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I would like to know if a 1996 douge caravan transmission would work on a 2000 town and country

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Most likely not two different manufactures and 2 different vehicle types
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I would like to know if a 1996 douge caravan transmission would work on a 2000 town and country

Most likely not two different manufactures and 2 different vehicle types ... Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3L E85 fuel. Approx 166000 miles. * It has been very cold here in the midwest, -10 F in some cases, like yesterday and today. 1. A week ago I noticed the heat was working intermittantly. 2. A day or two after still no heat would blow, just blew cold. I went to drive the van to auto part store, as the engine light came on, but the transmission was acting funny. It would not shift into drive after it had initially reversed out of my parking spot.None of the v

Hello! The initial fault is a coolant leak...It remains to be seen where the leak is...after all the coolant was lost the transmission fluid, which has its lines passing through the radiator to be cooled, over heated and caused the transmission to ex ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

My 2003 chevy trailblazer ls rpm gage has completly stopped working. when it first started going bad it would work on occasion and now the needle doesnt even move from 0. my car feels and sounds like it is shifting when it should its just the gage that doesnt work. what could cause this? is it a bad sensor, wires or something all my other gages work fine its just the rpm gage. if anyone knows how i can fix this problem please let me know what i need to check i want to be able to fix it myself if

... 1996 Audi A4

I have a 1996 Saturn SL 1 1.9 SOHC.The OBD2 Port doesn't work,Automatic Trunk Release don't work and the Interior Lights don't work inside the car nor does the chime,All fuses are ok technician from Saturn Said he didn't know what the problem was so i would like to know can someone tell me what is going on.I have a service engine light that stays on but the Scan Tool want pick up anything

... 1996 Saturn SL

Interchange issue i wonder if a 1994 jeep could have a 1992 jeep transmission put in its a early 1 month code 1994 the trans i would like to make work is a early month code 1992 the 1992 i have noticed has a bigger pan on bottom where as 1994 has a smaller pan and electrical connections seem a little diffrent i have all harnesses and computer to make work would it be worth wasting my time i would greatly appreciate any input

If you want to make this a "project car" what you want to do is to downgrade your driveline? In order to do this (and actually have it work) providing that both bellhousings match up, you will need to study each system till you have a good work ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have the same exact front blower not blowing issue on a dodge caravan 2005. also is there a reset switch for the electrical brain(system) if so, where would i find it???re the blower, the rear one works the front switch does not turn on front blower. i looked at the fuses & relay but dont know how to tell if they are bad. how would i check them? i am female & can do most car issues myself i just dont know where to start or if i need to fork out $$ to have some mechanic treat me like an idiot b

There is no single reset switch for the electical system. \015\012There may be a indivdual circuit breaker resetable fuse for your blower system.\015\012If you can tell if a fuse is bad try swaping fuses with similar amp rating with othe ... 2000 Dodge Caravan

Transmission suddenly stopped shifting. It works in 1-2nd &R. Was working fine then would not go forward and would stall the engine. It was like the wheels locked up going forward only, reverse was fine. I backed the car onto a hill and drifted down in nuetral. When I put it in gear the wheels started turning but won't shift past 2nd gear, and the check engine light came on immediately. Could this be the ground strap, wiring. What causes this?

The transmission solenoids are not working properly. Probably requires a transmission rebuild.\015\012I don't think it's in the ground strap or wiring.\015\012It's an internal problem with the transmission. ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

I would like to know what type and weight of oils to use in my 04 Excursion. Its a 4WD Eddie Bauer. I am attempting to get all specs so that I may just get under it one weekend and change all the fluids and just get over it. I just used a Motive tank to flush the brakes and it worked great. Now its the Diffs and the transmission. If you know of any other fluids to be changed please let me know.

Ok, you use 15W 40 for engine oil rated for diesels for most conditions If it's going to be below -20, you should use 5W 40 full synthetic for diesel. It takes 5 quarts, so buy 6.\012For your transmission model 4R100 and transfer case, it takes 6.4 q ... 2004 Ford Excursion

Transmission problem i have 2003 ford windstar v-6 automatic transmission. the car will start and the gear shift lever will ingage to all drives. howerever the car will not move in any gear. i have checked the fluid level and it seems ok. the link looks like it is working order. the metal rod moves the selector level under the hood. i do not know what the problem is. would it be something electrical or is it with the transmission? thanks for the help. jake eicher email: [email protected]

Sorry to say i had the same problem. the spline between the engine and the trans sheared. I complained to Ford customer service and they were able to help with the cost but it still cost about 1500 ... 2003 Ford Windstar

1996 town and country 3.3 ltr engine 1.) service light came on, turned key back on and off three times and counted the service light...three blinks, a pause, and two more.. code 32 on the dash.i I assume. 2.) I did notice sometimes when I turn on the van the rpm and speedo are not working. and need to turn off and then on again a minute later to work 3.) also tranny is not always kicking down as it should to a another gear...its like Im in 3rd not in drive at 45 mph....it should be at aop

Have you checked the trans fluid or ever changed it? ... Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 1995 camaro i bought as a project car it originally had a v-6 but when i bought it the motor and transmission were pulled also the wiring harness is cut just outside of the "underhood fuse box" i would like to install a 383 stroker moter but really dont know where to start as far as wiring goes. In the end i also want all the cars factory electronics like radio and windows to work to. what do i do and what are my best options as far as re-wiring?

This site might be able to help u. http://www.ls1tech.com/forums/ ... 1995 Chevrolet Camaro

Excesive oil consumption in a Gran caravan 2008, around 44,000. I had before 2 other Grand Caravan from 1989 and 1999 w/ no problem at all. Know I have a new one two years ago and it's the worst van. It's burning oil 2qts every 1,000 mile if I would like to go to New York or any other state I have to put gas and oil jaja what a save for us.

I am very interest in helping you and I can but not in this format. I will give you my home phone and we can discuss the problem.I drove caravans for 10 years and can give you alot of help with your problelm.Tom ... 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 2000 Cadillac escalade and I just installed a brand new rebuilt transmission on it cause the RPM, MPH gauges would not work along with the little orange light that let's you know what gear your on. Also the CHECK GAUGES light came on. Anyway the suv started running like **** Like when I take off I have to punch in the gas more cause it struggles just to take off as if it was on 4x4 or something. So I paid a lot of money for the rebuilt tranny, installed it and the problem still pers

The new transmission. the tcm and pcm dont recognize the new transmission.by transmission being new.the transmission shift controls has to be reprogram to shift correctly.most all the late 90s and 2000s models gm vechicle.you install new parts they h ... 2000 Cadillac Escalade

I have a 2000 town and country. A/c runs cold for about 1 hour on a trip, then it blows warm. If you shut off engine for about ten minutes,it will run cold for another hour. Around town, on short trips it works great. I was told it was the compressor, but it sounds more like a switch problem, since it is fine after 10 minutes of shutting engine off.

I had the same thing happen with mine. This went on for about 1 1/2 years before the compressor completely froze up, breaking my serpentine belt (on the freeway no less). \015\012\015\012I would recommend having the compressor checked: ... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2000 Chrysler 2.4L auto in which the speedometer stopped working. It will also not upshift past second gear. I have come to the conclusion that the speed sensor is damaged, and the transmission put itself in limp mode. I have taken the cover off the wheel and can see the tan sensor on the side of the transmission. Before I remove it, I would like to know of any complications I may run into. Is there a chance of fluid spillage when I inscrew this? Will the engine automatically reset

... 2000 Chrysler Cirrus

2003 Chrysler Town & Country - front and rear fans (blowers) no longer work at all. Both apparently went at the same time. Coincidentally, I had just got the car back from my mechanic who rebuilt the transmission, along with replacing solenoid pack and other transmission related sensors ... seems unrelated? What is the most likely cause?

... 2003 Chrysler Town & Country

I would really like to know what is the easiest way to replace my spark plugs in my 1996 Lincoln Town Car, I know how to do it but the have no clue what to remove to make more room to work?

OK, not a problem, the only thing that is really going to make a difference is the tools. Get an extension abour ten to twelve inch 3/8 drive for your spark plug socket. It does help to move the fuel injectors around, so they are out of the way. Be s ... 1996 Lincoln Town Car

I would like too know is it possible too hook a 1999 ford explorer 4x4 4.0 v6 transmission 2 a 3.8l ford v6,if so will some 1 let me know wat changes to make ,an wat years are compatible?

A 4.0 transmission will not hook up to a 3.8, the bellhousing bolt pattern is different. It is possible though, that a machine shop could make an adapter plate to make your combination work. ... 1999 Ford Explorer

Code po770 I got a transmission code problem on my 2002 Toyota Camry and I would really like to know the details of this code PO770 Shift Solenoid E. I would like to know if it's a very serious malfunction on the Transmission and if it will cost me an arm and a leg to fix?. Please anyone that's an expert on this I would really appreciate your answers an advice

It is not a huge drama to replace this sensor, although the trans pan has to come off. While doing that it is a good idea to replace the filter in there. In the USA cost should be $400-$450 ... 2002 Toyota Camry

After fitting new struts to the tailgate of my daughter's 2001 Town and Country' the remote opener no longer works. I am returning to Australia on 7th Dec. and would like to fix the problem B4 I leave. Any ideas. She is a single mum with 3 young kids and can't afford to go to a Chrysler dealer!

Sounds like a bit off mall adjustment or knocked slightly offline,check around paintwork as to see if anything has shifted.?if so?that can be used as youre guide to readjust.if not try the local mechanic for advice if time permits?goodluck with it ... 2006 Chrysler Town & Country

I have a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville se, my A/C works but only on the passenger side, the drivers side blows hot air i check the ac fuses and they are good, the fuses said blower 1 and blower 2 so i would like to know where they are located so that i can see if its a blower problem, but its blowing but only blowing hot air

... 2000 Pontiac Bonneville

I have 1998 Mazda 626 and I have replaced the transmission 2 times and working on the 3rd one. Was there a re-call on these vehicles that was not published to the consumer? I would like to know if I can get some compensation for installing the 3rd transmision.

That is a story which I did not believe when I first heard it. Mazda transmissions can get to 50,000 fairly well but rarely 100,000 so they lowered their drive train mileage warranty to get out of putting so many new transmissions in at their cost. I ... 1998 Mazda 626

Reverse lights not working on 1988 Chevy pick-up truck (350 c.in motor)--No voltage to lights--would like to know where the switch is located that sends voltage to the lights, steering cloumn, fire wall, transmission, etc. Thanks, Richard

It is in the steering column. ... 1988 Chevrolet C2500

I have a 1996 dodge grand caravan. While driving down the highway or in town the engine shuts off. I put it in park turn the key over and nothing. It's like it doesn't have a battery, but all the lights work fine. Then after a few minutes or several minutes it starts up as if nothing is wrong. It has done it several times even setting in park. the scary thing is that I don't know when it's going to happen again. Any suggestions?

The entire function of the engine is controlled by electronic modules, all of these system can be tested at the dealer with a electronic scanner for Chrysler products, i suspect you may have a Body Control Module issue here ... 1996 Dodge Caravan

The little dash lights (that indicate vol.,power,seek etc. in the dark) don't work. At first I thought the little light bulb was blown, but the other day I noticed this lights came on intermitantely and stayed on for about 1 minute and then they turned off and didn't come on again. I would like to know if the problem is caused by a wire, a light bulb that's been blown, or a fuse that's been blown as well.

Hello! The wire that carries +12volts for the stereo illumination is fused, however that fuse also supplies power for; Dash dimmer, Cruise control switch light, Fog light switch light, Auto/trans position indicator, Rear window defogger switch ... 1997 Honda Civic
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