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Why is Walmart saying there is a recall on these? They won't sell them right now. I ordered some on line from Walmart and just received them today. Are they safe? I buy the chicken jerky wrapped sticks.

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Why is Walmart saying there is a recall on these? They won't sell them right now. I ordered some on line from Walmart and just received them today. Are they safe? I buy the chicken jerky wrapped sticks.

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I have 1996 Audi A6 2.8L V6. My battery is dying now. I checked amp and it was 250CCA which it has to be 650CCA. I tried to buy a new battery in the Walmart, but they said my Audi doesn't have vent tube. so they cant replace it for me. Instead, I need to buy special battery for my car that costs $155. But, I found one white tube next to the battery that had been disconnected. So, I asked the mechanic in the walmart again. He said he is not sure, but if it is the vent tube for the battery, he can

... 1996 Audi A6

Good day. I drive a 2007 City Golf, I recently took my car in for its service. When i received the car back the radio was saying SAFE?? What does this mean? I Bought the car at a second hand car dealer and did not receive all the books the car comes with? How can I obtain a code to go out of this SAFE on my radio? Beeing a lady I do not know much about these problems. If i take it back to the place it was serviced they tell me I have to pay them like R700.00 to have the radio fixed? ? ? ? ? ?

The radio anti theft system is operated when,for any reason, the power is turned off/disconnected,(safe mode)in some markets,the dealers do not keep the factory code (0000) OR the code inputed by the owner...SO, if anybody turns the power off(discon ... 2007 Volkswagen Golf

I did buy the car corsa opel 1.7,ididnot receive and no refund.seller khamisibaako, agent frank monti of ebay uk

This is very dangerous what you have done. Ebay specifies to never take payments through western union. You may of been scammed. Contact your bank and stop payment if you feel the slightest uncomfortable about the transaction. Contact ebay immedietel ... Cars & Trucks

My radio is in 2 SAFE mode on my 2004 Audi TT. My mechanic had to disconnect the battery to replace some parts on my car. when he turned the car on the radio was in 1 Safe mode. The code in the manual he entered was incorrect. We had 1 try left and received the corrected code however when I entered the code the instructions were not thorough & now my Radio is in 2 SAFE mode. Can you help please!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have the security anti-theft code for your Audi radio from the car manufacturer, or from an Audi dealer! \015\012T ... 2004 Audi TT

Installed new filter forgot to remove thin plastic wrap turned on ac and unit sucked wrap off filter and went into duct somewhere .is it safe to run ac or do i need to find and remover plastic wrap before run ac

That wrapper will cause nothing but trouble. The filter is to stop big stuff like leaves & wrappers from blocking air flow. It should be in the fan housing by now. You should be able to find how to remove heater fan with a Chilton repair manual. ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 97 gmc jimmy 4wd. received dtc s 740 , 785 ,1860. just recently received 101. I rectified 101 code by replacing air filter and cleaning MAF sensor. I have traced the remaining codes to the ignition switch. I replaced the ignition switch today but upon install and hooking battery back up, the ding noise continues with the key out of cylinder,it does shut off when vehicle is running. what should I look at

... 1997 GMC Jimmy

Transmission shift I have 94 Toyota Corolla. Last W. I drove to a garage to have it a cb joint changed (it was broken). Today, I was told that the car was not drivable after the new cb joint was placed because they said the transmission shift was broken. I could not believe so. How could this be? From your knowledge of expertise, could this be possibility? Or did the people at the garage do something? I am very upset about it. I only spent $500 buying this car. Now, buying a new cb joint cost m

Just a guess, but maybe they didn't get the splined end of the shaft inserted all the way into the transaxle so now the car doesn't move. They may just need to push the shaft in a little harder so that it engages correctly. Again, this is just a gu ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

Follow-up I had the fan tested today and it runs with an outside power source. They also tested the voltage at the wire going in and said it was only 2.4 volts ? I am thinking that this is not enough to fire the motor. I spoke to the dealer today and they said there isn't a resistor since the vehicle has AUTO A/C. Therefore, the next option would be power module which apparently sits in the ductwork. What do you think ? Is it safe to assume that is the problem or should I have it properly

That's why I said to bench test the motor/put 12V to it to see if it comes on, BUT you told me that you have power at the connector, which should turn the motor on, but you have only 2.4 V going in. Since you have the AUTO A/C I would look into the b ... 2002 Nissan Pathfinder

Safe mode the car does not start. the car was idle for a few weeks i was not using it, i took the car out for a ride today & while refuelling the car stopped it was in drive mode, one mechanic found out batterries are dead so i changed the old with new ones but now the car does not start , the mechanic says its sunk into safe mode or teff mode, can you help?

... 2004 Bentley Arnage

Today I test drove a 2003 Ford Thunderbird with 56k miles that I'm considering buying. While driving at low speeds I heard a rolling thumping noise coming from the rear of the car. Couldn't tell it it was the hard top moving or some thing to do with the wheels/axle. Looked through papers in glove box and found a receipt showing that previous owner had complained of the same. Receipt showed that it was fixed (about $1500, Ford paid all but 90 bucks), but as I said, I heard the noise today on my t

Hello! Yes, It is being caused by one of two items...First ...Was there an "E" illuminated on the dash?If so the computer needs to be reprogrammed to repair a torque converter trouble...There is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) written for th ... 2003 Ford Thunderbird

Hello, i just had a few questions about a 1991 Acura Legend. i'm looking at possibly buying one tomorrow. i went to take a look at it today, and in the add it said that it needed a new heater core, and a new fan control module. so i looked up pricing and everything for those and found it to be no big deal, i could easily replace those on my own. now when i looked at the car earlier today, it wouldn't start. the lady selling the car said the battery was brand new and that she had no idea why it w

Ok a dead battery could be a couple things #1 bad battery #2 sitting parked for a while # 3 the car has a electrical draw somewhere in the circuit (worst case scenario as electrical draws are very hard to find and take alot of time) Could ... 1991 Acura Legend

Just purchased a 1996 4 cylinder auto trans. Drove it several times prior to buying it, drove it home with no problem about 50 miles. Would not start today, starter turn over but would not continue to run. Added Lucas gas treatment, removed cap... it ran but continued to shut off while driving. and by the way, the check engine light is on today. help

Take it to an autoparts store and have them connect a meter to the car. It will tell you what area the problem is in. The autoparts store can sell you a part to fix it. ... 1996 Toyota Tacoma

My 1997 Camry has been diagnosed with a loose wrist pin. Was told I need a new motor. I don't think it's wise to invest any more money into this car so I was thinking of buying a new car. How safe is it to drive like this until I can decided which new car to buy? What will happen once the motors totally gives out?

A wrist pin connects the piston to the connecting rod. It is a key component of your engine. What will happen is at some point the engine will seize up and usually blow a hole in the side of the engine. There will be no warning and little chance to p ... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Today,i sought technical check of AC by auto electrician & told me that the compressor is weak & can not repaired & must buy a new one ,is it true that no body can repair AC to buy AC compressor /9 months ?

Well there are places you can trade them in on rebuilt, try autozone or advance, expect to give them your old one and a few hundred dollars. And then you can also get another used one, albeit with lower mileage, from a junk yard or on ebay. Often ide ... Mercury Grand Marquis

I would like to buy a 2000 trooper and have found one i like. I am concerned about talk of injector faults and huge bills. Today a main dealer advised against buying a trooper with the 3l diesel engine. Is he right please?

The 3.0 is getting on a bit now but they are good value still.\012Injectors are still being covered under warranty by Isuzu by good dealers free of charge .If you buy one you need a good  local garage service them properly  to t ... 2000 Isuzu Trooper

There was an old security system in my truck prior to me buying it and ive had it for six months and today i tried to start it and it wouldnt even make a noise turnig the ignition except for the radio and lights and anything battery or electrical related worked fine i just had it towed and the guy said it was probably the old system that disabled my starter or something of that nature please help thanks

Is the alarm factory or aftermarket?\015\012\015\012If aftermarket - the brain will be under the dash attached somewhere near the steering column.\015\012\015\012Look for an 10 or 12 Gauge YELLOW wire that has been cut.\ ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

Traction Control I just purchased a 1999 Lexus ES 300 today from a private party with 115k miles. The "Trac Off" light was on so I pressed the Traction Control button and the light truned off. I drove off and noticed later that the "Trac Off" light came back on. Did I buy a used car with a broken Traction Control? How can I fix the problem? Thanks for your help.

Traction control selected by driver on or off should light up both ways ... 1999 Lexus ES 300

We buy a 97 vw golf today

The transmission shift solenoid must be replaced. It is located on transmission, but to replace it you will need to lift the car. The part is not expensive, ask to your mechanic a quote for repair. ... 1997 Volkswagen Golf

Key problem i have a problem i turn off my car earlier today n when i went back to turn my car on!!! my key wont turn, i try to juggle it for a while but it wont move what can i do.. should i buy another ignition switch....

Your key is probably worn down .try getting a new key made . ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

Our 2003 expedition has had MAF issues since 30,000 miles, Got 68,000 now?Basically stalling out or kinda missing while at med speed. One time ford said our K&N filter caused it and once a cheap air filter came apart and pieces got in the MAF and throttle body. (PS don't buy from grease monkey Filters). Also it is doing it again stalled on my wife today! Was just repaired by Ford in sept. 08.

I have 2003 expedition also and yours could be one of a few of problems.\015\0121) the pcv valve hose is leaking air at the elbows or rubber couplings as the oil vapor breaks down the rubber. I used heater hose plastic elbows with short straigh ... 2003 Ford Expedition

My service engine light came on today, I have a 2002 Trailblazer, is it safe to drive, the car seems ok. What do i do!!!!!!

Go buy a engine code puller, make sure its for your year and brand of truck and plug it in. It will blink a code. then take the code and look at the engine code decoder in a manual or on the internet and it will tell you whats going on with your truc ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Sir: I buy a 1996 used nissan maxima few days ago, carfax cleared it as a one owner and said all is well with a 71% ratings, but today it will not start. I am a single mom and did not take a mechanic with me - could not afford to, I was laid off & veh. repo.- I was told by the used car dealer that 'I have to turn the lights on before I start the car" was this a red flag? is this bad? Thanks. Pat

If your car has a problem to start, it's got to be one of the following problems. One, check your battery and see if it has enough voltage to crank the car. Secondly, check your starter and see it turns over when your key is turned fully forward/ to ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

Overdrive light I'm suppose to buy this 2002 ford explorer today and overdrive light flashes what does that mean.

It is probably the vehicle speed sensor. Tells computer how fast the car is going so it will shift at proper time. A tech with a scan tool can run the EEC test and read the codes and tell you if it's the speed sensor. easy repair. Buy speed sensor o ... 2002 Ford Explorer

Leaking fluids today while going to work my car all of a sudden just stops--a kind gentleman helps me and sees that the radiator has no fluid--we fill up and the water just flows right out of car--what is goin on--didn't really notice that the temp gage was up it was in the normal range--can anyone help--i haven't drove it yet nor started it up after that but wanted to be safe

You need to replace both radiator hoses....and put antifreeze in not water.....it sounds like you have a split hose ... 1991 Geo Storm
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