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I have a 1997 chevy silverado. When it sits for a day or two it starts real hard. It begins to turn over normal and then turns over real low and slow and then goes back to normal and finally starts. My opinion is that the starter is shot and is draining the battery because I notice on my volt guage that the alternator is working hard to get the battery back to normal operating range on the guage after starting.

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Sounds like you may have faulty field coils within the starter. You can take it off and go to a starter/alternaor shop and have it check, they can ascertain if it is pulling excess amperage, and either make repairs or replacment unit.
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I have a 1997 chevy silverado. When it sits for a day or two it starts real hard. It begins to turn over normal and then turns over real low and slow and then goes back to normal and finally starts. My opinion is that the starter is shot and is draining the battery because I notice on my volt guage that the alternator is working hard to get the battery back to normal operating range on the guage after starting.

Sounds like you may have faulty field coils within the starter. You can take it off and go to a starter/alternaor shop and have it check, they can ascertain if it is pulling excess amperage, and either make repairs or replacment unit. ... Chevrolet Silverado

1995 GMC truck won't start, good battery, battery guage shows nothing, when it does register truck will start. It is a random problem that has been getting worse. Usually when it does this I can turn the key off and on a couple times and it will come back to normal and start. It is almost like the computer isn't sending anything to the coil the motor will just turn over, but not start. In it's normal condition the batt guage reads about 10-12 volts, and when it acts up the guage sits below 0 vol

Try replacing your Negative battery cable...had this problem b-4. ... 1995 GMC Sierra C1500

While im driving i noticed the amp meter was going down to the left(discharge). I would turn off all electrical acc and then after 10-15 secs. it would jump back to a normal position on the guage. I replaced the battery but it still had to be jumped after the car sat for a few hours.

I suggest that you check your charging system. With the ignition off, measure the battery voltage, then measure it again with the engine running. The voltage should be higher with the engine running, by 1 - 2 volts. This is a just a quick check, b ... 2004 Ford Mustang

Please call Stan at 415-606-5777 cell. THE PRIUS runs normally but has a red warning light and with the car symbol, with codes p3000 and p3009 and fuel consumption of @ 30 mpg. I cleaned the battery terminals. All the cells test 16 volt equally. But some cells had up to 50 volts between the high voltage battery and the negative frame. After the first try, reconnecting the 12 volt battery, the car ran normally for @ 10 miles. then the check engine light came back and the codes

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My '93 grand cherokee 6cyl 4.0 would not start. It will start when i boost the battery. i have a brand new battery. i removed the battery and tested it and i got 12 volts at the battery terminals. When it is running i read about 12 volts on the car battery gauge. I disconnected the cables to the battery and it stays on runnining. I also got 14 volts at the alternator terminals. I''ve noticed that when i turned of the engine and try to restart the jeep, the battery status guage pointer will stay

Find the blown fuse or bad ASD relay - that'll get it going. Outside chance you might have a wiring problem, ground or something, but the PCM turns that ASD relay on, which supplies the injectors and the alternator field with power.If you ... Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hello. I installed a Bosch alternator in my vehicle below back in November of 2005. About a month ago, the voltage gauge on the truck started to register below the normal "14 volts". At the same time, the battery "idiot light" would pop on. After driving the vehicle for a little bit, the gauge would return to normal and the idiot light would snap off. To make a long story short, it was deemed the battery was bad so I replaced the battery. Now, the same sympton is back. I just drove into w

Sounds like the voltage regulator inside the alternator is bad. need to have alterrnator checked ... Chevrolet K2500

Hybrid battery Drove 5 miles home, put 04 Prius in garage. The next morning started and backed out of garage and when went forward noticed engine was running faster than usual and was acting like automatic transmission that was low on oil and was slipping. Checked screen symbol and the Hybrid battery was down to one red line at the bottom of the battery. After driving a few blocks the battery built up to normal. This same thing happened when I was in a traffic back up for a few minutes. My miles

The first thing that I would check is the weight of oil in the engine crankcase. If you put the wrong weight oil in the engine, you can expect your Prius to do bizaare things. What is printed on the oil fill cap is the ONLY oil that will work properl ... 2004 Toyota Prius

While drive the voltage guage will go to 18 volts and check guage light comes on. can shut truck and guage goes back to normal for awhile. was also in park and the truck made a pop noise and volts drop down under 8 and all lights dimmed. . question is this the voltage reg. in computer or a alternator problem?

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I have 2nd car 2005 mustang gt and it has less than 20,000 miles on it. First the fuel guage stopped working, next the speedometer gave a few very strange readings and now it reads way off the actual speed. Next the tempature guage read very high but motor did not seam very hot and no water loss. Then temp guage went back to normal and now sometimes reads normal sometimes never registers. So far tachometer and digital mileage counter working fine. I have taken battery cables off in an attempt to

Probbably a bad body earth, Check allyour body earth connecions!\015\012Hope this helps.......Bruce ... Ford Mustang

Hello 1976 dodge 360 cab/motor motorhome. taking off on road trip i noticed i had no oil pressure. Stoping, i put in two quarts, three all together, looked under motor, nothing out of normal, took off, still know pressure. After a mile, i had oil pressure. Drove 20 miles, climbing altamont pass. Almost to the top, crusing at 60 65, i noticed a slight decrease in power. checked oil gauge, 0. all of a sudden back to normal rpms and oil pressure. At bottom of pass my partner driving behind me, info

Hello! The most probable cause of fire was a clogged PCV valve...Crankcase gas, being under pressure, will find a way out via a weak seal or gasket in the engine...This creates an oil leak...Ignition for the fire was probably spark in that the PCV an ... Dodge Pickup

97 jeep wragler sport 6cyl battery good and holds charge, changed starter, drove about a mile and battery gauge shot up to 19 volts, went back down to normal then shot back up to 19, what do you think is wrong?

Use a digital voltage meter on the battery to verify the 'spikes', Jeep Wrangler gauges are notorious for being erratic (I have a 98 TJ, how's your gas gauge working?)-the printed circuit board gets weird due to water leaks that find thei ... 1997 Jeep Wrangler

2004 Grand prix temp guage goes high then drops back to normal constantly, notice also gas guage will fluctuate almost 3/8 tank when this happens then comes back

... 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

Noticed abs & air bag warning lights on at red light on a complete stop, car starts and response slow when lights turn green. Drove another minutes or so and parked, battery light flashed a few times, abs/airbag light goes off, engine off and won't come back on. Several hours later.. it starts normal. temperature gage normal, battery terminal tight. Where to start looking and what could be wrong? Thanks

Critical Warning Lights\015\012\015\012\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\015\012\011\011\011\011\011\011\011\011Brake Light. Make sure you are not driving with hand brake \015\012on. ... 2004 Hyundai Elantra

I have just recently replaced the battery on my MR2 and the car was driving fine and after a week I noticed that the voltage meter was reading almost half way rather than the normal three quarters. I kept driving the car and the car came to a complete stop the battery was dead and the battery light never came on. I took the battery to autozone to get checked and they told me that the battery was fine after they had recharged it. What would cause the car to not produce the adequate amount of volt

Retest your alternator/charging system. Either alternator or voltage regulator is bad. If you have a volt meter/or access to one - easy test - start car and test voltage at battery - it should be 12.6 - 14.8 volts w/car running anything less you have ... 1991 Toyota MR2

P1682 P0743 PO753 P1765 was seeing some flucation in the battery volts, then it would go back to normal, then it did it more then the check gauge lit up. then battery went all the way dead, took out the alternator had kragen check it, and the battery they said it was the battery. got a new one then it drove really good for a day then it did the same thing, had a pretty big stero hooked up, got another alternator ( not sure if its the right one) put it in and someone did some checking of wires n

... Dodge Durango

A6 2L SE 2002. Recently had engine rebuilt following dreaded water into inlet manifold! Car back but now have some erratic speedo bounce. Starts after about 30 mins driving irrespective of the conditions. Speedo drops to 0 on acceleration returns to normal on braking but then intermittent drops back to zero or bounces from between 10 and 40. Have disconnected battery for 30mins to reset ECU. Have taken back to garage who have put on diagnostic which confirms but still occuring. Have thought abou

Sounds like to me you have a wiring harness problem ... 2002 Audi A6

Hi ;battery guage , speedometer ,rpm guage stay bottomed out.fuel guage did same thing couple o days ago but came back normal.

This is a pretty common issue for Trailblazers to have. Here's a link with more information about these GM gauge problems. \012 And where you can purchase replacement parts on Amazon if you want to do the repair yourself.\012 \012 \01 ... 2004 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Temp. guage keeps fluctuating from very hot to below normal. heat not that good. thermostat was changed. guage cluster changed. temp. sensor changed. could it be poss. head gasket prob? i have a 5.7 with 137 thousand miles on it. when the temp. needle goes to hot the check guages light comes on and it stays there for about 10 seconds then goes back to about 180 real fast.

Usually one of the head gaskets are bad normally the drivers side from what I have seen, typical problem, i have been down that road also ... 1994 Chevrolet K1500

My check guages light come on and off and the oil pressure guage goes for 0 and then back to normal

Have your oil pressure tested with a mechanical test guage as soon as possiable, if it is ok then replace oil pressure guage unit ... 2000 Dodge Durango

1989 F150 351 oil pressure guage starting dropping to 0 suddenly and engine light comes one. When I rev the engine it goes back to normal but a soon as the rpms drop the needle goes all the way to the left again and the engine light comes back on... Any suggestions?

Hi:\015\012Usually your oil light doesnt come on unless you have less than 10 lbs of oil pressure. You either have a bad oil pressure sending unit, or your engines oil pump is bad. The only way to verify your engines oil pressure is to buy a di ... 1989 Ford F 150

My battery light came on a the volt meter read 9 while running and then about ten to fifteen minutes later it will go back to normal, i had my altenator tested and it was good but my battery test showed that it was overcharged.

Renew alternator ,the brushes/commutator are worn giving intermittant charging ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo has suddenly started giving me a "check gauges" light when idiling. I noticed that my oil pressure was low, but as soon as I stepped on the gas it would go back to normal. This morning (June 20 '08) my battery was completely dead. As soon as I hooked up the jumper cables, my fan came on without even the keys in the ignition. After rechargig the battery, and shutting off the engine the fan continues to run.

The "resistor" to your blower motor system is bad...This is the only way your blower would continue to run after turning the key off...Ask your Auto Parts friends for the location...not a problem to change...Hope this helps...:) ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When driving 70mph light comes on (check gauges the amp gauge is all way to right (over chg) When drop to 60 or stop it goes back to normal. 3500 dodge diesel 5.9 lit. It seems to me it only could be the regulator (volt reg) Some mech. say the reg. is built into the alternator, others that is incorpated in the ECU. The heavy duty alternator can put out 60 volts which can destroy the two batteries. Which is it Alt. or ecu?

Both people may be correct. Chrysler used tow different systems, one with the regulator inside the alternator, the other version is inside the computer. I don't know which you have but if you bring the alternator to a parts house likely they can tell ... Dodge Ram Pickup 3500

A few days ago I started the Cruiser and had 4 indicators stay lit. They were the CHECK ENGINE...SLIP INDICATOR..VSC TRAC..VSC OFF. Didnt noticed any change in driving and 4-wheel drive is still working. I removed the negative cable from the battery and the same indicator lights have NOT come back. Everything is back to normal as far as warning lights go. Should I take it in to the service center and have it checked. Or should I wait to take it in, if it does it again?

Generally when a landcruiser doesthat it is because the alternator is on the way out -----get checked out by an auto electrician ... 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2002 F150 Radio went dead, noticed voltage dropping almost completely. Turned off heat and lights. Shortly afterwards, voltage returns back to normal. Everything is operational. I let run for 15 min to help recharge battery. Came back and voltage was completely gone again. Dead Cell? Bad voltage regulator? Bad Alternator?

The gauge in your truck reads the alternator output. Following are the possible causes:\015\012\015\0121. Belt is slipping\015\0122. Battery is shorted\015\0123. Poor connection at battery or to frame\015\0124. Alternato ... 2005 Ford F-150
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