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How to change lifter on 1993 eagle talon

\015 My 1993 eagle talon tickling noise on top of the ingine\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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How to change lifter on 1993 eagle talon

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My talon silver eagle refuses to kick over, have changed spark plug. what could it be?

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1998 eagle talon esi revs at 3000 rpms changed out tps and idle air

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How do i change alternator on 95 talon esi - 1995 Eagle Talon

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Change fuel pump in 98 talon - 1998 Eagle Talon

The fuel pump is on top of your fuel tank. You will have to drain your tank or run it empty if it is still partially working. Loosen the straps, drop your tank, remove your pump and replace. Now sounds easier than it really is but not an impossible j ... 1998 Eagle Talon

How to change rear wheel bearings on 1995 eagle talon tsi turbo. I have the tool (borrowed) and still cannot get the bearing out. Lots of junk in the way, disc brakes and pads (parking only). Really need someonw to give me a heads up on how to go about this much more complicated than normal problem. I have changed wheel bearings before, but not on the all wheel drives,so need a bit of help,b ut am not clueless on repairs.

I don't know what tool you have, but you usually need a press to get the old bearing out. You will have to remove the rear spindle, then you will be able to remove the lock ring, and press the old bearing out. Install the new bearing with the press ... 1995 Eagle Talon

When im idling my car sounds and feels like its going to stall or turn off. When I have my air conditioning on, it gets worse. Now its getting to the point where it starts to feel like that when im driving. What can this be? I changed the spark plugs and the person who changed them said i had oil in there. I had spilled some oil over that area, but could i have a leak? My car is always needing oil too. But is this the problem to my question or a whole new problem? Thanks! Its a 98 Eagle Talon

Have you ever replaced the timing belt? it may cause that condition, before they break often teeth will start to strip off it and the timing can jump and cause it to run poorly but it it jumps too much it will damage the eng as far as the oil consum ... 1998 Eagle Talon

How hard is it to change the A/C compresor in an Eagle Talon 1993 TSI 2.0L? Do you have to drop the engine? Looks to tight to change from the top.

No the engine does not have to betaken out but it is a job for the pros. ... 1993 Eagle Talon

I have a 1995 eagle talon i just changed fuel pump fuel presser is good at 48 psi.. now it is missing #4 cylinder

Please see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r6715318-causes_gasoline_engine_misfires . These are ... 1995 Eagle Talon

How do I change a serpentine belt on a 1997 Eagle Talon 4 cylinder non-turbo engine?

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My 1995 eagle talon esi keeps trying to stall every time i let off the gas, just got oil change new altenator, and plug wires

Sounds like a vacuum problem, This is a fairly common problem right after servicing your car. Sometimes mechanics forget to re-plug your vacuum tube on your engine and you get the stalling unless you give it more gas. Just take it back to your mechan ... 1995 Eagle Talon

Help My 1996 Eagle Talon is acting crazy... It will start right up and then when you start going down the road it will just shut off the tacometer will go to 0 and the engine will still run but will not go then it dies after a few minutes itll start rigfht up again can you help me i do know that it is not the fuel filter or pump

Sounds like you have a Ecm problem the only way to know what is exactly wrong is to take it to a shop and have a tech hook it up to a scan tool. ... 1996 Eagle Talon

2001 Dodge Intrepid SE, great condition, new water pump, timing chain, transmission lines, cam sensors, thermostat, head gaskets, raditor, 0 miles on oil change, Eagle R tires, DOESN'T RUN - NEEDS TIMING CHAIN and BATTERY whould i bye it for 1,400

After the repairs needed and the associated cost you will be above value for the vehicle, if you havent heard it run and know it needs a timing chain you run the risk of buying a car with twisted valves. resulting in the need of an engine ... Dodge Intrepid

Dash lights coming on, 1995 eagle talon awd tsi- looks like a fluid light, but I just got a oil change and it's still coming on, what does that mean?

Probably a bad oil sending unit or the wire on the sending unit is loose its usually a single wire connector ... 1995 Eagle Talon

My 1992 eagle talon starts and runs fine then a couple minutes later it dies. i changed the fuel filter it still has the same problem.

Please consider taking a look at the fuel pump and the whole lot of spark plugs for any misfire. This can cause the engine to be going off too.\012Good luck and rate this solution. ... 1996 Eagle Talon

My '91 Eagle Talon TSI starts then shuts off after 3-5 seconds. I've changed the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and computer. Originaly I had a new turbo put in, then the car wouldn't start at all. The ECM was fried. I replaced the ECM and thats when I had this new problem. I sent the ECM back got it "fixed" reinstalled it and still the same problem. Car is on my last nerve.

Could be the Cam position sensor, does the check engine light come on. ... 1991 Eagle Talon

I have a 97 Eagle Talon. 2.0L 4CYL non-turbo! I changed the headgasket and pressured and resurfaced the head. Now the engine tuirns like it wants to start but isnt. I checked the spark plugs there sparking, the coil is fine and there is power to the fuel injectors and coil.Fuel injectors were cleaned and i usesd a stethescope while trying to crank and the injecters all make a clicking sound. Fuel pump is working and i found no leaks. fuel rail has pressure. The timing was done, New belts! Car w

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I just changed a Timing Belt on my 95 Eagle Talon Esi 2.0 DOHC Non-Turbo, I know the timing is correct, as I started the engine before i put everything else back together. Since I got everything put back together when I start the car in idle there's a very loud vibrating noise coming from the front passenger side. What do I need to check and fix?

Sounds like your Hydraulic Timing Belt Tensioner, or could be the Idle Pullys. There's a kit available that includes all needed parts for around $150.00 depending on your location. ... Eagle Talon

When I try put it into gear when started it wont go but if i shut it off and put it into gear it will. Now I just recently had my clutch but my clutch cable needs changing I believe so my question is where is the clutch cable located on a 91 eagle talon TSI AWD turbo I know or the right hand side there is the 2 shifting cables because when I move these cable my shifter moves in the car but I am lost on where the clutch cable runs?

Sounds like your clutch if not hydrolic needs a little adjustment or the syncronizer is going bad.. look for a cable when someone depresses the clutch where it attaches to the side of the tranny usually if adjustable the bolt is a 10 mm or 12 mm need ... 1991 Eagle Talon

I need to change my eagle talon tail lights bet i cant open the old light up

You have to access them through the trunk. ... 1995 Eagle Talon

How do you change the harmonic balancer on a 1992 Eagle Talon?

Remove all the belts,Not timing belt thou,and then there should be four bolts that hold it on remove then and wiggle and pull,,sometimes you gotta pry it alittle and if its really stuck on use a puller,,,,ive used all these methods over the years on ... 1992 Eagle Talon

I have a 1990 Eagle Talon 2.0 turbo fwd 5spd. My problem is there is no power to the fuel pump. I've checked the fuel injection relay and related fuses, I found another relay on the firewall I believe to be the fuel pump relay and changed it. The computer is still putting out but no codes reported. This car will crank but will not turn over. What else can I check to get power back to the fuel pump?

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Have a 1992 eagle talon fwd turbo when u start the car and try to put it in gear it grinds really bad and if the car is in gear when u start it the car takes off and rolls with the clutch to the floor ive changed the slave and master and adjusted the clutch the pedal acts like it has a lot of play at the top then u get to the friction just dnt no wuts rong can somone help me plez

Sounds like the throwout bearing has fallen off the guides ... 1992 Eagle Talon

How to change th air filter in my 94 eagle talon tsi turbo, want to put on an after market air intake

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1995 EAGLE TALON ESI NO TURBO 2.0L I am wondering Why my coolant overflow reservoir keeps filling up and actually OVER filing while driving or even while car is just idling in park. the car doesnt overheat. I jusr changed the water pump , water housing, rad cap , but the reservoir is just bubling and overfilling. no white smoke coming from tailpipe nor is there coolant in my oil, thus i don't suspect a blown head gasket.One more thing , I do not have a thermostat in place at the moment as i w

Hi, if you have changed the water pump, water housing & rad cap and the problem still persist then the problem lies either with a blown head gasket or the thermostat.\015\012\015\012And if you claim that ther ... Eagle Talon
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