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Internal problem inside transmission(possible broken HUB) replace or rebuild

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Always better to rebuild as long as no castings inside are damaged

if helps please give me a good rating
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Internal problem inside transmission(possible broken HUB) replace or rebuild

Always better to rebuild as long as no castings inside are damaged if helps please give me a good rating ... Dodge Caravan

My wiper/turn signal arm on my '92 Olds Cutlass Ciera has internal problem. Something has broken inside and wipers/washer do not work properly. The thing turns around and around. Is it possible to replace this part of the mechanism without having to replace the whole arm?

... 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

I am replacing the left front wheel bearing hub on 2006 mx-5 "miata" mazda. There is no center spline nut, but there are four bolts accessed from the inside that probably releases the rotors and the wheel bearing hub assembly. I am installing a used hub that comest with steering nuckles and rotor.the new hub is over $345.00 Should I anticipate any problems doing the job myself. My car currently makes a roaring sound that goes away when I turn left. Mark

When replacing any hub assembly you should never over-tighten the three or four bolts that bolt on the assembly. This will cause it to fail quickly. Use lock-tight to make sure they do not loosen up after installation. A way to tell if your hub assem ... 2006 Mazda Miata

2000 civic ex iac issues my check engine light is on. its reading p0505. I have been fighting this for 2 months. i found the knock sensor broken and the wire grounded to the valve cover..replaced that. i have replaced the iac twice, ecu, pcv valve, had the induction cleanse done, plugs and wires, I've replaced the intake and exhaust gaskets and the problem is still this: erratic idle, jerky throttle response, bucking at desired speed, loss of power, smell of antifreeze and exhaust or oil inside

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I have a 1999 pontiac montana, I am replacing the front wheel hub bearing. I not able to get the shaft to come out of the hub. Do I need to to pull the two strut mount bolts to get the shaft out. I have no problem with the hub coming out of the control arm. I have even tried to use a puller and no dice, I used plenty of PB Blaster incase there is alot of rust on the shaft inside. Any help would be nice.

... 1999 Pontiac Montana

My hatch release is quite obviously broken, not just stuck and the mechanism inside needs to be repaired or replaced. Problem is, first of all, I cannot get the hatch open and secondly, there does not appear to be any way to access the inside of the door to do maintenance on the mechanism. Any ideas of how to get the durned hatch OPEN, and then, how do you get at the latch inside?

If you take off the plactic cover on the hatch door there is a metal bar type thing that you can manually open the door takes about hour to get apart and get to all it but only way fix it hope this helps ... 1997 Toyota 4Runner

This is on a 1997 Geo Tracker 4-door. The inside door latch cover is broken and causing major problems. My problem is: after removing the philips screw holding the cover on and loosening the assembly, I can not remove the bar that attaches to the latch. I have tried prying off the white clip on the bar and squeezing the clips on the door latch - no go. I need to replace the whole door latch assembly, and am stuck on getting the stupid thing OFF. Thanks for any help you can offer!

Most of the white clips on the bars twist upward and the bar pulls out of it. ... 1997 Geo Tracker 2 Door

The crankshaft pulley on my daughter's '98 Maxima is broken (outside rim is cracked and loose) and the inside belt is twisted and shredded. If I replace the pulley, should that fix the problem our should I look for some underlying cause? A mechanic worked on it about a week ago when a belt broke and there's been a clunking sound upon startup since. He replaced the belt and something in the tensioning pulley (the mounting shaft from her description) because it wasn't turning. Maybe he is the unde

Since the pulley has obviously failed, replace it. Before starting it up, check all other pulleys and items turned by the belt to make sure none are loose or binding. After startup, look from the side and check for proper alignment and any visible wo ... Nissan Maxima

My 99 Explorer Sport driver side door lock will not unlock using remote, key, outside touchpad or inside control. The plunger goes about halfway up then relocks. There is a broken spring inside the lock mechanism that apparently is the problem that need to be replaced. This should be an easy fix and I would like to do it my self. Do I need to take the door panel off or can it be accessed without taking it off?

Yes you do have to take the panel off and i wouldnt go for the spring just yet- the door lock actuator itself coluld be bad... if the spring is broke it is part of the latch, serviced as an assembly. hope this helps and good luck ... 1999 Ford Explorer

I have replaced the internal tempature control, a/c and air volume, about a year ago. The a/c worked fine, but when you turned to heat it did not switch over. Once I replaced the part (from a juck yard) everything worked perfect. Until, yesterday, same problem, however now there is a click sound inside the car only when the heat is turned all the up from the control knob, but no heat comes out, if you turn the knob to the opsite direction to cool, everything works just fine. Do i need to

The ac control controls a door actuator motor that moves the temperature vent door,this actuator motor has gone out,or the vent door is stuck.It`s location is on top of the blower box.Open the glove box,and make it fold down,where it hangs down out o ... Ford Explorer

Steering problem 1997 Dodge Ram V8 Four Wheel Drive Automatic 97000 miles I have replaced all the front tie rods.My steering wheel has alot of play in it, is that caused by power steering gearbox? Also, my 4wd shifter wont move from 2wheel into 4wd low or hi. I recently replaced the drivers side wheel hub assembly and the half shaft inside came out. Is there a SPECIFIC way to put that back in? Will inserting it back in the Wrong way mess up the 4 wheel drive?

The half shaft does not need to go in a certain way, Just as long as you get it in all the way. when checking steering play to see where it is. It's best to leave the truck off. Turn ignition on but dont start to unlock steering column, Then look by ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have a buick rendezvous '04. The glove box won't close because the latch on the dashboard side is broken. Apparently the metal loop that the door locks on has broken free of the internal housing. How can I get inside to fix it or replace it. Again this is not on the door. It is the dashboard housing. Thank you.

... 2004 Buick Rendezvous

I have warn manual hubs on my 2001 f250 diesel. I just replaced them because they were broken on the inside. I went to use my 4x4 locking the hubs in but the four wheel drive won't ingage. And have no idea why any suggestions

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I have a BARSKA laser/ light combo and it has a broken selector switch. The long piece behind the selector knob that internally switches the unit from inside the laser housing. The shape of a popsicle stick but smaller ofcourse. Is there a way to replace this internal selector bar? Unit is useless without it reaching far enough in to make contact.

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2003 Honda odyssey exl power door problems. Driver door cable broken...how much should that cost to fix? Passenger sliding door works with remote or driver switch but the power lock does not unlock and switch on outside an inside wont activate power slide... How much should that cost I repair and could I just get a used part if easy to replace myself. Thanks for help

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When clutch is engaged and you are changing gears there is a grinding noise kind of like a broken barring noise but that's not the problem, and it sticks when you change gears to 1st. We just did a complete top head rebuild and replaced the full clutch and hydraulic clutch line. We think it might be the transmission but wasn't sure what part does anyone have any ideas?

Sounds like the syncronizers are broken in the gearbox or it just may be low on gear oil all together.. check gear level by removing the plug in the side of the box under the vehicle and stick the smallest finger in the hole and bend down..see if flu ... Cars & Trucks

99' Galant alternator putting out up to 16.5v keyhole light will not go off, fuse pulled for light,but what is the problem? Can I have the regulator fixed on the alternator without replacing or rebuilding the whole thing?(or is it internal?)

Yes regulator is held on with two screws onto back of altenator it also contains the brushes,but to be truethfull i would fit an exchange unit as the commutator could be worn as well.Also the piece on its own is nearly as much as an exchange unit ... 1999 Mitsubishi Galant

There is a water leak on the passanger side under the hood, no leak inside cab. I was told I had to remove the dash to fix problem. Is there detail instructions on removing and replaceing broken part?

... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs

I've had this start problem since it was new,now it's getting worse. When it first started i had trouble starting if i made more than one stop. Now it does it all the time cold or hot. This is what has been done to try to solve-cleaned fuel delv. components & inside combustion chamber,fuel pressure & volume test,gas cap,fuel pressure regulator (twice),fuel filter,starter,under hood elect. center,ignition lock cylinder & keys,replaced ubec,internal pcm.I'm out of ideas and a lot of money and it's

Take car back to dealer, explane problems and show him your bills.Be nice but tell him you are going broke and need help. ... 2003 Buick Century

What is it causing this problem on my car? My toyota minivan 2000 had broken Handle/latch on real door, soon I replaced handle I can not open any more, even inside Thanks

You may have not adjusted the linkage corrctly, take a look at linkage with panel off, you may have to make it tighter,so it pushes more when handle is lifted.good luck. ... 2000 Toyota Sienna

My front and rear power windows in my 1997 Grand Prix GT do not work. The windows will not stay up either. I do not know if it is a broken cable inside the door witch is part of the motor needs to be replace or not. When I hit the switch I do hear the motor make noice as if it is trying to function. I would like a diagram and a diagnosis on how to fix this problem.

It sounds to me that the cables have broken. it requires installing new regulators. pretty easy once you get the door panels off. follow the bolts. the window is bolted through sashes to the regulator ... Pontiac Grand Prix

Hi I keep having the same problem with my land rover discovery series I, for some reason a little piece of plastic inside the door handle keeps breaking I've already replaced it once and now its broken again this dosent allow me to lock the door with the key or even unlock it with key, I hate having to buy the whole handle just for that piece of plastic does anyone know where I could find that one piece of plastic?

I am guessing that the plastic bit is what holds the wire /rod in the hole of the lock lever It is a common connection piece in lock manufacture. If that is the case the piece that breaks is the bit that clips around the rod section(the clip fingers ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2003 ford explorer that has a broken auxiliary power point and i can't find much help through searching online. it's not a fuse problem as i have already tried that. I have a new socket to replace the broken one but don't know how to go about actually replacing it (i.e. don't how to get to it) could you help me with this problem? thank you

... 2003 Ford Explorer

On October 14, 2009 I brought my Ford Explorer to Power Ford for servicing due to the fact there was a starting problem. I was informed by the service department the starter needed to be replaced. Yet, eight days later my vehicle is inoperable. On the initial diagnosis evidently what had broken in the engine should have been detected. Clearly, replacing the starter was not the problem. Otherwise I would not have had to return eight days later with a broken engine. could this have been neglect on

Ask to talk to the Service Manager and tell him you would like to have the name of the District Ford Manager. This should get the ball running for you. They hate for you to go over there head. I have worked in the Service Dept 32 yrs and this always ... 2002 Ford Explorer

Bought strada 1.2 new in 2006 Problems: 1.Drivers seat replaced 2009; new seat broken again 2.Clutch replaced on 35 000km. 3. Rev counter replaced after three attempts to fix 4. Passenger air vent broken!!! NEVER touched 5. Water pump replaced July 2009 6. Water pump replaced August 2010-hole in same place 7. Radiator replaced in 2008 8. Odomoter worked intermittantly-repaired 2008

Think you had a friday night monday morning one ,some of the problems are of your own making though ,clutch?? drivers seat broke twice ,how much do you weigh ?? do you like a big mac ?' ,water pump ?? and it went a month later was it fitted correctly ... Fiat Strada
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