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What size shocket or wrench you use to remove drive shaft

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What size shocket or wrench you use to remove drive shaft

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I'm replacing my transmission in my 1991 gmc full sized four wheel drive with a transmission from a two wheel drive. I removed the tail to change it and found that the two wheel drive transmission is the same everywhere except the output shaft is longer. can I exchange output shafts, and how big a job is it?

If my memory serves me right, I'm pretty sure the only way to change the tail shaft is to tear the transmission apart. Depending on how much extra length you have you might be able to rig up some kind of spacer, but keep in mind that it will be suppo ... 1991 GMC C1500

The whole car vibrated and had to remove the draft shaft. Whats the effect if i just use the Honda CRV without the shaft as 2 wheel drive. I am told the diff mounting is broken. What is its function. whats the price range. I have the shaft sorted but the mechanic cant mount is back and is saying the rear diff mounting is faulty

It is safe to drive the vehicle with front drive shaft only. if there is a mount that is broken, REPLACE IT! there is a danger if that is broken. if the tech already has everything, might as well get it done and enjoy your vehicle. cheers. ... 1998 Honda CR-V

I am replacing the water pump on my 1996 Isuzu Rodeo. One of the water pump bolts is under the lower timing belt cover. However, the lower timing belt cover appears to connect around the crank shaft behind the three lower pulleys. How do I remove the pulleys so that I can remove the lower timing belt cover? What size and type wrench should I use? Thanks, Ralph

Hello Ralph,\012\012What you actually going to have to do is take both timings covers off eventually. The waterpump is driven by the timing belt, and will have to be removed along with various other components. \012\012The pul ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

What size of spline set do i need to remove drive shaft from 99 passat

It is called "tripple square". Snap will have them ... 2005 Volkswagen Passat

I bought used xc90 t6 and i notes it is only 2 wheel drive and after checking i notes that the shaft is removed may that effect my car?

It can. It needs to be looked at first, by someone you trust, second, by someone who knows Volvo 4 and all wheel drive systems. Now, it very well could have been that one of the U-joints went bad and they didn't want to repair it or.... it may have h ... 2004 Volvo XC90

What size wrench for drive shaft removal on 1998 mazda B2500 pick-up

... Mazda B-Series Truck

I removed the rear drive shaft from a 1972 BMW Bavaria. The ball bearings fell out and although I have them back in I have no movement very stiff. I used wd 40 and the proper grease.

Likely you have a cross type universal with roller bearings. When putting them together you need to take care that none fall out of place. If one falls and is trapped inside the end cap, it will cause the joint to bind. If the rollers were rusted or ... BMW 328

2005 4x4 crew cab short bed. Bought used has this highway vibration that gets progressively louder and stronger at highway speeds from 50-60-70mph. Has been present from 50k to 90k miles. Dealer said tires and i put on a new set of the Nissan OEM tires out of the factory(Generals). still does it. not the wheel bearings, not the other typical front end stuff. Can I get an agreement from someone that it might be the drive shaft or u-joints before I spend more money having these removed and checked


1993 jeep grand cherokee laredo, straight 6 engine. rolls back at times when in park with ebrake on.. bought it used. has a SEVERE case of bouncing speedometer. It would appear the previous owner removed the 4wd drive shaft. i wonder if this has to due with my rolling back when in park maybe..

Whether you have a drive shaft on or not the roll back is the ebrake not properly working like it should it will need a adjustment,and as for the bouncing speedometer you will need to inspect the cable as they can wear out. ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

How do i remove drive shaft? i have everything out of the way a of drive shaft , all i have left is removing the shaft . does it pry out ? or does it have a plate that needs removed first before prying??

Click on my user name (germcelchar) check my solution's scroll down and you will see how to change a cv boot there I explain in detail how to remove the hub. Cheers ... 1988 Isuzu Trooper 2 Door

2005 equinox. rear drive shaft removal. can you remove the rear drive shaft and continue on front wheel drive only? it is all wheel drive. three mechanics are trying to sort this out. please help ann

If done what will keep the trans fluid inside the transmission tail shafts end? ... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Trying to replace the rear u joint on a 2000 chevy tahoe 4x4, I removed the rear drive shaft. There seem to be no retainer clips that can be removed to be able to press the u joint out. How can I remove the u joint from the drive shaft?

The U joint is glued in place if there the original. I use and blow torch to heat up the U joint's to melt the glue and use a hydraulic press to get the old u joints out. Do not use a 5 pound hammer to hammer out the U ... Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 1997 Plymouth Voyager with a 3.0L engine. I am trying to replace the oil pan gasket. The literature says I need to remove the front motor mount bracket, bending braces and torque converter dust shield in order to remove the oil pan. It seems the brackets and braces use a strangely sized socket. I am also worried about having the engine fall on me when these brackets and braces are removed. What size of sockets do I need to use and where can I find them? Do I need to support the en

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Can I remove the rear drive shaft on a Subary 1995 Legacy wagon and still drive it? How do you remove the drive shaft?

... 1995 Subaru Legacy


... Cars & Trucks

4X4 shift linkage on 96 Dodge Dakota is striking front drive line. Purchased with drive line removed and am installing new shaft. Dimensions on shaft CV jount are the same, length, diameter, etc. Suspect linkage has been removed and reinstalled improperly as the slide adjustment locking link has the retaining bolt on top where it is hard to get at. Lookiing for picture of how the linkage to and from the transfer case and 4x4 shift lever. 1996 Dodge Dakota, V6, Standard transmission

Buy a Haynes manual for your truck ... Dodge Dakota

2004 ford expedition.4x4 eddie bauer. I have a thumping noise as I accelerate. It feels like a bad tire or bent shaft . I jacked the truck up and check all wheels,tires ,shafts, u joints It started doing it after I used the 4 wheel drive a little. With the 4 wheel drive off the front tires still spin the front drive shaft. Is this normal on a 2004 as I do not think my 98 exped 4x4 did that. Is there an actuator like the 98 exped that could be not working? The front axle looks different th

The actuator is in the transfer case rather than in the front differential. I would say that the truck is not coming out of 4wd. This actuator is more than likely your problem. Here is a picture of the actuator. ... 2004 Ford F150

OK, I am trying to remove the water pump on my 97 cougar 3.8 engine. The book states I must remove the power steering pulley to remove the bracket attached to the WP. The shaft that the pulley sets on appears to have a hex (set screw/bolt) holding the pulley on. I have held the pulley in place and used breaker bar in both directions but it doesn't budge. The pulley is plastic so I can not use heat on it. I could use a puller on it if that was the way it is meant to come off, however there

The pulley is pressed on, there is no hex screw retainer, know this for sure, was a Ford dealer tech for 25 years did lots of these, u will need to borrow a power steering pulley puller/installer tool, you can borrow this tool from most auto parts st ... Mercury Cougar

CV replacement I am about to replace both CV joints 1999 Pulsar. Do I remove the hub to free the outer shaft or pull the shaft inward from the wheel hub. Removing the hub I suspect a suspension spring issue. Does one need to use a spring arrester to hold pressure up or will the CV shaft clear the hub removing the lower trunion only. Thx, John

You don't have to pull the hub! No spring compressor needed. Either unhook the steering knuckle from the strut or thre lower ball joint and swing it out away from the car. Remeber to remove the brake calipers and tie rod ends to get more "swing". It ... 1990 Nissan Pulsar

How do I disconnect the rear drive shaft of my 2000 Dodge Dakota (quad cab) 4x4 V8 5.9? I took the 4 bolts off, but everything remains solid. The front half looks like it should slide out, so do I need to pop the cross & bearings apart in the back in order to remove the shaft? Will it ruin something if I drive it without the rear drive shaft connected? Thanks! Linford W.

You have to take cap scews off the rear of driveshaft the drop the rear and pull out towards the rear ... 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

2005 silverado extended cab, 2 wd, 2 part drive shaft. Marked relationship of drive shaft to differential, transmission. Had shop replace u-joints, marks got removed. I reinstalled with what markings I could make out and have a shimmy at 35-40 mph and worse at higher speeds. I rotated shaft 180deg and still have shimmy. I really didn't pay attention to how the shafts aligned with each other since I marked them. If the yoke into the transmission is vertical, should the yoke on the front of the re

Well on a one piece shaft they are 90Deg so I would guess 90Deg on a two piece.If they are facing the same way it would be like turning a jump rope.All weight swings to the same side at the same time,rather than being off set.I usualy have it balance ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

I removed knuckle/hub assembley and axle from driver side of 97 Honda Accord. The drive shaft will not disengage from the hub and rotor,even with the assembly in a table vise. I've tried spraying BP blaster into the spline of the shaft on the outer cv joint.This shaft is stuck and not moving. I need to remove the old hub barring to install a new hub barring.

You will need to shock the shaft to break the internal rust that is holding the two peices together\015\012Since you have a vise do this\015\012have the shaft tightly secured into the vise, and not the cv joint\015\012have a large p ... Honda Accord

I bought a 1984 full size blazer. It doesn't have a rear drive shaft. I bought one but it won't fit as there is a yoke on the transfer case in stead of a splined shaft. Did chevy make a slip-joint type rear drive shaft for a blazer?

I went to another company with real experts who can speak english and make sense. he found the answer right away and gave me some sources to purchase the right shaft. ... Chevrolet Blazer

How do i remove the intermediate shaft from the transmission on a 08 Pontiac G6 GT automatic? i have already removed the shaft from the front of the spindle and tried to use a large pry bar to remove it from the transmission but no amount of force releases it, is there something else i need to do to, does it matter if it is in park or neutral?

Not too sure how much damage you have done!! Look for a small snap ring. No big bars necessary! ... 2005 Ford Freestar
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