could be a lot of damage to the transmission, I hope you received a copy of the repair order and it states the low fluid. As you didn't list which model and options, the best way to find the capacity is to look in your owner's service ma ... Ford Focus

My jeep gand cherokee went into limp mode 150km after having a custom made freeflow exhuast system fitted. My regular mechanic who has a diagnostic box with limited capacity picked up fault code "p1652 Combust". The gearbox was also reconditioned 3500 km ago and the gearbox-engine harness repaired at the same time. My mechanic "cancelled the problem" so the car is going fine, but no actul lwork was done on the car. Can I take it that the problem is solved (by itself) or should I have the car tak

According with the parts ans jobs there, sound like a electrical problem or harnesses connections problem; Jeep DTC P1652 is refer at J1850 Communication Bus short to ground.The J1850 Connector is the connector that you plug the OBDII Scan to ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi I have an A6 2.4 V6 Avant. Done 120k km's. Just had 120k service done - change toothed belt etc. No it shudders or stutters as you accelerate. It settles done at higher speed by the moment you gun it it will stutter. Have also had the gearbox chain and pistons replaced at 120k in the 6 speed multitronic box. Spark plugs ok. Timing ok. Full filter replaced. NO ERROR messages. Could this be an airmass sensor or what else should we look for? For a silky smooth car this is most concerning.

Hiit could well be the air mass sensor, try cleaning it with carb cleaner, this often worksthe other thing is, as you have had the timing belt done the crankshaft sensor may be at fault causing a slight missfire internitently, other ... 2001 Audi A6

I have a 2008 peugeot 407 hdi diesel. The diesel is not reaching the engime at all and therefore the car won't start. 1)Could this mean that my computer box is damaged 2) Could this mean that my sensor is damaged? 3) Could this mean that my injectors are damaged? 4) Could this mean that there is a blockage in the diesel pump? if so , where and why? 5) What could cause this problem? Before this happen, couple weeks before the car caught fire for about 10 second and we managed to turn

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Friend called me today and hes been working on this car dont know make or model it has the ford 3.8 liter and had the upper intake off of motor and he thinks the pcv valve may have fell into the intake so he says he could not find the old when going back together with car and just bought new one so the car runs but has slight poppin noise while accelerating so what damage could this do or has it done so far and also can he just pull the upper intake back off and get it out.


What could be an immediate problems of an automatic gear box that ran out of gearbox oil, can it make the gear box not to select, if yes, can the gearbox be refix or is it a better advice to buy a new gearbox, 'cause it has knock twice and i worked it but it did not work, rather it did not select at all the car is nissan maxima '98 model. thanks

IF a transmission (not gear box) gets low on transmission fluid - that can certainly cause bad damage..\015\012A automatic transmission rund by hydrolic bands - not gears..\015\012\015\012A re-built trani is pretty much as good as a ... 1994 Nissan Maxima

I own a 1998 jaguar XJ8 and while I was driving I ran over a triangle shaped valve cover that fits into a manhole cover on the street. It must have fallen of a maintenance truck. I could not avoid it. On impact the car jumped up off the ground and caused major damaged to frame. After impact everything shut down and the display on dash read SUSPENSION DAMAGE, GEARBOX DEFAULT-WRONG PART FITTED, AND PERFORMANCE RESTRICTED. After charging the battery the car started up but the transmission is in

Hi! You can start on the transmission solenoids. They may have been damaged during the accident. Please write back on the progress. THanks! ... Jaguar XJ8

I have a 1999 ford contour 2,0 lt 4 cyl. the problem I have is with the transmission. the car will not move forward on D from stop. i have to started on 1 and speed up so I can gear up to D. I have been told it could be service by disassemble the gear box, replaced damaged parts and assembled. On 2 is starting to slip. the car is in venezuela and I have been told replacement parts could be found

You will need to have the transaxle rebuilt\015\012\015\012In your case, a remanufactured trans with a warrantee,\015\012may be your best bet,if you have to have it shipped in ... 1999 Ford Contour

Car does not move while accelerating. I have been told the gearbox needs changing, however i feel there might be a loose connection or something may need tightening that may have come loose while the car was able to drive. I also think there may be a problem with the exhaust, could this be stopping the car from moving or is it gear box???

ANSWER these questions \015\012IS it a Auto matic or a manual box,\015\012Start engine put your hand over the tailpipe and in 20seconds would it blow your hand off -----,,no then your ex is not leaking ,,\015\012If Auto/box then i ... 2002 BMW 5 Series

I'm thinking of buying a 2000 Olds Alero from someone I work with. I was told it needs rear wheel bearings. I've done research and am curious on a couple of things... How do I know if it's an easy (cheap) fix or if this has lead to further damage which would be an expensive fix? What further damage can occur? The person is driving this car still. What price ranges(high and low, listing damage) for repairs could I present to this person to possibly have them consider lowering the purchase pr

Well only damage cause rapid tire wear.not a hard fix.buy a haynes or chilton repair manual read through removing rear wheel bearing procedure.should have no problem.do a price check on rear wheel bearings.call around.what ever price 2 rear wheel bea ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

My tail lights do not come on at night. The lights for my gear shift, heater, fan and vent control dont work as well. It seems to me that these are all on the same circuit. The car was in an accident on the front end. Car is still driving fine and my break lights and rear signal lights work along with reverse lights. My front headlights and signal lights work although there is some damage to them. I have checked all my fuses in both fuse boxes and they all seem fine. Could anyone suggest somethi

... 2006 Pontiac G6

79 series landcruiser ute 99 mod ! has had ful gearbox and transfer rebuild with upgraded input shaft new clutch ect ! done 10000 k since ! now went to turn around through a table drain got back onto highway in 4wd , i went to disengadge 4wd and lever was a little firm and noticed a noise coming out of assuming gearbox ? someone had said i could have smashed something in tranfer ! but i wasnt flogging car and drive carefully !

... Toyota Land Cruiser

Hi I have a 1996 automatic mazda eunos 30x coupe. Suddenly My car stopped moving. It starts well and engine runs well but doesnot drives in D but drives in rear R. it shouldve been serviced before 2000 kms but i havent done so. So is there anyone who can help me figure out what could be the problem? Am I looking for changing the gear box or it could be a normal issue? Thanks!

... 1995 Mazda MX-3

I have a bmw 5 series 530i touring it has done 57000 miles and is a late 2003. my question is that when i'm in steptronic and say going about 40-50 the car feels that the engine has stopped and restarts ( it feels like that but it doesen't stop ) there is a jolt almost a bang and and the car carries on, when i use the gear change part of the box it is or it apears to be fine. what could it be?

The steptronic is an automatic transmission, and it sounds like you may be having trouble with the torque converter lock up feature, I recommend that you check the oil level and even change the fluid in the trans, retest and see if your problem conti ... BMW 530


\015\012ESP: Electronic Stability Program.It is there to keep the power of the engine harnessed and keep you/your car out of trouble from wheel spin/torque steering/wet roads. Although ESP (Electronic Stability Program) is also call ... 2003 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Hello My 18 year old neighbour bought his first car last week, a '95 Chrysler Stratus 2.0 with manual gear box. Now the tachometer is broken, I was told that there were some plastic parts inside it (sprockets?) which were damaged. And that there is one piece inside the engine right below the tachometer which also needs to be replaced. The local shop took a look at the car and told him that in order to replace the tachometer they had to remove the gearbox and some other things, it would

The engine has a rev limiter inbuilt,so after 6250 revs it will cough and sputter.the rev counter is for people who drive to strict rev limits to conserve fuel,and the obvious drivers who drive to the max power/engine revs for "fun"most men drive to ... 1995 Chrysler Cirrus

I have a 2006 audi A4 diesel, manual the main dealer tells me I need a new gear box one month outside 3 year warranty. the car has done 80,000 miles. How long could i reasonably expect a gear box to last before replacement

... Audi A4

My 95 mustang would not start it was not getting fuel> so i noticed the cube like in the trunk box and pushed the red button the car started and now it is running horrible it feels as if its running on 2 cylinders & its an 8cylinder. what do u think the problem is? I had to siphen gas out of my car to. do u think that could have done anything harmful or caused this. thank u very much apparsiated.

I had this problem be for. It turned out that the fuel pump was going bad. ... Ford Mustang

Air ride not working, had switched off to save battery when not using car for a period of time. had done this before OK. No power to either side of OK 30 amp fuse in power distribution box. Could sure

Pretty pictures in a haynes manual and nothing else,look in the foreward its not even written by a motor vehicle technician ,just a technical writer ,try jumping the fuse in case the holder is faulty ,under the row of fuses is a communial bus bar sup ... 1998 Lincoln Town Car

When I get in start my 2002 Jaguar X type there are no warning lights on. When I start driving the gearbox fault light pops on and the car will not accelerate past 15-20mph. The last diagnostic check I had told me that I needed new catalytic converters. Could this cause the problems I am having with the gear box fault light coming on?

Possible but not probable, Restricted converters will usually set a cat cod and check engine light will come on. I dont see a gearbox light on fault light on instrument panel ... 2002 Jaguar X-Type

I crossed my spark plug wires on my 96 Ford Taurus GL and drove it for about 20 miles, now my car won't start. Replaced the wires and the ignition coil. I have gas and spark. Could i have done damage to the ecu or anything else by running it?

... 1996 Ford Taurus

Coolant light Few days ago my coolant light came on. Purchased the coolant (anti-freeze), and overfilled the coolant tank. Coolant seems to be seeping out when the car runs and starts smoking a little because some leaked on the engine. I had smelled the aroma of burnt rubber, like someone let the air out of a tire, then thought it was the hose burning up from the hot liquids. Did I ruin my engine by overfilling the coolant? Is there any other damage I could have done as a result of this mistake?

If the anti freeze was low there is a leak .the sensor that controls the low coolant light is located on passenger side of radiator toward the top these sensors go bad sometimes.there is a clip that holds it in .place these car are also known for lea ... 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

The light has gone out in my shifter box and I can't see when it is dark what do i do . The car was just in the body shop for painting as the hood was damaged and the windshield replaced - could this be connected?

Center Console Shifting?\015\012You can take apart that console with relative ease to gain access to the light bulb to remove and replace it. Most of the center console snaps-together or is screwed together. Remove the center console glove box ... 2004 Toyota Corolla

When I try to start my 1999 toyota camry it makes a loud rapid clicking sounds. It's been doing that for a couple weeks. A couple times when it has done it my car wouldn't start and I needed to jump start it. But every other time it will make the rapid clicking sound and eventually turn over. What is causing this? My friend said it could be the ignition switch. The battery was just replaced. it is in good condition. There doesn't seem to be any damage on the cables either

Its starter time. IF you are certain the the battery and connections are good. ... 1999 Toyota Camry

My Audi A3 started leaking oil. I noticed it when I tried to top it up. I made the mistake of trying to drive the car about a mile before I gave up. Have I done some seriours damage to the engine. I took it to a garage and they told me something about bearing and needing a new bottom box or worse still a new engine! What are my options.

You never drove it without oil in it did you????????\015\012well smack your legs,,,realy hard too!\015\012if its the engine running with no oil in it was the "red"oil light on? if so you more than likely need a recon engine now,,,your che ... 2000 Audi A6
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