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MY Ford 2001 Ford F150 Super crew Lariat with 5.4 L v8 EFI has 170, 000 miles,,,is misfiring on cylinders 3 and 7 (codes P0303 & P0306) and a fuel trim problem (code P0174) So Far i have: Changed the plugs swapped coils cylinder numbers remain constant replace EGR Pressure Sensor Replaced Mass Air Flow sensor I am running out of things to try here I need to get this think up and running well yesterday. if your a Ford specialist and you know what this is please answer this my pati

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Well you've done the electrical, it may be an injector problem or a compression fault, no 3 and no 7 are not related to each other, im sure you got the right wires on the plugs so look elsewhere
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MY Ford 2001 Ford F150 Super crew Lariat with 5.4 L v8 EFI has 170, 000 miles,,,is misfiring on cylinders 3 and 7 (codes P0303 & P0306) and a fuel trim problem (code P0174) So Far i have: Changed the plugs swapped coils cylinder numbers remain constant replace EGR Pressure Sensor Replaced Mass Air Flow sensor I am running out of things to try here I need to get this think up and running well yesterday. if your a Ford specialist and you know what this is please answer this my pati

Well you've done the electrical, it may be an injector problem or a compression fault, no 3 and no 7 are not related to each other, im sure you got the right wires on the plugs so look elsewhere ... Ford F-150

I have a 1999 chevy silverado 1500 2 wheel drive 5.3. It was running rough i took it to advance auto parts they put it on the machine it said idel control senser, throttle control senser, mass air flow sencer, EGR valve, also replaced fuel regurlator, 3 fuel injectors , replaced 8 spark plugs , battery, alternator. Bought the truck in 2000, it had 23,000 miles on it. after replacing allthe things i did, its still running rough and shakes when at idel it feels like it has a miss.i need help,i

... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 99 ford explorer doesn't want to start on cold mornings, worse if wet. Changed all the plugs, wires, air filter, pvc valve & checked operation of oxygen sensor, throttle position sensors and the mass air flow sensor. Any other suggestions of things to look for. It runs ok once it warms up.

Change the coolant temp sensor.The sensor could be sending warm up signal,all the time. ... 1999 Ford Explorer

I have a 2000 ford windstar that I bought last monday, it died last tuesday. go figure. I was driving down the road and it just died with no warning at all just stopped. I had it towed then the next day go it to run however it kept stalling but this time it would start right back up... I got it home and it died again. won't start. Got it running again after changing the Mass air flow sensor and did a tune up then it was driving ok found out that a hose came off of my egr so with that put back on

You have O2 Sensor Codes\015\012\015\012I believe you have a bad fuel pump,\015\012thus low pressure and the O2 Sensors,\015\012set a lean fault code\015\012\015\012Check fuel pressure at the rail when you turn ... 2000 Ford Windstar

My 1997 ford exporer sport 4.0 L runs very rough. It started out with a slight miss, then worked its way to running so rough that I almost called a tow truck to take it home. Heres a list of things Ive replaced in the last 6 months trying to fix the problem: Crankshaft position sensor IAC Valve throttleshaft positioner sensor mass air flow sensor (checked out ok) Upper and lower manifold gaskets fuel filter (never again!) fuel pump spark plugs plug wires (checked resistance-ok) repl


No start after sitting for a year. Checked new fuel,spark,compression and timing all checked out. I looked at the mass air flow and unpluged it and got it to run poorly two times for less than ten min. I could not find or hear any vacuum leaks when it was running and The egr valve was also closed. Is there a test for the mass air flow before I replace it, They are not cheap $$$ Thank you

Inspect for dust or contaminants on the sensor. Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between terminals \015\012\015\012Inspect the intake air flow meter operation.1. Connect the intake air flow meter connector.2. Tu ... 1996 Suzuki X-90

2001 ford explorer sport does not idle when cold replace mass air flow sensor cleaned throttle body and egr valve code is engine is running lean

If engine is actually running lean,could be clogged fuel filter or weak fuel pump. ... Ford Explorer Sport

E250 V8 5.4L van with 8 individual packs on spark plugs. I have 2 cylinders misfiring and have change both packs on those cylinders, still miss fires. Also changed the EGR, no difference what so ever. In addition, installed 8 new plugs and the van still runs with a miss and has no take off power. The one thing I havent tried was cleaning/replacing the mass air flow. What else could be causing the issue? Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks! Ed

Go to Autozone and get free test for DTC codes. Report them here.\015\012You may have bad drivers in the PCM caused bu the bad coils. Just a maybe.\015\012More common with 3.0L V-6 in Escape. ... Ford E-Series

Car started hesitating then died and only run with the mass air flow sensor unplugged but run rough you have to keep on the gas and the oxygen sensor has low voltage that's what the code said.I replaced the mass air flow sensor and oxygen sensor and it didn't change a thing

Smellis like a peskey M A.P senser located in the intake manifold...it controls the air fuel mixture too along with mass sen. & o2 sens.....Manifold Absolute Pressure Billy Starr ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

I have a Chrysler voyager 2,5 td 1996, with a bosch vp36 , I have already changed the injector n1, fuel filter , mass air flow, air filter,turbo actuator, checked the wires of the brakes, checked the intercooler pipes,checked for trouble codes(none),checked the egr valve it was fine even so I blocked the air passage trought the valve just in case,and after all of this it runs the same. The van runs fine and revs well till it reaches 2000rpm, after that it loses power like hitting a wall of air,

The resistance for that selenoid should be about 15 homs ... 1996 Chrysler Town & Country

2003 ford windstar problems how to fix..won't run..have replaced plugs and wires,,fuel filter,mass air flow sensor. 2 fuel injectors.replaced 2 clips that control air flow sensor....i do hear it g

... 2003 Ford Windstar

2001 Ford Escape runs rough on acceleration and at 50 mph runs pretty rough. Once speed is over 55 mph, engine starts to smooth out. Engine diagnostic test indicates excessive egr flow (blocked the vacuum line to egr valve and it didn't affect the running) and a miss now and then on cyl #4. Replaced all the plugs, changed the fuel filter. Air filter is good. No leaks around the intake manifold. Checked for vacuum leaks on hoses, none found. Crusing down the highway with OBD hooked up does

Escape 2001 runs rough, but after a certain speed ( 50 mph ) runs smooth. ... 2001 Ford Escape

I have a 1999 ford f-350 running bad. i have changed the fuel filter,air filter,spark plugs, 7 coils, and mass flow air sensor, still runs bad after running 10-15 minute. stuttering & sputtering. i shut it off for 30 seconds and its fine for 10-15 minutes then the same. can anyone help out Thanks

... Cars & Trucks

Starts/stalls won't run until pedal tapped, 2 miles in town, 6 miles highway, then1000-1500 idle. shut down 9 hours, start/stall tap pedal runs return 6 mi. highway,2miles town same high idle. checked code p0507 high idle, cleared code. checked elect connectors EGR, Mass air,throttle position sensor connectors then started to work. same thing next day no codes, til return. code was p1404, replaced EGR valve, same start stall. no problem starting after full opertatng temp. what next?

Check your IAC motor (Idle Air Control) It could be sticking open.Ps. Might be called Idle Speed Control motor it depends on the make and i forget what chevy calls theres. ... 2000 Chevrolet Malibu

I have oil in my throttle body and when i give the car gas it blows air out of the air intake and it runs real ruff i replace the pcv valve and the egr air flow sincere and the throttle pensioner sincere so what can cause oil and air to blow out of it there is no smoke it is a 2004 ford Taurus 3.0 dohc 24 v and dose it have a timing chain or belt

Well could be a number of things here I kinda need more info but yes should have a timming belt need to do a compression test will tel you. If timming out or if you have internal problems ... Ford Taurus

The vehicle was put on a diagnostic machine for loss of power and it coded the o2 sensor, and the mass air flow, and EGR valve. We put a new o2 sensor in and cleaned the mass air flow. It ran, but no more power than before. So, we changed the air filter and recleaned the mass air flow. When we went to start it, it would not start. We put the egr valve in and called the auto parts store. They told us to take out the o2 sensor and see if it would fire up. We did that and it did start. Does

... 1996 Suzuki X-90

Have a 2002 ford explorer V6 4.0 engine will not stay running. replaced the mass air flow sensor, the fuel filter and fuel pump. will not move or stay running. will start but will not stay running.

... 2002 Ford Explorer

94 Buick lesabre started hesitating and died and to keep it running you have to keep your foot on the gas pedal but it won't go anywhere unless you have it about to the floor and shift but if you unplug the mass air flow sensor it will run but with a rough idle I have replaced the mass air flow sensor and oxygen sensor the car will drive with the mass air flow sensor unplugged. I have taken the upstream o2 sensor out and it doesn't change anything I'm not sure if its that catalytic converter

Hello! The Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS) is the likely guilty part...You can test it with a voltmeter...It is held in place by two screws and located on the top of the throttle body...It's connector has three wires...Black,,,Dark Blue...And ... 1994 Buick LeSabre

I have 2001 Ford Windstar w/ 3.8L. I had vehicle diagnosed when eng. light came on. It was e.g.r. valve, bad 1&3 cylinder, & mass air flow. It was running and driving pretty rough, and going thru twice as much gas. I did a full tune-up. Plugs, wires, air & oil filter, flushed radiator, the whole 9 yrds. I had it diagnosed again and said bad o2 sensor. So I bought 1. In the process of trying to get it put in, I noticed the connectors were fried down to nothing but wires w/ corrosion built up. Wel

1- o/d light is transmission issue- if miles in excess of 135000- change fluid and filter and cross fingers- known issue with windstars2 unsure of wiring for 02 sensor - sorry 3 - windstars have a leakage problem at intake that throws lot ... Ford Windstar

Truck is boging and back fireing will not down shift ..replaced mass,adl air egr egr cent. full tun up im at whites end. when ac is on it stutters down and lops like it has a big cam. this all happens at hiway speed and at red lights when eng is cool it dose fine just had a emsh check and passed if i mash the gas all the way to the floor it cleens up and runs great for a mile are two could this be my throttle censer? 95 ford f150 5.0 literr auto trans

It sounds like the coil is breaking down under load. Try doing a fuel pressure test. If you have an exhaust back pressure tester, would try that first. The CAT maybe clogged. If you don't have a tester, you can drop the Y-pipe and see if it runs bett ... 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab

When i unhook the mass air flow sensor my car will run but if i plug it in it wont run so i bought a new one but the same thing happens what else could it be

... 2001 Kia Sephia

IDLING PROBLEM Hi there, I have a 2000 Ford Contour SE V6 2.5 L, it has 92,000 miles on it. Recently it started doing some kind of idling problem, so I did an oil change, cleaned the Mass Air Flow sensor, and replaced the Idle Air Control Valve Gasket (cleaning the IAC real carefully with Q-tips and alcohol, all these improve the performance of my car a little bit, but it still doing the same thing, when I driving on the highway above 55mph. the rpm's go from 2400 to 3500, and it shakes a little

Sister had this issue turned out it was the fuel sender unit in the tank ... 2000 Ford Contour

1992 Ford Escort GT 1.8l 61,000 miles Cold idle is fine Engine at running Temp fine As the engine warms up, the check engine light will come one and the car will stall out and not restart for a least 10 min. I have had 4 mechanics look at it. I have replaced the TPS and Mass Air Flow Sensor. Car runs fine once it gets hot, but I need to wait 10 minutes for the engine to get warm before I can go anywhere.


2003 ford windstar 123,000 miles 3.8 six. Engine light on. First started runs rough and stalls waiting for red lights have to take out of gear. When warms up about 10-15 minutes runs like a top. Autozone said mass air flow sensor. $129.00 later no change. All filters changed. What's up with this? Thank-you in advance. I do this too and I'll rate you 100% but this one got me stumped.

Check/clean the throttle body and fuel injectors with a high-strength fuel cleaner like BG-44K. ... 2003 Ford Windstar

My 2004 ford escape limited when sitting idle @ a light or just sitting it **** then cut off. i replaced the idle air control & the mass air flow & it is still doing the same thing

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