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How do I pin point a loud squealing noise coming from the belt side of a 2002 Dodge Caravan with 3.3 engine?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

You have a bad tension pulley my son has same vehicle ,and it was doing the same thing ,till he changed out the tension pulley good luck
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How do I pin point a loud squealing noise coming from the belt side of a 2002 Dodge Caravan with 3.3 engine?

You have a bad tension pulley my son has same vehicle ,and it was doing the same thing ,till he changed out the tension pulley good luck ... Dodge Caravan

Loud noise! 0 Jeep Grand Cherokee after about 5 min starts a very loud high pitch whinning.It used to eventually go away but now it is always whinning and even louder!Seems like it's coming from drivers side engine compartment near the intake manifold. I thought it was a belt because when you step on the gas the rpms go up and the noise quits until you slow down or come to a stop then it starts again!! Is it a vacuum leak? A bearing seizing somewhere? Belt tensioner?

I would say a bad pulley also. Try to open the hood at idle and see if you can hear where it's coming from. Possibly a bad idle pulley or even the fan belf if yours is a mechanical fan. ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2000 Dodge Stratus - loud grinding squeal noise coming from engine - belt area - belt seems to be turning. Loud noise happens on and off upon driving and when I start car and idle. Almost 2 months ago fuel pump, water pump and timing belt all replaced. Any ideas from description?

If you have climate control the a/c comp. comes on\015\012intermitently if the clutch is going bad thats a suspect also the idler pully bearing could be tired\015\012or the ps pump could be binding.\015\012one way to narrow the fiel ... 1997 Dodge Intrepid

1997 Dodge Caravan: Took it into the mechanic because it made a squealing noise. They changed 3 belts and did an oil change. I stopped completely when I was almost home. Put foot on gas and nothing. I turned it off for a few minutes and coasted home. Then found a transmission fluid leak coming from by drivers side wheel. Mechanic now says I need a new transmission? Could they have overfilled the oil and the pressure made the seals break or are they trying to rip me off?

I've had 2 tyranny do that the gears inside the little pan work loose and it wears a hole through the tranny its like a looker dowel pin ... 1997 Dodge Caravan

My 2000 Dodge Caravan mini van makes loud grinding noise when turning and continues while driving straight. This noise happens every now and again while simply braking. I was told at one point that my cv joint may be going, rear wheel and master cylinder may be leaking, need serpentine belt and rear brakes are going (I get a squealing when I stop). What is this grinding sound? It happens at all different speeds.

If your getting a grinding noise when turning it's probably in the power steering. If you leaking fluid you have a hole, more then likely in the high pressure line or the rack and pinion is bad. ... 1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV

2001 Dodge Caravan SE - belt squeals loudly when we turn the AC on during idling. as long as i'm idling it will not stop squealing. i've replaced the idler pulley and changed belts but the s

... 2001 Dodge Caravan

Where are the safest jack points for raising the front and rear of a 1999 Dodge caravan? I can see 2 points on the front end between the engine mount and radiator on the front, with a circular bumper on the engine side. I am currently assuming that the body side of the bumper should be safe...

... 1999 Dodge Caravan

1998 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L. There is a noise coming from the main drive belt, but the belt appears to be in good condition (no cracks, etc.) Good tension on the belt. The noise only happens when the van is first started (engine is cool), but then stops once the engine is heated. The engine idle is also inconsistent. Could these be related?

... 1998 Dodge Caravan

What is the loud whining noise coming from the engine on a 1997 dodge grand caravan 3.3 liter engine?

... 2002 Buick Century

My 95 toyota corolla is having intermittent problems where the battery is seemingly losing power, then coming back to life. My assumption is that it is somehow related to the alternator, however the alternator tests out ok. I get a loud squealing sound when I start the engine which goes away after revving the engine. The belts are tight and the last time this happened there was a lot of smoke and the smell of burning coming from the back of the engine.

You should get the battery tested. Alot of them fail this time of yesr. Once you determine the battery and have the alternator tested then you beging to daignose deeper. Most people are not aware that even tho an alternator is charging it can have ... 1995 Toyota Corolla

Serpentine belt on my 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan (3.8L engine) has slipped off twice in last 6 months when the road is wet and I make an aggressive turn. Can I convert to a grooved tensioner and idler pulley, and two sided belt? They appear to be available for sale but I don't know if they're intended for this engine and issue. Thanks.

... 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

Engine mount I am working on a 2003 dodge neon. I am try to replace the timing belt. I cannot remove the right side center engine mount. The one that comes through the right side wheel well. I need to remove it, I believe because the bracket that the power steering pump attaches to has a bolt that I cannot access without removeing the mount. Unless there is a special tool required there isn't enough room.

Raise engine up as high as it will go. ... 2003 Dodge Neon

There's a loud squeaky noise coming from the engine when the car starts. It's there when the car is stationary and goes after around 5 seconds. We hear it when the car is stationary at traffic lights too and it goes as the car speeds up. Seems to be coming from the belt area on the left hand side of the car engine as you stand in front of it. Any ideas?

Sounds like this may be a bad drive belt. check belt for cracks and glazing. while belt is removed you may also wish to listen to pulleys while spinning by hand. ... Mitsubishi Lancer

Our 2000 dodge caravan 3.8 L serpentine belt keeps shifting to one side , we just replaced tentioner and idler pulley after belt shredding and slipping off 4 times over a year and a half after the 4th time my husband put the new belt on and it kept slipping off and that's why we replaced tentioner and idler pulley. Can anyone tell me why it is shifting? By the way we live in washington and it has been raining while my husband did this work but with a tarp over the hood / engine

This can be caused and often is by a defective crankshaft harmonic damper pulley. ... Cars & Trucks

Engine noise I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan with a 3.3L i bought new, it now has 110k miles on it uses no oil runs great. it has a noise in engine that has been getting worse the last year. its coming from the front of engine, i can take the belt off start it and its still there. its not a rod or wrist pin or bearings i don't think because when i put it in gear under load its stays the same, driving down the road whether under load or off the gas its the same it sounds to me like a chain tens

It is true that this engine DOES in fact have a timing chain. The 3.0L uses a timing belt, which has to be replaced at regular intervals. Typically, the 3.3 & 3.8, which both use a timing chain, don't have to be replaced nearly as often but sti ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

I have a 2002 dodge caravan, loud clicking noise when engine is idleing,and when gas petal is being pressed, engine light was on from small leak for radiator but this clicking sound is new now there is a tube right side of engine running hot and smoking dont know whats wrong with it please any suggestions

Take it to a shop bc you might have throwen a rod in the engine and if you proceide you will tottally it ... 2002 Dodge Caravan

Engine leaking oil on serpintine belt and can not figure out where it is coming from. Me, a mechanic, and my father in law all looked at it and cant not figure it out. All the seals look fine and i dont see a leak on any of the motor seal points and its only that side. The only thing I can think it is is the engine is build to much pressure and spitting oil out the seals. I have a K&N performane intake and a breather over the air line on the top of the engine and ever since I put it I have had t

Camshaft seal? A friend of mine had a truck and it sounds like the same problem. He ended up selling it. They fixed it and drive by his house all of the time. ... 2001 Ford Escort ZX2

My 03 Trailblazer was making a loud squealing noise. I replaced the belt and a week later the belt shred to pieces and the water pump appeared to be leaking. I replaced the water pump along with another new belt, flushed out the old coolant and added new coolant. When I started it, things sounded great. Then after it was idling for a few minutes, it died on me. Started it again and it idled fine for a few more minutes. No engine light is coming on and this isn't a problem I've had in the past. A

Have you tried to checking the tensioner and the idler pulley? The idler is a fixed pulley on the driver side of the alternator. Most of the time this gets rusted during sudden change in the weather or its just the bearing inside it just worned off. ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

I have a 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport 3.3. Started running bad recently and check engine light is on. I had the code checked and it pointed to #5 fuel injector. I replaced it, the TPS, The IAC, and noticed the main wiring harness on the back side of the engine was laying on the exhaust manifold and melted so I replaced it too. The van still runs bad and check engine light is on. I have disconnected the battery for days at a time and still runs bad. I have also checked all the plugs and wires and the

Ok the melt down on the wire harness may have fried other components along the way.... I would even suspect the BCM being toast at this point.... better have someone run a real good scan on it and give you a print out of the possible causes before yo ... 2001 Dodge Caravan

My 2003 dodge grand caravan 3.6 engine, has a whirling almost grinding noise on the passenger side, replaced the ps resivoir and serpentine belt. still noisey, all pulleys seemed to turn freely when replacing the belt but still noisy.thoughts

... 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan AWD

Humming noise I have a 2008 dodge grand caravan, as I am driving I hear a loud humming noise coming from front of van. It sounds as if the engine is revving up, but the rpm's still go up and down as it shifts like normal. This noise goes away as I slow down and come to a stop.

... 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2010 dodge charger 3.5L High output Intermittent high pitch noise coming from top of motor, plenum? Took it to dodge, they said altenator. Took belt off, still makes noise. No engine performance problem, runs great. But after car warms up, this loud high pitch noise starts. Almost has a perfect on / off cycle. Can't figure it out.

... Cars & Trucks

I have this 2000 Dodge caravan 3.0 engine . i have a coolant leak . I think I replace all the hoses. Leaks appears to come from side of engine. I loose about one gallon of fluid per week.

This Dodge is Screaming Help Me...\015\012\015\012The water pump is equipped with a weep hole that allows seepage prior to bearing failure in the water pump.\015\012\015\012You are Way past the warning signs, take today and ha ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Leaking coolant I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L Flex Fuel engine. When engine temp gauge is about in the middle there is a coolant leak. The temp skyrockets from then to the redline in the matter of 1 minute. It seems like it's coming from the other side of the thermostat housing (underneath the spark plug hub; i.e. the other end of spark plug wires). The coolant level in the bin is leveled off. It does not look like it's lowering. I looked inside the radiator as well and i can see

The coolant should be right at the top of the radiator if you can see the bottom of the radiator that you have a stuck thermostat ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

Belt tensioner broke off of side of engine need to replace on a 1993 dodge caravan 3.3

... 1998 Dodge Caravan
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