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What kind of special coolant is needed for a 2002

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Answers :

Its an extended life coolant. Adding regular coolant to the extended life coolant will ruin the extended life characteristics of the extended life coolant. Any good parts store will have coolant compatible with your vehicle.

When your cooling system is ready to be serviced (flushed) most shops will convert it to regular green coolant. Although the green coolant will not last as long as the extended life coolant it is much cheaper even with the more frequent service intervals.
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Coolant Problem? I just got a used 2000 Town and Country. Today while I was driving it, I noticed it was making a bit of a funny noise - it sounded like hot steam or something. It was dark when I looked under the hood, but I think I probably need antifreeze in it...however, there was a sticker that said I need a special kind of coolant. I don't have the manual, as the car didn't come with one - what kind of coolant should I get? Also, I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow, so I'm trying to m

You need the ORANGE coolant, not the green. ... 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

I need to know what type of special coolant my car takes it is a 99 chrysler lhs, it says it takes special coolant but does not say what kind,it says look in the owners manual and I dont have one.. PLEASE help

Owners Manuals for everything are very cheap and plentiful on eBay. There is only the green and the orange stuff out there and your warranty is long gone, not so much to worry about. The turn of the century brought about the orange and so many proble ... 1999 Chrysler LHS

Problem is i recently bought a 97 saturn and there was no owners manual. i checked the car for fluids yesterday and it needs coolant on the cap it says special coolant see owners manual. i just need to know what kind to put in please help

ENGINE COOLANT A 50/50 mixture of clean water (preferably distilled) and use only GM Goodwrench(R) DEX-COOL(R) or Havoline(R) DEX-COOL(R) (orange-colored, silicate-free) coolant, or an approved recycled coolant conforming to GM Specifica ... 1997 Saturn SL

My coolant light comes on when its cold. i see it says special coolant needed but what kind

DEXCOOL. It may be a good time to have the system Pressure Tested to make sure there are no leaks and the coolant replaced. ... 2001 Saturn L-Series

I bought a 2007 pt cruiser [used] 30k and had no owners manual i noticed its almost time to add some anti-freeze and the caps says special coolant see owners manual what kind do i need?

Do use anything but Mopar 100,000 or Zerex g05. As for manual> Sorry not good with links. Go to Chrysler's main website. On the website find TechAuthority, FREE downloads of manuals 2004 to 2010. ... 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring Hatchback

What kind of special coolant is needed for a 2002

Its an extended life coolant. Adding regular coolant to the extended life coolant will ruin the extended life characteristics of the extended life coolant. Any good parts store will have coolant compatible with your vehicle.When your cool ... Chrysler Voyager

I need to add coolant to 2000 dodge caravan, what kind do i use.

The coolnt used in your van is any that has the following words on bottle:\015\012LONG/EXTENDED LIFE COOLANT, almost all coolants out there are in this calss of coolants now, use a name brand like Preston, use the premixed type (50/50), easier. ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Is ther any thing special I need to know when replacing my rad for my 96 850 Wagon 2.4 liter. I have drained and removed the old rad which had a broken nipple on the intake side. I have drained the coolant and disconnected the oil lines ( I take it, these are for the transmission) When installing new Oem rad are there any tricks or things I need to worry about. IE air pockets in any of the fluids( Coolant or Trany oil)

Only certain engines need to be purged of the air in there, some engines have a plug on the top for it, some have to be filled on a slant or jacked up, some don't need anything. But you do want to use a premix coolant, 50/50 right out of the jug, or ... 1996 Volvo 850

I need to remove my serpentine belt in order to replace my power steering pump but i cant find where my tensioner is and how to loosen it. i was told i need a special tool. what kind of "special tool"? oh yea its for a 1990 ford tempo

Usually, a 1/2 inch breaker bar will be useful in this procedure. ... 1990 Ford Tempo

Need to change coolent in radiater ,does this take a special kind of coolent and do i need to use a special type of radiater flush. Also is there a drain on the radiater?

You don't need to use a special kind of radiator flush, but the coolant is called DEX COOL. It's made by prestone specifically for GM engines, you can get it at walmart for like 5 bucks. ... 1998 Cadillac Eldorado

Http://honda-tech.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=165214&stc=1&d=1285972073 Hello, I am doing a retro-fit of honda s2000 cluster ap2 year 2007 into my car and I want to make the coolant temp work, it is a 19 segment coolant temp, also some lights in panel may be on canbus also ...... I really need advise what kind of f-can is this? it seems that wires b5, a11, b25 in this diagram are responsible for a canbus f-can tranceiver. All I need is the begin point, I want to know informatin necessary i

... 2007 Honda S2000 Convertible

Engine Coolant Thanks for such a quick response. I just want to make sure, the engine coolant and the radiator are two different reservoirs. The one I am asking about is the engine coolant container. It is a white plastic container much like the windshield wiper fluid. So, I do not need a special engine coolant, I can use the same antifreeze (Prestone 50/50) I put in the radiator, in the engine coolant reservoir, right? Thank you.

Yes that's correct\015\012 \015\012G\015\012 ... 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Hi, What kind of coolant should I use for a 2000 accent? Do I need to discharge the old coolant, or I can just pour new coolant into the car. Is it can be done by myself? Thanks a lot!

You can do this your self and yes you should put fresh coolent in it open the hood when the motor is cold so best do it in the morning when the car has not been driven.you should see a pipe comming to the radiator take this off only on th ... 2000 Hyundai Accent

How do i replace a fuel injector on a 98 mercury sable? also, how do i replace the mass air flow sensor? i'm pretty sure it's what i need becuse the check engine light came on, and i got a code. also, when i was driving, the engine didn't accelerate smoothly. it kind of lurched a little and didn't want to accelerate. i don't know where the injector and sensor are located. will i need special tools?

Ok,, look at your engine,, you will see a bar on it with 2 hoses connected on eighter side.. On this bar are 4 rubber plugs connecting to the engine.. unbolt the bar. Then pull it back.. See those 4 plug looking things.. Thats your injectors,, pull t ... 1998 Mercury Sable

Coolant What kind of coolant does a 98 century use? How do I know if I need it?

It takes dex cool check coolant bottle in fender well if you are gonna keep the car flush system and use green dex cool is bad news eats gaskets hope this helps if you need me let me know ok tell fixya bout me ok ... 1998 Buick LeSabre

I have a light that looks like it may be showing coolant level low? I have misplaced my manual. Do I need to use special coolant for a 330i BMW 2003?

Use the G-05 antifreeze, Usually in a gold bottle for Ford and Chrysler. ... 2003 BMW 330

Hello ! i have a LANTRA 1.6 (1994) DOHC 16V and i wish to know which kind of coolant liquid (antifreeze) i need to use, If you can tell me which society is recommended and the color of the fluid, and else the kind of the oil, and the society too, Thank you !

... 1995 Hyundai Elantra

'08 LR2 coolant leak destroyed alternator and it needs replaced. I located r/r procedure but they show three special tools needed to do the job. any help with these would be appreciated as can't seem to find much about these tools. They are #303-502, 303-1255, and 303-1278

... Land Rover LR2

Driver side window fell off the track therefore doesnt go up. You can hear the inside go up & down when you push the button so that part works. . . .just need to get the window back on the track. I took the door panel off but you really cant get to the glass . . .do you need a special tool or something to get to the window?? Please help . . . its raining! =0( THANK YOU . . . . THANK YOU . . . . THANK YOU!!

The window regulator broke. If you are a novice you should take it to a shop... ... 1994 Chevrolet Camaro

Antifreeze cap says special coolant. What is the type of coolant it needs?

Dex-cool. but dont bother ,buy the univeral coolant, it mixes safely with anything and its cheap ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

How do you replace the hydraulic clutch line on a 1998 S-10? It looks like it is some kind of special design, and need special tool maybe. It goes trrough the bell housing. Thanks Mike

... 1998 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

Coolant question Wife brought a 1994 VW Jetta, car has no manual. Needs some coolant but not sure I can use any kind. Looks like Prestone in there now.

Preston is the best kind to use for your car. I would use Prestone, ... 1994 Volkswagen Jetta

Just shows on my dash check coolant level,do i need to top it off with what kind of coolant or can i add water to top it off.

You should use a 50-50 mix of water and anti freeze. Top it off and start car and check that level is fine when warmed up. ... 2001 Cadillac Eldorado

Heater-coolant hoses There are 3 metal heater pipes coming out of the firewall on my son's 92 Cavalier (air-conditioned) - the heater outlet, heater inlet and another one further over on the passenger side. This "other one" has no rubber hose connected to it (it's just open) and coolant runs out of it. It obviously needs to be connected to somewhere else, but neither I nor our mechanic can figure out what it's supposed to connect to. Have you any ideas on this? It's kind of frustrating. Thank yo

Not with the 92s i broke my heater core by accident when i replaced my engine and it broke from the inside. it is a drain and if you have a sweet smell in your car replace it before its too late cause if your leaking antifreeze you have a chance on b ... 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier

I have a 2004 6 cylinder Chevy Impala. It overheated and I had to leave it. Tomorrow I want to bring Coolant with me and fill the radiator - What kind of coolant do I need?

There is coolant at auto parts that will mix with any coolant,unless you take water with you i'd get the 50/50 mix. if you take 1 gallon full strength anti-freeze then take one gallon water and pour equal amounts ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala
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