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I have a 1987 ford f250 would turn over with key off

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Answers :

Could be a faulty starter solenoid.
How does it happen, and how do you stop it ?
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Ford F-250

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1991 ford f150 would start fine when cold, but if shut off after driving 30 mins. or so, starter would barely turn over. After sitting for 15 mins. or so, it would start, reluctantly. Yesterday the starter tried to turn over a couple times, even after the key was turned off. Now there is only a click when turning the key. Replaced the starter, but all I get is the click.

Are all the cables clean ? ...it may be possible but i doubt it at this point the starter switch is at fault at this moment ...hmm sounds as if the battery is low if yer just getting a clicking ...my only other guess is its out of timing ? does it s ... 1991 Ford F150

I have a 1987 ford f250 would turn over with key off

Could be a faulty starter solenoid.How does it happen, and how do you stop it ? ... Ford F-250

My ford F250 7.5 gas has a issue with the a sensor possibly. The fuel pump use to pressurize 2-4 seconds after turning the key but now the pump wont pressurize and the truck wont start easy. When you finally start the truck it dumps black smoke out of the exaust like its running way to rich. I ran a diagnostic on it from autozone and it flatlined and would not throw a code. I bought a temp sensor on a hunch but no luck.. any guesses . Thanks

... 1994 Ford F250 Supercab

I have a 1993 F250 460,when I turned key to start there was one click but would'nt turn over.When I turned the key again it started up. Later it took three or four turns of the key to get it to turn over and start.Battery is good.

Fords use a starter relay. usually mounted on the left fender wall under the hood. Looks like a mine with four posts. The contacts may be poor. You can either test it or replace it. It cannot be repaired, so I suggest replacing. They do not cos ... 1993 Ford F250

My 03 F250 will not crank when I turn the key. Everything else seems to be working fine. It has done this before and usually would start after cycling the key on and off several times. It seems to turn over very strong when it finally starts cranking. It is happening more often and taking more cycling of the key to get it to start. I have checked the ignition switch on the column and it is getting power out when I turn the key. All the fuses and relays seem to be good. I am planning on looking s

The ignition switch needs to be adjusted by moving in the direction of the steering wheel it dosent have to moved much to make it activate when turned to the start positon. Not hard to do just adjusted one two days ago. even a cave man can do it, get ... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

I was driveing down the road in my 2003 ford f150 and all the lights went dim along with the guages going down like it was going to die so i gave it some gas then everything went back to normal later when i was parked i went to start it and it would not start instead every time i turned the key the lights would dim and the power locks went up and down and started clicking over and over even when i turned the key back off and took it out it keep clicking over night and into the next day took the

This sounds like bad battery conections. take a part the terminals and clean off the corrosion. more than likely the is some corrosion that is hidden and once everything is clean and tight it should fix your problem. ... 2003 Ford F150 Regular Cab

My 79 ford 9000 dump truck has no power after the key switch is turned on..history ...it has been running....I went to start it and the batteries were low...I tried to boost it and something went click and then nothing would happen...I charged the batteries fully and now when I turn on the key there is no power to anything and the stater will not crank...I cannot find any blown fuses in the passenger dash panel...where should I look next? Thanks, Ben

There is a solenoid mounted in the engine compartment, usually on the driver or passengers side on the inside of the fender that allows full battery current to reach the starter. Assuming the starter is good, you can test this terminal with a test li ... 1999 Ford Super Duty F 450

I havea 91 ford ranger 4.0 4x4 sxt. Was driving truck andit died. would whip over but not fire up. took to garage i looked around and andreplaced the control moudle and the condeser also replaced the crankshaftsensor and still wouldnt fire up. So i decided to check fuel pressure on the fuel rail and hooked gage and went to turn key forward fuel pressure is right so i turned it over and it fired up and ran. the whole day i kept fireing it up and it would run this moring i went out to ggarage fire

... 1992 Ford Explorer

The instrument panel will go off & on, just like you turned the ignition off & on. The dealer has replaced my cluster panel, but this just keeps happening. They do not seem to have a answer as it doesn't do this all the time, not in their garage. At the same time, the theft light came on, truck would not run, had to have my keys re-keyed. I have e-mailed Ford, all the info they would give is to take it back to the dealer, continue to work with them. The dealer has had my truck twice for a period

First, I would say you are getting Excellent service for a model that is almost 9 years old. You may have hit upon the problem by saying "Its just like turning the Ignition off and on".\015\012\015\012The problem could be the Ignition sw ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab

On my 1995 ford f350. I started my truck the other day and it would not shut off. the key tumbler would just turn freely between the start position and off. I replaced the key tumbler because it felt like it was sticking a bit. but when i reconnected the battery. everything was still live. the plastic push rod seems to be in one piece, but I did not go as far as to remove it. could that be the problem? or is there a different electrical problem?

Seems like the key is not activating the electric switch the best way to make sure and not spend money on some wrong item wold be to remove the switch from the steering column is under dash and you probably need to loosen the column to drop it down a ... 1994 Ford F350 Crew Cab

I have a 86 ford f250 6c 4.9L.when i turned the key the truck started but the starter kept going.I turned the key off but the starter still kept turning.I had to pop the hood and disconect the battery for it to stop. what can i do?

Simple replace the solenoid this will fix it\012\012\012also check all ground wires ... 1986 Ford F 250

I have a 2004 ford lariot the battery had a dead cell in it so i changed it. now none of the accessories are workin properly radio wont turn off with key passenger side window doesnt roll up just random things i am pretty sure it is the computer but i dont know if there is a way to manually reset it or if i have to take it to a ford dealer i would really hate to do that cause it is costly if anyone knows a way other than takin it to a dealer that would be great thanks

I dont know if an 04 will work.Try turning the igniton key to the acc position 3 times off on off on off on.\015\012\015\012Also there is a main fuse in the panel take it out and put back in.\015\012\015\012Hope this works. ... Ford F-150

Key stuck in ignition of 2005 Ford Focus. Tried jiggling steering wheel while turning key, tried moving from Park position. Car starts, but I have to use the extra key to lock car. Also, does the key-in-ignition warning alarm drain the battery life? Have heard from some that I would do more damage by spraying lubricant. This is 2nd time it has happened.

Your ignition have to be replaced\012focus 2002/7 have that problem and a lot more often if you have a lot of other keys with it,try some wd40 ,but if you do take the key out replace the ignition or you going to get stuck. ... 2005 Ford Focus

1983 Ford F250 351/auto. Would not turn over-pin

Ignition control box on left fender ... 1983 Ford F150

I have a 1993 Ford F250 and the headlights only have failled. They were going out intermitantly but they would come back on when I would mess with where the turn signal meets the steering column. Is there anything in the steering column that could be repleced that would be causeing this.

I had this problem also what it is .....the light switch in dash top right it is 14 or15 dollars at local parts store. to remove top half behind steering wheel. pop out trim molding at center then unscrew dash cover unplg the fuel tank switch and th ... 1993 Ford F250

No spark I have a 1992 Ford Ranger with the 2.3 engine,,,, it ran like i had water in my gas,, hard to start and backfired for about a week,,, it would also shut off while i was driving and i would turn my key off and back on and it would run,,,, last night it quit and i have no spark,,, any suggestions??? Thanks Eric

... 1992 Ford Ranger

Hi we have a ford f250 7.3 diesel, and won't start, we have a click when we turn the key, we change batterys, and nothing, then we change the solenoid and nothing, then we change the starter and start, we when for a short drive and get home turn it off, and try to turn it on again and did't star again, we took the stater apart and put ti back and we have the same problem again just click, but won't start, anybody know the reason, we are shot in cash now, and we have no transportation, we need he

It still sounds like you guys still have a starter problem are you sure you got everything put together right and if so maybe something is worn out inside and not making a good connection ... 1993 Ford F250

1999 Ford Taurus SW SE DOHC- my car will not start. The engine tries to turn over but it will not catch. Last week we were able to get it to turn over by spraying starter fluid into the manifold, but once the car warmed up it would die. Now it will not start at all. We replaced the fuel filter and it is still the same thing. I can hear my fuel pump priming when I turn the key (I believe). Any ideas? could it still be my fuel pump? We also checked the fuel pump regulator and had no fuel comi

If the car started with starting fluid and you are sure you hear the fuel pump priming the system it may be an obstruction in the line after the pump and before the injectors there is a fuel filter usually located on the fuel fill side by the gas tan ... 1999 Ford Taurus

1997 Ford Taurus ignition switch was jammed and would not turn. Wiggled the steering wheel and it turned. It wont start the engine but all of the dash lights are on. It turns very freely. Took off the ignition tumbler and it seems fine nothing broke. The plastic shaft that moves when the key is rotated moves in both directions with no pressure. I suspect the ignition switch is broken.

The ignition switch is located under the dash at the bottom of the steering column.suspect a fault in the linkage connecting tumbler to switch. ... 1997 Ford Taurus

Have 1996 Ford F250 that won't turn over. The truck is permantly in the on position. No matter what position the key was in the truck stayed in the on position. It doesn't go to off and will not turn over the engine. Replaced the ignition lock cylinder because the other one felt like it was floating. Still won't turn over. Everything else looks fine. Any ideas on what's wrong here?

... 1990 Ford F150

I have an 87 ford f250 300 in-line 6 and a fourspeed, the problem is that one day it ran fine the next day it wont turn over. i charged the battery and changed the solenoid and still nothing. all the lights come on and everything just nothing when i turn the key. i tried doing this with my other truck jumping it and still wont turn over

Check the starter, start with the wires running to the starter, if everything looks ok remove the starter and have it bench tested. ... 1987 Ford F 250

Starting Problem Just bought a 1977 Ford F100 with a 351M Engine. Apparently been sitting for a while. When I tried to start it, the engine turned over and seemed to get stuck turning over and over even when I turned the key off and removed it. Finally had to disconnect battery to stop it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check the starter solenoid by the battery. ... Ford F-100

I went out a few days ago and my Ford escort would not even turn over. I tried jumping it and had no luck. I tried switching over to a new battery and still no luck starting. When I turn the ignition key the interior light come on but when I actually try to start the car, the interior lights go off and the car does not even try to turn over, just nothing happens. I am at wits end can you please help?

High im haveing simalar problems with mine except i turn the key and get nothing no lights no radio nothing batter is new and altenartor is good so seys pepboys.im going to check all the wireing to make sure i have a good ground to the block or frame ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

2003 ford f250 v8 gas will not start. when key is turned the instrument panel dies, turn off for a few minutes and turn on again and it comes back on until i try to start. there is a loud click and the instrument panel dies again

Hi!!\015\012\015\012You have a drained battery, Jump Start the vehicle and take it to an autoparts store like AutoZone for a FREE starting/charging system check.\015\012\015\012Don't forget to rate this post!! ... 2003 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab

When I try to start my 93 Ford F250 4x4, when the key gets to the on position there is power when I turn it to start everything goes dead. It will start if the Key is on by arching the solenoid. I have replaced the key switch and it does the same thing. I have checked all the ground connections.

Help dumb poor girl, 1996 chevy silverado replaced started already but, when I turn the truck over I have lights (accessories) will not start and all lights accessories go dead. Did get it to turn one time after I put new starter on then shut off???? ... 1993 Ford F250
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