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Carb problems best escort carb to put non a 88 festiva

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Carb problems best escort carb to put non a 88 festiva

... Ford Festiva

Engine dieing Hi, I recently put Morrisons fuel in my 16V, 1.6 litre, 1996 Ford Escort Zetec engine. I usually buy BP or Shell fuel but I can only assume the problem is being caused by putting Morrisons fuel in. Upon starting the engine it sometimes revs between 500 and 1,500 rpm, with it not settling at 1,000. Sometimes it does settle but after about 5-10 minutes of driving if I let it drop below 1,000 rpm the engine stops. Also, upon acceleration the car is very cumbersome.The best way to desc

Most zetec engines seem to have the same problem!!! 60k miles plus the engine revs up when idle and some time cuts out...from past experiance i have discoverd the problem is the I V C.. idle valve control this will need removing and cleaning.its mou ... 1996 Ford Escort 4 Door

I put 2 napa (carter oe replacement) fuel pumps and both have 9 psi. The problem is that the rebuilt carb i also put on does not shut off the needle valve and so the carb floods and the engine smokes then stalls. Carb shop that did the rebuild tested carb on a motor in thier shop (off my truck). What is the spec value of the oem fuel pump? I believe the pump may be forcing fuel past the needle valve at idle especially. This is 1984 4wd 22r mechanical pump

... 1984 Toyota Pickup Deluxe

1991 Ford Escort F4EAT Won't shift into 1st unless I put into Low and even then it slips and chatters until it finally grabs then it doesnt seem to slip at all could it be gearshift position sensor or a valve body problem? thanx I have the same problem with my 1995 Escort. Anyone try the TSB transmission oil pump fix for this (Spring and Valve)

... 1998 Ford Escort

Hi i have a 1983 dodge ram pickup one day it just died so ive been on a long journey of changing parts ive replaced the fuel pump fuel filter pcv and egr valve all the relays took out the fusable links new carb and even went as far as putting in a new motor and with that motor i put in all the parts from the other truck YET the same exact problem persist and what the problem is ill start it it drives for anywhere from 1 min to 10 min and then just cuts out and i have a hell of a time restarting

Check the firewall for a ballast resister. It's a little porcelain thing with either one blade connected wire or two on each side. Held to the firewall with one bolt in the center. Change that, and keep a spare on hand. ... 1983 Dodge Pickup

I have a 1985 toyota pickup 22r engine the truck runs fine all the way through first and second no problems then in third is good until it hits about 3500 rpm and almost seems like it looses everything then sputters. if i let it go down to 2000 rpm it runs fine until i get back up to 34 to 3600. it gets worse if you try to floor it when problem occurs, does the same in forth. i have put a new fuel pump,filter, cap and router, plugs, checked the plug wires, replaced carb with a good running carb

Check the catalytic convertor,they will plug up and decrease your power due to the fact that the exhaust can't get out as fast as you are trying to put it in.Let me know how you make out. ... Toyota Pickup

Ford escort Hi, I was wondering if your ford escort's check engine light was coming on or not before you put in the new ecm. I have same prob with my 90 escort and found the ecm had a capacitor exploded. I had it repaired but it did not fix the problem. Still no check engine light and no spark. any input would be great. Rachael

Hi,\015\012 Are you going to try a new ecm?\015\012If so I hope that is the fix!!!\015\012Let me know everything works out.\015\012desertbarin ... 1990 Ford Escort

1989 GMC Sierra p/u gasoline V8 will not start. Cranks but no fuel from carb jets. Fuel pump is working. I put gas down the carb throats and it starts right up. The carb has two sensors over each jet, could this be the problem? Or what else could be the issue? Thanks Dean

The Carb jets may be plugged try dry gas or so you fuel pump is working is the fuel filter plugged try checkin make sure you dont have any broken wires? ... 1998 GMC Sierra

Fuel injectors? i have a 1996 f-150 5.0 302" it starts idles a little rough and drives but if i put the accelerator down more then a quarter it dies. im thinking its my injectors because it also runs hot when i am experiencing these problems and have had problems before. if it ran weird it ran hot. if it ran good it was on m of normal. its on my left bank that i have these problems as best i can tell. my right bank is good so i dont think its my fuel pump. any suggestions?

Think simple...could it be fuel filter???? ... 1996 Ford F150 Regular Cab

I have a 1984 dodge ramcharger, with a 2 barrel holley carb. he starts but shortly after shuts down. if we try again it is flooding. we put a nother carb and he still dose the same thing. while we r trying to start he starts, but as soon as we let go of the key, he dies. would this be a and ele problem r is it the carb

Check BALLAST RESISTER on firewall driver's side beside main plug for wiring harness !I have a 1984 prospector, same exact semtoms,had pryor experience with other dodges,so i looked and wire was of of resister put it back on truck started right ... 1984 Dodge Ramcharger

I have 1978 cadillac deville i just swapped the motor with the same one its a 425 v8 carberator, anyways right when i was done putting in the motor,i try to start it but all it did was choking so i put gas in the carb and then it started but the idle was really low it kept turning off on its own, oh yea,i put the old carberator on the new used 425 motor that i bought can dat be the problem? i turned the car off because it was late next day i got off of work i tryed to start it but it just keep

Check connections at starter & solenoid and make sure they are tight, and then check for power getting to them. ... 1976 Cadillac Deville

I have a 1986 C-10 Truck I brought from a guy..The truck ran fine until.. My problem is with electric fuel pump wireing problems under the dash..I tried to take out an existing alarm system and must have taken out the wrong wires or something..Problem trying to start the Truck , I put a couple of drops of gas in the carb., and in starts for a sec and then goes dead..What the heck did I do wrong and how can I fix it???DLW

There should be a fuel pump relay, and or a fuse, it is possible that when you removed the wires it shorted and blew the fuse and or relay. ... 1986 Chevrolet C1500

I have a 1983 Porsche 944 non- turbo coupe. I bought the car for short money. And now I know why. I have fixed about 70% of the cars problems. But now I have a huge electrical problem. The previous owner bypass the ignition switch. I can only use the window wires by popping the # 11 fuse in and out. The clock has never worked. And the fuel guage sending unit is not getting any power. But the fuel/ batt cluster seems to half way work. Not all of the lights work. And the previous owner put rivets

... Porsche 944

I have a 1989 toyota pickup with a 22r carb. the problem that i'm having is that it stalls and boogs down during acceleration. i' ve put new wires, plugs , dist. cap, and fuel pump on it. what could cause these problem?

... Toyota Pickup

Engine turns over but does not start.i put spray carb cleaner in the carb and it starts right away and keeps running. What could my problem be

Maybe fuel pump,or clogged fuel filter,unhook fuel lines from carbeurator and turn it over to see if fuel spurts out or not,BE CAREFUL,u may need 2 people for this task.if no fuel start with cheapest route and buy a fuel filter and if that doesnt wo ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2009 chev cobalt with 90,000kms. best car ever till this morning when the 'check engine' light suddenly came on and stayed on. I drive about 200kms/day on my job and have never had any trouble of any kind. I just had the oil changed along with oil filter and also air filter. Everything was put back in place correctly. Can;t figure out the problem as car is running like a top-no problems with performance. Am getting gas milage and all seems okay except for this light being on. Can you te

Ther are few place that do an engine check light for free , I think auto zone is one , go there and see what the engine check light is , and you can move from there ... 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt

A friend put oil into a gas tank I used to fill my truck up. Truck won't start but it keeps turning trying to. Now I believe the fuel injector is clogged or dirty and is keeping my truck from starting. I had people trying to jump the truck so no problems with the battery in this case. Fuel gauge keeps jumping up and down but I just recently filled up the tank and I haven't driven that far to make a difference. Am I correct in assuming the problem is the fuel injector? If so, what's the best way

Yeah sound like your fuel injectors are clogged...I would first change and the fuel filters and go to wal mart and buy "sea foam" fuel injector cleaner its in a white and red metal can this stuff is awesome!...and add it too a full tank of gas run th ... 1998 GMC Sonoma

93 Escort "I have a little 4 door 93 Escort with 180k. Drives great but recently it started vibrating when I get above about 55mph. Had it checked by several shops and eliminated wheels and front end problems. I took it up to 75mph several times and put it in neutral and it ran smooth. Could it be the torque converter or transmission even though the computer check showed they were ok?? The transmission is automatic.

It sounds like a drive shaft is bad ... 1993 Ford Escort 4 Door

I have a 1983 toyota pickup truck.the truck has the 22R engine with a carb and manual choke.The problem I am having is black soot coming from exhaust and also when the engine is idling it runs rough.I have put new gas,air filter and pvc valve and rebuilt the carb and adjusted the float correctly and adjusted the idle mixture but the engine still runs rough and black smoke coming from exhaust.Could the vaccum advance unit cause the engine to get too much gas and run rough.

Possible check vacume hoses if its hookup properlly ... 1983 Toyota Pickup

If i shoot some gas down the carb the car will start but shortly after die. I removed a feul line leading to the carb,put the end in a glass jar and went to turn it over to see if feul was being delivered. no fuel was present in the jar but the smell of gasoline vapoures were. can anybody help me pinpoint this problem?

Yeah ... I can\015\012\015\012ok lets start from the filter..\015\012there are 2 hoses connecting into it.. the one from the tank the other to the engine..\015\012 ... Lincoln Continental

Hello! the problem with my chev celebrity 83' is: i just remove the ignition coil and the carburetor to clean it, then i replace it, I replace ALL the wires in their respective place, and i put a new gasket for the carburetor, (the gasket between the carb and the intake manifold) but now my car does not start, what i do wrong? the mechanic tell me that the ignition module is bad, but i dont agree with that because my car was working fine before i remove the ignition coil and the carb. I case tha

Ignition module?? this age of car 1983 ,it has contact points iam sure .if it does then its a wire to the coil and the other side to the distributor ... 1983 Chevrolet Celebrity

Squeeky car!!! Over the past few weeks my SEAT IBIZA 1.2 2004 3dr has began to squeek quite badly when driving. The problem comes and goes and is usually minimal if non existant in the morning when first driven but gets worse during the day. It seems to be something to do with the suspension is its while a drive over bumps and when the car shunts forward when exerting the breaks. Any ideas what the problem is and how to rectify it????? There is no choice on the list so I just put in a VW as it i

Hi.\015\012it is worth checking the rear seat mounting brackets and fixings.\015\012Earlier models suffered with a similar problem and the noise sounded like a rear suspension problem.\015\012\015\012Hope this helps. ... 2004 Volkswagen Golf

I cleaned the carb with carb cleaner and it still wont start what should i do where can i take it to be worked on i live in sun prairie wi the only problem is i have lil money to put in to it

I would start with a tune up. Put a set a sparkplugs at least and crank it. ... 1983 Pontiac Bonneville

Dodge ram 50.....2 wheel drive, shooting fuel up from the carb, replaced the carb, with a webber, problem still consists pick up has no power, cannot go over 45hundred RPM's with out bogging down, i bought a new timing belt but have not put it on,.....WTF is goin on with my pick up ????????

... 1989 Dodge Ram 50

What's your problem?I have a 1996 civic ex coupe 1.6L non vtech engine. I am having problems with rough idling and it acts like it wants to die when I try to take off from a stop. I put a obd read

Fuel filter,fuel pump,crankshaft sensor. ... 1996 Honda Civic
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