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Dodge ram 1500 heater core making water sloshing noise

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Dodge ram 1500 heater core making water sloshing noise

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Dodge ram heater coil is making water sloshing noise

Dont think it is the heater core making this noise sounds like the drain tube on the evaporator/heater core box is clogged not letting the condensation drain out climb under vehicle find the tube on the passenger side get a can of compressed air spra ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 1999 dodge ram with a 460. I have very little heat and there is a mist that comes out of the vents when i turn the heater on. I unhooked the heater hoses and ran water through the core and it ran through with no problem. about 2 years ago I changed the water pump and put in a new thermostat. Last week I changed it again thinking that it was a falty one. This didn't help. When the top hose is hot the bottom one is cold even after 15 minutes of constant running. Can this be a problem?

Your heater core is bad. It's leaking coolant that the cause for the mist coming out the vents ... 1999 Dodge Ram

Any suggestions to my problem. My dodge ram van1500 is leaking water from the back not the water pump just replaced it. It might be the heater core in the back but I dont know how to check it.

Sounds like your engine got very hot, enough to warp or crack the head. Now it leaking from the water port to the exhaust port tipical of a blown head gasket. Most often it requires removing the heads to be check for cracks or warpage & resurface ... Cars & Trucks

2001 sable heater making water sloshing noise

... Mercury Sable

For months there has been an intermittent ?swishing? noise while my car is in park or driving. Each time I took it to my mechanic, however the noise stopped each time. This last time I was told that the water pump was making a slight noise. This week the ?swishing? is more frequent and louder. I just called my mechanic and was told it could be the Heater Core. I have an appointment to drop it off on Saturday, but now I am skeptical that it will be diagnosed correctly. I am reading that it could

I have heard several heater cores gurgle on these. Usually the noise is most noticable when accelerating and will sound like it's coming from the right side of the dash ahead of where the passenger sits. If this is it it can be very difficult to get ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

1999 dodge ran heater fan is making a noise - Ram 1500 Dodge Cars & Trucks

So does mine and it is aggravating as hello dolly, what is a dodge ran? ... Dodge Ram 1500

When I make turns tothe left, several things happen. First there is a noticeable drop in the pressure of the air coming out of my air vents(this is while my AC is running), and then there is an odd noise. It is a hissy kind of a squeal, and the sound of running water. Accompanying the noise, which originates in the passenger dashboard area, there is fluid leaking onto the floorboards on the passenger side of the car. One of my coworkers who usd to work on cars said it might be my heater core.

1st you need to identify the fluid in the floor board, is it antifreeze, water, oil?? 2nd is the leak there without turning the steering wheel? (more than likely). If the fluid is antifreeze, then yes it could be your heater core, the entire dash wil ... 2001 Ford F150 Styleside SuperCrew

2000 Dodge Ram Heat not hot, only luke warm @ idle only 105 deg. @ 1500 rpm. So far this is what i've done and tried: Changed Thermostat with 192 deg oem repl. Changed radiator cap unhooked both heater core hoses and flushed forward and backwards with water hose. water looked good, no debris and very good flow. Truck runs colder than I think it should. looks to be around 160-170 deg. at idle. If I run it up to around 1800 to 2000 rpm the thermostat will open, but only then. At 55/1500 rpm r

Did you use pure antifreeze if so remove it all and add a 50/50 mixture because antifreeze will not heat up good if its pure. needs water to allow good heat. ... 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

When it rains my dodge ram 1500 will stall. After awhile of sitting it runs again. Aside from this I hear a water noise coming from under the dash in the cab like it in the AC, Heater or Vacuum hoses. I can step on the gas and the water sounds like it bubbles or turn a corner and hear it rush from side to side.

My 98 has the same water noise. i went to a well established garage and asked the owner. he and his brother both have rams and have the same noise. i guess its a ram thing. its coming from the heater core. they said its nothing to worry about. his do ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

Heater fan makes noise.....2003 dodge 1500 ram.....

... Dodge Ram Pickup 1500

I have a 2000 dodge ram 1500 4x4 the heater core, thermostat, n water pump were all replaced and its shooting out antifreeze?

Vehicle cold, remove radiator cap. see if coolant pushes out of radiator. if so, blown head gasket. if not recheck thermostat and or installation. make sure to bleed air from cooling system. while running burp upper radiator hose with hand. upper hos ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 1500 dodge ram it has no heat replaced heater core water pump thermostat radiator. I just blows warm air. what do I do now?

Are heater inlet outlet mix valves standard for all dodge heater cores. I have 2001 dodge cummings blows warm air not hot when gauge is 195 degrees would there be a mix valve under the dash because it is not inline outside the wall ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

1999 mercury grand marquis occasionally overheats, leaks around radiator cap, makes gurgling noise on passenger side. Have replaced heater core, water pump, thermostat, hoses,& radiator cap.

Check the antifreeze for oil, pull your dipstick out, see if antifreeze is in oil or smells sweet or over full, sounds like you may of a bad head gasket. You can also check this by having a compression test done on the cylinders. ... 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 96 dodge ram 5.2 has little heat replaced water pump,hoses,radiator,heater core,and blend doors all work properly.heater blower works good. if i let truck warm up and turn on blower i get 30 seconds of heat then it is cold please help. took it to a couple auto places they are stumped.

You made no mention of thermostat or radiator cap, both are common problems. The cap you can have tested at any good auto parts store, to see if it's holding adequate pressure. ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 1999 dodge ram had great heat but no a/c. I changed out the evaporator core, now I have great a/c but no heat. People have told me to make sure the blend doors are lined up right. I took out the box opened it all doors are lined up properly. Both heater hoses were equally hot. What could be wrong? Is there an electronic or vaccum motor that might be the culpret. I really don't want to put this box back in and end up having to take it back out.

Check that the heater core is not faulty. Check the control switch as well as the actuator which moves the different blender doors. The actuator can become faulty. ... 1995 Dodge Ram 2500

No heat 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4-door pickup with a 4.7 liter magnum. I have replaced the thermostat, water pump, heater core, and flushed the radiator and replaced with new fluid, then bled out all bubbles. Still no heat.

You probably just need to backflush your heater core. You can use a hose to flush it back and then forward. You'll be surprised at how much sludge and gunk will come out. ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

Where is the heater core located on a 2000 dodge ram? Water is collecting on my passager side floor board.

Inside the plastic ducting on the passanger side. Hope this helps. ... 1999 Dodge Ram

Having problems no heat in a 1997 dodge caravan. The heater blower is fine and it blows cold air (very cold air). I have been working on it for a couple weekends now and this is what I have tried. 1) checked to make sure the heater core is hot, and checked both hoses and they are hot. I also did a flush on the heater core to make sure there was no debris stuck in it. 2) Changed out the thermostat and the radiator cap and topped off the antifreeze levels. 3) found the little motor actuator

I have the same problem and i change the termo and even the heater core and still no heat but there is a clicking noise coming from under the pass side dash im working on rite now so im hoping thats my problem engine get hot like it suppose to but no ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

Heater Problems Well I managed to change the autotranny cable, the spark plugs, the vacuum advance, and took apart my heater core. I have a 1980 Leocraft Motorhome which is power by a dodge 400cc engine (1975). I also have to change the water control valve which goes from motor to the heater core. That is all fine except I forgot which hose goes where on the heater core, and which hose do I put the vavle in. I cannot believe I forgot there is only two lines.

It goes on the hose coming from the water pump. ... 1983 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

My Tempeture Gage in my car goes up way too fast and warm air is not blowing into the vehicle. There is occasionally a clanking noise near the heater core underneath the center of the dash, I have no idea why it is making this noise or why it is not blowing hot air. i just replaced my heater core

Recheck fluid fill and reservoir, Make sure waterpump is circulating, Is the occasional clank when operating controls? Possible air flow control door sticking or binding. Also a possible heat air bubble popping in core. Also fan blower motor making ... 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Heater core 96 dodge heater core - Ram 1500 Dodge Cars & Trucks

... Dodge Ram 1500

Water seems to be trikling through system with engine running but with water hose it is a bigger flow. the problem is low heat output when heater on and I do not believe the heater core is bad/clogged jut hot water flow volume - make sense? Valve works great and allows water through

If you water pump is working properly and the flow valve is fully opening then about the only thing left is a clogged heater core. Have you removed the heater hoses and flushed the heater core out in both directions. In other words back flush it. Jus ... 1999 Toyota 4Runner

Im having noise coming from the belt/pully area. It started when we had cold weather it was making a hissing noise when i stepped on the gas and would eventually go away. now its making a screetching noise? 1500 dodge ram sport Hemi 2006 joey

Ive heard that these pulleys have bearing mechanism in them that ware out check your dealer ask them ... Dodge Ram 1500

No heat from the heater in 1999 dodge caravan. So I Replaced thermostat, water pump, radiator cap. flushed out the heater cores (front and back) New coolant added (removed 2 plugs so air could escape while adding. Still no heat front and back. Engine temp 195. Hoses to heater core are not warm...no circulation? Can you help? Thanks Dale

Check this site out !! http://www.automotix.net/partshotline-do...your heater control valve might be faulty al ... 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan
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