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Ac comes out heat vent

\015 Ac does not come out of vents on dash. But comes out of heat vent under dash.\015
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Answers :

I would say the blend door is stuck or something happened to the selector on the dash. The system uses engine vac to move the blend door and direct air flow. If the vac source fails, the system is supposed to default to the defroster position.
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Heat is coming out of the passenger side middle seat floor vents when the a/c is on with the rear reostat switched on. Does anyone know what could be the problem? I do get heat out of the heater vents when the heat is turned on but also get heat ( a very slight amount) coming out of the heater vents when the a/c is on the rear reostat.

I think you should diagnosis of cooling electronic. ... 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager

Heat comes out of dash vents. When I switch to floor vents, heat still just comes pout of Dash vents and not floor vents.

Check for vacuum leak some of the switch are vacuum controled ... 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2WD

Within the past year I had the heater coil replaced and the blender door because I had heat in the back but not heat in the front.. Afterwards I had heat and air for a few months only. Now I only have a little heat coming from the tiny vents at the top of the vent but nothing coming from the vents.No heat either. Cold air in the back. Also I only get the tiny bit of heat after it has idled for 15-20 min.

It sounds like the blend door motor is failing or is stuck. You could go to mitchell1diy online to diagnose this and for the instructions to remove the dash. Plan on spending a day or two on this if you have never taken a dash out before. ... 1999 Ford Expedition

I have a 2001 MPV and it has a problem with the heat, the heat come out very low from the vents, and one vent come out cold air while the other three come with low heat. Some tips off said it may cause by the water valve was locked. I don't know where is the water valve to check it out. I appreciate for your help in advance

... 2001 Mazda MPV

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS. I replaced the motor over a year ago. I had to take my car back to the garage after having the motor replaces because I had no heat or air. Come to find out, they never hooked it back up. I have never had cold air since. The heat works fine. No matter what setting I use the air almost always comes at the windshield. It does sometimes come out the vents on the dash but rarely. When it is coming out the vent in the dash, if I turn a corner or give it gas or let off the ga

Sounds like a faulty mode door actuator for the a/c in the dash. There are a series of mode doors that controls air temperature and air flow. They are located in the passenger side of the dash. If the temperature mode door isn't closing all the wa ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Heat whenever i turn my heat/ defrost on, my windows fog up and doesnt clear up. there is steam that comes into my car and also there is no heat comin out of my front vents..... whenever im driving heat may come out of my upper dash vents only..... whats wrong?

So I am guessing the heater core, the only other thing it would be would be any leak that is allowing moisture in the car. is the floor board wet on the passengers side? ... 1988 Chevrolet Caprice

Im having a problem with my heat coming out of my vents..the air conditoning will come out of the vents but the heat will only come out of the defrost...the passenger side gets hot and the drivers side blows cold air

You probably have a bad blend door actuator. the car has several. ... 1995 Cadillac DeVille

I have 04 Gmc 1500. I turn the heat on and wait for the heat to come out but even at operating temp heat doesnt come out of the vents. Only until I push the throttle then heat will start to come through.

You need to check and see if the cooling system is low.If it is then you need to see where the cooling system is leaking.If this is good then check the heater hoses and make sure they are both hot to the touch.If one is hot and the other warm you cou ... Chevrolet 1500

My 2004 mitsubshi galant has heat from lower vents (floor) and windshield vents, but not from the dash vents. Nothing (heat nor a/c) comes out of upper vents just above the radio and near the doors. Replaced (used) ac/heater control unit..no luck. This car had a clicking noise in the vents whenever I turned the vent control knob to direct the air through the different vents...it was under warranty, but wasn't doing it all the time, so no luck there.

Sounds like a bad actuator on the dampner. Look for things connected to the ducting, see if you can manually open and close the dampner. ... Mitsubishi Galant

Temperature gage registers from cold to normal and back to cold during highway driving. The temp registers cold for the first 20 minutes of highway driving and then it may reach normal then goes back to cold. While this is going on there is no heat coming from the air vents regarless of the selected position. The fan blows but it is cold air. The only heat is a very slight amount coming from the vents but not enough to warm the car. I checked the water hose from the radiator to the engine and it

HI. Generally, the issue will be with the water pump. The pump is the Principal device , that moves the fluid(coolant), through the engine block. Essentially, this pump can fail mechanically, due to a damaged bearing assembly, or a detached im ... 1998 Ford Windstar

2 years ago I had the heater core replaced in my 99 Durango. now the heat is little to none. When the fan is on low and you are driving there seems to be good heat coming out of the vents, but when you stop or turn up the fan the air coming out of the vents gets cooler. I think it is the water pump, but my husband says if that were the case then the temperature gauge would go up. Please help!!!!! I am not a cold weather person.

Thermostat -stuck open ... 1999 Dodge Durango

I have no heat coming out of the front vents of my 1999 ford windstar but i do have heat coming out of back vents

You have duct or control problem.some has come aloose. ... 1999 Ford Windstar

I have a 1996 jeep GCL 5.2....coolant froze and now i get no heat in the truck..ive changed...thermostat, temp scen, water pump and the bypass hose.. i have flushed it a few times...now both hoses are hot but still no heat in the truck..i had a block check done and there are no ent leaks...im lost at this point. when i press the gas the cold air stops coming from the vent and only from defrost also but when i let off the gas it comes back out the vents

Try removing your a/c heat unit unplug it make sure all contacts are clean reconect an check, this has work for me on a few dodge vehicles with likely problem. ... 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Intermittent problem. 93 Lincoln TC with Automatic Temp Control. Sometimes the defrost position won't allow heat to windshield. Sometimes heat comes out of vent when everything is off. Sometimes A/C is in operation and won't come out the vents. I can usually 'reset' A/C by shutting it off and letting hot air in car. Sometimes everything works perfectly. The auto side doesn't work at all. I've been operating in manual for a year. Is this a sensor? Vacuum module? Or Control head?

Hello and thank you for your knowledge. I'm leaning towards the cabin air temp sensor. Where is that exactly? I've replaced the blend door actuator. This problem is so intermittent-it's crazy! For over a year the Auto feature hasn't worked. Today, if ... 1993 Lincoln Town Car

Now that it is cold I have had to use my heat every day. Positioned to high, as the car warms up the heat comes on as it should. However, several times last night after it was warm and working fine when I come to a stop, the heat will suddenly drop to a cool temperature from the vents without me doing anything to it. As I begin to drive, it will come back up to temperature. What's going on here ?

Sound like you need to check the coolant level first, when the heater goes cold when it should be hot is a good indication your low on coolant which means you have a leak somewhere in that system, get it looked at real soon, you don't want to overhea ... 2006 Honda Accord

I just purchase a USED 1991 Cadillac Deville Sadan. I noticed that this evening was I was driving on the freeway, my "Check Engine Soon" stayed on longer than usual. A few days ago it would come and and go. What does this mean? Another thing, the air conditoner and heater doesn't work. However, I feel heat coming from the bottom (feet are) when I'm driving, and the back passengers feel heat coming from the small heating vents at the back seats. What the problem here?

There is no way to know what the problem is if you have no idea on how to test things. Being a used car your going to need a professional to look at this since you have several problems happening. We can guess but still you will not get any input on ... Cadillac DeVille

2003 S10 heater controls dont work / work with most heat comong through front vents replaced vac cannister, vac lines from transfer case to heater control switch on transfer case and one actuating motor under the dash the whole system is right a 16 pounds right where it is supposed to be heat works but i have to close the front vents for to get def and even then there is heavy heat coming through the front vents and even bought a heater control from yhe bnre yard with no change any ideas

Your Blend / mode door inside the heater ac blower box. is stuck or not moving completly into place. ... 2003 Chevrolet S-10

2001 F-350 V10 4 door 8 ft bed. Heating and cooling works. When in park, options for heat or air to blow out of floor, dash, windshield defrost vents all correctly. When I start driving it, regardless of what the dial is set to ( floor, dash vents, etc), air or heat only comes out of windshield defrost vents. Seems like a vacuum problem. Any ideas?

Exactly!! Follow the vacuum line , I believe to be on the right side of the truck, and follow it back to the engine. I'll be willing to bet you will find a break or a modification where a mechanic has hooked it to the wrong port. Now it is also possi ... Ford F-350

Blower worked fine on a friday night, truck sat parked till sunday morning when i went out to start it up and the blower didn't work. After it warmed up i couldn't feel any heat from the vents and then the next day i could feel heat coming from the vents. The controls will switch from windshield to vents to floor, just no blower to force the heat.

Hope this helps: Yours may look a little different, check the fuse first, then look into this:\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 \015\012 Normal\015\012 0\015\012 \015\012 \015\012 false\015\012 false\015\012 false\015\012 ... 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Ext

No heat we have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee, v8 engine, when you cut the heat on the fan blows but no heat comes out, while you are driving in cold weather the windsheild fogs over like there is a little heat coming out of the vent below the windsheild.

If your engine temp guage is also low then u need a new thermostat. if the gauge is not low then you have a blocked heater core. you can try to flush it. ... 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

99 Ford Expedition climate control: When you fisrt start the vehicle and the engine warms up enough for the heat to come on, it blows cold air from the floor. i can change to any setting i want(flr,vent,def...etc),the damper moves without a hitch...it just doesn't heat. If i am taking it a long trip, it finally heats, but then it will not cool. The damper changes from the floor to the vent as it should, but only heat. I noticed during the summer when i would run the ac...it kind of did the same

... 1999 Ford Expedition

No heat is coming from the vents.The heater fan works normally. There does not appear to be heat recirculating through system. When in stop and go traffic the heat indicater gauge goes to hot. When the traffic is normal and the car can move without stopping, the temperture gauge returns to normal. But there is no heat coming from vents.

When the level of coolant drops in the motor the heater core is the first to be without \015\012because it sets up high\015\012so you need to check the level\015\012and check where the coolant is going \015\012to make the leve ... 2004 Dodge Intrepid

1997 sts a/c will not come out of dash vents all the time?it goes back and forth but still blowing hard but out of all other vents,and then once in awhile it will come back to dash vents/ any ideas?Im thinking vacume problum because the heat will blow out dash constantly?tried pressure switch,control panel etc.if it is vacume prob. how would i trouble shoot ?without taking to cady mech!!! 1997 sts

The heater & A/C (HVAC) temperature and air delivery mode door actuators may fail causing improper temperature or air delivery. This is an issue that Cadillac has had in the past and you are describing the problem to the tee. Unless you feel like tak ... 1997 Cadillac Seville

No heat coming from vents. Only cold air. 1998 caddy seville with climate control. No air coming from front vents at all, only defroster and heater vents.

Fuse has blown in the heater control unit, I had this on my audi last year most likely cause, get youe user manual and loacte the fuse box. ... 1998 Cadillac Seville

When I turn my control knob to vent I get nothing but heat coming out of the vents no cool outside air. When I shut the knob to the off position the heat will blow out the vents on the bottom of driver side. Help.

Is the heat blowing on high at all times or does it vary? My best guess at this point is that you have a bad servo(s) that are causing the air to still blow and come through or the control is bad. If it blows at high when you turn it off and not as ... Chevrolet S 10
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