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My 1996 dodge stratus engine would rotate but not start. i replaced the crankshaft position sensor. now it starts but runs really rough, lacks power and won't stay running

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My 1996 dodge stratus engine would rotate but not start. i replaced the crankshaft position sensor. now it starts but runs really rough, lacks power and won't stay running

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I just bought a 1995 mustang 5 speed coupe with a V 6 and shortly after i bought it the engine started running real rough, it wont stay running , the people I bought it from took it to pep boys and had new spark plugs and plug wires in stalled, when i test drove the car it seemed to run fine and now it wont stay running , not sure what to do

Wouldn't you take it to a repair shop,if you don't\015\012know what to do yourself? ... 1995 Ford Mustang

Will start I. Morning wont stay running runs rough wont idle when in drive with foot on break car moves back and forth runs ok on interstate put new o2sensors in only runs rough in temperature below 60

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1993 nissan 300zx from cold start runs VERY rough then gets better but still runs rough off and on after warm but not nearly as bad. It almost wont stay running on its own when first started.....

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My 1995 Saturn has on oil leak-it looks to be near the right-side CV-Axle. Also it lacks power. I cleaned the sparkplugs recently and it was running fine again, but when I put about 4 quarts of oil in, after the oil light came on, it started running rough. It makes a chugging sound. Also, when I get up to about 45 mph, the engine really starts to vibrate heavily. I can only assume that the oil leaked back up into the sparkplugs, which is causing probably causing the rough acceleration. Do


I have a 1991 sonoma/s-10 (v-6) and its hard to keep running after its started,rough idle. When driving the motor will sometimes backfire and cut out. After about 1 mile or so of driving the problem goes away. When the motor is again started ,hot or cold the rough idle problem comes back and sometimes wont stay running at all until its ran for a few minutes. I tried all the tune-up stuff and still have the problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Chevy nova i was driving my 1988 chevy nova and then with out warning it started to run rough leaked all the fluids out at first. got it home then was only leaking coolant underneath and white smoke coming out of the exhaust and today i noticed oil in the carb/filter area. does anyone know whats wrong with her also the car did not run hot at all and still does just runs really rough and has no power barely stays running

Hi looks like your head gasket is gone, check if oil in water or water in oil, oil will go grey in colour, and open rad, when cold, check for signs of oil. But not good symptoms, sorry! ... 1988 Chevrolet Nova

94 buick park ave hard start, wont stay running, lack of power

Change the temp sensor on the thermostat housing, i had a problem like that on one once it fixed the problem right up. ... 1994 Buick Park Avenue

1993 gmc jimmy slt when started wont idle just gos to a rough idle that shakes the truck then dies out when running if i give it gas will just bog and if i slitly tap the pedle a little bit really fast can get the RPMs up and keep it running but if i punch it bogs right down and back fires and gos back to running rough any ideas?

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Here is the scenario, i put gas in my 06 HHR later on that evening it wouldn't start. after a few tries it started and now it runs really rough. I had a diagnostic check done. it said random misfire. I changed Sparkplugs, module, and when that didnt work drained the gas put in new and tried some drygas let it run for an hour to an hour and a half still wont run right what do i do

Fuel injector? ... 2006 Chevrolet HHR

1996 buick century 3.1 L, V6 starts but wont run. code showed mass air flow sensor. replaced it....same problem. when it does start....it wil run very rough. but will not stay running. where do i find the fuel relay?

Unplug your mass mass air flow sensor an see what happens when running and let me know ... 1996 Buick Century

I have a 2004 chevy tahoe 5.3l flex fuel just replaced engine 9500 miles ago with a brand new crate motor ... it had been running fine until a few days ago... i went out to start it & seemed to be running really rough .so i went to go put it on a scanner & on the way to the shop engine light started flashing then it stayed on constantly. after putting it on the scanner it showed cylinder 6 misfire ... cleared the code & drove around the block and the code came up again.. since then i have replac

Get the compression test done on all cylinders one by one.And see if the cylinder 6 compression is less then other cylinders or not.Also interchange cylinders and see if that is helping.Reverse cylinder 6 with cylinder number 4 or 5 and then see if c ... Chevrolet Tahoe

I have a 87 Suburban V10 I have change temp sensor, new throttle body, map sensor, spark plugs. wires, and still can't figure it out. Went to pass someone and it started flooding itself and would not stay running. Now when i start it it runs really rough and backfires. Would be happy for anything that can help.

Change your fuel filter. Replace the distributor cap and rotor. If you have the HEI ignition, they are really bad about burning through the igniton rotor. ... 1987 Chevrolet Suburban

I have 94 grand marq,the oil light had come on,so just a few miles down the road it cutt off on me,so i put oil in it,then it started up running really bad,and then a few miles down the road it was kind of smooth,then it got rough again and cutt off,and now it wont start at all!!It will turn over but wont start.help

Sounds like you put too much oil in your vehicle- The engine is under pressure and when the oil is filled past full it makes it hard for the crank to turn because the engine has nowhere to displace the pressure being the oil is over filled. You sho ... 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 1996 gmc with the 4.3 vortex motor i changed the feul pump and sending unit and it drove great for about 3 mounths and now i had to start spraying starting fuild in it to start it and then after awail it started to run like on 4 or 5 cyinders or just runing rough, but any way now it wont even start plugs show lack of feul is there a way to test if feul peassure regulator is bad or if the injectors are bad.

Pull the vaccuum hose off of the regulator. If wet fuel is present, the regulator diaphram is bad.......replace the regulator. ... 1996 Chevrolet C1500

The car ran fine then engine light started flashing ran it for a 5 min started running really rough cut car off tried to start it but it only clicked like the starter was stuck all lights good thou ,got a jump still nothing so i got a wrench turned the crankshaft a lttle then it turned over but still wont start

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. A flashing light means there is major engine damage. You need to get your computer scanned asap to find out what is wrong. ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

02 toyota tacoma p/u 4x4 auto, no problems ever, went to run errand, will start but not idle! to keep running i have to keep pumping gas pedal but i can feel and hear its running rough. no vacuum lines disconnected or fuses blown. i recently lost power to acc/cig lite jacks plugging cell phone in. no blown fuses could be found. is this related? whats my next move? no check engine lite, or any other indicator that somethings wrong other than it wont idle or stay running. please help

Did you lose power to the cig lighter or the auxilury one(the one with\015\012two by each other)?if you lost power to the auxilury power then its not\015\012a fuse, but a bolky black one, , this should help with that problem, as for the idiling one, ... 2002 Toyota Tacoma

Wont start I'v had it for a while and now it wont start. We replaced spark plug wires, relay switch, distributor cap, and had the ignition module checked. It starts if you move the distributor cap but wont stay started. Need help its my only transportation. It will stay running for a while but when u shut it off it wont start. Sometimes it will only run a min.

If i drive my bronco to work shut it off it wont start sounds like it has a dead battery if i let it sit for an hour it will start back up can you tell me if you know what it is ... 1989 Ford Bronco

My car will start but it wont stay running and when i hit the gas it will only rev to 2000 rpm and shakes really bad. This all started when i drove it throught a bunch of snow and the motor was covered in snow for two days then it started this

It sounds as if some moisture is inside the sparkplug boots that fit onto spark plugs.Remove them and dry out or use a water dispersant spray like wd40 on these and along the leads to distributor cap.This distributor cap may need to be removed also t ... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

The truck will only run for 30 seconds at a time and sometimes wont even start and sometimes when it does run it will run really rough and have no power. it is deffinately getting spark though

Check for plugged fuel filter,and fuel pressure,i have seen this on 5.0 engines bad fuel return pressure regulator is also another cause, also might want to remove and clean the iac motor this is what controls the idle by adjusting intake air ratio.a ... 1992 Ford F250

My daughter has a 2003 Yukon Denali XL and the fuel pump, and fuel filter were just replaced, but now the truck starts but doesn't stay started and runs really rough. You have to 2 foot drive it to keep it started. What could it be?

Check the idle speed sensor, also check the fuel pressure at the engine, make sure is at spec ... 2003 GMC Yukon Denali

1983 honda acc cold start wont stay running when cold idles rough

Try checkin your idle air control. most of the time it is a vacuumn line going into intake.pull it off and if the car revs up dont worry, it wont hurt it. if it does simply put it back on, if it dies you have a bad vacumn. ... 1983 Honda Accord

My car wont start!!!...help please!!! i turn the key over to start it and the fuel pump/auto shutoff relay/fuel pump relay all start to click rapidly, and the starter wont engage. after about 30 mins of screwing with it....it finally turns over and the fuel pump seems to go off after the system is pressurized. then it starts but you have to rev up the gas in order for it to stay running. after about ten minutes of that.....i can let off the gas pedal and it usually stays running. seems to run ok

I would replace the relays first, then check fuel pressure. Also change the fuel filter. You can use a multi-tester on the ohm setting where the relay is to see if the voltage remains the same ... 1998 Dodge Intrepid

I hav a 94 chevy k1500 but it wont stay running. One morning i started it up, got it warm then while i was goin down the road it acted like it was running out of gas,would die then start back up then just finally died. It has a new crate engine in it with new wires,distributor,coil,rotor,plugs..etc when they start it, it runs for a little then shuts down. could it be my o2 sensor or throttle positioning sensor?what do you think? i hav a 94 chevy k1500 but it wont stay running. One morning i star

Turn on the key and listen by the fuel tank for the fuel pump to hum. A common problem is low fuel pressure. It will build pressure when the key is turned, use that fuel, and then the pressure drops. Kind of like when you're using a squirt gun tha ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan with the 3.3L engine and it seems to have what sounds like or could be a blown head gasket. It starts, but will not idle. runs rough, so badly that it wont stay running.

Pull the oil dipstick and see if you have a lot of bubbles in the oil. If your head gasket is blown you will have coolant mixing with oil causing the bubbles. If you don't see the bubbles, you may still have a bad head gasket but should consider tha ... 2000 Dodge Caravan
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