Having problems with your Ford F-150 ?

ABS light comes on sometimes. Hear rubbing noise coming from the rear of my 2007 F-150 when accelerating from a dead stop.

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Answers :

Abs is your break system, have rear breaks checked. Might be time for new brake shoes on rear of truck. Les swab tires will inspect for free, and lots of other automotive and tire outfits. You want to jump on this soon, so not to end up going past brake shoes and then will ending up having to buy other parts, drums etc...please let me know if my trouble shooting was right. Thanks mike
ABS Light --is one problem,possibly a Wheel Speed Sensor
\015\012The Rear Noise is one you will have to find yourself or find
\015\012on a lift in a repair shop
\015\012Check the top shock bushings
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Ford F-150

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1. Check engiune light comes on when I arrive at a certain speed when accelerating on the interstate. Light goes off when I turn off the vehicle. 2. Vehicle cuts off when I stop or slow down at a light. Has gas and no check engine lights are on. Starts when I crank it up again. Sometimes "chokes out" at the rear pipes.

From what is sounds like you may have a dirty mass air flow sensor, take it off and clean it out, you can test it first by just unplugging it with the motor running and listrening to the difference in performance ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

ABS light comes on sometimes. Hear rubbing noise coming from the rear of my 2007 F-150 when accelerating from a dead stop.

Abs is your break system, have rear breaks checked. Might be time for new brake shoes on rear of truck. Les swab tires will inspect for free, and lots of other automotive and tire outfits. You want to jump on this soon, so not to end up going past br ... Ford F-150

2006 Trailblazer SS with 6.0L engine: Problem - Code indicates a misfire, Cylinder 7. Have put new plug/wires on, misfire still evident. Light metallic rattle coming from rear of left bank, more noticeable at higher end 1-2 and 2-3 upshift. Hesitation apparent on start from dead stop and immediately following each upshift. Upon removal of rocker covers both sides, no apparent issues with valve train (collapsed lifters, broken valve springs, worn pushrod/rocker arm pivots). Rotten egg smell

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I have a 1998 4runner sr5 v6 4x4 automatic w/overdrive. My problem is when I come to a stop, the transmission doesn't want to downshift. So when I accelerate from a stop, the transmission isn't in first gear and feels like im in 3rd. I have to put it into low 1 myself and shift manually and its fine, until I stop again. The engine light will come on when its acting up . But sometimes its fine for days with no problems and no light. I'd appreciate any feedback and thank you

You have a broken wire or bad shifting solenoid inside your transmission... Short of replacing it, there's nothing else you can do. (and yes, this will kick on the check engine light)Best regardsCk ... 1998 Toyota 4Runner

This is in a 1995 isuzu trooper,4x4, Automatic. 1)What causes intermittent check engine light activation, but when you stop at a light it goes out. the smallest touch of the accelerator turns it on. if your on a trip, stop at road side rest 10 minutes, the light doesnt come on for hundreds of miles. 2)When the highway, when the transmission shifts down, and then returns to OD, the rpms stay higher, 2-300 rpms. 3) high back pressure when fuel tank is opened,

If you live in the US Take it into an Auto Zone store and they will read off the stored code for you , once you have this you can determine your next course of action.\015\012Other Auto supply outlets may offer the same service.\015\012 ... 1998 Isuzu Trooper

I have a 2004 F150 with 103000 miles. Recently I have experienced a "clunk" or "thump" sound and sensation coming from the rear end when accelerating from a dead stop or from a slow coast...like in a parking lot or in stop and go traffic. The feeling is like you would feel going over a small bump, but instead of feeling the back go up, it feels like it sort of is pulled down or back. My mechanic diagnosed it as a rear axle bearing that needed to be replaced, but this doesn't seem right to me.

If it is the pinion bearing located near the drive shaft it could cause slack and thump the drive shaft. with the truck jacked up the driveshaft would be sloppy near the rear up and down. ... 2004 Ford F150

The check gearbox light comes on when you shift to drive (automatic transmission). The acceleration is very slow unless you shift it to 1 or 2. Once you get going you can put in drive and it will accelerate fine until you come to a full stop. 1995 Saab 900S convertible automatic transmission 135K miles.

You need a new neutral safety switch. The car does not know what gear it is in so it goes into safe mode and sets off in third gear. There about £150 new but i got one from the scrap yard for a fiver. There is a guide on one website that shows ... 1995 Saab 900

About 1 year ago, locking system stopped working, then interior lights. lights sometimes come back, but not for long. Gas door also would not open to refuel, so i pried into it. 2 nights ago alarm started going off, about every half hour, and car told me the trunk lid was open. alarm went off immediately when i opened trunk. last night car would not start, battery IS NOT DEAD. can hear starter solenoid, but won't turn over. So, i rolled and jump started it this morning. no more alarm going off,

Passats are notourious for ground problems , check as many as you can find for loose , or coroded ... 2000 Volkswagen Passat 4Motion

I own a Scorpio 2.6 crde 2006 model. the problem with my car is that it runs for about 5km and then stops if accelerated high. On idle the RPM goes upto 2500 to 3000 max when accelerated after that the engine check light comes and turns down the engine. the car is being stuck with various mechanics since 15 days nobody yet is able to troubleshoot the problem. Things that were done already since the day first. 1) ecm check done and ecm works fine as they have put an other ecmto id

Please scan it the problem may be the brake light switch ... 2006 Mahindra Scorpio 2.6

No acceleration when "Tcs" light and "slip" light come on. hard to get up to speed from a dead stop.

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2000 Honda Passport: Clunking noise when coming to a stop and then starting from a stop from the rear end. Read on some other post sites to pull drive shaft and grease the yoke etc. DId that - and seems to be better when starting and stopping in a striaght line. The proble now comes when I turn the wheels, it pops and clunks - so if I am stopped at a light and turn Right (or left) it pops and clunks coming from the rear wheels axle????? Bearings???? I put new fluid in the differential and

... 2000 Honda Passport

Was drving my 2000 dodge caravan and the car stopped working while on the expressway. The RPM went from 2 to 1 and then finally 0 and the car wouldnt accelerate. The check engine light came on but changed the oil not to long ago; less than a month. When I tried to star the car everything works electronically and have a full tank of gas. The engine doesnt start.

Did you find that your engine overheated? What was the approximate ambient temperature? Has this occurred before? Periodically? These are just some of the questions I would need answered to better assess the cause of your problem. Nonetheless, what ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Under harsh acceleration or when driving hard up a long hill the engine management light comes on with my 2004 2.7CRD Jeep grand Cherokee. It can be reset by stopping the car, restarting and driving for 1 mile or so slowly but reappears under above conditions. Error code P0243 - Turbo waste gate solenoid malfunction. Dealer has replaced the air flow sensor and one or two other parts but the problem persists. Help!!!

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Engine stalls Three time now my truck has stopped ruinning as if I turned off the key. THis only happens at idel speed when slowing down. It always starts right up afterward. I have notice a "dead" spot when I first accelerate. The check engine light come on and the diognositcs calls out a bad EGR valve. Can the EGR valve cause an engiune to just shut off?

Might be something simple as a wiring problem.. or the truck isnt producing the ryte amount a fuel pressure ... 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

Mixture rich engine light on and says system too rich bank 1, runs fine but when come too a stop oil gauge drops and it says check gauges, when add acceleration gauge goes back up

Bad motor barrings bad ... Cars & Trucks

What causes traction light to comes on when accelerating from a dead stop?

Could be a faulty sensor. If the light stays on for more than a few seconds you should be able to get the body computer scanned for trouble codes to find the problem. ... 2007 Chrysler Pacifica FWD New Cars

2003 chevy suburban idles rough then dies when taking off or coming to a stop. its worse if i turn radio heater on.about 1 out of ten times battery will be dead it recharges w/jump. yesterday low engine power light came on

Sounds like the idle control motor is gummed up or failing. These can be cleaned out and refitted and normally work fine. ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

2000 Chevy c3500 2wd. Im having a low speed miss at constant throttle, almost to the tune of a backfire. If I put it to the floor the truck pulls hard and shifts fine, it idles fine as well. The check engine light is not on. It has 120000 miles and has a 2 into 1 flowmaster dumped just before rear axle. The exhaust gets really hot which makes me think converters. Fuel pressure comes to mind as well but it has no hesitation under full acceleration and though i havent had pressure checked but this

Check your throttle body ,, it may need servicing,, or it could be the injectors and plugs,,,, if not those then your problem has to be fuel related.. ... Chevrolet C3500

Abs light comes when I accelarate to make a right or left turn from a side street or if I accelerate hard from a dead stop

First get the code that set the MIL Lamp. Will most likely, point to ABS Wheel Speed Sensor or System.\015\012Then have the system diagnosed and repaired ... 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

I'm having a similar problem. My '03 S-10 has a squeak that only occurs when accelerating from a dead stop and dissipate as the car gets going. It seems to be coming from near the driver side rear wheel. This does not happen in reverse. This isn't a consistent noise but many short squeaks together.

Hello kipotter.From your description of the noise and when you hear it it most likely will be a driveshaft universal joint.When you first start out there is a lot of load on the joint, as you progress and get up to speed the torque is red ... 2003 Chevrolet S-10

Clunking noise when shifting, but not always. It happens on hard acceleration AND low acceleration. I have had the rear end completely gone through. Replaced rear differential. Mechanic said it was sloppy. Some of the clunking noise is gone now, but I still have some. Seems to be coming from front end. Also when coming to a stop the truck seems to rock forward after a complete stop (nose dip)more than usual. I dont think it's the supension. It almost feels as something is loose. After I

May seem to be unrelated but, I had a similar problem with my last truck and it wound up being ball joints. It sounds similar, (especially the rocking forward after stop), might be something to check. If you're talking about a 4WD, it could be your t ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My gas guage reads empty with the low gas warning light on,(Gas tank can be full or nearly empty of gas) and the power door locks won't operate.* and the rear widow wiper motor comes on when the dash switch is in the off position . All these happen at once. And all three return to normal operation sometimes in a few days. * The power doorlocks will engauge -all lock- when the van is in motion from a start-up dead stop to a 5mph . I believe this has to do with the child safety system. ~Mike in NJ

With so many things going on my guess is it is a grounding problem. Check all of the ground wires. ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I had a transmission flush done 2 weeks ago. 1 week later my low traction light came on whenever I accelerated from a stop. Now 1 more week later my ABS and TSC lights are on. There is a little shudder as I accelerate from a stop.

First, Iam not a fan of flushing a trans. Owned a trans shop years ago.\015\012You may have caused some solenoid issues, with the clutch material and cooler sediment.\015\012Work on the ABS,TSC issues. Wheel Speed Sensors may be going and ... 1999 Pontiac Montana


According to the Service Manual for a 2000 5VZ-FE (same engine, I think), the P0125 code actually has nothing to do with the coolant temp, even though that's the name of the code!Possible causes for P0125 include a problem with air flow sensor ... Toyota 4Runner

I've got a 1999 Caddy Deville throwing a 0741 code and showing "Serv Traction Control" and ABS lights on on the dash. If I'm on a steep incline on dry pavement the traction control tends to come on when trying to accelerate from a dead stop. If I shut the traction control off in the glove box I don't see this behavior. Is it possible I need a new TCC solenoid and torque converter?

No you don't need any transmission work, the parts you listed are part of that. You either have a bad wheel speed sensor or more likey a bad connection at one of the sensors. Sometimes the cables get damaged. The cables are supposed to remain flexibl ... Cadillac DeVille
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