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Alternator keeps going bad - Durango Dodge Cars & Trucks

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Do you have a large amp alternator? Extra add ons will withdraw power and burn out alternators.also make sure no oil is getting in contact with alternator .
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Alternator keeps going bad - Durango Dodge Cars & Trucks

Do you have a large amp alternator? Extra add ons will withdraw power and burn out alternators.also make sure no oil is getting in contact with alternator . ... Dodge Durango

I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid automatic v6. My battery light is lightup on the dash board so I figuered my battery was dying due to loss of power in the vehicle, or the alternator going out. I took off the negative wire to the battery and the car continued to run, as Ive been told that by doing this, if the car dies then the alternator is bad. I checked the battery and it reads 14 volts, so I believe the battery is good? I do have a sound system in the car and have a 1500 watt amp connected, the

... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 96 infiniti g20 and the battery keep going dead.. I had it checked and the alternator. Only the battery was bad. So i bought a new and thought things were fine then not long after (few days later) the car is dead again. I jumpit off and go back to auto zone to get it checked again. They said the battery wasnt strong enough and said it was my fault so i bought another one. Well samething happens again. Car is dead.... So i dont know what it could be. We took the bulb from the truck out a

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2004 dodge durango sterio keeps loosing sound randomly .the radio volume can be maxed at 38 if i raise it past 25 the sound will go out for about 20 seconds then return and then do it again . I even turned the bass -8 and the the mids -8 as well i turned the truck in to car max twice they say they cant find it !! but wen i get it back it does the same !!! help

... 2004 Dodge Durango

I have a 2000 dodge durango 5.2 v8. The battery, alternator and the tensioner pulley are brand new but the amps still wont keep a charge. When I slow or come to a stop it stalls. New clutch fan, tune up, new water pump and two new sencors was all done to this truck but we still cant figure out the problem and its still giving us problems. Can you please help me figure this out and tell me what I need to do to fix it?

Hi, I have answered your first question, but you have added information on this one--namely that the truck is stalling. This may be a different problem. Let me go back to the first problem for a second. How do you know the truck is not keeping a c ... Dodge Durango

My Kia seems to be having a hard time starting. I had the battery and alternator (ms?) checked, they were fine, the car had gone crazy (lights flashing battery drained almost) a couple weeks earlier but jumped the car and it was fine. (That is why I thought it was my battery) Now however it start on the first crank if it keeps cranking it slows then will get going faster until it does start. Is this my starter going bad or could it be other things. My odo. is just over 533000. I have not ha

... Kia Sedona

2002 dodge durango battery keeps dying - Durango Dodge Cars & Trucks

... Dodge Durango

Can an alternator drain the car battery in a few hours? I have a drain on the battery which I can not find. Everything electrical seems to check out ok. Amp gauge slowly fluctuates from 9 volts to 14 volts. I've had the local parts store check alt output and shows 13.8 volts. It sounds like the rear bearings in the alternator are rattling around a bit and alt gets hot too fast. I know I need alternator repair. Could the bridge or diode possibly go bad and drain the battery. This darn short is ru

Yes, the internal voltage regulator can stick and drain your battery in no time at all. ... 1985 GMC C2500

Truck keeps dying. seems like alternator is going bad.

You could be looking in the wrong place. generally a weak charging system will cause the engine to just die, and if you jump it with a dead battery and bad alternator, it'll run until you take off the jumpers. \015\012\015\012with the way ... 1996 Nissan Pickup

I have a 2002 Dodge Durango & my PCM needs to be replaced as the P0601 code poped on my dash. Although the PCM needs to be replaced the car still ran great, maybe suffered a little gas mileage but still ran great. Recently the battery went bad so I replaced it, now the new battery died & when I had the car jumped it won't stay on. It turns over & starts but won't stay on & stalls. My first thought is it's the alternator but it was tested & is fine. Question, can the PCM kill a battery or burn ou

You may be able to get it replaced under warranty if it's less than 80,000 miles on the odometer.To answer your other question, it all depends on how the PCM was blown. It may have shorted out just enough to cause a constant draw in the ... 2002 Dodge Durango

I have a 2003 z4 the car shut off and every light on the dash came on I had to be towed I replaced the alternator (which was bad), now the car runs but wont idle smoothly. The engine seems to be running super rich and keeps fouling out the plugs.There are no indicator lights on to tell me what is going on. Please help. Thanks Chuck

According to me you should go to any auto shop and check\012your ride for any error code. You mentioned that your ride is running rich on\012fuel; the reason can be faulty O2 sensor or throttle body. Also faulty Air\012filter, faulty fuel pressure re ... Cars & Trucks

I purchased a new car and the alarm keeps going off without sufficient reason. At first it seemed like a sensitivity problem, since it would issue a warning blast for loud noises(slamming doors, garbage trucks). But the dealer said they turned it to the lowest sensitivity yesterday and it still went off again twice in the middle of the night. Could something with the car electrical be setting it off - bad connection, interruption of power supply, etc.?

Hi take it back get them to sort it out don,t be fogged off for the alarm to be going off on its own there is a fault which is usually on hondas caused by faulty locking switchs the usually get knocked out of aligment due to doors being closed this m ... Honda Civic

99 dodge durango. My horn keeps blowing the 20 amp fuse under hood. There is also a horn relay. Could that be the problem? The horn will work after I replace the 20 amp, but blows within a few times of blowing the horn. just getting info before I go through the hassle of getting someone to change horn and wiring

Disconnect the horn and put a test light across it instead.Then with a good fuse, blow the horn about 50 times.If the fuse does not blow, and the light comes on, then you know it is the horn itself that was blowing fuses. ... 1999 Dodge Durango

2002 durango passenger window wont go down - Durango Dodge Cars & Trucks

Try slamming the door with the key on and the button on the window switch pressed while you do it. Repeat 3-6 times if needed but mine worked the first time. ... Dodge Durango

2000 Dodge dakota ac is fine until car warms up. Once the truck is at normal operating temp the ac only blows warm. I am very mechanically inclined so I have checked everything. When the truck is warmed up and it stops blowing cold I unplugged the ac clutch harness and I still have power and ground going into the clutch, logical reasoning tells me that the ac clutch is bad and once it's warm it just electronically shuts down. I am hoping someone can reassure me that I am correct before I spend $

Yes, you need to hook up a set of A/C gauges and this web site will help you diagnose your problem, do not buy a compressor till you read the gauges,\015\012 ... 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab

2000 Dodge Durango 5.2 After driving and letting set for approx. 1 hour, the car won't start for 15 or so minutes after the first try. It is turning over, but not firing. The spark plugs have been changed along with the distributor cap, coil and rotor button. It will eventually start if you just keep trying but the not starting to begin with happens at random times. It may go several times and crank just fine and then it just won't start. Keeping the tank filled to at least half a tank. Can

... 2000 Dodge Durango

Will an alternator belt that's torn affect the transmission dragging? Just found belt ragged and car keeps running down, Is the alternator bad or just the belt? AND will that affect the rpms going up high and trans hard to change gears?? I need to know before I spend any more money or just trash the thing!!! Thanx, shouldaboughtaford!!!

It's just lacking power because of the belt change the belt and everything should work fine again ... 1995 Dodge Stratus

We've put two alternators in and they keep going bad within minutes of running the car

Like roniecon said it may be sensing a low battery. you've got to have at least 12.6 volts in the battery for it to set up the field for it to start producing. you only get one chance at this, if you try to start it without at least 12.6 volts it wi ... 2000 Kia Sportage

I have a 2002 dodge stratus and the Battery keeps going down and the alternator is good but when i started checking for a drain i found that with the ground wire off the battery and my test light hooked to it and stuck to the post I started pulling fuses till my test light went out and that was with the stop lamp fuse so what im wondering is where should I start looking 1st for the short or does anyone no of this happing to this car model before??

Are the brake lights staying on with your foot off the pedal? If yes, check the brake switch above the brake pedal for a failed closed condition. Problem could also be in the brake light relay. These are likely places to look. ... Chrysler Sebring

Ok if an alternator was going bad would you be able to drive the car on a regular basis? example: work an 8 hr shift go to the car start it starts fine. if it was a bad alternator wouldnt i have problems doing this?

Yes you would. The battery would not be charged. Depending on if you had accessories on while driving like radio, lights, wipers, fans, whatever.If your car is just clicking, then you likely have a loose or dirty ground wire between battery and ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

My 1998 dodge durango check gages light keeps coming and the truck will not stay on . All gages are going crazy.

... 2000 Dodge Durango

The other day, my 2004 expedition xlt was runnig perfect....the same day i got $20.00 worth of gas and within 20 minutes the car started to run very rough, the check engin lite came on and it keeps stalling out.. but strarts right away.it has a extremely bad idle, the truck only has 78000 miles on it and has always been serviced to the max, what do you think is going on?.....we had severweather, including tornatoes, and i am wondering was the gas contaminated, or is this something else? please

Take it to your local auto parts store and see what code it threw, then i would drain my gas tank and look at the fuel to see what it looks like, then change fuel filter ... Ford Expedition EL

Some times hard to start, rpm low idle than before. stalls sometimes when driving jerks before it stats to stall then stop car and have to rev to 3 or 4 thousand rpms then idle willstabalize but still low. Feels like the battery wont keep a charge for only a cirtain amount of time or its the alternator going bad. But my trunk leaks water when it rains very hard and i noticed that the battery has and or had water sloshing around bottom of battery not on cables. Checked cables and they are tightly

... BMW 3 Series

Well so far out of 8 months ive had to change the battery in my mothers 2003 dodge durango 6 times and they keep sayin the alternator is good. then i thought it my b the spark plugs cause they havent been changed in a year. then i tought it might be the alarm system that the mecanic unhooked at the shop but didnt take off to be honest i really dont know whats going on with it HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

Unhook the positive battery cable and install a 12volt test light between the battery and the battery cable ( hook the clamp on the test light to the battery post and the probe to the battery cable) if the test light lights ... Dodge Durango

I have a 2000 dodge durango 5.2 v8. The battery and the alternator are brand new but the amps still wont keep a charge? Can you tell me whats wrong and the steps for me to fix it?

Hi, first check voltage at the battery with the engine running. If it's less than 14 volts DC, you may have a bad charge wire of a burned fuse. If it's more than 14 volts, there is probably a draw in the truck that is draining the battery. If you ... 2000 Dodge Durango
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