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I have a sony car radio ,it;s model is CDX-FS214 and ut;s serial nomber is V057854, it has a 16 pin cable and i want to know aboutt the cables (speakers,batery +,ignition +, etc)

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I have a sony car radio ,it;s model is CDX-FS214 and ut;s serial nomber is V057854, it has a 16 pin cable and i want to know aboutt the cables (speakers,batery +,ignition +, etc)

... Ford Focus

2000 olds sil minivan have power to all but ignition it seems turn key power/no fire .is there any way to start vehicle to see if it is only the ignition module/rod etc. i changed battery cables and running light module (staying on)/new battery recently it was just time.is there a way to bypass the ignition to get to fire do not want to pay if just something simple also fuses appeared fine replaced em anyway

Check fuses in engine compartment, it will be a big one like 20amp or 30 maybe even 40amp ... 1996 Oldsmobile Silhouette

1988 300zx tried the battery cables, they are good. i can push start the car no problem. i don't know much about ignition, could be that? i appreciate the input and ideas. i just didn't want to spend a lot of money to fix it, if it was something easy.

The ignition wouldn't likely cut power as soon as you switch the key to start. Also, does power return when you let the key return to the "Run" position from the "Start" position? Did you check the connections to the starter itself? They may b ... 1988 Nissan 300ZX

I want to repair my mitsubishi lancer touring ecu please someone can help, the problem is that the ecu is not sending the pulse to fire the second coil the car starts everything is normal but the problem started after switching by error the coil2 connector with the ckp sensor connector I opened the ecu and tried to verify where is the problem i identifyed the pin with the lack of signal but I need to know a diagram to verify if is the ignition transistor a resistor or other

It would be much easier and cheaper to just replace the ECU with a used one that works, I found this one on ebay, click on the link to see it: ... 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer

When I turn my ignition to the start positon the headlights and the dash lights come on but no crank the security light is blinking but not to sure if that is the issue I think it could be my starter, battery or even the cables tomorrow im going to test the starter It happened yesterday suddenly and I dont know what to do? I dont want to have to replace two or three things costing me a whole lot of money when it could be something simple?

If the security light is blinking, it's the VATS system not recognizing the resister pill in the key. I currently have the same non start issue, but I bypassed the VATS ignition key but the car still doesn't start. My security light acts like it sh ... 2002 Chevrolet Camaro

Hi i drive a 2003 Chevy Cavalier LS Coupe. It has a sunroof and what happened is it is stuck slightly open. The first thing is i want to know how i can close it because its winter.. Its outside and i dont want the elements getting in. Second, i want to know how to get to the cables that operate the sunroof and fix them. i know for a fact that their broke and repair shops charge too much... i know i can do it myself because i already did the side window motor. I just need some guideance and help

... Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 91 toyota pickup. It has a starting problem mostly when I do alot of stop, shop , and go. I replaced starter, starter relay, starter ignition, clean + battery cable, - ground cable, and check coil. I even change a new ignition key and still have the problem. Battery tested 12V. I know alot of people have this problem, but no one seem to know the cause. They just recomend adding an extra power push button lead to the starter. What is it that I am not getting? By the way I have one automa

Not sure how similar it is but I had a supra of the same year with the same issues. It ended up being a bad connection where the chassis harness met the engine harness. I bypassed this section and the issue was resolved. ... 1991 Toyota Pickup

I have a 2010 E350 dually I noticed a small pin protruding through a small hole in the outter rim near the lug nuts. The pin is a spring type pin - what is it do you know? I want to believe it has to

... Ford Cars & Trucks

My sister has an hhr I don't know what year but could find out and she put the wrong key in the ignition and it wouldn't come back out. Somehow during the process of trying to get it out part of it broke off in the ignition. What can she do? Her husband is a very good shade tree mechanic but is not that familiar with this car and wanted to know how to remove the key part? Does he have to take out the ignition and if so do the directions on this page tell him how?

Look under the steering column see the little square plug remove it look inside hole see a little plunger black pull down on this and switch will rotate and key come out there are two switches in your console at the shifter these have to activate to ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

I want to replace the navigation unit in my 2002 camry with one from a 2007 camry. Most of the plugs on the back of the units are identical -- except for the black plug. The 2002 unit is a Fujitsu Ten (with 10 pins) and the 2007 unit is a Denso (with 12 pins). Who makes an adapter cable for this? Or what are the pin configurations for both units so that an adapter cable can be made?

You are not going to be able to perform this replacement scenario. Due to the fact that you are dealing with 2 different manufacturers, the wiring is different. There is no cable that is available to give you what you want. \015\012Actually, th ... 2002 Toyota Camry

I want to remove the rear interior panel under the rear window to get at the inside of the fender to push out a ding. Suction cups etc won't do it. I can see two screws at the rear of the panel but I don't know how to pop out the panel and don't want to break any of the little plastic latches holding it in. It looks like I have to remove a plastic piece along the running board trapping the front of the rear panel and don't want to break any latches there either. I don't even know if there is cle

... Mitsubishi Eclipse

I have a FreeLander 1999 1.8 ESXi and it won't start. It cranks but no sparks at spark plugs? Not sure if it's the coil pack or immobilizer. Can you advice? Many Father inlaw in an attempt to fix reserve light switch. inadvertently shorted a (3 pin cable) going in to the gearbox (if looking at engine, on right-hand side, you can see cable as only one there). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Regards, Josh. Can send photo of 3 pin cable that got shorted if required. I?d like to know what

Hi, If we talk about 3 pin connector,its main function is to limit the amount of power going through the circuit.Ok here we go....\015\012\015\012No start, but it crankes ok= pr ... Land Rover Freelander

I have a 2000 Passat and going to have my friend replace the rotors and breaks. I am preparing to fix it but want to know what sizes are the bolts for the calipers sliding pins. If you know the Bolt s

For a wrench or for the acctual bolt size. \015\012To remove front pads..you need 8mm allen socket to pull the caliper guide pins, then 17 or 18mm..To remove rear pads...you need 13mm socket for lock bolt on guide pins and 15mm open end wrench ... 2000 Volkswagen Passat 4Motion

Lancer ES 2003 Hot/Cold knob won't turn. Snaps back to where it previously was. Mechanic said would be very expensive to replace all cables and doors opening and closing air ducts. I'm wanting to try and fix this myself. Is there a schematic of the cables, pulleys and doors for the heat/AC system? I can't find a repair manual for this car. Mechanic is able to manually switch the doors/vents over to either AC or Heater. I want to know how he manually was able to move the heat/cold knob by m

You have a broken mounting at the end of the cable,at the housing thats why the temp. control knob doesnt work,you can remove the center console to gain access to pivot the broken piece manually and try to modify it so you can attach the cablr ... 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer

Hello i wanted to know the ignition timing advance specifications for my Honda Civic LX1.5 (philippines) with a D15B3 engine (carb). I wanted to know what is the specificition for the initial advance and the total advance (with vacuum hose disconnected). also i normally just use a timing light to check on the timing and with vacuum hose connected i set it where the timing marks (the three notches on the crank pulley) is centered on the timing mark pointer on the lower timing belt cover. These

... Cars & Trucks

I want to install fire ring spark plug cables on a 97 jeep wrangler 97, 4.0. I want to know in what order the cables go

Replace each wire individually from plug to distributor one at a time and they will be in the right order. Or make yourself a diagram before you start, very carefully marking the first one you take off the distributor and where it came from and where ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

How do you check the timing on an 01 kia sportage? I know that you can't make adjustments to the timing on a 2001 kia sportage, but I'd like to know what you do to check the timing with a timing light (what vacuum lines do you plug off, are there any electrical components you unplug, where are the timing marks located, which is the #1 spark plug, etc, etc.). The reason I want to check the timing is the car seemed to be running ok but I changed the 2 catalytic converters, the 2 oxygen sensors,

Sorry for the severe delay. I am personally going back to answer your unanswered question. I do not know if you still need the answer, but I am going to answer it in case you still do.\015\012These newer vehicles lac ... 1997 Kia Sportage

124 88 200 model ignition switch wire colours and pin locations ignition switch wires cut of replaced switch need to know where wires must be put into which pins

... 1990 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

My key at times doesn't want to turn at all in the ignition, its almost like it locks and is usually even worse if my steering wheel locks when i park. i can never get it to start when this happens, only a few friends of mine who know cars better can get the key in the ignition just at the right angle for it to line up and start. would this be a problem with my key, because its worn? or is it more likely that it's the ignition switch, the ignition cylinder or do i need to get an entirely new ign

The most likely source of your problem is a worn or damaged key. If you have a spare key try using it to see if the ignition turns any easier. Replacing the key cylinder would be the next likely fix, and it would typicall come with a new key as wel ... 1998 Volkswagen Beetle

2007 Accord, 4-dr EX, 2.4, 5 speed manual - we just started smelling an electrical smell. I've isolated it to either the rightmost ignition coil (as you look from the front of the car) or the electrical devices just to the right of the valve cover. (It's hard to tell if the smell is collecting in the ignition coil area). Not noticing any performance issues, but don't want to drive it until we know for sure. I've swapped ignition coils around, and the smell doesn't travel with the ignition coil.

You MUST be able to pinpoint the origin of the smell and so a detective work is needed. Use a small tubing to point the tube end to the suspected area from where the SMELL SEEMS TO EMIT. Now the best way to confirm is to check for tmeperature change ... 2007 Honda Accord Sedan

I bought a window regulator and cables for my 55plate scenic for front right window but it came with no instructions and i need help as i dont know how the cables fit etc

Buy a repair book at a parts place or go to library sec629-they hav sets of chilton and mitchell ... Cars & Trucks

Replaced battery and the terminal cables were put on wrong polarities; in-line fuse of positive battery cable blew as result. Replaced cable and reconnected to battery. Battery has full charge, but no power is going to any part of the vehicle i.e., dome light, headlights, hood light etc...., I have checked and no other fuses appear to be blown. Is there another reset switch somewhere that I don't know about?

You may have blown more than 1 fusible link. There are several Black powerboxes under the hood. Check if you have power going to these Powerboxes and go from there. It is difficult to check the relays but you can check whether they are getting the ... 2000 Ford Expedition

Throttle cables??? i have a 94 honda civic automatic and i want to know what the other cable that connects to the throttle cable is for i messed around with it once and it seemed like it made the transmission go faster but as soon as i put it to the original place seems like the engine goes faster than the tranny

It controls the shifting of the trans. it is important to have this adjusted correctly. I dont remeber the exact procedure but I do know that when it is all said and done, you end up with only a slight bit of slack on the trans cable. ... 1994 Honda Civic

Speedometer cable my speedometer cable broke and i want to know where i can get another cable

Ebay??? ... 2001 Chevrolet Metro

Ignition Stripped... How do I change out the ignition in a 2000 Mercury Sable? When you insert the key it just turns and does not catch. Can neither start the car or shut it off. Had to disconnect the battery cables. Need to know how to remove the ignition.

... 2000 Mercury Sable
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