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Can you show me the alignment of the Timing Belt timing Mark of Daewoo1996 Espero Due to not exact the Idling the Engine That i overhauling,there no Timing mark in the plate or back of the sprocket,Can you give me an idea with that;Sir,Maam

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Answers :

On twin cam engines cam marks face each other at 3 o clock and 9 o clock and crank gear mark goes at 6 o clock in line with mark in edge of sump/block
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Can you show me the alignment of the Timing Belt timing Mark of Daewoo1996 Espero Due to not exact the Idling the Engine That i overhauling,there no Timing mark in the plate or back of the sprocket,Can you give me an idea with that;Sir,Maam

On twin cam engines cam marks face each other at 3 o clock and 9 o clock and crank gear mark goes at 6 o clock in line with mark in edge of sump/block ... Daewoo Lanos

Can anyone please help me with pics or detailed desription on were the timing marks should be on a toyota d4 3s-fse engine, i need to know how to place the two cams and also the timing mark on the cam timing belt gear and crank mark. The cam gear has a mark through a hole on the spoke and also has a mark on the gear that could be lined up on the cam back plate, also the two cam shafts have marks on them gears two dots and at 180 degrees has a single dot which dots does one use, and which cam mar

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I have a 2006 chevy equinox and the engine light wont go out, Ive changed the gas cap but this didnt help. how do I go about using getting the car to give me the problem codes? on my Dodge it was simply turning the egintion switch off and back on three times. also, any ideas of what could be causing the light to stay on?I just changed the air filter and oil but no help there either

It could be hundrds of problems.Easiest and cheapest route is to head over to the local parts house. Have them hook up a code reader to it and retrieve the dtc or dtc's. With that it will be much easier to help eliminate your problem. ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

High idle So what should my 1994 sonoma 4.3 be idleing at when cold and in park, and at temp. in park? Its useally between 1500-2000 cold and once at temp its around 1300-1500. Is this normal?... If not any ideas on how to fix it? Please help. Also my check engine light will kick on after idleing, but then go right back out once I give it some gas. Thank you very much for your time. I hope you can help. sara- MI

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1998 DODGE STRATUS ES V6 2.5L - Replaced water pump, made sure nothing moved, crank shaft and cams. put everything back on and engine would not turn over. pulled all the belts off even timing belt and try to turn to crank shaft. the crank shaft would only turn haft way and sound like it hit something. I line all the marks on the cams and crank shaft and put the timing belt back on, then try to start it. the engine turn over two times and lock up. there is nothing in the cyclinders, all the valve

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Timing belt was very loose so i changed the timing belt tensioner pulley.I tried to make sure and not move the timing belts position on the cam and crank but now im not sure if it may have moved.I located the crank tdc mark but i don't know if the cam tdc mark faces up or down.And once i get these marks lined up how do i get the belt back on without moving the gears. The engine is shutting down almost immediately after start so I want to make sure timings not the problem.

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I have a 2005 kia optima and had the timing belt and the balancer belt change at the same time in may/11. when I got it back from the shop there was a slight vibration in the engine, I took it back to the shop and the rechecked the timing and balancer and found that there was no problem with the timing in either belt according to the timing marks. The problem is the vibration has got much worse , to the point that you can see the steering wheel shake when you put in gear at idle speed. Also ther

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I have a 1995 1/2 Isuzu Rodeo with a 3.2L V6 SOHC engine. It has 57,000 miles on it so I am changing the timing belt. The manual (Haynes) that I have says and shows the alignment of the timing marks on the sprockets, belt etc. It says that the grove on the crankshaft sprocket should align with the cast in mark on the left side, front of the oil pump. At the same time the camshaft sprockets should align with the dots on the timing belt back covers as well as the solid lines on the belt. I hav

Hi!!\015\012\015\012Click on the following link http://www.autozone.com/autozone/repairinfo/ ... 1995 Isuzu Rodeo

I just put a timimg chain an water pump in a 2001 chrysler sebring 2.7 liter engine an it will back firer at start up an not run .no matter how many times i check timing marks everytime it seems to no

I just recently experienced the same problem. The timing is 180 degrees out. Unfortunately the only way to correct it is to take the engine apart again. Set the right hand camshaft to TDC by using the marks on the timing gear for that bank. The l ... 2001 Chrysler Sebring

2001 Vw passat V6 30V its towed to me completlly dead no power and stays over 6 months on parking lot and most of face parts in box. Because its VW looked like good idea to change timing belt before put it back together.and of course thanks to ecs found all the necesery parts and tools in good quality:)) TDC and cams locked to service points replaced timing belt and pulleys torque everything back together replaced damaged engine idler pulley with bracket and most of the bolts used back new re

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Chevy HHr LT 2006 model. The PS all the time off after a little drive. But, every time after start the engine it on /comm back/ again. It is happen all the time. The cod /service give me/ C0475.But not exact for me what is the problem, which part to need repair or change. Please give me a good advise. Thak You! Peter.

Replace the steering column as this is an internal motor issue. ... Chevrolet HHR

I just replaced the timing belt on my 2003 lexus rx300 3.0 liter engine with vvt and dohc. i've had no problems with the car ever. i know the right cam sprocket moved slightly while installing the timing belt but i moved it back (as close as i could). the timing marks on the right sprocket are hard to align because they are hard to see and the manual i'm using isn't making sense to an aircraft mechanic like me. the engine seems to run ok, but is probably hard to tell with such a small misadjustm

Hi!! \015\012\015\012Click on the following link for step by step instruccions on timing belt removal and installation. ... Lexus RX 300

Volvo 1982 awd XC 70 wagon occ does not start on irst few tries and and from time to a light comes on statingl low engine power and the goes offrnDealer wants to take off transmision to see whether there is a short on theground on the back of the engine block but acannot be sure that is the problem. I refused to get into this and having been been driving the car for 3 years with self limited intermittent symptoms described above from time to time. any ideas.

It could be your starting motor or you need a new car ... 2003 Volvo XC70

I had brake shoes, drums and wheel cylinders changed on my back breaks. I drove it for a day then took it back. the guy said I had to give the new shoes time to wear in. went back said give it till 1000Km. okay it's the 1000k mark and it's even worse. grinding and when slowing down kind of makes clicking sound till I come to a stop. would like some info before going back.thanks

Tack of drum look for cracks look for scaping jack up securely tern tier by hand take apart side that is making most noise. it shouldn't take any time to wear in this ant right have some one else d ... Hyundai Accent

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The throttle plate is where the accelerator cable hooks to,but the throttle plate is actually on the inside of the throttle body,remove the intake hose,or duct and you can see the throttle plate,it will open when the throttle is moved,it is a plate t ... Chrysler Sebring

Ignition knock on my 383, the engine will idle at about 1000 rpm until I put it in drive,then the engine acts as tho it's loadin up,idle will drop low and it will knock,when I put it back in neutral idle will return, I was setting the timing and the timing mark would jump around,couldn't get a good read,please advise thanxs Gary

Ourhowse is an idiot or uneducated......timing lights have no idea if the chain is installed properly.....or jumped. look to your distributor or ignition box. more than likely either a weak spark or loose or worn out advance springs ... Chevrolet El Camino

Engine stall my 95 jeep wrangler the engine will die going down the road it always starts right back up its a 4cyl 5 speed fuel injected. I have replaced the fuel pump sending unit new filter new distributer cap rotor bug still does it some times when it dies it will backfire but it always starts right back up. Any ideas???

Have you checked fuel pressure regulator.hopefully this helps ... 1995 Jeep Wrangler

My girlfriends 05 Pontiac G6 has a braking issue. Despite replacing the rotors her car still has a slight vibration during braking. All ideas would be greatfully accepted. Also from time to time her car fails to start. The starter goes and the engine starts to turn over but then it stops. the gauges at that point all max out and then drop back down. I have had it diagnosed but nothing came up. Once again all ideas would be great.

Its the rotors. I have the same car; a G6. I heard the best thing is to get perforated brake parts. I think because the brakes heat up the rotors and cause the warping. Cheap materials. ... Pontiac G6

02 Jeep Liberty 4 cylinder manual engine 4x4. I just had my timing belt jump and just got the jeep back on 1/26/11. They replaced the timing belt, water pump & had the head gasket valves machined. But now my 4x4 doesn't work and just a few moments ago, went to the store and now it keeps cutting off, if I dont keep giving applying the gas peddle? is the fuel pump or fuel line something that it may be having a problem with? if so, would that be related to the engine work I just had done? Please

Sound as bad timing or crank position sensor need adjust. Some fault codes there? Scanned the PCM to knowed and send us additional details.Keep in touch. ... 2002 Jeep Liberty

I have a 1998 ford explorer (sport) and it was running fine, but when i got in to go somewhere (work) my engine wouldn't start, and all it does is crank over! I checked every fuse and relay in the power box under the hood and the fuse panel on left side of dash! My owner's manual doesn't give me any info. on ( ENGINE WON'T START)! Can you please give me some idea as to what i must check to get the spark back? I already know it's not a fuel issue and i have no spark from testing one of the sp

Try a different key. It sounds like it has immobilised. ... Ford Explorer Sport

85 pontiac sunbird.when you first start the car,it runs rough,but finally runs ok.if you park the car and come back out in a short period of time,the car wont start.it turns over,but it wont start.i have to use starting fluid to get it to start.but if you let it sit for an hour or so,it will fire right up.the check engine light comes on all the time,and the code is engine running lean.any ideas?

Check and replace fuel filter, also check your fuel pump pressure when the car is warm. ... 1985 Pontiac Sunbird 4 Door
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