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Surging while foot on brake and idling surge

\015 Brake pedal surge\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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Surging while foot on brake and idling surge

... Dodge Dakota

I have a 2000 Lincoln Towncar. 50k mi. Erratic idle, surges, occasionally stalls when idling and foot on brake, only when engine is cold... 4.6L. Runs fine when engine is warmed up. It also has air suspension. Cold where I live is 40F...so it only acts this way in the winter months...OK in the spring, summer, and fall. I have not taken the car to a mechanic.

Your air idle sensor needs to be clean. ... 2000 Lincoln Town Car

Fuel surge I own a 2000 Blazer S10 4.3L. For the past 2 days it seems to be getting a surge of fuel even when my foot is on the brake. The idle shoots up and the car tries to lunge foward. Any ideas why?

That may be your throttle position sensor ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Variable idle fluctuates between 400 and 900 rpm particularly when engine is warmed up and even more so with the air conditioner turned on. The "surges" require a firm foot on the brake to avoid moving forward.

... 2008 Ford F-150

1994 jimmy 4.3 vortec. revs and idles perfect in park. start driving down road and engine surges almost cuts out. even tried putting under load with foot on brake gave it gas, no misses till driving down road

This sounds like a dirty fuel filter to me hence the load has no effect till driving as the fuel supply will be proportional to the revolutions of the engine whether it's fuel injection or not.When you are driving you are obviously using more fuel so ... Cars & Trucks

1985 mercury grand marquis. Starts then stall, usually more then once. Once started motor surges and then may stall again when put in reverse. Motor surge continues as you begin to accelerate and proceed down the road. When stepping on the accelerator, no response for a few seconds, lift foot and press again, might respond. When stopped with foot on brake, motor continues to serge and must keep foot on accelerator and brake at the same time to keep running. Then sometimes, it runs like a t

Maps sensor ... 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 2001 Saturn SL1, when in gear idles (when I have my foot on the brakes) at 1300-1500 RPM. When I put it in park it idles at 2500 RPM. Tonight I noticed that from a complete stop at a stop sign, I can let my foot off the brakes and it will go and gain speed up to about 35 MPH without me stepping on the accelerator. Is this a throttle issue or something else?

... 2001 Saturn S-Series

Erractic abnormal high idle.. When first started the idle runs high 2200 plus rpms did not kick down to normal sometimes for quite a while.. Was told it was a temperature sensor or idle air control sensor (changed both) then a service light can on saying it was a throttle positioning sensor...Changed that also,and it worked fine and normal for about a week.. Then it quit working and now have no high idle at all...Have to keep foot on the gas pedal to adjust idle and brake with left foot.. If

Sounds to me you changed everything but the throttle control valve, good luck, ... 2004 Pontiac Grand Am

97 dodge 2500 v10 4x4 will not idle in gear after the engine warms up. I have to hold 1 foot on the brake and one foot on the gas when I stop to keep the engine from shutting off. No other issues are present , runs great and idles great when cold but after 5 minutes of the engine running it will not idle in park or when in gear. Any help would be much appreciated.

Sounds like you have a bad egr valve. ... 1997 Dodge Ram 2500 Club Cab

Surging idle Engine surge when idle and cut out a few times when come to a stop to turn.Also heavey on fuel lately and feels slugish like brakes on and can feel gear change at odd times.

... 2005 Hyundai Tucson

93 toyota pickup, idle surges after warmup, when i apply the brakes the idle drops but it surges faster, any ideas?

... 1994 Toyota Pickup

98 dodge ram 3500 4x4 5.9l cummins diesel vin dthis truck will start everytime. Will idle all day long in park or neutral. It stumbles and dies when put in drive or reverse. If in drive with one foot on brake and the other on gas it does perfect. When making a stop have to put it in neutral or one foot on brake and the other on the gas to keep it from running. Shifting is sluggish going into overdrive at highways speeds shifts around 2800 rpm but it will hang there for a few before it shifts.

... Cars & Trucks

I own a 1998 Ford F150 V8, 4.6L engine with approx. 273,000 miles. My truck has a high idle problem. Whenever I am driving for awhile and come to a stop, the engine idles well pass 1500 RPMs. In fact, the idle is so high, it requires me to keep my foot on the brakes to prevent running into the car in front of me. Once it starts idling high, it continues until I turn the truck off. Can you advise on what is causing the truck to idle at very high RPMs after being driven?

Vacuum leak or the IAC. Check the PCV hose behind the throttle body at the elbow and see if it \015\012is sucking air! Common problem on all F series with the 4.6.The first thing to look for are vacuum leaks, pcv, lines going under \015\ ... Ford F-150

When stopped at anytime in gear or neutral on a 99 Astro it idles normal, but when you start to move the idle jumps up like you are double foot driving. If you are moving and put it in neutral it will drop to normal idle, or you stop at a red light it is high until you come to a complete stop then it returns to idle. It is like you are power braking until you stop exp.

... 1999 Chevrolet Astro

My 2006 Kia Sorento Ex 3.5L V6 idles at 1000 and when driving when I remove my foot the idle doesn't go down quick. What is supposed to be the engine idle speed for this model as the car seems to keep pushing and we have the apply the brakes harder to slow it down. The dealership says the high idle is ok and won't do anything about it. We asked another friend that works at a Kia far from us and he says 750.

My kia sorent idle to high but it aying sensor 5 how do i adjust the idle ... 2004 Kia Sorento

Doesnt want to idle smooth when in gear and foot on brake

... 1998 Ford Explorer

Surge in idle when brakes applied or after driving..

Block off vacuum hose to brake booster and see if idle returns to normal if it does you need new brake booster has hole in diaphram internally some times slight hissing noise is evident in cab when pressing brake pedal to section where engine surges ... 1992 Nissan 300ZX

Kia Optima I just replaved my timing belt, oil pump belt, crank senser, map senser, R & R senser. The timing belt was not broke but did have a few missing teeth. It will start and run just fine on a cold motor. After the motor warms up it has a rough idle, low idle, and will eventually die without keeping the idle up with my foot on the gas pedal. It will surge on highway speeds, most climbing hills. It also has developed a vibration while accelerating. Jump before it shifts into a higher gear.

Is the car flashing any codes. I would look for fuel issues possibly fuel filter, injectors etc. Because these items are easier to check. Otherwise it sounds as if the timing is off on the car. If the Hydraulic tensioner is not replaced this coul ... 2004 Kia Optima

IDLE PROBLEM my 2001 chevy silverado 5.3l starts fine does not idle rough it just will not hold a idle. at lights i have to keep foot on gas and brake pedal and no check engine lights come on i am thinking throttle positioning sensor but would like some help

Here are some of the causes of surges, stalls at stops, slow idle speed, erratic idle speed, rough idle and engine hesitation (and other problems), it is in most cases the idle speed control air-bypass valve and or throttle valve and upper i ... Chevrolet 1500

My 2000 Chevy Impala 3.4 shuts down when I take my foot off of the gas peddle completely. At a light I must have a foot on the brake while the other foot is on the gas and I must give it gas to start it. I.v changed the master air flow, The Idle control sensor, the throttle position sensor and the pcv valve connections. What else could the problem be? (oh yeah, there is no check engine light with all of this)

Vacuum lines are broken, cracked, or removed? I had the same thing in my Lincoln, ended up being 2 cracked vacuum lines and the Mass air flow. ... 2000 Chevrolet Impala

My Nubira automatic. Braking approaching junction. Car engine accelerates on its own and trying to accelerate away. managed to put in neutral and put brake on. definitely had foot on brake at the time.eventually engine returned to idle, Has happened twice. My garage tested car on the computer, but showed up nothing any ideas

Have your mechanic check the brake booster. I have had this problem one time before. the booster wasn't working correctly, small hole in the diaphram. it acted as if there was a large vacuum leak letting the engine rev up, but only when the brakes we ... 2000 Daewoo Nubira

Surging I have a 2001 Crown Vic that surges only when the AC is on. It idles higher then it should whe the AC kicks in. It will also surge when I take my foot off the gas when driving on the highway. It only happens when the AC kicks in. What gives? Any ideas? Thanks

Hi billberger2 When the air conditioner turns on, the car computer also increases the engines revs to counter the load of the air con. It should not generally be noticeable however. Will do some research to see why. :)regards ... 2001 Ford Crown Victoria

Surge Problem Robotek, The surge is pretty substantial. The RPM's go up top the point where the car wants to lurch ahead even with your foot on the brake. Coming into the garage I need to be very careful with it as it will go into the wall if I am not really anticipating the surge. Any ideas?

You could try disconnecting the air valve and see what happens.The car may stall when idling if you turn on the air, just set it to idle high and leave the air on all the time :)Keep me updated manregardsrobotek ... 2001 Ford Crown Victoria

2000 chevy s10 runs for a few minutes then dies. Had fuel pump, fuel pump relay and fuel filter replaced at shop but the thing will still not run properly. You have to keep your foot on gas to keep it from dying so the idle has to be above 1500 rpms to stay running. If you let foot off gas it dies. So you have to keep foot on gas pedal and one on brake to drive it. Someone help me I am about to run the thing off a bridge

I doubt very much this is electrical. Rather do a visual inspection for vacuum pipes that are leaking or have become dislodged especially around the throttle body(Where the throttle cable is connected to) and plenumb chamber. If you find a place that ... Chevrolet S 10

97 gmc acted like had bad gas but now also at idle with brake on engine will surge and engine sounds like it s missing

Hi Allen, The brake booster is connected to the intake manifold and that is where the low pressure is generated. If the diaphragm or one way valve, or connection pipe is leaking it will give the same effect as a leakage on the intake manifold. The sy ... GMC Sierra
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