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How to get the fan belt drive puly off of a 1993 Ford Escort 1.9 engine

\015 How to get pully removed from 1993 Ford Escort 1.9 L engine without dropping the engine?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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How to get the fan belt drive puly off of a 1993 Ford Escort 1.9 engine

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How do you get the timing belt cover off on a 94 Ford Ranger 2 wheel drive with a 4 cyl. engine? Need to replace water pump. Have fan housing, fan, clutch and belt pully off. Do I need to remove anything else?

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2000 Ford Taurus 110, 560 miles (original engine, rebuilt tranny) - #1 Problem: A few times a week when i come to a stop, the engine oil light will blink rapidly. When i speed up, the engine oil light will turn off. It doesn't happen everytime i drive. #2 Problem: I get a chirping sound almost when i drive. The faster i drive, the faster the sound. I'm not sure if a belt loose or not. I had one replaced after the sound started but it didn't fix the noise.

Sounds like a cam chirping, cant remember if that was normal for that engine, mine did it randomly, oil light could be a bad pressure sensor, hopefully it isnt your bearings wearing out, good luck i hated this car ... 2000 Ford Taurus

1991 BMW 325I. Two belts broke off while driving. I think the fan and alternator belts because the pulleys (4pulleys) I can get to the pulleys myself but am unsure which direction the belt goes. The engine starts but the battery is low and all the lights on the dash are on i.e (engine,battery,oil and brake)

Ok get some one to bump the key over while you look at your front of your engine and witch way it spins. put the rear one on first and work your way out. ... 2001 BMW 325

Engine compartment on my 2005 s40 2.4i has a whistling and whining noise. It winds down slowly when you turn the engine off. It does not vary in pitch with acceleration or rpms. It is not a belt, alternator, or fan. My local guy is getting fuel mixture codes and cannot get rid of the the check engine light to complete the emmissions for inspection. He said he replaced a piece of hose and fixed the vacuum leak, but I noticed it immediately upon driving the car again. I saw on some forums com

Hey i was in the chat session with you.\015\012\015\[email protected] Email them and tell them you want youre money back. Thats what i got from The FAQ.\015 ... Volvo S40

When driving, the fan belts goes fast and the engine slows down, I put on the gas pedal but it works hard just to get it to kick in to drive in normal mode...then there is a clicking sound and Im told its the ball bearings..does it have to do with the engine acting up or is that another thing like a fuel filter...

These trucks are famous for fuelpumps going bad, the bearing s noise may be pinging due to a lean fuel mixture because the fuelpump is not putting out enough pressure, the engine is starving for gas, the first thing i would do is have the fuel pressu ... 1996 Dodge Dakota

I have a 1979 Chevy Van 30 Class C motorhome. I was making a 150 mile trip. I was informed of a coolant that had spilt out of it after a friend had changed a fan belt for me. I made it about half way through my trip when the battery began draining. I pulled off the highway only to have smoke billow from the engine and coolant pour onto the ground and the engine get hot (didnt get into the red on the thermometer). I let it cool and had someone jump me, only to drive it into the nearest parking lo

Im not laughing at you but this is kinda fund the belt that turn the fan to cool the engine also runs the alternator id bet money that yure guy didnt tighten the alternator and the belt came loose coolant coming from overflow becouse there isnt a fu ... 1984 Chevrolet Sportvan G30

I recently bought a second hand car in dec, a mazda 323, year 1995 and whenever i start the engine on mornings i hear a whistling noise and after 10 mins when the engine gets warm then it stops. What is it, is it the fan belt and how long can i drive it without it being fixed and will it gets worst and what will happen. Thanks for everyones reply.

Your car is happy so its whistleing no kidding one morning when you start it up see if you could tell where its comeing from could be a vacum leak but if it were that your car would be missing pretty bad could be a belt air being pulled thru air filt ... Mazda 323

My car which is a ford escort cvh engine 1.6 turbo, my problen is my temperture gauge reads over half way before fan cuts in, but while even driving the temp stays this high so feels like fans constan

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1994 ford escort rs2000 car starts travel for 20 minutes, get back in drive for 15 minutes stop. wont start fan goes on and on and on. sometimes if you leave it it will start if you go and come back.

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Loud winding noise from engine when running ( transmission is fine) gets louder while driving on freeway. could it be a belt? fan belt? alternator belt? is this an easy fix(if I were to do it myself) or repair costs?

Hello sunshineyes2 and thank you for asking your question here on fixya.com. \012\012\012\012I have actually written a general information article that will walk you\012 through the general process of changing the fan b ... 2004 Kia Spectra

My 2000 Ford Escort zx2 makes a clicking noise when I turn the engine on. It disappears when I got over about 15 mph, but starts up again when I get stopped at a light. Not quite sure what's causing the noise (if it's the engine or a belt or something) but any advice on where I should start?

You just have to try to locate it. Is it a relay type of click? ... 2000 Ford Escort

2001 ford escort. engine turns over but will not start. pulled the plugs and motor gets good compression,replace plugs and wires,still nothing, then i put new timing belt-still nothing, checked fuel filter and pulled fuel rail seems to be getting plenty of fuel---this has got me stumped. i also checked the firing order and its correct, when you try to start it if you hold the gas pedal to the floor it sounds like its trying to start but doesnt

The engine needs three things to run, fuel, air and a spark at the right moment. Check the static timing of the motor, if those marks line up. You did not say you were getting any spark at the plugs. If you have spark, then try a little starting f ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

My engine temperature is get up to 233 -240 degrees with out the AC being on, if i turn on the AC it gets up to 250-257degress. I have check my drive belts, fans, coolant levels and change my thermostat. What else should I check? How do I correct this overheating issue?

The fans should come on at 225.and when the ac is on. ... 1996 Cadillac DeVille

Replaced timing belt on ford escort zx2 '98 2.0 liter Ztech, engine wont start. turns over wont start. It has new spark plugs and wires, fuel pump and filter are working. I can smell gas getting to the engine. Compression on all four cylinders at about 90-100 psi.

Hi!!Ok, this is what we are going to do:\015\012Click on the link below to see the repair guide for installing/replacing timing belt on your vehicle. It comes w/pictures for better clarity. Take a good look at it and go thru ... Ford Escort

Ford Tractor 550 front end loader. Fan belt is broken. How do we get the new belt on past the universal drive shaft.

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Water pump went out, it was replaced along with new fan clutch, new belt, new coolant temp sensor, 3 or 4 thermostats, and a couple of radiator caps and it gets pretty hot while driving it and when the check gauges light comes on indicating overheating i shut the engine off and coast for a bit, when i restart the engine the temp gauge drops down to normal specs and after a minute or so it starts climbing again. im at wits end here

Good chance you have a cracked head or at least a blown head gasket.There's a chance you have your timing way too advanced,but someone would have to of changed the timing,it doesn't just happen.\015\012If you feel up to it remove the heads and ... 1991 Chevrolet S-10

I have 1994 Ford Escort LX wagon 1.9L engine. Car just cuts off at random times while driving. Replaced the fuel filter and is still having the same problem. I can turn the car off and back on while driving and it will stop for a short period of time. Its like its not getting any fuel, because it will stall out then pick back up then stall out and pick back up, until I turn the car off and back on?

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Overheating. Water pump appears to be good to go and thermostat was changed and the engine seems to be pushing the temp up when climbing a hill. I jumpered the fan relay switch so fan runs every time I start the engine. I found the relay was back and will replace. I still get a hot temp when climbing a hill even though fan is running. Why does the engine get so hot? I tested the old thermostat and it opened at 180 degrees. I have to turn on heater just to get temp down while driving to work. I p

The core pipes in your radiator may be blocked with particles of junk. There is no easy way to clear them other than to remove the top and bottom tanks of the radiator and push a rods through the individual pipes to push out the junk. \015\012Y ... 1990 Toyota Corolla

Engine gets hot it spits and sputters won;t rev up i straight wired the fans but no help maby got hotter changed thermostat when i could drive it it would heat up halfway on gauge then about 5 miles later the temp hand would start moving on up it has 75000 miles 98 ford contour 4 cyl

Head gasket has blown. ... 1996 Ford Contour

Beeping On my 2003 Ford Escape when I put the key in the ignition I get a beeping tone 5sets of 5 tones. It is not the fasten seat belt because if I don't that goes off too. If I drive more than 30 minutes the tone repeats. My local mechanic says no code are indicated and my check engine light isn't on. Any Ideas?

When you turn key on check if airbag light on instrument cluster comes on. 5 beeps is the tone to let you know your airbag light in instrument cluster is inop.. ... 2003 Ford Escape

98 ford escort se. Automatic. Intermittently it has no power. Transmission seems to be ok. Engine is getting very hot. Cooling fan works. Transmission shifts ruff and delayed but it seems to be when the motor is not running properly.

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Our ford escort fan belt fell off and we dont know how to get it back on.

If your belt feel off there will be a reason. I would not put the belt back on until this reason is discovered. There should be a diagram of the belt routing under the hood on a sticker - usually near the top of the rad - sometimes on hood itself. ma ... Ford Escort

Timing belt worn. how and what type of skills do i need to get it right? i have a 1998 ford escort coupe 2.0 4 cylinder ztech engine

This is not a recomended job for unskilled persons ,it requires a lot of special tools and if you get it wrong you can seriously damage the engine ... 1998 Ford Escort

The car squeals horribly but seems to get better when it is warmed up,had problems in the summer when after squealing the amber engine light would come on for days on end,car was sent to my misubishi garage who said there was nothing wrong with it , but they changed the fan belts anyway.amber light not so often now but squealing much worse,please can you help as it is embarrassing driving the kids to school in a squealing car . its a mitsubishi space star

Most times the squealing noise heard on start up and for some time after is caused by a loose belt driving the alternator. The alternators job is to replace voltage lost when using anything electrical. Your starter takes more voltage (actually ampera ... Mitsubishi Sapporo
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