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I have replaced the fuel filter with new one and still have the same problem, my vehicle still has no power and drives slow

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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The next easy solutions are to check/change the air filter and you can try drygas. After that, it gets a bit more in depth. If you give me more details, perhaps I can help you more. If you hear a noise that sounds sort of like a shop vac when you try to accelerate, I would suspect the catalytic converter. If it shakes when it loses power, you probably have some sort of misfire and may need new spark plugs. Does it always have no power, or is it just under certain circumstances (climbing hills, higher RPM's, etc) Is it shaking when it loses power? Does it idle smooth or does it shake at idle?
Have you had the catalytic converter checked? Start with a cold engine, start up the car and let it idol for 10 - 12 minutes then feel the pipes going in and out of the cat. if the out pipe is cooler than the in pipe she may be stopped up.
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I have replaced the fuel filter with new one and still have the same problem, my vehicle still has no power and drives slow

The next easy solutions are to check/change the air filter and you can try drygas. After that, it gets a bit more in depth. If you give me more details, perhaps I can help you more. If you hear a noise that sounds sort of like a shop vac when you ... Ford Expedition

My 1997 4.6 ford expedition has no power and drives very ,very slow. I have since eliminated the catalyst converter, replaced the MAF sensor,the air filter, spark plugs, but my vehicle still drives slow only slight improvement, what should I do. I am desperate!

You should check the fuel filter and make sure it is not plugged.Also check fuel pressure and pressure regulator.There is a bulletin for fuel pump problems on these vehicles.The fuel pressure should be 193-310 kpa with the engine running and 240-310 ... Ford Expedition

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Can you rev the engine at about 2000 rpm and for how long without dropping down..\015\012Does the engine have a miss at any time and what type of smoke does it blow (black all the time) while you are running.. Have you a turbo on the engine. ... 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

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My vehicle lost power at highway speed and cut out. The engine still turns over freely and all electrical mechanisms appear to be working properly. I have surmised the engine is not getting fuel. The fuel filter was replaced in january and i have NOT noticed other issues associated with filter plugging such intermittant loss of power or poor starting or any other chronic issues. this is a one time incident so far what could some of the possible problems?

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For the third time in two months while driving my Pontiac G5 at highway speeds vehicle looses power, slows to a crawl, and engine light goes on. Vehicle towed to dealer and they say problem fixed but don't explain what problem was.

They had to tell you something,you wouldn't just hand over money with out an explanation .can't help with out knowing codes ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

I have 2 problems #1 vehicle has a miss that in older vehicles could be attributed to a foiled spark plug but on this truck i cant seem to locate an access point the plugs. can you assist. #2 the truck goes in to reduced power mode at times while driving . what could possibly be causing these problems. i have been told that #1 could also be caused by a bad fuel filter. please assist if possible. my e-mail is [email protected] thank u

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I have a 95 paseo driving it the other day it suddenly lost power and starrted missing. I am unable to drive up hills and very slow speed on flat ground. I am smelling a stronger exhaust smell coming from the vehicle. It idles rough and knocks a little when revved up. I checked the air filter and it is fine.

It's possible that the timing belt jumped on the gears, if the belt has not been replaced at least 80,000 miles ago this may be the problem. Have the timing belt checked. ... 1995 Toyota Paseo

I have a 1999 dodge durango. The problem Iam currently having is that I can drive the vehicle and within a few mins or so it just dies. I don't have to be driving slow. It does it at the speed of 65. I just had a tune up plus the ignition coil changed. Still not the fix! It died on me twice yesterday. Do you have any answers?

There are no tune-ups for the last 20 plus years,onlyspark plugsDid you take it in for that problem?If so they failed to understand why youwere there & diagnose the issueWas the fuel pump checked,pressure,etc.N ... Cars & Trucks

Engine check light comes on car lose power i change the o2 senser but it still come on it use comes on when i accelerate the car hard but dosnt loose power but now if i drive fast r slow it comes on it start when i start use e10 gas i even change the gas filter too its a 89 corolla but i have change the engine to a newer 5a engine i think its 2000 5a

Hi take it to a garage and get them to read the ecu and they will tell you the prob will not cost much about 25 pounds in uk ... 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

My 1985 ford f250 diesel is messing up on me and it is giving me a major headache, okay i just got a brand new fuel pump, fuel filter, alternator, starter, two brand new batteries, the whole works on the thing and it is still having a slight problem, when i drive it down the road it acts fine at first and then it starts missing, like when i get up to about 45 miles an hour and i push on the gas it cuts in and out on it's power, sometimes it loses all power and dies, could this be just a bad inje

No what it sounds like is you did not purge all the air out of the filter when you replaced it or you did not drain the housing properly and has water in it still.Water collects in the bottom of the seperator and when you change the filter it gets in ... 1985 Ford F 250

My 2001 kia is stalling at idle and loses power when driving. problem is intermitted . when i am idleing then put it into reverse the car stalls. mechanic has changed the fuel filter and said that all chips in the car seem fine. they said it was a air leak problem but they have fixed it. well it is still happening . i am stuck

I'd try the fix posted by Dennis Weid before anything else. Use the link below to find his solution.\012 http://www.fixya.com/cars/t2258551-2000_kia_se ... Kia Sportage

1994 camry will stall while driving normal speeds. Check engine light and airbag light comes on. Vehicle will start immediately but lacks power and misfires. After cool off vehicle will perform properly and will run from anywhere from 30 miles to 150 miles and does the same. Several mechanics have checked it and all say ignition module. Part was replaced twice and still has same problem any ideas?

4cyl or V6?? Have your ignition coil checked and you vehicle scanned for the check engine light. If this is a 4cyl the coil is inside the distributor cap (possible oil leaking into the cap, very common on 4cyl camrys). If its a V6, have the Crank and ... 1994 Toyota Camry

My 2007 Hyundai Sonata lost power while turning into a parking lot. The car still moved but at a slow pace. I pulled into the back parking lot and turned off the car. It cranked up fine an drove as normal. I have been noticing for about a week it loses power for about a second and then picks back up again while driving. Not sure what could be causing the problem?

You need to run a diag some of your sensor are gone.\012modern cars do not run like older versions they are on electric sensor that read what you want and relay them to the ECU \012that is where you prob lies ... 2007 Hyundai Sonata Limited Sedan

Have 1995 olds cutlas with v6 3100 engine. engine runs great at idle and lots of power when cold. after driving for 150 miles car starts cutting out and loosing power under load. still idling great at that point. pulled plugs all were grey to white color and not fouling. reved motor while idling and would surge at high rpms. is this a vacuum problem or fuel delivery. checked fuel filter and is clear. please point me in the right direction.

... Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I have a 1999 Saturn sl1. It started losing power and bucking back and forth while driving. It jerks and bucks in higher revs and if you shift and get the revs down the engine smooths out but still has NO power it barely goes and smells very hot when you shut it off. It starts and idles perfectly and when not in gear it revs with no problem. I did let the gas tank get very low and this started almost immediately after filling the tank. I put sea foam in the tank and replaced the fuel filter wit

... 1999 Saturn SL
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