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Heard a squel from the front end i replaced both calipers and followed the instructions for bleeding. when the key is in the run postion i have great brakes. when i start the truck i have no pedal and i have to pump them up to get the truck to stop now i also hear the brakes grinding.

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Answers :

There is air in the brake system,master cylinder might be shot,inspect brakes for signs of damage and replace accordingly,if you can figure it out,take it to a shop,safety isnt something to mess with if you dont know what you're doing
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I started hearing a whistling sound every time I step on my brake pedal (engine on but car not in motion) and the sound gets louder the harder I step on my brakes. I performed the tests to see of my brake booster is not working as follows: First, I pumped the pedal with the truck off and the pedal did not get closer and closer to the floor with each pump. Second, I pressed and held the pedal and then started the truck.The pedal sank towards the floor only slightly. Third, I ran the engine for

Check the vacuum hose from your booster to the engine ... Toyota Cars & Trucks

Heard a squel from the front end i replaced both calipers and followed the instructions for bleeding. when the key is in the run postion i have great brakes. when i start the truck i have no pedal and i have to pump them up to get the truck to stop now i also hear the brakes grinding.

There is air in the brake system,master cylinder might be shot,inspect brakes for signs of damage and replace accordingly,if you can figure it out,take it to a shop,safety isnt something to mess with if you dont know what you're doing ... Ford F-150

1987 4Runner 2 Problems, both stemmed from dropping the fuel tank to replace a rusty brake line. After replacing the rusty brake lines and the rusty fuel line I have not been able to get brkae pedal back, I have also noticed that I now have to crank a long long time to start. I checked the fuel pump connection at the tank and also checked for power at the lead with the truck on and have no power at the fuel pump lead. Checked fuses, where else should I look? Yes, the truck will start and run aft

My 1999 4Runner just started having starting problems. I replaced the battery under warranty. still has issues. It has issues with the engine Hot or Cold so I know its got to be something other than the starter. What I figured out last night was, ... 1993 Toyota 4Runner

I cant get the air to bleed out of my brakes on a 1997 dodge dakota i put on a new master cylender and have been bleeding them for 2 days they seem to bleed normal when truck is not running pump up and fluid drains out but whern i start the truck the pedal goes to the floor easily and i have to pump to get any brake

You need a helper, to slowly press the brake pedal down, as you open bleeder valve,then close before your helper gets near the floor.\015\012Repeat until all air is out of each wheel position.\015\012RR,LR,RF then LF. Always start from th ... 1997 Dodge Dakota

Ford f-150 will crank but not start sounds like it wants to turn over. can hear full pump hum. new starter, new battery,. if i hit the gas pedel a lil while starting truck it will keep running but runs very ruff like the engine is trying to jump out the car. when i release the pedal it will shut off. if i try to start without applying pressure to gas pedal truck will shut off. also checked i am getting gas to the engine.

I had the same problem but I did two fixes for it (1) when I bought the truck several years ago the duel tank switch was pushed in but i never fixed it and just would switch tanks with the switch pushed into the dash. after awhile it acted like it di ... 1992 Ford F150 SuperCab

I have a 1993 dodge caravan w/ABS. I am getting very hard brake pedal and I have noticed that the accumulator pump is not running. I never had trouble with it and one morning I went start the engine and I did not hear the pump come on. Is there a fuse or relay for the pump ? Is it a pressure switch gone bad?

Hello\015\012 Lets start by the way this system works, it a totally self contained hydraulic system that uses no traditional brake booster, the system is controlled by The ABS control module which is a computer, to determine the cause of your m ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

I have a 1994 GMC 1500 ext cab, 2wd, with a 5.7 V8. when I bought it I noticed that the tranny fluid was brown in color and it would shift hard into 2nd gear, more so when cold. Now the truck has seemed to lost all gears. If I put it in reverse it seems to creep forward, in drive I get nothing at all now. Also, when starting up the starter is much louder than normal and when I give the motor some gas and release the pedal I hear a whining or slight grinding. Can anybody give me some input on wha

Hi Charles, Pull out the dip stick from the transmission and smell the oil. If it smells burned with the other symptoms described it sounds as if the transmission brakes and clutches have already been damaged, which basically means a replacement tran ... Cars & Trucks

My 1999 Chevy Suburban 5.7 liter hesitates to start right after driving it. I could get in the truck in the morning, start it right up head to the gas station, fuel up. When I get back in the truck and go to start it, it rolls over once, then twice, then I pump the gas pedal and it starts. Any ideas? I recently changed the starter a few months ago. This started happening after that replacement. Bad starter?

... Cars & Trucks

1999 chevy silverado 5.7L 2wd truck would not start, could not hear the fuel pump, lifted truck bed and cked pump, i have power to pump, it appears that the fuel pump relay is working like it should, power cycles when ke is turned on and when it cranks, i also found what appears to be a plugged fuel filter, i changed the filter also now engine want to start just cant seem to get going it will pu and run if i pour gas down the intake. is there a pressure regulator that may be the problem or what

Did you check the fuel pressure? there is a sharder valve on the fuel rail to do this. i know you have to have a certain amount of pressure in order for it to run.i think on fuel injection its around 60 to 70 psi.and on throtle body is around 30 to50 ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

I replaced my water pump in the truck described. After it started up after jumping it it ran while we checked the level in the radiator and made sure no leaks. I put the truck in reverse to back it out of the garage and it stalled. Now it won't idle at all. It will only start if I put the gas pedal to the floor. After I get it started I have to feather the gas pedal to keep it running

Did you reconnect the temp sensor? ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Brakes i've had a brake problem now for a while and car is off the road all brake calipors have been replaced to start with but system sat dry for a while on trying to bleed the system is which is 100% air free but still couldn't get a pedal. car NOT running you can pump the pedal and goes hard but once released it is lost? whilest running can not be pumped up at all. we have since tryed everything fitted new master cylinder incase seals had dryed n failed but still no joy and there is 100% no l

Hi, from what you say you have done all the obvious things, it seems like your vacuum tank is leaking, I have changed one out in the car, it is awkward but not impossible.Alf ... 1996 Ford Probe

I replaced a brake line this morning in a 1991 S-10, bled the brakes and cannot get the pedal to stiffen. We bled the brakes with the truck off and they seem to stiffen a little and then we start the truck to test them and the pedal goes to the floor very easily. Are we doing something wrong?

Make sure that you loosen the bleeder then have someone step on the brake pedal while you tighten the bleeder valve at the rear wheels. You may have to do that a couple of times. If you bleed the fronts there can still be air trapped at the rear whic ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

I am working on a 2004 dodge caravan with a soft brake problem.i have replaced the rear shoes and adjusted rear brakes,also replaced front rotors and pads.i have also replaced the master cylinder.after bleeding brakes with engine off i can get a hard brake pedal, assoon as you start the engine the pedal goes soft.i have repeated this procedure of bleeding several times with the same soft pedal results.i have also disconected the abs pump and controler to see if the abs system was causing the pro

... Dodge Challenger

After having changed the rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders, and bled them the pedal was good. Then the pedal was going to the floor slowly so I had to pump the brakes to get enough stopping power. Changed the master cylinder and tried bleeding the brakes. The bleeding order on the instructions for the new master was left front, right rear, right front, left rear. Not much fluid was coming out of the bleeders. Pedal was not firming up. After starting the engine, the pedal went to the floor onc

It sounds that you have done a pretty good job at this point. Remember that the brake adjustment will dictate the amount of brake pedal. Recheck to make sure the right brake linings were used. Recheck to make sure the brakes on the rear are adjust ... Honda Civic

1996 Chevy 1500 4x2 5.7 vortec. Will not start I started having a problem with the truck not wanting to start sometime. it turns over but not start. what i do know is that it is getting gas. i can hear the fuel pump turn on. I checked fuel rail with test gauge has good pressure. I have checked the ignition coil and it was good. I replaced the ignition control module. and the truck started up ran good for about a week. then started cutting off on me while running. It recently started missing. too

I have had this problem on my 89 and my 94 gm trucks what it was is the pick up inside the distributor time to rebuild it (not the cap and rotor) the little thing inside with all the wire wrapped around something- copper wire with a clear coating on ... 1996 Chevrolet K1500

1994 ford e150 5.0 v8 for the past two weeks i have been having troubles getting my van started at times. usually it starts right up but a few times when i try to start it the engine will act like its going to start but then it kills. then i keep trying to re-start it and usually after trying 8-12 times it will start but i have to keep my foot on the gas pedal to get it running. once running it works great. i can hear the fuel pump engage when i turn over the key. if anyone has an idea what co

Your first bet is to check the simple stuff: air filter, spark plugs, spark wires and ignition coil. It is also possible, although unlikely, that you need to replace your fuel filter. ... 1994 Ford Econoline

2000 yukon denali 5.7 litre .failed to start, mechanic said to hit gas tank around center of tank .After doing this was able to start vehicle .Mech replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and a few days later engine quit while driving. turned ignition on without cranking engine and did not hear fuel pump priming. Stuck gas tank again and then heard fuel pump prime when ignition turned on.Truck started? Truck quit three times trying to get back to mech shop,but would restart after much cranking. Repla

... 2000 GMC Yukon Denali

I have a 1989 Chevy pickup 1/2ton and can not get the brakes to work. I bought the truck a year ago and drove it to work and the drivers front brake locked up and cause it to melt the caliper so I replace the whole front brake system on both sides. Then I could not get the pedal to stay firm it kept fading to floor and I would have to pump it to get stopped so I change the master cylinder and it still fades to the floor what else could it be.

The brake lines leading to the calipers could be broken someplace, i suggest checking all your brake lines including the lines comeing from the rear end ... 1989 Chevrolet C1500

Have a 1979 international dump/ scissor lift truck with regular brakes not air brakes, the problem is that when I get on and press the brake the pedal goes all the way down but only one the first pump the second time it grabs and the pedal stays up and if you stop pressing it it'll do it all over again we've changed the brake booster, master cylinder and bleed it lots of times but still has the same problem! Can anyone give me some other ideas as to what ells to do? Thanks

... Cars & Trucks

I can not get my truck started. It sounds like it wants to start but is not getting any gas. When i pump the gas pedal as i am trying to start it, it seems to want to start even more and sometimes will but then instantly shuts off

Check your spark plugs may be fowled out. ... 1998 Dodge Dakota


I have the same problem. and according to the manual mine is due to a bad wheel speed sensor in the front driver side hub. it has something to do with the abs system. ... 1995 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 2000 chevy truck with a 350 vortec, the truck would not run and I could not hear the fuel pump kick on so I replaced it. started just fine, backed it out of the shop and the pump burned out within ten min. now this is the third pump and the same thing as happend....so am I missing something or do I keep getting bad pumps?

Replace the fuel pressure regulator it is causing the pump to continue to work after the appropriate pressure is achieved thereby over working and over heating the pump. ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado

I have a 1980 rabbit diesel 1.5L truck, there seems to be no glow plugs. i turn the key and press a button on the left of the wheel and it starts up. sometimes it doesn't want to start and i hear the starter grinding, i used ether starting fluid and it gets it started, it idles kinda high then settles down. I let the truck idle for a few minutes, then i take it for a drive..i turn the fan on so it doesn't overheat...i notice airbubbles in the fuel line, i changed the oil, fuel, and air filter...

... 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup

Hi I just recently found the firing order on here an was wondering if u could help me one last time I was driving my truck on day an it started to run really **** an then died I put a new fuel pump in An was able to get it home the next day went to go start it an it starts up barley with the pedal to the floor an it idles at like 500 for 10 to 15 seconds maybe an dies I've replaced fuel pump,fuel pressure regulator,spark plugs wires cap rotor an coil I put new battery in it an it did have a chec

You forgot to rate my help, on the fire order, but I can still help. ... 2002 Chevrolet S-10

Looking at what I believe to be a fuel pump issue. The starter and the engine turn over, but no gas is getting to the engine. Fuel filter and other related parts? Maybe....however in all of the Chevy products I currently own you can always hear the fuel pump operating in the gas tank when starting or running the engine. On THIS particular truck when you are trying to start it, currently no sound is made by the fuel pump. What do you think?

If you dont hear the fuel pump it either is not getting power or the pump is not working.Sometime you can use your fist and hit plastic fuel tank and get ti to come on..Remember the fuel relay will only let the pump run 2 to 5 seconds if the engine d ... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup
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