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I get no air coming out of my heater in my dodge durango. What is the problem?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I'm thinking of buying a 1997 mark 8 from a local used dealership as is with no warranty(as there is no warranty option) It seems to be in decent shape but there is a flashing light indicating air bag..is this a easy fix?I have narrowed my search to this and a dodge stratus also a 97 the stratus has no visible problems either and no lights coming on the dash, but in reading reviews there are a lot of problems with dodge status's and head gaskets and such and the Lincoln seems to get better revie

Mark 8 is a good car but the air ride can be a hassle. It is an easy fix though. You can purchase a non air conversion kit from Strutmasters and get rid of all the air problems that you have now and will have in the future. With a car that is 13 yrs ... 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII

Electrical Problem!!! Electrical Problem- Everytime my 1997 Dodge intrepid gets hot from driving for long periods of time or when it gets warm in the summer on hot days, my air bag light comes on and my automatic windows will not roll up or down and my heater does not work. However, if I jiggle the ignition key a little bit then the heater turns on, the windows work and the airbag light goes off- sometimes for minutes other times for seconds. Any idea what it could be that needs replacing? I ha

Try changing your ignition switch or checking the wiring to it. ... 1996 Dodge Intrepid

Electrical Problem!!! Electrical Problem- Everytime my 1997 Dodge intrepid gets hot from driving for long periods of time or when it gets warm in the summer on hot days, my air bag light comes on and my automatic windows will not roll up or down and my heater does not work. However, if I jiggle the ignition key a little bit then the heater turns on, the windows work and the airbag light goes off- sometimes for minutes other times for seconds. Any idea what it could be that needs replacing?

Not replacing , re soldering..\015\012\015\012the wires connecting to the key switch (where you put your key)\015\012\015\012you will have to remove the dash and resolder the wires connecting to it..\015\012\015\01 ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

I have a 2001 Dodge Durango with front and rear A/C. The rear A/C is working fine, but the only way I can get cool air from the front is to set the fan on the lowest speed and slightly cool air will come out. I am stumped as the back A//C is working great. Could it be a simple problem with a duct? Or a part problem specific to the front portion of the A/C and not something shared by both the front and rear A/C?

Its the blower motor wiring.its a dealer part cost about $60 TO $70 ... 1999 Dodge Durango

2000 Dodge Stratus....It sounds like the front drivers side tire is flat (I already put air in it and that didn't solve the problem). Now, the steering wheel is shaking back and forth and it feels as if the tire is shaking too. Especially bad at higher speeds and constant thumping sound coming from the tire. How much to get this fixed, and what's the problem?

Rotated tires and shaking stopped ... 2001 Dodge Stratus

2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport heat problem. while the front heater is on, you get a cold breeze from the passanger side along with the heat. cold air is coming from the filter area. what could the problem be?

... 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan 2005. A/C wont blow air in the front vents but the back is fine. Defrost (top of dash and bottom vents by feet) work fine on cold or heat. But when I try to flip the switch to head vents there is slight breeze of cold air coming out and a whistling sound. Almost like a flap or something gets stuck when switching positions. Is this a fuse problem? Or something to do with the blower or resistor? Thanks in advance for any insight!

... 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan

2000 Dodge stratus - runs ok but at times will "chug" or misfire driving down highway - think its an electrical issue as it will almost "act up" when using cruise, turn signals, air conditioning, etc. ALSO - At times when this problem persists the "check engine light" will come on but go out before I can get it anywhere to be evaluated. If lights are "on" then by using anything else, turn signals, rear window defroster, high setting on blower, etc. it will cause problems. Turn this stuff off a

You should still take it and get the computer scanned for trouble codes.If the check engine light comes on for more than 10 seconds there should be codes set. ... Cars & Trucks

I have similar problem to others, guages go out, turn signals stop working, headlights come on, when guages come back on, everything works fine. it only does it when my 04 dodge ram has been running for a half hour or more, then it does it repeatedly! i have check engine light, air bag light and low washer light on. when checked, i get a lost communication with ipc module. where is the ipc module located and what should i look for?

The whole panel, check for loose connector in the back of ip ... 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

2005 Nissan Xterra Air Conditioner Problem. Worked fine all summer then all the sudden I can not get my AC switch to come on. If I put the climate control switch to MAX and turn the blower switch to possition "1" the AC & Recirc Air lights comes on but the blower does not come on. If I quickly turn the blower switch to 3 or 4 I get a blast of cool air for about a second but the lights AC & Recirc go off and the AC light will not come back on when pressed. Heat seems to work fine except when the

... 2004 Nissan XTerra

1995 Dodge Intrepid no heat in cabin. Made sure there is not any air in the coolant system, replaced thermostat and radiator cap. The lower hose that comes out of bottom of radiator is cold. All other hoses are hot. Full of antifreeze/water and some times get some heat but most not. What could be the problem.

Radiator has a blockage, it can be removed and taken to a shop to be cleaned out, or a new one can be found on line for a little less than $100. ... 1995 Dodge Intrepid

I get no air coming out of my heater in my dodge durango. What is the problem?

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

1996 Dodge Neon Will run smooth for a good 15-17 min. then stall like someone shut off the key. New coil, plugs, wiring harness,(mine looked like it got real hot at some point)temp. sensor, air filter, good fuel pressure. Fans come on as they should. No overheating or any other problem with the idle. Getting code P0351. Please help, been working on this thing for my step-son for about a month.

The code reads: ignition coil #1 primary circuit. If the coil pack has been replaced, then it is likely the PCM (computer package) is defective and needs to be replaced. That circuit is driven directly by the PCM. This information was taken from a '9 ... Dodge Neon

I have smoke/steam coming out of my AC vents on my 2000 dodge durango weather the air is on or not. Only when it gets up to operating temp. There are no other mechanical problems. What could cause this?

A leaking heater core in the dash . does it smell sweet if it does it's antifreeze and steam that's sticky on the window is antifreeze mist coming from the fan blower / your heater core has sprung a leak im sorry to say. ... 2000 Dodge Durango

I have a BMW 318 tds 1995 model it is fitted with air con and sunroof. This car has no pollen filter fitted this has been confirmed by BMW service history. i have a problem with thru flow ventilation. there is very little air that comes inside the car. this applies even when the car is moving. i have checked there is no visua obstruction where the air comes inside from the engine compartment. the flaps work. problem is windscren getting misted up. the fan works very well, all the linkages work.

Change pollen filter\015\012All e36 94-99 have them\015\012Check manual or local mechanic\015\012 ... BMW 318

I hear a clicking noise when I make a left turn, the deeper I turn the wheel. I also have a problem with the heat not getting hot. The blower works, but the air coming out isn't getting hot. The blower setting has to be set to I and even then there minimal heat coming out. If I turn it to II,III, or IIII its like having the air on. The air works pretty good.

... 1999 Dodge Durango

Heating problem my heater only works when the car is moving and works best on the highway. i have brought it to my mechanic 3 times or so now and he fixes it each time but then after about 2 weeks it fail again and goes back to the same problem; blowing out cool air when the car is on but idle, and when i move it warms up. even if i am moving a great deal say 20 min on highway it gets nice and warm but once i get off the highway and come to red light or stop somewhere it goes back to cool air. i

I've had that problem with a customers car before, but I changed the water pump, and it seemed to fix it. A lot of times the water pump, can't pump fast enough when it's at idle. Try it. ... 1994 BMW 3 Series

I own a 2002 Buick LaSabre. I am having trouble with my heater. When the problem first started, sometimes the blower would come on and other times it wouldn't. Then I started to smack the top of the dashboard to get it to work. Now it doesn't come on at all. Even so, my heater was still letting hot air out through the vents. Now my heater lets some warm air (never hot) out of the vents and only when my car is going over 40MPH. I don't know if it's the blower, the heater, an electrical problem or

You could possibly have 2 problems.First there is a calibration update for the Dash Integration Module.This has to be done at the dealership with there scan tool.Only takes about a 1/2 hr.The other thing is you could also have a blower motor resistor ... Buick LeSabre

Im having a problem with my heat coming out of my vents..the air conditoning will come out of the vents but the heat will only come out of the defrost...the passenger side gets hot and the drivers side blows cold air

You probably have a bad blend door actuator. the car has several. ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 99 cadillac deville and the theft system problem came up after i killed the car. It want let my radio come on ,fuel gauges,info center,can't put lights on bright, lights want come on with auto,air conditioner want come on. I would like if any one could help me solve my problem cause i have no other transportation to get my kids back and forth to school, doctors appointments. how to change heater core in a 99cadillac deville

... Cars & Trucks

A/C problems I'm sorry Guill I have not explained myself properly, the car has been stripped out, the dash and most of the ducting, I renewed the sponge on the flaps [witch now work since you told me they were vacuum operated] The air comes through the centre and end ducts but not the ducts on the dash cap they have been seald off. Hardly any air comes through the long vents on the dash cap that directs air onto the screen.Is it possible for the accuators to get out of sequence or have the the c

Hi guill, The black hose is connected properly it is connected directly to the intake manifold but there is no holding tank.The Vin number sugestes the car was a 6 cylinder but along the way some one has installed a TPI V8 so I guess theres bound to ... 1986 Chevrolet Camaro

2002 Mercury Sable, Heating Problem The problem I am having is I am getting almost no heat. It is not the blower motor, just had this replaced. Right after last winter it started blowing cold air, so I went and had a flush done on the heating system and that seemed to cure the problem. Now a few months later I am noticing now that I have very little heat coming out at all..the air is not cold like the last time but it's not blowing hot or warm like it should. Any ideas? Please tell me if there i

Hello. You are in luck. I just had this same issue in my shop this week. We changed the thermostat, and replaced the coolant. Fixed it right up. Since you did not mention a new thermostat, that would be my next move, if I were you. ... 2001 Mercury Sable

Heating problem The heat in my 96 impala does not come out hot and as I drive becomes colder. I have changed the water-pump, the heater core, the radiator and had the coolant system flushed out twice. The flow logic is right coming through the hoses had that tested. I cant seem to figure out the problem. Had the heater core tested removed lower panel to see if heater core gets hot and it does. It seems as if to much cold air is coming through the blower. Please give some feedback I would like to

Does the defrost work. ... 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS

93 dodge caravan - fan was not coming on and the air conditioner will not come on. replaced fan, radiator, coolant sensor and thermastat. Checked all relay's i could find, checked all the fuses in the fuse box. still fan and air conditioner will not come on. Any ideas about what else the problem can be? (people tell me there is a fuse somewhere under the hood, but i cannot find one anywhere!) thanks

The fan is protected by a fusible link. Follow the power wire from the fan backward until you find the fusible link. It will feel mushy if it is blown. ... 1993 Dodge Caravan

I am having problems with my air-conditioning. My car is a 2004 Mazda 3. At some point my AC light started to switch itself off and on. I used to be able to wiggle or adjust the air conditioner speed switch and would get lucky and get the light back on. As long as the light stays on the aircondition will blow cold air. But now the light only has come on once in the past month, and only on speed 4 (left it on speed four for about 15 minutes prior to it turning on).

... 2004 Mazda 3
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