Having problems with your Dodge Dynasty ?

The windshield wipers and the air con do not work. At first I thought it was the fuse but it is not. How do I fix it?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check relay then check for power at wiper motor could be bad motor.
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The windshield wipers and the air con do not work. At first I thought it was the fuse but it is not. How do I fix it?

Check relay then check for power at wiper motor could be bad motor. ... Dodge Dynasty

My son has a 2005 S40 Volvo. About two weeks ago, his wipers stopped working as well as the windshield cleaner! I told him to check the fuses first, however, that model has a "relay fuse" and I don't know how to check that without just replacing it! My next thought is a defective motor and pump to the wipers! It sounds more likely to me to be a fuse problem since the auto sensor does not work as well! I would have to purchase a repair manual for that car since I am not familiar with where th

Thank you for writing all the info needed and the problem to make it easy for me to help you,this problem may be a motor but as like you i dont think the washer and sensor and motor would go out, i have enclosed pictures of the fuse boxes you will ne ... 2005 Volvo S40

I have a chevrolet impala 2002, my air conditioning slowly quit working. first speeds 1-2 quit and i could only use speeds 3-4-5. then a couple days later speeds 3-4 quit working and i could only use speed 5. now speed 5 has quit, so i thought it must have been a relay. when i looked at the fuse panel under the hood i seen three different relays that said "air cont #1", "air cont. #2" and "air cont. #3" could this be the problem? thanks

No. Most likely it is the blower module. It is on the passenger's side lower part of the dash panel.\015\012\015\012 ... 2003 Chevrolet Impala

Not working My son has a 2002 Ford Ranger truck and the wipers, dash lights, and the windows wont work. We thought maybe it was just some fuses but we don't have a manuel on it so we took it in and they fixed the window problem but it stopped working in about 30 minutes. We have heard so many different things could be wrong so we are really confused now. We have put alot of money in this little truck because he doesn't have it and we still can't get everything working. Please help! Thank you, Ca

It sounds like it might be a problem with general electronic module, it is located behind the radio on the left side. ... 2002 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

2006 kia picanto 1.1 lx, after the memory fuse was replaced, now air con, wiper, and cabin fan work with key?

... Cars & Trucks

The horn the blinkers the wipers and the washers the main headlights quit working checked the fuses and changed them but still the same. prior to this the timing belt broke and has been repaired. thats when all these things quit working thought that the mechanic did something that fixed the belt because all worked fine before

He didnt hook up the engine to body ground wire LOL you need to make him fix that and for free!! ... 2000 Plymouth Breeze

Working on a 2001 acura tl 3.2...at times will not come out of park and no brake lamps...at first i found all the brake lamp bulbs cooked...replaced those, tested the brake lamp switch..failed...closed circuit all the time..replaced it..no fix, did further electrical tests. found all inputs going into the module but not coming out, replaced the module and the fuse and relay box on the drivers side..it fixed it..well i thought...a week later it came back,,same problem...and it's intermit.....i op

... 2002 Acura 3.2TL

Combination Switch Hello. I am having a problem with what I think is the combination switch in my 1995 Pontiac Sunfire. My turn signals are all of a sudden not working regularly, and when they do by chance work they are very slow. I checked out the fuse and it was fine, and then thought it may be the combination switch on the steering wheel. Now normally I would just try and fix this problem on my own, but I have never removed a steering wheel with an air bag in it and was wondering if it was ha

You do not have to remove the steering wheel to do this, just remove the upper and lower steering column covers, in which the tilt steering arm needs to be removed if your car has tilt steering, to do this just unthread, sometimes may be very tight n ... 1995 Pontiac Sunfire

Hi, The air con in my 2003 Audi A6 1.9 tdi 130 is blowing warm air the air con rad is fully gassed and all fuses are ok . Thanks in advance for any advice on how to fix

The only other thing then would be if the compressor is turning, engaging, and the cooling fan working properly. You should either be able to see the compressor clutch engage, as the switch is energized, or at least hear it click loudly when the swi ... 2003 Audi A6

The blower for the A/C keeps going out. The first time this happend,, i thought the AC had gone out,, but then a couple days later it started blowing again. Last week, my battery went out and so i replaced it. Once the new battery was in,,, the blower wasn't working again!!!! The compressor does turn on and so forth,,, but the actual fan that blows air into the car does not turn on. The fact that this happened in the past, and fixed itself a few days later really baffles me and i have no

Hi, an intermittent blower can be caused by either the switch or the motor itself. To find which it is, try messing with the switch to see if it will misbehave. If not, then the next time it doesn't work, try hitting the motor. Unfortunately your ... 2001 Nissan Maxima

Hi my a/c has stopped cooling, the a/c will blow hot air though. i looked under the hood and noticed the compressor was not turning. i checked to see if there was power getting to the compressor and there was not. i do remember having this problem before and replaced the CCRM and it fixed the problem. now i thought it was the same again. i remember before i used a "jump" wire the first time from the blue/lt green wire to the compressor. i tried it again and it didn't work. i checked the

If all your fuses are good and you could not jump the clutch to work. I would check to see if you A/C system is fully charged. If you are too low on refrigerant there is a low pressure switch that will stop the system from engageing the clutch on you ... Ford Mustang

I have a 91 jeep cherokee limited. when i first bought it the bolts in the steering colomb to the tilt were loose. so i had a buddie tighten em up for me. well he pinched a wire in there and my tail lights, running lights, dash lights and my wiper blades quit workin. i got the wire fixed but now not only does the problem still exsist, now when.i push my break peddle my tail lights dont work, my hazzerds dont work.nor does my turning signels. ive replaced all the fuses and relays and the head lig

Not very likely the whole vehicle would need to be rewired. But you'd pretty much have to strip down the steering column to find everything and to check the tilt apparatus for worn parts. I would check the price of a steering column for your Jeep fro ... 1991 Jeep Cherokee Limited

Hi rn my a/c has stopped cooling, the a/c will blow hot air though. i looked under the hood and noticed the compressor was not turning. i checked to see if there was power getting to the compressor and there was not. i do remember having this problem before and replaced the CCRM and it fixed the problem. now i thought it was the same again. i remember before i used a "jump" wire the first time from the blue/lt green wire to the compressor. i tried it again and it didn't work. i checked t

Pull the connector off the a/c pressure switch on the recevier dryer and use a juper wire in the connector. It should make the a/c clutch engage. Do not do this for more than 30 seconds though.\012\012Report results of test. ... 1998 Ford Mustang

My 1998 Corvette had water come in from somewhere and got fuse box or computer wet. Now now air comes out of vents when I turn it on. My wipers only work on hi. I'm a female driver i keep up with the cars upkeep. Just hate to spend $$$ if I can fix the problem. Thanks guys, Penny

You might try getting your heater core check, wiper motor might need replacing.Lisa ... Cars & Trucks

Problem with wipers not working, checked fuse it was fine. temp put a jumper between that fuse and another and then everything worked okay. thought th fuse box was bad and replaced it but now wipers wont work again. anyone have any ideas or run into this prob before?

Replace the ign electrical switch ... 1999 Ford Taurus

AIR CONDITIONING M,Y AC RECENTLY STOPED WORKING IN MY SADONA FUSES AND RELAY ARE GOOD SYSTEM IS CHARGED LIGHTGOES ON WHEN YOU PUSH AC BUTTON COMPRESSER DOES NO INGAGE same thing a/c was working fine went home for night next day no air only hot. thought maybe a/c switch but can't find part in stores. Possibly dealership only? None of the A/C controls work. I though it might be a fuse, but the rear window defroster/heater button works. The fan controls don't respond and the A/C buttons do nothi

Your problem is on the fan speed switch on the dash board. You can get it from the dealer for $50.00 or you can get the whole control assembly with all the switches from a junk yard for about $50.00. I had the same problem and that's what I did. ... 2006 Kia Sedona

My winshield wiper relay is not working the pump for the washer spray and the wipers work for that action but i cant turn on the wipers any other way, what fuse is it that might be the fix for this and i hope its just a fuse and not the motor or the switch.in my 1997 mercury mountainer

It's the switch. Usually the when the wiper switch starts going bad the windshield washer spray doesn't work. The switch should be about $80 at the dealer. ... Mercury Mountaineer

I have a 97 Honda Accord. We just replaced the lens since it was broken, the light stilled worked, however since we changed the lens, it works except we we are actually pressing on the brake pedal. Whats wrong and can we fix it our selves? I have a 97 CRV and the brake lights won't work. The fuse keeps blowing. I have had a mechanic tear it apart until he gave up. He thought it was the brake switch and we replaced it, but the fuse soon blew again. He thought it was the cruise control module,

I would make sure you have the correct bulb for starters. Check the wiring, and make sure that the insulation is not stripped in any place. (on both sides of the vehicle) It is pulling too much current, so you have a short in either the wiring, or a ... 1997 Honda CR-V

2002 Jetta A/C is not working.. It's blowing hot air (not warm, not air that's just 'not cold', but air so hot you can't keep your hand there long)... I had a problem with the radiator fans, but replaced them and they work fine, also just replaced a fuse (#5, which controls a/c, climate control, cruise control, that was missing), and it fixed my cruise control problem, but don't believe it fixed the A/C problem...

Well i have the same problem i did some test but in my case it loks like the magneric clouch is not working . i put direct power to engage the compresor and nothig. there is a module on the left side of the engine just under the bat it has 2 conector ... 2002 Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Hi thought I would ask some experts for a bit of advice... I am having serious issues with my golf mk2, the windscreen wiper stopped working a while back, it was blowing fuses until it stopped working even with new fuses. We replaced the mfa arm with no effect and then the motor which did seem to work until the following day when it blew the fues again, changed the fuse and it has blown again. It has a toad cat 1 alarm which is also having problems, the full closure has stopped working so we

With water getting into car you have to solve this problem. then i would check all earth wire straps and connections,clean and spray with wd40 ... 1988 Volkswagen Golf

My Audi A4 air con is not blowing any air hot or cold how do I fix For a period of time the blower was coming on and the fault seemed to be intermittent It would run for a week and than stop for a week, there was no fixed pattern to the failure to work. However it has now stopped and is not working. My local garage has a diagnostic machine but can?t find anything wrong.

Its the heater motor brushes....101% guarantee it.\015\012\015\012They can be bought on ebay for £12.50\015\012\015\012 ... 1996 Audi A4

2001 pontiac grand am SE My heating and air conditioning hasn't been working first it stopped working on 1 2 and 3 and now when I have it on 5 it barely blows any air out at all! I don't know what needs to be done and I don't have the money to go get it all checked any ideas to what might need to be fixed and how to fix it?

The most common problems i see with this are the blower motor speed control resistor and the blower motor being worn out and turning slow, both need to be replaced in most case.\015\012here are instructions to replace parts with links to pictur ... 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE

I bought my 2006 Pontiac Torrent new and about a year after I had complained several times about my heater and air conditioning not working properly. They said they checked the air and it seemed to work fine for them, but it wasn't. I argued several time and they pretty much thought I was nuts. Anyway today I get a call from my mechanic and he said it is my blend door. Now that I no longer am under warranty. And it will be about $750.00 to fix. Do you think I can get the dealer to fix it since I

You will be best off calling gm customer service and get it handled before you go to the dealer, the dealer doesn't have the authority to decide try to get ahold of your area representative, the number used to be 1-800-gmcares, if that doesn't work l ... 2006 Pontiac Torrent

Battery in backwards, car works, but no air-con, no headlights. What needs fixing?

... Cars & Trucks

2002 Ford F 150 Supercrew,,,,5.4. noticed cruise control stopped working.........next day,,turned on a/c ,,fan motor works,,,no cold air,,,,,,,,,,,,tried turning on heat,,,,,,fan works, no HOT air. checked every fuse that I could,,in dash and engine compartment,,,,,,,,all ok,,,, couldn't check modules, etc..... everything else electric:,,,mirrors,,radio, lighting,,wipers,door locks,,etc,,all ok. any ideas on cruise and climate control not working ? going out at the same time ???? what's

Try disconnecting the cluster fuse and the radio fuse and see what happen if everything work...u might have an open circuit or a short on one of the electronic in your truck ... 2002 Ford F150 Regular Cab
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