Having problems with your Dodge Neon ?

Is there an easier way of running down all ur wires...aint their some kindof machine I can use to figure out if my promblem is a wiring promblem???

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Answers :

Nope, at least for finding a problem. Get yourself a wiring schematic for the vehicle and at least you will have the wire gauge & color for each circuit. It does make it much easier.
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Is there an easier way of running down all ur wires...aint their some kindof machine I can use to figure out if my promblem is a wiring promblem???

Nope, at least for finding a problem. Get yourself a wiring schematic for the vehicle and at least you will have the wire gauge & color for each circuit. It does make it much easier. ... Dodge Neon

1999 Town Car Running Lights Not Working... I have a hard wired a flat-4 trailer light receptical that I use occasionally. It has worked fine for me for the past several years. A few days ago I connected to a trailer that was mis-wired and later discovered that the cars running lights (front, rear, side marker and License plate lights) no longer work. I figured I blew a fuse, but I checked and they are all fine. My next thought was I had fried the Lighting Control Module (LCM). I bought a used L

Hello! Since fuses did not blow I would suspect that when you plugged in the trailer excessive current flow may have damaged the LCM...However to install another at random with the same fault is rare...Check fuse #31 just to be sure...Drop the LCM ba ... 1995 Lincoln Town Car

1994 gmc safair 4.3 wont run at idle and bad enough at high rpm you can't drive it. replaced plugs,wires,cap.roter,o2 sensor,used throttle body,used computer,new fuel pump,new fuel filter,can't figure it out ?

Is the "service engine" light on at all?\015\012If so, what codes are present.\015\012Have you checked the EGR valve. If the valve is stuck, the engine will idle very poorly. You can remove it and clean the carbon deposites and make sure ... 1994 GMC Safari

I have a '96 Suburban. Two months ago i started having trouble stating it. It turns over fine, but hesitates starting. When it does start, it seem to be flooding for a few seconds. Then it runs fine. On two occasions, i had to use ether to start it. I have relpaced the fuel pump, fuel pump relay, plugs and wires, distributor cap and button. I have also had two chevy mechs look at it. I cannot figure out what the problem is.

This is gonna sound totally wrong and silly BUT i had the same year surburban and trust me - Replace your battery with a new one with at least 750 COLD CRANKING AMPS - They are about 75 bucks from autozone - but it WILL FIX YOUR PROBLEM. ... 1999 Chevrolet Suburban

96 T/C. Drove it to the gas station and filled up. Car would not start afterwards. Gets fuel,spark, plugs and wires, fuel filter. Cant figure it out. Turns over but backfired after using starting fluid to get started. No previous issues, just will not run. Anyone ever had this problem. All other features on the car still working. HELP

Millions of people everyday experience that\015\012\015\012Got fuel pressure?\015\012Fuel Pump cycle on?\015\012\015\012If you had fuel,you wouldn't be using\015\012starting fluid,so strike off the fuel part\ ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I am attempting to install an after market stereo system in a Ford F150 1999 model. I have, unfortunately, run into a small problem, there are two plugs that connected to the original stereo I bought a connector that was supposed to plug into the exisiting harness but it was the wrong one this unit does not have a separate amp and I am trying to figure out why there are two plugs instead of just one and which wires do I need to use if I just hardwire the new stereo in to the exisiting harness.

This is a useful website to help in identifying FORD plug/socket wiringhttp://www.tehnomagazin.com/Auto-radio-car-connector/FORD-Car-Radio-Wiring-Connector.htm ... 1999 Ford F150 Regular Cab

Here's my problem...My truck has four wires for my trailer, Red-Brake, Brown- Running lights, Yellow-Left signal and Green-Right signal. My trailer also has four wires, Yellow-Left signal, Green-Right signal, Brown-Running lights and White-Ground. My Question is, how do I get my brake lights to work on the trailer when all the wires are already used up for signals and running lights. I still am left with the brake wire on my truck. Am I able to get brake lights working on my trailer too?

Also try http://www.etrailer.com/faq-wiring.aspx. They have easy to follow directions and color codes. Plus you can order anything you might need. Hope this helps. ... 1987 Toyota Pickup

I replaced my OEM sealed beam headlamps with a set of projector headlamps,the HIDKIT replacement bulbs use only one of the headlamp sockets fur power. They use two transformers to power each bulb individually. The problem is that i nolonger have any working daytime running lights. the lights that were given to me use a seprate pin light assy for daytome lights or for signal lights. These bulbs use their seprate power wire for the ballists and two ground wires for the bolbs.

Yours is only one of many problems after installing the hid kit! There is nothing we can do for you here except tell you to remove them or contact the manufacturer ... 1995 Chevrolet S-10 CA Edition

Have a 1997 ford thunderbird v8...started running very rouhg and check engine light blinking. Changed plugs and wires but noticed small coolant leak above engine. Ran fine for 10 days then started running rough again. Leak had gotten larger and coolant had run over engine. Figured fouled plugs. fixed leaked changed plugs, still running rough. should I change wires again? What elses could it be

Light should have stored code. Go to local autoparts chain & get free scan for codes and go from there. Saves all that guess work & money a lot of times. Write down code(s) and let us know. ... 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX

Troublestarting sometimes My 1991 Honda Accord worked great all winter not the weather is warm I'm having some trouble.only happens about every 2 weeks. When it starts runs for a second then won't start. If I remove a plug wire and using a screwdriver in the plug wire and ground it to the motor it will start. I let it run about 15 sec. shut off and reattach the plug wire and then it will start on its own. any suggestions? someone told me it was a bad sensor in the coil. someone else suggested a

The igniter in the distributor may be going out. The main relay is under the dash and it very well could be an issue as well, but ususally when it goes bad, the car won't start at all. ... 1991 Honda Accord

I am trying to figure out why my alternator on my 1990 GMC SIERRA 1500 sl. Two wheel drive. 5.7 350. Will not charge my battery. I have had it tested and it passed threebtimes. It has the built in voltage regulator. And the plug only has one wire..I tried to run that wire straight to 12 volt power. And it seemed to work not a day or so. Now my alternator will not kick on again. Where does that brown wire off the alternator run?

The wire comes from the battery warning light on the dash. When you turn the key switch on, the light and wire put voltage to the alternator to energize it. Once the alternator starts charging, the voltage on the brown wire reverses and the light g ... Cars & Trucks

I recently installed a new ignition coil to my 1996 dodge neon .. I was having issues starting the vehicle. Once it was started, it ran beautifully. But it seems when the car sits idle and not running for an hour or more, once i start it, and runs, it stalls within 2 minutes. I restart it, and it runs perfectly. However, this morning it would not start at all. I used a wire tester to see if a spark (charge) was going to the ignition coil, but there doesn't seem to be a charge hitting the wires.

Seems like a resistor or wire leading to the ignition coil may be at fault.\015\012\015\012There's a primary and secondary coil in an ignition coil. And, if the coil isn't getting power, then there's no way for the secondary coil to deliv ... 1996 Dodge Neon

3.8 engine runs perfect then acts like its has 2 dead plugs until you get over 2000 rpm then it evens out again. have replaced wires. plugd. distributor cap, wires, maf sensor with no change, Also fuel filter, Will also run rough when bringing down to idle, Sometimes runs better with very light throttle.No white smoke and uses no oil,

Clean and check the ground wires in the engine compartment. Replace them if they are bad. Make sure the alternator, engine, transmission, and distributor grounds all have good contact. ... 1991 Ford Thunderbird

On my 97 grand prix3.8 I have used a jumper wire in place of the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump comes on . But when I plug the relay back in and turn the igntion on the fuel pump does nothing the relay is new and it clicks when we turn the igntion key . So I pulled the fuel pump fuse and use a multimeter to see if there was power where the fuse plugs in and there's is no power getting to it . But when I use the jumper wire I have power to the fuse and the fuel pump runs am I missing somethi

There is a break in the wire that supplies power to the fuse box.You need to trace this power wire from the fuse box to find the break in this wire and fix this wire,.Ii would help you is you have a wiring diagram of your vehicle as the wires ... Cars & Trucks

Power windows and blower motor stopped working at exactly the same time. At the power window circuit breaker (Right Junction Box) I used a bypass hot wire using 25A circuit breaker and closed the circuit to check my power windows and they all work just fine. So I know that all my motors and switches are good. I am not getting power to the circuit breaker in the right junction box. According to the wiring diagram pwr windws circuit breaker 25A is a Hot in Run only. I checked my blower motor with

Check for inline fuses. wire that will melt if theres to many amps running through it usually under the hood. hope this helps ... 2000 Oldsmobile Alero

I need a wiring diagram for a 1983 Dodge power ram 150 4x4. Can anyone help? Motor would crank and run only when the starter is engaged as soon as the key is switched back to the run position from start it looses power and cuts off. Some butcher has been under the dash and hood cutting and splicing, so I figure the best thing is to trace the wires and from one end to the other and fix the butcher's damage. Can anyone help or tell me where I can get a free diagram to solve this problem ? Thank yo

Its your balist resistor you will find it on the firewall,its useally made of white porcelin and has a 2 wire feed ... 1983 Dodge Pickup

My 92 Mazda 626 is over heating!!! Help me please, I've been tirelessly trying to find the reason and have found that my radiator fan is not kicking on at all..I tried to run power straight from the battery to the fan to test whether or not it's the relay or fan itself. I've never tried this before so, I'm not sure if I had it connected improperly, the connection wasn't solid enough, or if the wire I used was/is too small to carry a 12v current(I used speaker wire) I really need someone to tell

Check the thermostat because if it doesn't work properly the fan will not kick in as it registers the temperature as cold. A wire directly from the battery to the two connections on the fan should start it running. Be sure to disconnect the fan ... 1992 Mazda 626

I'm working on a 1986 silverado with electrical problems. Heres what i've figured out. They have the small hot wire running from the starter to the junction box near top of firewall on righthand side. Off that same terminal, they have an aftermarket fuseable link tied into two wires coming off the main harness. As soon as you turn of the ignition after it has ran for a minute, the fuse blows. Today, i was checking the fuse while the truck was running with my test light, and the bulb in my testli

... Chevrolet Silverado

I have a 1996 Mercedes Benz C280 that won't start. If I pour gas into the intake it will start and run until the gas runs out, so I would assume the ignition system is okay. I have 50 psi at the fuel rail (drained tank and replaced with fresh fuel), and it increases to 56 while cranking. I have a positive and negative signal at the injector using a 12V probe tester. So I figured it had to be plugged injectors. So I bought a used fuel rail on eBay and swapped it out, but no change, still won't st

You can remove all the injectors and have a close look. If they have done more than 50000kms you can think of replacing them as maybe it will be worth doing it earlier than to wait for more time.'\015\012The fuel pump needs a good calibration a ... 1996 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

I'm wiring two 12volt lights to 12 volt battery controlled by a illuminated 12 volt rocker switch with 3 terminals. I have both lights connected wired parallel to a terminal block. I then run one lead to the positive terminal of the battery with the other lead running to the switch and back to the negative terminal. That controlled the light, but how do I get the switch to illuminate. Please note I'm not familiar with electronic terms. Please use laymen terms

Just put a jumper wire going from the 12v to the center terminal ... 1978 Chevrolet Chevette

My bronco has a 351m. it will not start unless i advance the timing alot. after i get it running i only have spark to #2,4,6,and 8 cylinders. I Have replaced the coil, condenser, wires, modual, cap, rotor. I used a jumper wire to 12v run on the ignition modual. All of the changes and parts havnt changed anything. To check the timing I brought #1 piston up to TDC on the compresion stroke and all was ok. None of the friends mechanics or parts houses have had any idea what is going on. Please help!

What firing order are you using. It should be 13726548. If you still have no spark on 1-3-5-7 then I would say the distributor is junk. As for the timing, I wouldn't worry about that yet until you get it running on all 8. But it might have a jumped t ... Ford Bronco


Yes you can, but make them prove its good before you leave,because most junkyards won't take back electronic items after you leave the place,be warned ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

I have a radiator twin fan from a 2002 dodge intrepid that I want to use on AC condenser on my motorhome. it has blue, green, yellow, and black wires at the connector. the blue changes to black and goes to #2 fan, green and yellow split and go to both fans. So each fan has a green, yellow and black wire connected to it. I can connect - to black and + to either yellow or green and one fan runs. connect - to blue and other fan runs. join black and blue together and we get short circuit. Hel

If you want both fans to run at the same time connect green and yellow to + 12v and blue and black to - 12v ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

Sluggish performance I am in the military stationed in Germany. I have a European spec 1988 VW Golf CL. I recently brought my car to a trusted off base mechanic who replaced the alternator and spark plug wires. He told me one of the wires wasn't contacting with the spark plug. Ok fine, I'm thinking the car should really run great now. Actually, the car runs sluggish now and my gas mileage has gotten worse. I used to get about 500K with a full tank. Now I'm lucky to get 400. Today, I replaced the

Check all your ground connections to the engine ... 1988 Volkswagen Golf

Hello, my 1991 dodge dakota 4x4 with 5.2 engine is in the shop & they can't figure out yet what is wrong. So far the plugs, tps, wires, cap, rotor & 2 reman computers were installed. They put in a new computer twice & the truck will run great for maybe about 5 miles or so and then just die and won't restart. They take the first computer that was in it along on the test drive because at least the truck will start with this computer but really runs terrible. Cannot figure out why these new comput

Hi just as a matter of interest has the distributor been checked out? as this could be a hall effect sensor fault? just shutting down with no fuel and no spark is part of the fault do you get this? i think it would be worth a look at just to see, may ... Dodge Dakota
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