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1740 code on 2000 dodge 2500 i need help to solve problem

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

That code P1740: translates to "torque converter clutch solenoid or misfire".
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Need help on how to fix injector #1 control circuit....the engine code on my 2002 dodge grand caravan w/ 3.3 engine, is giving me the code for injector #1 and #2 control circuit...what would be the next step in fixing that problem...please help!!!

The injectors are controlled by the computer that gets signals from sensors. check sensors first, all of them on the engine and then, if no problem found, have your computer check by repair shop ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

My lexus rx 300 with a 1mz-fe engine shows a chek engine on the board, i have tried to solve the problem using a memo scan and it is said O2 sensor 2 bank 1 malfunction. I went to look for this sensor and found the engine has 4 oxygene sensors, my question is how will i know where is the no 1 or no 2 sensor or bank 1 or 2. I need your help please. Charles

Bank number would be either side of the engine(sorry im not possitive which), sensor number would be coming from engine, down the exhaust, the first sensor is number 1, Etc...Good luck ... 1999 Lexus RX 300

I have a 94 cadillac seville sts i recently replaced the trans the original trans had a 16 wire circular male connector. The replacement has 2 connector 1 eight pin and 1 six pin, all the colrs match up except 2 when i tried to start the car it just turned over no start the code given was PO%( trans temp switch, on initial start up systems monitor reads (switch problem). will these stop the car from strting? I need a wiring diagram of the 2 connector trans. pls help

Yes they can. You can go to autozone.com and register for full free online repair manual ... 1994 Cadillac Seville

Transmission After changing water pump, the transmission seem like slipping check engine light turned on and had code P075, it would stall some times 1-2 gear and sometimes at 2-3 gear. did a transmission fluid change and it started to run better it only stalls in 1-2 gear and now i have the DTC P0755 which is selenoid B stuck, but i tested and it was good, and I dont think there is a mechanical problem since it runs better than before, maybe it need another oil change, please help me needs to p

Go to aamco transmissions web site, they have a coupon for a free transmission check, the coupon expires on MAR 9th so you will have to get it in soon. Good luckCheck you transmission fluid, it should be bright red. ... 1997 Ford Escort

Auto question,I have an 96 Dodge Ram w/ 5.2L V8 eng.the problem is dtc codes P0300 and P0301,random multible cylinder misfire detected,and cylinder #1 misfire detected.Ive replaced the spark plugs, plug wires,rotor cap and rotor.what else do I need to check or change? camshaft sensor?,crankshaft sensor? coil? or do you know which sensor detects the misfire? or do I need to do a cylinder compression check?How do i solve this problem? Thanks Danny

I would check the injector. Pull the plug and check for corrosion. Use on ohm meter to check the injector. The resistance should be 11 to 15 ohms. Check it against another injector. they should be close. You can also check the injector plug. best to ... 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab

I have an automatic 2wd 06 Dodge Ram 1500 with only 55,000 miles and I rarely haul anything. My truck's check engine light came on and it all of a sudden will run only one gear in "drive". Reverse and 1 and 2 still work. But the truck moves when I put it in any gear. I took it to the dodge shop and got a code p0700 & p0750. They were too busy to diagnose the problem and i need a ride but am nervously wandering how serious the problem is. I did put a front leveling kit on it the day before and cr

OK P0700 is just the computer alerting the check engine light software to turn on the check engine light due to a transmission electrical fault, this problem is due to a failure of shift solenoid "A". \015\012here are th ... 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

Need location of #1 cylinder on 2006 dodge 4.7. I am getting a P0038 code indicating theres a problem w/ the o2 sensor. Says bank 1 sensor 2 heater ctrl circ high. There is a very small nick in the wire running to the sensor. Can it be cut out and spliced back in or does the sensor need to be repalced? Thanks

#1 is the drivers front. The O2 your looking for is on the drivers side after the catalytic converter. You can certainly try to repair the wire. If you use a **** style connector make sure it is one with a heat shrink wrap to protect the wiring from ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD

How to enter code? went online and paid nine bucks, didn't really help me because of the following problem. 5 digit code, car radio has preset # 1,2,3,4,5,6.. one of my code is 0 and 9 how the hell am i suppose to enter it?

Come on here for free ,anyway you press preset 1 and use either the volume or tuning buttons ,maybe even the tape buttons to place the number then when all numbers press 6 to enter the code on the venerable old classic vehicle ... 1984 BMW 3 Series

I have 2004 model golf 5 2.0 ltr fsi i'm having two problem first is open circuit for brake vacuum pump code error is p1429 and second is P0030 HO2S Heater Control Circuit, Bank 1 Sensor 1 and P0050 HO2S Heater Control Circuit, Bank 2 Sensor 1 pl help how to solve this

... Volkswagen Golf

I just bought this truck off of ebay and it is great except i had to change the o2 sensor circuit high volt bank 1 sendor 1 & 2 and the crankshaft, now i'm getting the p1762 code and i need to get fixed so i can get truck registered, i live in tn where you have to pass emissions before you can register a vehicle, the truck runs fine, a little slow on the pickup and go but other than that it runs fine, i have a 1998 dodge ram 1500 quad cab 5.2 motor 318 automatic, any help would be great

Where in there is your question ?\015\012just go and register it if it fails emisions thy will tell you to fix it plain and simple\015\012do it on a busy day or close to clsoing time where thy might over look a small problem :) cheers ... Dodge Ram 1500

Car came in no start-doa. replaced distributor pick up assembly. car ran but hesitated between 50-60 mph. replaced wires plugs,cap,rotor button, air filter. car runs, after about 4-5 min. driving car shuts down no throttle. let sit a few seconds, car starts and repeats problem. before tune-up pcm threw a mis-fire cyl#1,cleared code. no mis-fire code no hesitation just shut down problem with no engine lite. datastream shows cyl#1 0 misfire,cyl#2 0, cyl#4,5 &6 show high misfire rate. not famil

Have you replaced the fuel filter? what is the fuel pressure?, this sounds like a loss of fuel pressure issue, that would account for the miss fire codes, to check fuel pressure look at the top of the engine, in the fuel supply pipe that plugs to the ... Chrysler Cirrus

Cruise light flashing,traction light & engine light, slight misfire,Codes present-Cyl 4 misfire,No response o2 Bank 1,sensor 2,05 Tribeca.Have changed coil,injector,spark plug-cyl 4,intermitant problem,took to Subaru-they say it needs a valve job.seem a bit early for me-86000 km?? Any help?

... 2006 Subaru B9 Tribeca

1740 code on 2000 dodge 2500 i need help to solve problem

That code P1740: translates to "torque converter clutch solenoid or misfire". ... Dodge Pickup

I have an automatic 4.7 2007 dodge Dakota engine light came on with the code p0068.... 1. When in park it idles very high up and down all by itself 2. It's not smooth going from park to drive, or reverse 3. Just started dying at times while stopped I just need an idea of what coarse to take because I am a female and gladly admit Im mechanically challenged- and don't want to get ripped off at a shop. :) thank you anyone who helps!!!!! :)

... 2007 Dodge Dakota Cab SLT

Does anyone know of a site where I can learn how to replace a honda accord 2003 oxygen sensor? How difficult is it? About how long should it take since I have the correct tools? And how do I know which one I need to replace? The mechanic said that the code was: P0141 and that my problem is with my sensor heater circuit bank 1 sensor 2. help

If you can unscrew a bolt and plug a plug in you can change an o2 sensor. Though some are in odd places. When replacing, ALWAYS use anti-seize compound on the threads or you will never get it out again. Ber careful to keep wire away from hot pipes et ... 2003 Honda Accord

I need serious help! Not a single mechanic has been able to solve my problem! After a night of resting, when I start my 95 Maxima up, it starts up fine. As I drive and as the engine warms up, the car will start to skip. As the driving continues, I experience all of the following issues: 1. There is very little acceleration and the harder I press the gas, the RPM needle goes down and the car will threaten to shut off or it will shut off if I continue to hold it down. 2. It shuts off when I come t

The mass air flow sensor is more than likely causing the problem. The mass air flow sensor is on the hose that runs from the air filter box to the fuel injection. Try to unplug the electrical connection to the mass air flow sensor and drive the car. ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

I need to reset my radio anti-theft code. Currently, when I press the radio buttons, (eg. number 1, it says, " code 1, press number 2, it says code 2.. and so on to number 6 button. I have the code and have tried to enter it. When I do this, I then get an err1 message. Can you help. Thanks Tony

This will fix it. I just did mine. You do NOT need to pull out your stero to get the Serial Number.\015\012\015\012If you lost the code, you may retrieve it from https://radio-navicode.honda.com/ ... 2004 Honda Civic

I have a 1995 Cherokee 4.0. It wont start, acts like a big electrical problem-wont crank, sometimes there are no dash lights with the key on, no dome light. The engine trouble codes are 1 and 2, then the 55 signifying that the codes are finished. Does anyone know what the 1 and 2 codes mean? Any help is appreciated.

You have the code but are reading it wrong. Your code is 12...showing an electrical disconnect, likely at the battery terminals...remove and clean them. It's possible that the disconnect is elsewhere, but that is the most likely place. ... 1995 Jeep Cherokee

I have a 1990 Dodge Ram B250 conversion van the problem is the check engine light is on ran computer code to find out the problem. the engine is a 318 have a problem with the charging system have replaced the computer had the battery,alternator checked out o.k. getting fault code:1-2-40-1-5-5 what does this mean since there are no scanners available to read the computer code on this model year the van dies will not start until jumped, and it repeats the problem all over again HELP!!!!!

The numbers are 12, 41, 55\015\01212- direct batttery inut to controller disconnected within last 50 ingnition key-on cycles\015\01241- alternator field circuit- an open or shrted condition detected in the alternator control circuit. ... Dodge B Series Cargo

I have the error codes but need help understanding them, and figuring out what I need to replace and where it would be located on a 2005 Chrysler T & C,self test codes are (0016 Bank 1 Sensor A) = Crankshaft/Camshaft mis-align/sync (0138 Bank 1 Sensor 2) = 1/2 O2 sensor short circuit or shorted to voltage. My van is down from 24mpg to 8mpg. I have no accerlation ability as the van surges=jerks,chokes,cuts out both when attempting to accelerate or in park or netrual when pressing on the gas.

Your timing is off and an O2 sensor issue. The timing is your big problem though. Thats whats making your car run bad. Basically you need to realign timing belt. Probably won't need to buy anything unless your timing belt is off. Unless your mechanic ... 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

Need to find out what exactly these codes mean. used a Matco Proscan Plus MD1005 for a 1996 dodge caravan under the transmission portion. its codes 12, 36, 53. i need to figiure out what the problem is with the transmission. again its a 1996 dodge caravan with the 3.3 liter front wheel drive with the vin letter R. please help

Here you go hope it helps,dont forget to vote on answer thanks88\342\200\22395 3.0L (Except Monaco, Premier & Stealth),3.3L, 3.5L & 3.8L Engines 11 Engine Has Not Been Cranked Since Battery Was Disconnected{4} No Crank S ... Dodge Caravan

What does the oxygen sensors look like in a 2003 Chevy Venture (warner Brothers Edition) ? How many are there? Where are they located? Can you show a picture of them in place? How do i replace them? Chevy dealer scanned it for codes: "VEHICLE HAS A CODE #PO141 - OXYGEN SENSOR BANK #1 SENSOR #2 WORKING SLOW.. VEHICLE NEEDS OXYGEN SENSOR BANK #1 SENSOR #2 REPLACEMENT.. (A SES LIGHT IS ON - NO RUNNING PROBLEMS)

There should be an O2 sensor before and after the catalytic converter on your vehicle, so it will have 2 sensors. You'll need a 7/8" open end wrench or an O2 sensor socket to replace them.It'll look something like this: http://www.carstee ... 2003 Chevrolet Venture Passanger

I have a 2002 Dodge Dakota pick-up with a V6 engine with 34,500 mi. some two months ago it developed an idle problem. the problem was corrected by the following: 1) new plugs,roter,roter cap. 2) removal and complete cleaning of the throttle body, with a new gasget. this corrected the problem for about a month. Problem redeveloped. 2) A new new IAS installed,problem solved for about a week. Right now as we speak engine is idling as required. No engine light ever came on, your thoughts.

HI! The MAF (mass air flow) sensor may be faulty. The MAF has big contribution on engine performance specially on the idling. Once the MAS is replaced you'll be good. Hope this helps and have a good one! ... Dodge Pickup

P0014 code I have a Volvo S40 (year 2000, mileage: 156800 now), and I saw a check engine light (P0014 - Exhaust Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Advanced (Bank 1)) on April 01. I deleted the code with my code reader on April 04. The code came back on June 2 (After 2 month ). The timing belt was changed at 105K. The car is in a good condition (like a new car), Can you help me please to fix the problem ?

... Cars & Trucks

When programming ford excursion with high teck programmer , messages say i have 2 dtc's that must be cleared before programming, i believe these are codes for diagnostic problems, can you help code 1 dtc (1000) code 2 dtc (piaee)

P01000 means that the diagnostic testing was incomplete. I have no clue what the second one is. You should be able to erase these dtc's and continue programming ... Ford Excursion
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