Having problems with your Dodge Grand Caravan ?

No air (hot or cold) is coming out of the vents on the ceiling

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I have an 01 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When you turn on the air conditioning air does not blow out any of the vents except a small amount of air (cold) will blow out the defroster vents by the windshield. If you turn the dial to reposition the vents weather it be the floor vents or the dash vents air still will not came out any vent. You can hear the blower blowing but it just will not come out the vents. When I say air will not come out any vent I literally mean no air, not hot or cold, nothing

Behind the center counsel between the floor and the heater housing is a part that is called the blend door actuator. these usually go bad and have to be replaced. ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. My air conditioner blows cold air through the front vents and the vent at the rear of the center console. The problem is that the vents in the rear ceiling blow hot air. The blower for the rear ceiling vents are controlled by a separate temperature dial and blower switch above the front windshield. What is causing the rear ceiling vents to only blow hot air?

... 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

1997 olds regency a/c malfunction. when a/c is switched on, only hot air comes out from the passenger side (only) dash vents, all other vents have cold air. the manual override switch for the passenger air temp does not override it , the rotary switch on the pass. door armrest was set to hot, but i turned it back to cold setting, but still no cold air from pass. side dash vents ............about 10 days ago i noticed the outdoor temperature readout on the dash would flash

It sounds like a defective temp door actuator. It is behind the glovebox. You should be able to unhook the rod from it and move it manually. Run the engine with the glove box out and move the temp control to see if the actuators move. ... Oldsmobile Regency

1986 Mercedes 300e The air conditioner vents blow cold out of the center two and hot out of the two sides and the defroster vent. I tried to press the lower vents button and the high setting on the climate control panel but hot still comes out the two side vents and when I slow the car down at a red light the vents shut off altogether then come back on when I speed up again. Is there a hot air vent door that is sticking open under the dash somewhere?Is there a common problem with vacuum leaks

All the blend doors and vents are controlled by vauum. If you look in the rear firewall behind the brake master cylinder you will see a vacuum check valve with lines entering the cabin of the vehicle. The yellow colored ones are for your central lock ... 1994 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

1997 ford e250 van. heat only no cool air. New heat valve (vac. controld). If dash control knob is on red or blue (hot or cold) hot air comes out of floor, mix, or defrost depending on position of delivery switch. When air conditioning is on hot air comes out of air vents eve if the hot/cold control is on cold when

One of your deflector door servos or the door itself, is hanging up. To determine this more clearly, run your vehicle for about two minutes and shut down the engine. Move your function selector knob from defrost to floor to panel and listen carefully ... 2002 Ford E250

A/c is not blowing out cold air only hot air, when i turn off air condition, a burning scent starts coming through the vent. please tell me what should i do in order to start receiving cold air from m

... 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager

In my truck, i don't seem to be getting any cold air with the air conditioning is on. I have ruled out the ac compressor because the clutch engages when the ac is turned on and the ac lines going into the firewall are cold. The only air coming out of the vents is hot air from the heater core. I am led to believe one of the directional doors or flaps that controls the mixture of cold and hot air is not working. Any ideas? Is there a common malfunction with these trucks with the temperature

Sounds like your heading in the right direction. Check Temperature Control Module ... 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass-My blower will not blow hot or cold air. Hot and cold air will come out of the vents but it's not being blown out of the vents. The blower itself works fine when hooked directly to the car battery. Voltage is good at the connector to the blower and I replaced the resistor. Problem is still unresolved.

You got a bad ground wire on your blower motor hook a seprate ground to it then ground to the chasis ... 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

My 2000 dodge caravan is blowing hot air when on aircond. There is refrig in the system and the evap is cold but extremely hot air is coming out of the vents, no matter coming the the floor, top or front vents.

... 2000 Dodge Caravan

No air (hot or cold) is coming out of the vents on the ceiling

... Dodge Grand Caravan

Funny smell coming from the heater vent when air condition is on. When adjusting the heater control from hot to cold there is a popping noise coming from under the steering wheel console. I am only getting hot or cold air and nothing in between!!

... 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit

Intermittent air coming from vents switching from cold air to hot air like something is going out but been to the mechanic several times had ground wires checked, accumulator replaced, condenser replaced, complete compressor flush, new orifice tube, hose manifold replaced, new springlock seals, o-ring and a complete evacuation and recharge of a/c unit why does the air conditioning still go from blowing nice cold air for a few miles and then blow hot air continuously

OK, the vacuum motor behind the dash has an 'actuator' that flips the plastic door up or down depending on whether the system calls for cold or hot air. There's something wrong with this system.\015\012\015\012All of the things you replac ... 2005 Ford Escape

I can not get hot air to come through the vents on the left side (passenger side)but when i change the direction controls on the climate control panel the air changes direction so we can assume the doors in the system are working.Heat blows freely on the right.When recycle air is on, cold air still comes through the right.The CT did put a ligt on the AC when turned to Lo and on recycle air.When on Hi it put recycle on blows hot air every where to achive temperature it does not do that now.I rang

You need to check under dash to make sure plastic heat pipe is in place to that vent ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

AC issues My battery died and after replacing it the a/c will only blow through the passenger and rear dash vents. The driver's side vents are blowing hot air but not very hard. Cold air is also coming out of the defrost vents but not the floor vents. I took the #36 fuse out of the rear fuse box and waited 3 mins before putting it back and started my car. I let the car run for 2 mins before turning on the AC. When I turned the car on there were knocking noises coming from the dash and after

The problem is either an actuator or the door associated with it. Sometimes the gear strips, especially when the system goes thru a recalibrate after power has been removed and reapplied. Below is a diagram of the locations of the actuators. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

1998 Blazer A/C blows hot air.When I turn on the air conditioner it does not click. However, hot air still comes out of the vents instead of cold.

You need to recharge your a/C in the short term to get it going again. An auto parts can sell you a recharge kit for something like $30-50. if it stops working again your a/C system had a leak somewhere and you need to get that checked out by a shop ... 1999 Chevrolet Blazer

The air from the vents is either hot or cold not much in between. This is on a 1998 Explorer. When on automatic the hot air comes on at about 72 degrees and will not cut off. Then when you turn it down it only cuts off at about 67 degrees and the air comes on.

Sounds like a blend door concernthe blend door is controlled by the EATCinside the blend door is a potentiometerI've seen this fail oftenhowever, you will need to follow a few specific tests to correctly diag ... 1998 Ford Explorer

Hot air comes out of the vents with AC on. Compressor on, suction line cool to cold. When you switch the control to "vent" heated air comes out of the vents.

... 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis

The air from the vents is either hot or cold not much in between. This is on a 1998 Explorer. When on automatic the hot air comes on at about 72 degrees and will not cut off. Then when you turn it down it only cuts off at about 67 degrees and the air comes on.

Possibly the thermostat? ... 1998 Ford Explorer

01 dodge 2500 v8. Air conditioner started out strong, blowing cold air..temporarily would start blowing warm and then back to ice cold...Noticed when stopping and turning corners a hissing noise coming from the vent on the floor...then noticed water running out of the vents onto the floor...Now air only blows hot

Hi. Have your car aircon evaporator cleaned. Check also the drain hose. All water should go out of the car through the drain hose. There might be something clogging up the hose that is why water will run out the floor and that causes also the aircon ... 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck

Im having a problem with my heat coming out of my vents..the air conditoning will come out of the vents but the heat will only come out of the defrost...the passenger side gets hot and the drivers side blows cold air

You probably have a bad blend door actuator. the car has several. ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

2002 Ford Taurus SE. Heater motor and fan work fine on all speed settings but the air coming from the vents is moderately warm at best and not hot when temp selection is to hot. When I move the temp setting to cold all the air is cold. Mechanic replaced thermostat this week but air is lukewarm at best. Took back to him today and his on-line research says it is a blend-door problem. Outside temps here this past week were below zero, car sits outside and if I warm up before going to work it w

... 2002 Ford Taurus

I have a 2004 Silverado Crew Cab, the temperature on the drivers side air vents comes out HOT, all the time, while the passengers side can be controlled by the temperature control lever. If I push the A/C button the air on the drives side is still HOT. Passenger side will come out cold. Any ideas why the drivers side does not work?

I think you will find that the mechanical control which changes the air flow from cold-hot-aircon has come off. I'm not familiar with your particular vehicle but usually the dash lever control is connected to a wire or lever to each air duct. If one ... 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab

This is for a 2006 Pontiac Torrent. Air condition works intermittently. Most of the time it blows room temp air, never cold. At times, what appears to be steam comes out of the center vents. Also at times, tiny droplets of water are spit out by the center vents on the air condition. Other times, air condition blows hot air. Sometimes it doesn't blow very strong and other times the power of the air is decent. Dealership keeps saying that its working as advertised, I figure they wanted to avoid fi

... 2006 Pontiac Torrent

1999 Ford Taurus, no heat. Air comes thru all vents but blows cold air like the ac is on. Replaced thermostat twice, flushed heater core three times (just did it), still ice cold air. Both pipes going into the heater matrix are cold. Also my fan keeps cutting on and off, even when the motor is not even hot, just on and off the entire time driving it.Help?

Ford you say \015\012\015\012\015\012check that there is flow coming out your heater hoses \015\012step 1 remove 1c heater hose \015\012step 2 have a friend start car remember it is easy to install a heater flush valve a ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Hot air comes out all of the vents on my 2004 kia sorento, even when the air conditioner is on or off - and no cold air comes out when the air conditioner is turned on

Sounds like there is a vaccum hose off under the hood ... 2004 Kia Sorento
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