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Need help with the wires that r connected to starter on 2000 chevy venture... the "S" cable i believe is the one from starter to solenoid ( a bare cable) right? well, theres a wire on vehicle that has a yellow rubber sleeve is that connected to the bare "S" cable bolt also? I have a buch of cables that I secured together on other bolt and then theres one single little wire... the wire with the yellow jacket is the one thats driving me crazy!!!??? dont want to connect anything , yet, scared i

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Answers :

See if the car starts without hooking it up to anything
Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Chevrolet Venture

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Need help with the wires that r connected to starter on 2000 chevy venture... the "S" cable i believe is the one from starter to solenoid ( a bare cable) right? well, theres a wire on vehicle that has a yellow rubber sleeve is that connected to the bare "S" cable bolt also? I have a buch of cables that I secured together on other bolt and then theres one single little wire... the wire with the yellow jacket is the one thats driving me crazy!!!??? dont want to connect anything , yet, scared i

See if the car starts without hooking it up to anything ... Chevrolet Venture

Dropped the starter on 1999 chev Silverado 5.3 V8. The wire harness to the starter has the two leads that connect to the starter and one lead that plugs into the vehicle just above the starter. This lead has 3 wires (one yellow one blue one green) they pulled out of their plug and now I do not know what order they go back in. The truck will turn over but will not fire. Connected the plug stands so that the wires are stacked one on top of the other. Does anyone know what order these wires would g

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Starter issue the starter in my 96 vw gti wasn't working, so I replaced it, but come to find out it wasn't the starter, it was the copper bushing, it wasn't allowing the starter to spin properly, so I replaced that. the problem is that my dad is the one who removed the starter and now I don't know which wires go where, theres a wire coming from the postive battery post and one from the negative (i know the negative goes on the engine mount/starter bolt) and theres one coming from the alternater

Go to www.autozone.comregister there.this will give you a free online repair manual for your car.It is a great site and it's freeit gives you step by step repair instructions and diagramsI u ... 1996 Volkswagen GTI

I am trying to replace a starter on a 2002 ford taurus. I have taken off the three wires connected to it and two bolts, one above and one below, connecting the starter to the car. It will not budge and I do not see where else it bolts on to.

There are three bolts,one is close to the solenoid,the other one is directly below that one,and the other one is half way between them ,on the side sort of ... 2002 Ford Taurus

I need to replace the starter for my 87 4x2 Toyota pick-up with the 22R engine. I have removed the 2 lower contacts (one had a plastic connecter and the other bolts on) and the 2 long mounting bolts. There is a 3rd wire on the top of the starter that I am not sure how to remove. I have replaced a starter before on a 00 Camry and it did not have the 3rd wire. Thank you

Just unplug it pull towards the front.That wire comes from your ignition switch.It tells the starter to start. ... 1988 Toyota Pickup

I went to replace the positive battery cable in the van and noticed 3 seperate wires all coming off of the terminal. The main cable and a smaller one go to the starter and a third, large thick black one go in towards the driver's side. I haven't found any store bought cables that fit this description (the old cable had a clamp they were fitted into at the terminal), so I replaced the bad cable (main red one) and jury-rigged the other two bare ends to the battery terminal. It now starts fine, but


My 1992 chevy g20 won't crank the starter seems to be getting no juice...we charged the battery, checked connection cables, tried to jump it from another car, tried to tap on the side of the solenoid while turning the key, attached jumper cables to positive wire going into the solenoid and to a bolt under the starter for a ground and the other end of the cables to a second battery.....nothing....I don't have very much money at all...any advice?

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I am trying to remove starter from 1998 corolla. Removed battery & starter cables, one bolt on same side as wire harness. Online said need to remove TWO bolts, on opposite sides from each other. Can't find second bolt.

Put your finger on the hole where the one bolt was. Run it around the edge of the starter until you run into the other bolt. You might need to remove it be sense of touch... ... 1998 Toyota Corolla

Hi i put a b18 in my 99 1.4 civic and one of the dizzy plugs dont fit in the engine loom . theres an extra two wires a orange wire and a yellow an blue wire does anyone no what they do and could i just put on a new dizzy plug and leave the two wires not connected ?

Hi! Just a tip, leave the wires first and go on changing the plugs. They might just work. HOpe this helps. ... 1998 Honda Civic

Installing new starter on 2000 chevy venture... need to know where a yellow jacketed wire goes??? also, the "S" cable (wired mesh) is connected by itself with no other wires with it???? please help with where wires go !!! cant install till sure of where what goes...thx

... 2000 Chevrolet Venture

My starter i had my altenator checked and my battery both in brand new condition i changed my starter and when the battery cable is placed back on the starter turns on withoput the key bein in the ignition i had the starter taken back out and tested its workin fine the old one was tested it dont work so i know i got the right part but why would it turn on and spin when the battery is connected without the key bein in the ignition ??could it be the wires are wrong even if its hooked up the same w

Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Then disconnect both wires on the starter/solenoidOne of these wires is a big one that comes from the battery. It is probably a red wire and about the size of the wires that connect to the batte ... 2000 Nissan Maxima

I Have a 1987 Full Size Blazer 4 4 350 5.7L.I noticed There is only one brown wire and Battery wire connected to altenator and I was wondering if the other wire that is supposed to have a connector with brown wire that plugs into altenator comes from battery cable or starter.

... Chevrolet Blazer

1985 Ford Bronco.....alternator will not charge the battery. Replaced battery, alternator, voltage regulator, starter relay, and have completely cleaned all wiring associated with the battery & alternator. Cleaned all ground connections down to bare metal and re-installed in vehicle. Still will not send charge to battery. Vehicle starts, remove positive battery cable from battery, vehicle quits. Ran continuity tests on all the cables, everything checks out o.k.. Alternator has 5 posts on the bac


Two large bolts comeing off the starter which one do connect battery cable top or bottom one


OK...so I just replaced the transmission on this 97 Jimmy. I went through the floor to get at one of the bolts just behind the gas pedal. In the process I damaged the wire harness that runs to the plugs on the drivers side of the tranny where the shift cable hooks up. I know..."DUMB @ss!!" I hooked the wires back together after the trans was removed. Only thing is, there were 2 yellow, 2 pink, and 2 green that had no distinguishing markings. I had a 50/50 shot. I got the trans back in and now th

No i have done worse in my time so your not alone bruv,i wouldnt even have bothered with taking a auto box out to start with ,they are just too expensive here its cheaper to buy another car ,a manual one --- now why did you cut the floor to start wit ... GMC Jimmy

Hello,i am changing my radio from stock to store brought.i have connected all wires correctly.there are two extra wires. one is red with yellow stripe. when i connect that wire to a power source,the dash lights turn on. when i turn on the headlights,the dash lights turn off. so i have no dash lights.the other wire is red with a green stripe . when i connect that one to a power source, the parking light turn on.on the stock radio, there is a connection for those two wires. all my fuses are good.

I guess you just cut all the wires and didnt' purchase a wiring harness. You should spend the extra money. Makes it way easier plus you can always put the stock one back in with no problem if you ever decide to sell the car. More than likely the red/ ... 1994 Geo Metro

I have a jeep that was converted to a 12 volt system., and a solenoid switch. 1. I have one wire going from the Alt. through the cable to the battery. 2. The battery cable goes to the right side of the solenoid switch. 3. The cable on the left of the solenoid switch goes to the starter. 4. The terminal at the top of the solenoid switch goes to the igniition switch and one wire from the ignition switch goes to the right side of the Amp guage. 5. One wire on the right side of th

What you have doesn't sound quite right, nor does the advice you are getting, though I don't think it would cause a short either. \015\012I think the right way depends on what you want the amp gage to measure. If you want it to read the total ... Jeep CJ

I had a senior moment and during the duration between removal and replacement (alternator) forgot where the wiring connects. Volvo 240. Only three wires. One from Batt to B+ but my dash light (Battery ) is on without the key being inserted. Can't believe I am doing this.!! There are one B+, Two D+ One is threaded and the other is blade. I have a thin red wire with electrical blade connector, one battery cable , and one cable that appears to go into the frame under the engine. Is that a run to th

The thin red wire should go to the blade connector on the alternator.The battery cable which should be red and hot goes to the B+ connector.The other wire should be black is a ground , goes the alternator ground terminal --a D- . ... 1987 Volvo 240

I have a radiator twin fan from a 2002 dodge intrepid that I want to use on AC condenser on my motorhome. it has blue, green, yellow, and black wires at the connector. the blue changes to black and goes to #2 fan, green and yellow split and go to both fans. So each fan has a green, yellow and black wire connected to it. I can connect - to black and + to either yellow or green and one fan runs. connect - to blue and other fan runs. join black and blue together and we get short circuit. Hel

If you want both fans to run at the same time connect green and yellow to + 12v and blue and black to - 12v ... 1999 Dodge Intrepid

Electrical sparks cpming from battery wehn cable is connected the one with the starter wire.

Sounds like you have a short somewhere. Look for bare wires touching metal. ... 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

No start have spark, fuel pressure, great compression. installed new distributor,starter ,cables and the relay, module is new and tested.ECM, distibutor connection plug, ignition switch, coil cap rotor wires and plugs timing gears, drained fuel tank,changed injectors and fuel pressure regulator with known good ones,fuel filter messed with the timing (3 of us) untill i'm blue in the face. checked firing order and timing. Today it wanted to start on can of brake clean but then it will not do it ag

Get a can of quick start and try it. did it backfire or anything like that. check the oil as well and see what colour it is. ... 1991 Ford F150

Wiring the starter solenoid on a 65 Mustang. I bought a new starter solenoid and replaced the old one, I then got new cables and took them off one by one and replaced the wires, but now it just clicks. Needed to know exactly which wires go where. Thanks

... Ford Mustang

I have a high torque gm starter no letters markings on the studs. it has two studs and one prong. the wiring harness has one violet wire and one yellow. does the yellow go to the prong and the violet go to the stud on the selinoid side. this is a after market harness for a 1968 GMC pickup. it also has a green wire that goes on a prong. Can someone help me out

The two studs on the starter are the mains,one if you will look is connected to the starter(these terminals are on the solenoid)The other large stud,is for the cable from the battery positive post.The large post that goes to the starter,does not have ... GMC C2500

I have a 96 ford explorer xlt with a hidden hitch. the 7 pin rv connector is not working. i found where the wires from vehicle connect to 7 pin connector and one wire was caroded at the crimp black wire there is also white and green with yellow stripe and yellow. i soldered and shrink tubed and it still is not working but ther was also a white and a black wire connecting from the 7 pin rv connector to a bracking system witch i removed and did not reconnect do i need this for my ground and 12v o

Yes, you need the other wires to provide the trailer with battery voltage. If the trailer has trailer brakes, you should have an RV mechanic wire up the connector so the brakes on the trailer operate from the Ford. ... Ford Explorer

My truck has a "Floor stomp" type starter and I want to convert to a push-button start on dash. I have replaced the original mechanical starter with a solenoid starter wich has the following connections: 1. Large connection at top ( believe for bat cable and Amp meter) 2. "S" ( for Start wire from Ignition?) 3. "R" ( maybe for resistor in some situation?) Can anyone tell me how to correctly wire up this configuration?? A diagram would be great. Thanks.

... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
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