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I have a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer XLT with 75,000 miles on it. The check engine light comes on periodically and twice I've lost power when I have just started to accelerate after starting the engin

\015 Why is my SUV's...\012~check engine light coming on and off and it stops when I remove and replace the gas cap? (I replaced the gas cap a year ago.)\012~service 4 wheeld rive light going on and off for no reason?\012~hesitating at the first stop sign when I first use the SUV - doesn't continue after that?\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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I have a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer XLT with 75,000 miles on it. The check engine light comes on periodically and twice I've lost power when I have just started to accelerate after starting the engin

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Sorento diesel has lost power at low revs. It is a 2005 with 99000kms. When cold the engine starts and then cuts. This normally happens twice and then runs with low power. The car accelerates very slowly until the turbo kicks in. It is a automatic. It has been at the Kia dealer for 2 weeks unable to find the problem. It has new injectors and the same problem, I can now also hear a wyn from the turbo after about 2200 rpm as the power kicks in. Any advise will be appriciated. Thanks James

Mobil phone lock to unlock persigior ... 2005 Kia Sorento

My car recently lost power. the engine will start and the car will go, but it will not go any faster then 10mph and it can not go up hills without loosing power. also the check engine light came one once all this started happening. it hapened all the sudden there were no sings of anything going wrong up until it lost its power. can you give me an idea of whats going on

How many miles? a high miler will lose compression in cylinder and cause this problem.Anytime the check engine light comes on go to autozone parts store and get it read for free they will thell you what codes mean and let you know whats wrong. ... 2003 Mazda Tribute

This has happened to me twice, about 2 months apart. The Sprinter will be running fine and then when I go to accelerate there is no power. I have to use the shifter to get the Sprinter up to speed. When I stop and turn the engine off, it will run fine the next time I start up. We had a problem a year ago when I lost all turbo boost which did not go away and had to be repaired by the dealer. This new problem does not seem to be the same thing since it is intermittent. Any idea what is th

Really I will refer to experience and probability based on what you have mentioned in tackling this issue.This is a fuel system related problem.Check the fuel pump located in the fuel tank beneath the back seat and the fuel fi ... Dodge Sprinter

Starting problem I change the alternator & the batterie & i still have problem to start my lumina apv 94 with 3.1 v 6 . It looks like not enough power . When the engine is cold ,no problem but if i stop the engine & start it again immediately it looks like the battery lost his power but it s a brand new one

You have a wire grounding out somewhere causing it to drain the battery... Where? well it could be anywhere the only easy fix for this would be to unhook your battery when your not using it... but thats not really a fix you will have to trace y ... 1994 Chevrolet Lumina APV

I have a 1997 Nissan frontier. I was driving to work in the rain and suddenly lost power, could here the motor rev but trk was barely pulling. the battery cables were hot to the touch, I had power but when you turn the key there was only silence, no click or anything. I push started it twice thereafter. the first time the trk spit and sputtered and died after a minuit. the second time it started and ran fine for about 2 miles then lost power in the same way. now it will do nothing. I had the bat

You got Water up into the Distributor Cap. Change the Cap and Rotor Bug if it has one, This should fix it. ... Nissan Frontier

I have merc 190 1986 , + it wont start .. doesnt seem to b having any fuel to engine,but the pierberg carb is filling up, she has started twice+runs lovely eccept 4 if i give her a bit of throttle,she cuts out +wont start again..does the carb electrics,have power to it when ignition is turned on ? or when the engine is cranking? i have tested the electrics when ignition is on but doesnt seem to b having any power..and have stripped carb down and inspected diaphram +things but it all looks ok ?

... 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190

Was driving my 1991 Honda Civic two days ago and the check engine light came on, the car lost power but the engine was still on, turned engine off waited a few minutes car started the check engine light was off and car drove fine. yesterday the same exact thing happened. then today the same thing happened a few times with less miles inbetween. then the engine started dying when the check engine light came on but will start after waiting 10 minutes but die soon after and a few times did not sta

Distributor module.... any recent tune-ups? e.g= cap,rotor,wires,plugs? parts are reasonably priced and labor should be around 1 hour... start there... ... 1991 Honda Civic

Engine failure Yesterday going down the highway at 70mph i lost half of my power and then the engine light came on. Made it to my destination and then back home. Friend from up the street came down hooked up his OBD2 Dianolisis machine(computer). Read that it passed. I turned off the motor it would not start back up. Came out the next morning and the truck started back up took a while to start back up. The engine light was off, and on the way to work the engine light came back on and has same pr

When a catalytic converter is coming apart on the inside, it can restrict air flow and power, and it usually happens or gets worse when the vehicle has been running long enough to generate a lot of heat. Once it cools down, the symptoms can complete ... Cars & Trucks

My camry 1994 3.0 just lost most of it's power it was fine when i turned it off. Started it the next mornig and the check engine light cam on lost most of it's power and bogs out when you give it gas. Changed the fuel filter but is runs smooth but has no power. Fuel pump runs could it be week and that is why it lost it's power ??

Depending on the mileage. I would say that it sounds like it could be a couple of things. It could be the MAF sensor, or the timing could be off. Are you getting any error codes? ... 1994 Toyota Camry

1996 royal star Couple days ago bike lost power randomly while stopping or cruising down the road. I changed fuel filter and checked fuel pump operation. Later that day bike lost power while stopping again. I read the starter cutout relay can cause, so I got used one. Now when I hit start button with kill switch on run it pops ignition fuse . However when I push start button with kill switch on off the engine cranks great but no spark . Ant ideas?

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2001 Mazda MPV, 2.5L eng. During accelerating on to highway, van lost power. Van continued to operate but with little power available. I have no engine light and my code "checker" shows PASS (no codes). I was unable to continue to drive and had to have van towed home. I cleaned the MAF senser with contact cleaner (just forward of throttle body). I can start and idle van ok. When I accelerate engine in PARK (neutral) engine operates OK. Put van in drive and I have little power with low RPM (Trans

... 2001 Mazda MPV

Injector plugs my z24 was runnin perfect 4months ago then one night my engine was only gettin fuel in 3 cylinders a month or 2 passes by then the engine lost power to another plug and well my engine was only runnin on half the power ... 2 cylinders then lastnight as i started my car it stalled by itself i restarted it then pumped the gas gettin the rpm to increase somewhat but yet very slowely would it increase thinkin that now perhaps my engine is runnin off of 1cilander.. not even enough to mo

If u put a bulb across the contacts thhe bulb will light when cranked to show there is power there thr it on each 1 , if no light then there is no power or signal to the injectors ... 1988 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

We changed the timming belt started motor everything was runnig fine. we turned motor off to check oil water and other things to finish the job. We went to start it again and it won't start. We have power to gauges and you can jump the relay and starter will turn over but engine won't start. Its like we lost power to somthing. can you help?

Recheck timing marks\015\012When you replace belt you must turn engine over a couple of times by hand,before you start it,so you can recheck marks and belt tension. ... 2004 Toyota Tundra

Engine trouble After engine died and lost power on highway and would not restart, had truck towed home. Fixed power issue with new battery to starter cable. Also found crack in radiator. Fixed crack in radiator and refilled system, found water pouring from catalytic converter. Pulled plug from oil pan and found water in oil pan. Engine still will not start suspect head gasket blown. is engine worth saving?

Sounds pretty serious. If the truck is in decent condition you might want to check into a good used engine. ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

I have a Land Rover freelander 2003, with V6 engine 2.5 liters. After starting the engine shakes and stalls or judders in low revolutions in neutral and when I accelerate. What I do is turned it of and restart the engine two or three times and engine works fine. But when I turn It off for more than thrre hours and I start it again it begins again it skes and stalls again. When it stalls, shakes or judders it looks as if it has lost power and is not running o 6 cylinders The fuel pump was chan

First of course make sure the basics are ok and not in major need of a tune-up, after that check the throttle plate for excessive coking build-up, the computer is reliant on small amounts of air passing through to properly raise idle, usually this p ... 2002 Land Rover Freelander

Recently purchase used 2004 explorer with 100,000mi. on way home from thanksgiving diner wrench light came on and car lost power to gas pedal. Pulled over and stopped. Wrench, throttle control valve came on and service engine soon light on. Stepped on gas does nothing, engine will idle . shut off and started up , all lights still on engine idles slowly , if i step on gas - sputters slowly but does not increase engine speed. where do i start. Day before when shut car off noticed unual gas smell.

Sounds like it may be the catalytic converter ... 2004 Ford Explorer

My honda legend 1996 was indicating ABS, engine oil,temperature, battery alarms and lost power. On trying to restart it after cooling down it will not start showing battery and engine oil alarms.

... Cars & Trucks

My car back fired on freeway then boged down ,[lost power like a engine that has a miss in it but i pulled over then it died. I started it up again and when i putmy foot on gas it boged down real bad so i turned it off. waited 5 minutes ,started it again and it was fine. But for the last month or so it haS RACED UP AT A STOP SIGN THEN WILL DIE ABOUT 3 TIMES IN A MOPNTH. Also my check engine light comes on every other time i start my car for months or chenk oil light also . and one time when i

You have a computer prob. since your having more than one problem you need to have engine/comp. scanned. go to any parts store and they will scan for free and give you a print out of diagnosis. good luck man.. ... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

My celica used to start with no problems starting before. now all the sudden the car will not even attempt tostart. ive replace the wires to 8.5 replaced all fuses checked all relays, checked with a power tester and all were powered up. i have a brand new battery and still nothing . its a manual transmission so i tried push starting it and still nothing wont even try im lost i know it has to be electrical but where

Double check all engine grounds ... 1990 Toyota Celica

My 1994 Jeep Cherokee will not start, Power to electronics but engine will not turn over. I pulled over, turned off the ignition. A few minutes later I tried to turn her on again and nothing but a quiet whaaaoooommm sound. when i try to start her. The electronics were getting power, but it seems to be fading. Ive tried a few jump starts, but we're pretty car clueless so Im not sure if were doing it correctly

One of two things i can suggest. One being the battery is pretty dead that even a jump start won't work or the alternator may not be working. ... 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport

My 1999 e320 lost power as I was driving down the freeway. The check engine light came on and it would only go about 25 mph. I stopped, shut the engine off and restarted it a few minutes later. It ran perfect for about thirty minutes, then started bogging down again. now it has no power, shakes and it makes a deep straining sound kind of like the secondaries opening up on an old four barrel carb. No power, but not making any unhealthy noises from under the hood. I have been having a problem for

Take the Vehicle to a Automotive parts store and they will scan the on board computer, ( for Free ) and retreave any strored Diagnostic Trouble Codes.Then bring the list of Codes back to me and I will Assist you with whatever the problem is. And abou ... Mercedes-Benz E320

New battery, completely drains while car not used for a day. Initial problem car lost power while driving, rpm went up when accelerating but power didn't eventually stalled. Started again, ran real rough, parked it, battery drained completely by next morning, had it charged, started car, very rough idle, put it in gear felt like it would stall little power, parked it, battery drained again, charged it checked w/ volt meter reads 14.4 while idling, put air lights on, engine stumbles, volt meter

... 1991 Cadillac DeVille

My 93 Cadi Devile will not start after having a new cathlytic converter installed due to the stock one going out on me on the freeway. The engine lost power and shut down and would not start back up. Took it to a shop and they did a diagnostic and said there was some how 50lbs of fuel pressure at the fule rail and there is spark going to the plugs and can't figure out why the engine won't start. They then told me after further checking that the timing is retarded or has jumped and is the reason

Thats kind of weird how you would have a cat failure and then as soon as it was replaced, your timing is off.. It doesn't make any sense, actually. If you can give some more details about this problem, I'd like to help more. (For example: when you tu ... 1993 Cadillac DeVille

My 2000 dodge stratus 2.4 DOHC won't start? I was driving on the highway and for a good 3 miles I felt three mini-misfires going off in my engine. Eventually I lost the power to accelerate in the car anymore and then my power steering went out in my car. When I tried to restart my car it started up, but I was unable to accelerate or use the power steering; on the dash the red light with the oil came up. I checked both dip sticks and they were fine. I tried removing fuses to reset the computer an

You must turn the engine over by hand for one revolution to ensure the motor has not seized due to oil pressure!get back to me ... 2000 Dodge Stratus
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