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My 2002 Chrysler Sebring 2.7 L engine overheats resulting in engine coolant bubbling up boiling into reservoir and overflows. I have had the cooling system bled & AC fryon replaced as a possible solution to problem. Approx. 300 km later, same problem. Car towed to dealer whose exhaustive diagnosis would indicate blowing compression into the cooling system caused by cylinder head gasket leakage (possible head warpage). Expensive repair bill suggested by dealer forces me to explore possible alt

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My 2002 Chrysler Sebring 2.7 L engine overheats resulting in engine coolant bubbling up boiling into reservoir and overflows. I have had the cooling system bled & AC fryon replaced as a possible solution to problem. Approx. 300 km later, same problem. Car towed to dealer whose exhaustive diagnosis would indicate blowing compression into the cooling system caused by cylinder head gasket leakage (possible head warpage). Expensive repair bill suggested by dealer forces me to explore possible alt

Thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. ... Chrysler Sebring

My 2002 Sebring 2.7 L engine overheats resulting in coolant boiling up into reservoir and it overflows. Cooling system was bled as well as fryon replaced in A/C to no avail. Approx. 300 km later, same problem. Had car towed to dealer whose exhaustive diagnosis suggests probable cause is engine blows compression into the coolant system resulting in overheating. Expensive repair job would involve cylinder gasket replacement as well gasket heads being worked on? Are there any alternative solut

Not knowing what the dealer did to diagnose your problem, the first thing that comes to mind is a clogged/defective thermostat. When coolant backs up into the reservoir, it's an indication of a blockage and that blockage is typically the thermostat. ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring

Intermittent overheating 2005 subaru impreza 2.5 rx ----dealer unable to replicate problem. Ideas?? i have a similar type problem, i had just had the head gasket replaced on my 2002 2.5rs, a month later the engine overheated and left me stranded, let the car cool and drove it home with out an overheat problem, had the radiator checked and no leaks or abnormal flow everything is normal with the radiator, replaced the thermostat and yes i put it in the correct way, filled the system up and burped

You have blown another head gasket. Oil won't get into the coolant, or coolant into the oil, but after the engine warms up exhaust gas will force it's way into the water jacket and stop coolant from flowing through. The best part is that it will be i ... 2002 Subaru Impreza

I have a 2005 Suzuki Verona and the check engine light has been on constantly for the past 4-5 months. I have taken it back to the dealer because it was still under warranty they have repaired and replaced minor things based on the diagnostic test and the codes and the light still stays on. The last codes revealed that the compression in the heads was low resulting in possible engine problems and the car is running very rough. Has anyone else complained of this issue?

... 2005 Suzuki Verona EX

1999 S80 Volvo. Engine Head Machined and head Gasket replace. Problem Engine oil flowing in to the Cooling system in large amounts. Looking for any History problem related. other then engine head or head Gasket. Something about a Half moon pipe Din't get the full story or where located.

If its turbo check that lines arnt ran incorectly to feed of turbo. or that turbo housing is bad. ... Volvo S80

Is a compression test a conclusive way to check for a leaking head gasket? My 99 honda civic (D16Y7) Is losing coolant and ruining radiator caps from the coolant obviously getting too hot. I did a compression test on each cylinder, as well as a pressure test with each cylinder TDC with 180psi for approximately 1 minute with the engine at running temp. At the same time i had a cooling system pressure tester on with 25psi...there was no loss of pressure in any of the cylenders or cooling system,

Check for milky oilIt may help to have the radiator cleaned and flushed, and a new thermostat installed, the coolant may be going out the overflowNot certain how it ruins radiator caps, they hold about 5psi in the radiatior and let excess ... 1999 Honda Civic

Engine overheating I have problem with mazda 323F, engine is overheating, I changed head gasket, but it is stil overheating, water pump is OK, and everything in cooling system except radiator that is not complete, but I dont think that is proble because before it was the same. everything started whem the engine pullled up some dirty from fuel tank. And I repaired that problem and I was driving my mazda for 500 km and it was started overheating, I changed geat gasket twice but..still overheating.

All i can think of is the thermostat is not opening. or you may have a clog somewhere preventing the flow. Check the T-stat and hoses and radiator ( for clogs) Good luck ... 1990 Mazda 323

Jetta continues to overheat despite changing the water pump, 2 thermostats, radiator, and coolant temp sensor. Seems as if the coolant is not circulating at all through the system. Radiator continues to stay cool as well. The only other problem I could think of is the head gasket, but there doesn't seem to be water in the oil. I know that water doesn't have to be in the oil in order for the gasket to fail, but what do you think the problem might be? Is it possible that a blown head gasket can pu

Seems like you have done the right things. i have repaired cars with same problems and it is the head gasket..the ones I worked on did not have any water in the oil but when I pulled the head off the gasket was blown. Let me know if that helps ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

What could cause my 2002 BMW 330i to continue to run hot after replacing the cooling system, bleeding the system of air and chekcing for a head gasket problem. They said they car was fixed it drove great then got hot after 13 miles and cools down very quickly. I started the engine after it ran hot and it sit dead center for about 5 minutes before it started to climb again.

Check to see if the engine is truly hot. next time with the motor running find the upper radiater hose and gently place your hand on it. if its cool or just warm to the touch your heat senser is probable the problem. if its hot and hard like its unde ... 2004 BMW 3 Series

My 1995 Civic LX keeps overheating consistently. I thought it may be the head gasket, so i very carefully replaced it. Engine runs strong. I have flushed the cooling system and refilled with antifreeze. It seems to be a vaporlock problem, but I have bled the air out of the system several times. Ideaws?

Make sure your retun pipe to the header tank is not bloked and have you changed your thermostat or checked it? ... 1995 Honda Civic

1999 oldsmobile alero 2.4 liter engine, we have compression in the cooling system. We would like information on how to remove the cylinder head, and change the head gasket.


Car keeps overheating. we got new radiator cap from the dealer, still too hot. Then we changed water pump and flushed system, still too hot. Then we called cadillac and spoke with service who told us it was probably head gasket and to do compression test on all cylinders, all cylinders tested good and held. So then we tried K&N Nanotechnology head gasket repair, still same problem. What else could it be?

I have seen several cases where headgasket leak could not be found by compression test check for engine heating up rather quick as 600 degree gas is entering cooing system also die is sold that can be added to cooling system that changes color if mix ... 1997 Cadillac Seville

2004 sprinter 2500 fails to start and displays starting error, when this happens, usually the remote entry system using the key won't work either. Engine will not crank. wiggling the positive battery cable has caused a clicking sound, and then engine started normally. this problem has been intermitant and no definite diagnostics seem possible. This spinter has a second battery installed after purchase by a non-dodge dealer shortly after purchase and has run fine up until last November when th

I know it sounds simple but I would replace both the battery cable ends with quality new ones or replace both positive and negative battery cables with the new ends attached. Hope this helps. ... 2007 Dodge Sprinter

Fiat Seicento 1.1, year 2001, irregular, high/low speed first error code P0300, possible problem EGR system, after EGR valve replacement, code reset, after starting the engine the same engine problem with new error code P0505 , possible problem iac control motor, after replacement iac control motor still the same engine problem, someone an idea or solution, what it can be?

... 2005 Fiat Pininfarina

Engine has a cold start problem has a rough idle for 20 to 30 secons ,entill the secondary air injection system shuts down , then the engine smooths out and runs ok . also when the air injection system shuts down it has a spun bearing noise comming from it , the dealer said noise was from the air shut off valve check valve .dealer said this was a normal noise , and they could not repair the misfire rough idle, GM would need to reprogram the ECM to corect flow problem, replaced MAF sensor , clean

Hi!!\015\012\015\012I heard about this before, I believe it is a PCM programming issue. Go to http://gmownercenter.yahoo.com it shows that there is a recall fo ... 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

I have 2005 MPV with electrical problems. It started out with the cooling fans sounding like jet engines. They run all the time and rev up and down. The head lights and interior lights will also flicker from time to time. It seems as though they don't have a steady flow of electricity. Could this possibly be a bad regulator, if so, where is it?

Very possible! The regulator is built onto the altenator. ... Mazda MPV

Heater will blow hot until I start driving. My heater is currently blowing hot and strong until I start driving. I have replaced my water pump, thermostat, and have had the cooling system cleaned and checked for any possible problems with coolant flow. It will start blowing hot again if I sit idol for 5-10 mins or rev engine for a few moments.

That mean your heater core is clogged, you will need replace for new one. There are no cure to fix the heater core. ... 1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV

I bought a UK spec E39 528i last year with an over heating problem (new head had been fitted)but still over heating.I bleed the water system and drove home just short of a 100 miles with no problem.Next day I drove a short distance,when she over heated,got here home ;et her cool down.Read up on bleeding,got the car front end up as far as possible. Still no luck,changed thermostat water-pump,then discovered the bottle on the side of the rad was leaking so I bought a new one,3 rad's later I dec

Remove the colas and repair or change it because the colas is not straight that's while there's pressure in pipes and inside water system .. the CO2 is going to mixed with water ... 1999 BMW 5 Series

Need urgent help, please! My Lexus LS 460L 2008 show the icon ABS, VSC, and Brake System and it says CONTACT DEALER. This problem happened only when the engine is cold. When I drive for about 20 minutes, I stop the engine and start it again, there is no more problem. This happened same thing for few days so I decided to go to the authorized Toyota dealer in Cambodia. My car was checked and advise me to keep overnight for them to study this case. The next two days I got answer for the dealer tha

... Cars & Trucks

Why does my engine not reach normal operating temperature, too cool, temp gauge is about 1/4, 1/2 is normal, with lower engine temp the heater takes longer to warm the car. Could the problem be the thermostat or a problem with the heater core? the car is a 2001 Volvo V70 (5 Cylinder) with 96,000 miles. No previous problems with cooling system.

I suspect you are right with the thermostat angle.The new thermostats are the opposite to the old ones that used to cook the motor when they failed.The new ones run too cold in case of failure and also up the fuel consumption becaus ... 2001 Volvo V70

Help dear sir i have daewoo cielo year 1996 and im facing problem with it and i would like to solve this problem if that is possible because we dont know weather the problem is electric or in the fuel system i will explain the problem to you the problem is that the car engine does not work perfectlly when i accerate the engine stops when the car goes the engine start cutting

I have a problem very similar same car only a year younger.\015\012But, it's not a spark problem (been checked), it's not the spark leads (been replaced), it's not the coil (been replaced), it's also not the distributor cap either (been replace ... 1999 Daewoo Lanos

Installed a stroker kit on a 351c engine. Seems to have good compression but smokes when slightly hot. Oil in tailpipe. Just did valve stem seals. Engine has always run right at the edge of the operating temp so thats nothing new. Did a compression with the engine heated up to where it is having problems. It was lower than normal. As the engine cooled compression returned to normal and had less than 5% difference from top to bottom. I think it has to do with the difference in heat expans

Not really sure about the 5% variance unless you measured cylinder bore. The problem could be in the ring material which could be yet a third metal. Every metal has its own expansion rate. Perhaps the rings were okay for the diameter of the bore, b ... Mercury Cougar

Overheated motor I had replaced piston rings and piston bearings and had the head skimmed and valves seated after over heating but the problem is when the engine is cooled down, the radiator hoses sqeeze closed as if there is a vacuum in the radiator. The temperature is normal on short distance and the starting is no problem although I lose about 100 - 200ml of radiator water.The engine had no piston ridge so was not needed to rebore. could the block or head be cracked as this was not checked? B

Hi\015\012Have you replaced the radiator cap and if you have a expansion tank fitted check that also. As the water temp rises to normal temp it send water to the expansion tank and when it cools down it sucks it back. Check that yo ... 1994 Toyota Corolla

My husband has a 2005 2.4L turbo convertible pt cruiser which vibrates when he's going 60 mph and above. Took it to Tire business in the area to check the tires-tires new last fall-alignment was done and diagnostic-?possible compression problem with the engine (too low). Told to take it to the dealership to diagnose the problem. Dealership said it was the tires (?belt), may need an alignment and possibly the ball joints. They didn't do a compression test. Bushings and new clutch done in the

Ok this is a good un? first change the left tires,,,for a new one as i think its a faulty tire,,,and you dont rotate tires!!! they only turn one way,,and thats normaly marked on them if its turning/spinning the wrong way it could well strip the tred ... 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser

How do you set timing mode,and how do you service ride control,and how do you service ac system, and how do you turn ac compresser on, how do u fix the traction disabled, also one of the big problems is the ac system it says: very low refrigerent,ac compresser off, service ac soon, service ac system,ac compresser off, ac over heated,engine hot, please if you can help me i would be very greatful thankyou -David Anthony Castro

... 1993 Cadillac Eldorado
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