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What is the Fuel gas tank capacity for a 1995 Ford Ranger XL, 4 cylinder, standard, 5 geer, Reg cab, truck?

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What is the Fuel gas tank capacity for a 1995 Ford Ranger XL, 4 cylinder, standard, 5 geer, Reg cab, truck?

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Fuel gas tank capacity for 1995 Ford Ranger XL, 4 cylinder, standard

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I have an 87 ford f150 4.9 six cylinder with dual fuel tanks.the truck sat for awhile [1 year +]. when i first started it ran for a mile or so and acted like fuel problem. i figured it was bad gas from sitting so long.i put fresh gas in rear tank and truck ran fine until rear tank got low again.now tank is full and have same problem like it ran outta gas.i cant hear either fuel pump come on when keyed.

Might be **** in the filter m8 sucked it up from the bottom of the tank, they dont tend to like it!! jezza ... 1987 Ford F 150

1992 f-150 dual gas tanks tank closest to cab of truck pumps gas out the fuel cap


I have a 1983 Ford F250, 4X4 Reg cab with a 460 - V8 and an automatic transmission. This truck has a single mid mounted fuel tank. There are approx 66,000 miles on this truck. When this truck sits overnight and then try to start it in the morning, I have to crank and crank and crank to get it to start. It has spark. Seems to me to be a fuel delivery issue. There are two filters on this. One is right before the carb, it has inlet and outlet as well as the return line going back to the tank. This

The filter before the carb is a fuel preasure regulator, it is probly stuck open and all your fuel is going back to the tank ... 1983 Ford F 250

I have a ford ranger 1991 4 cylinder with 3 holes on the gas tank i know about 2 holes. 1. for the filler neck (to put gas in tank) 2. for the fuel gauge. 3rd is the one i have no idea about. help please

3rd is for fuel pump. ... Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger 1994 Truck 3.0, Fuel injection, was running fine, was low on gas, filled tank to full, and added a liquid booster, left gas station and truck stalled somewhere several miles later and has never started again. We have changed the coil, checked spark plugs, changed the EGM, checking fuel for contaminants, checked the fuel injection, there are sparks on every plug, battery and Alt, are good. it has been a week, car was towed back to home and it remains a total mystery as what to consi

Fuel pump quit ... Ford Ranger

I have jsut purchased a 2001 chevy silverado extended cab. I went to fill up the tank of gas and the low fuel light came on and it wont register the full tank of gas. There are only 49k miles on the truck. I just cannot believe this. Just purchased 3 days ago.

Take it to the dealer where you buy it,and tell them to change the sending unit,it goes inside the tank,they got to give you warranty. ... Chevrolet Silverado

I just puchased a 1987 ford f350 diesel work truck and it has 2 gas tanks and the f s switch in the cab right now it's set on f, now I'm going to get gas for first time, which tank is for the f switch, left or right side

Should be the left(drivers side) ... 1987 Ford F 350

I have a 1991 automatic ext cab 4 cylinder truck. Is there a difference between the reg cab transmission and ext cab?

No difference in transmissions at all between single cab and extra cab. ... 1991 Toyota Pickup

Ok i got 87 ford ranger 2.9 v6 tank got sugered month ago i since cleaned tank replaced all of the next with new parts gas tank fuel pump,fuel filter,fuel pressure reg,injectors,coil,valve cover gaskets,plenum gaskets, cleaned out plenum and ports,new comp system, oil filter/oil,pluggs/wires/distrubutor cap/rotor/map sensor so you would think it would fire up n purr like a kitten hell no my plug tester shows yellow spark insted of blue and it wont start and i hear clicking sound by distr cap can

The ignition module-is it a TFI module? I would check that. If not that, maybe the pick-up coil inside the dist? ... Cars & Trucks

1989 F 350 crew cab, 2 tanks, gasoline, 351 windsor motor, auto tranny. 52k original miles..... truck will start and run PERFECT for 10 mins or so. soon as it is warm it starts cutting out. no power and cant press the gas or it will try to die. occasionally ( 1/5 starts) this will happen right at the start even when cold.premium gas.. no additives... if the gas pedal is pressed there will be a popping noise in the intake.. almost sounds like a backfire. feathering the pedal will get the rpms up

Maybe it's the timing chain,turn the crank with a socket untill #1 cylinder is at top dead center,pull off the distributer cap and check which plug wire is the rotor is at.if it's not #1 cylinder's plug wire,the timing chain has jumped. ... 1989 Ford F 350

I have a 1987 ford ranger '108 in wheel base 4x4 i have been to 6 auto part stores looking for a gas tank. They only offer a 50 in long tank. which fitts a 2 wheel drive truck my tank is 45 in long anyone know where to find one

Might have to go to a dealer, may be a dealer only item. ... 1987 Ford Ranger

Since the starter relay is no longer made anywhere in the world, is there anyway that the starter relay for the 1984 dodge ram 50 can be by-passed by an expert auto electrician? it is 4 cylinder but i do not know if it is a 2.4 or 2.6 or 2.3 or what. also, the truck has been sitting for about 2 years with very little gas in the tank. do i have to drain that gas or is it okay to try to start it with that two year old gas?

Yes they can splice in another type of relay, easy job if I had it in my shop. ... 1984 Dodge Ram 50

1984 Dodge Ram 50 4x4, 4 cylinder, gas fired, doesn't fire. Starter turns over, but truck won't start. Also the gas gauge hand doesn't move, so thinking it's not on -- the tank is full so when you turn the switch on, the gas should move and it doesn't.

Sounds like you lost connection to the gas tank start by inspecting the harness and connections ... 1984 Dodge Ram 50

1992 ford ranger gas tank removal - Ranger Ford Cars & Trucks

You might have to just grind the heads of the bed bolts and buy new bolts or get a set of torches and heat the nuts till they turn red and try to take the bolts out then with the impact gun . ... Ford Ranger

1994 Ford Ranger small misfire or slight miss. Hello my 94 ranger has a slight running problem and it's effecting the fuel mileage by 10 mpg. Details about it: 4.0l, no egr valve, 6 cyl, no a/c, 4x4, xlt extended cab, engine has about 85,000, and the truck has about 159,000. The engine came from a junk yard and was put in. Power wise as in pushing the gas pedal should be better, at idle the steering wheel vibrates. When I put it in reverse and slowly backup by holding the brake the bed tailgate

Even though you put new plug in it, don't count them out...i've seen bad (new plugs).\015\012The best thing is to take it somewere to have a computer put on your truck..Autozone parts store will do it for FREE..to find out were your misfire is ... 1994 Ford Ranger Supercab

Gas tank leak, 89 Ranger, 6 cly, ext cab. Leaking from plastic fitting in front of tank, about half way up.

... 1989 Ford Ranger

I replaced the cap, rotor, plugs, wires, o2 sensor and cats, on my 96 suburban. the truck is running very strong. havent seen power from it like this in years. I ran a can of seafoam in the gas tank to try and stop the misfire in cylinder 6. it idles smooth in park, but as soon as i put it in gear, it idles rough, then smooths out when driving. check engine light goes solid when on the throttle and driving, then starts flashing again at a stop. the truck is about to drive me broke, and making me

Possible causes\012\012\012\011 Faulty spark plug \012\011 Clogged or faulty fuel injector \012\011 Faulty ignition coil \012\011 Fuel injector harness is open or shorted\012\011 Fuel injector circuit poor electrical connection ... 1996 Chevrolet Suburban

I just purchased a 1987 Ford Ranger 4X4 2.9 L and I have got to replace the gas tank. My question is (Does this truck have an in-line gas filter, if so where is it located, thanks

Some of 87rangershave 2 fuel filters, one is a canister type located on the frame between the cab and the bed,the other is a inline and it is at the bottom of the firewall,under the truck, you can seeit by poping the hood,good luck ... 1987 Ford Ranger

Gas tank wont take gas - Ranger Ford Cars & Trucks

The fuel tank vent tube is obstruted, this tube runs down inside the filler tube, you will need to pull the filler pipe off and repair or replace it. ... Ford Ranger

I want to replace my fuel pump in my 2002 ford ranger truck. Do I have to remove the gas tank? I was scanning the internet two days ago and found a step by step instruction for removing the fuel pump and I did not see it state that the fuel tank had to be removed. This would be a major obstacle for me to do by myself. Also there was an entry by a person from Idaho which stated that the problem was that the ethanol in the gasoline caused a hose to shrink causing a pressure leak. If this hose was

First of all, if the pump is not working there is no used to replace the hose. the amount of ethanol in the gas is mostly regulated by the government so if there is a problem then people will know about it.\015\012to replace the pump you must r ... 2002 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

Fuel system 1988 ford ranger 2.9L 4x4 truck would only crank. changed fuel pump in tank and nothing the changed other pump still nothing re set switch still nothing no gas getting to pressure switch have about 5 volt at tank this is driving me nuts and isn't helping the wallet thanks

You should have 12v dc at the pump check and make sure that you are not checking the voltage for the gague  ... 1988 Ford Ranger

When putting gas in my truck, 1990 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9, gas leaks from the upper portion of the tank

If you are sure the filler tube going to the tank is not leaking you would have to remove the tank to see whats going on=gas fumes extreely tricky you will hear a kind of woshing sound before the explosion.if you cant be very careful or dont have a g ... 1990 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Fuel Gauge goes to empty when tank is full When I fill up my gas tank, the fuel gauge is pegged all the way left past the Empty indicator. It appears as of the gauge is not working. As I start driving, the gauge needle starts to move to the right. When the tank is between 1/2 and 3/4 capacity, the needle will move to the correct position and start to accurately display the gas tank fuel capacity. When I refill the gas tank to full, the above cycle repeats itself. So the fuel gauge is accurate be

It sounds like the fuel sender is bad in the fuel tank. ... 1994 Nissan Pickup
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