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My '89 S-10 pickup turn signal quit working on left side. Right side works. Bulbs look okay. Flasher makes the sound when I try the left side, but no lights. Instrument panel lights quit also, but don't know if this is related, or if it happened at the same time. I tried a new flasher, but when I put it in the fuse blew. I checked continuity on both old and new flasher; old one had current, new one wouldn't light my tester. Store said it is the right one. I reinstalled the original one because

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Answers :

Check your terminals at the fuse block sounds like someting shorted out maybe bad ground
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My '89 S-10 pickup turn signal quit working on left side. Right side works. Bulbs look okay. Flasher makes the sound when I try the left side, but no lights. Instrument panel lights quit also, but don't know if this is related, or if it happened at the same time. I tried a new flasher, but when I put it in the fuse blew. I checked continuity on both old and new flasher; old one had current, new one wouldn't light my tester. Store said it is the right one. I reinstalled the original one because

Check your terminals at the fuse block sounds like someting shorted out maybe bad ground ... Chevrolet S 10

My left front and rear turn signals dont work along with the left side emergency flashers. I checked all the bulbs and fuese. I can hear the flashers click but on the dash there no longer is a left turn signal green arrow. There is one that comes on for the right side but not the left. what should I do? I read on the 1997-1999 the turn signals and flashers are all contained in one flasher moduel under the dash next to the steering colum, but if the right side works and the left dont could that s

... 1997 Buick Park Avenue

Audi A4 Hi, Not able to take old battery out and insol new one should be easy but do not know how. Have new one ready for replacement, have disconected the old one out but apart from being able to perform sliding movement from left to right not able to pull it out?

There should be either an allen key or a 13mm head bolt holding the battery clamp at the front of the battery. If this is removed, it should come out ok with a shake. i would advise help to lift the battery out as it can damage your back due to the l ... 1998 Audi A4

REAR BRAKES I just put 4 brand new rotor's and pads on my 2000 dodge Intrepid.when I removed the rear pads one side had quite a bit of pad left on it but the other side was all the way down. I tried bleeding them, but the side that had quite a bit of pad left on it ( I could not get anything to come out)

You may need to replace the caliper for that wheel. Loosen the fluid line connection and try to bleed fluid from the line. If nothing, chase it back toward the master cylinder till you find a connection that will pass fluid. Check the 'in-between' fo ... 2000 Dodge Intrepid

Had shocks replaced on my 06 Toyota Sienna at a shop. When I looked at the new shocks on the top (inside the car) the the left side is tightened down on a rubber bushing with a fender washer on top of the bushing. The left side is different with a rubber bushing with metal underneath and different concave washer on the top. I'm guessing one side is right and one is wrong. Which is which?

Shocks come with curved washers that are pretty thick. It sure sounds like the right side is just that: right. ... 2006 Toyota Sienna

I am getting ready to install a brand new distributor in my 1991 Mitsubishi Mighty max P/U with a 2.4 and I want some pointers on how to do this the right way without screwing up my timing . Please explain the steps as far a marking the old one where it's mounted so I insert the new one the right way the first time . Can someone please explain this to me . I have learned quite a bit about mechanics by watching others do things ,but this is something I have never tackled. Thanks

Start at one spot and start marking the wire clockwise with tape (1,2,3,4, etc) Remember how you took it off for replacement. I pull 1 at a time and put it on the new one. ... 1991 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

Im in the process of changing the high/low beam bulbs on my 07 GMC Sierra SLE(New Body Style) and have run into a bit of a problem...allready have changed the Drivers side but the passenger side i was able to squeeze in behind the air box and remove the old bulbs but when trying to re-install the new ones i cant get the highbeam bulb to turn and lock in. the replacements are obviously the right ones. it slides into the 3 slots but wont turn, lack of space probobly isnt helping but would it be po

It possibly would be easier to remove the airbox out the way if you remove the headlight it may possibly put it all out of allignment and then you would have to get it re aligned by the garage, so its proberbly better to remove the airbox, it normall ... 2007 GMC Sierra 1500

I have a 96' Rodeo that has blinker trouble. I've changed the bulbs and checked the flashers. When I drive during the day w/o the headlights the right blinker works fine, but the left one says it's blinking and it is but so is both brake lights and turn signals on the rear and allof the marker lights and turn signals on the front. When I turn on the headlights my indicator light on the dash stays lit and no blinkers on the left side will blink, but the right side works great. What is going on?

Mine did the same. had to carefully place back the rear lens, looks like they ground somewhere. ... 1996 Isuzu Rodeo

Have a 1998 Nissan Altima gxe. I seem to be experiencing a problem with my left headlight. I have changed both headlights with new bulbs. The right side is fine. When i turn on my headlights, only the right one is turned on. The left one stays off, but another event that occurs is the high-beam indicator is always on (in my dashboard)!!??. But, i know for a fact that i have not activated my high-beams. t.y for help...

Hello! The main light switch is defective and needs to be replaced...See photo below...Guru......................Saailer ... 1998 Nissan Altima

The left and right turn signal doe's not work at all, everything else works but them. I have a Dodge Durango 2000 i check all the fuse's and relay new one's, but there is a Green flasher or relay up high inside under the dash that i have not check yet, because it's hard to get to. I just want to know if that is a relay or flasher the green one. my 4 way flasher work, brake lights work, headlights work, just don't have turn signals.

I had a similar issue with my 01 Durango also, I wound up having to replace the module under the dash. Not the green one but the black one near the fuse box. Unfortunately, I had the work done for me, so I can't truly tell you How to fix it but that ... 2000 Dodge Durango

The right side headlight is very dim on high and low beam. I replaced the light bulb with a new one, and still dim. I then swapped the left bulb which works fine with the right and nothing changed. The left still works fine and the right is dim. What do I do now?

You may have a poor ground ... 2001 Pontiac Sunfire

I've got a 1992 Oldesmobile Achieva, with the 2.3 SOHC. The beast has a strange problem: the left turn signal works, but the right does not. At first I thought that this was just a burned out light, so I replaced all the right side lights one by one, and no dice. I switched the left side and right side bulbs, but the left side still worked and the right side still did not. So I began checking continuity on what wires I could, and still nothing. Furthermore, this also affects the right front

Replace turn signal flasher. ... 1992 Oldsmobile Achieva

My 2000 Saturn SC1 key will not move or budge from LOCK. I tried wiggling the key, moving the steering wheel right and left but nothing helps. I bought a new cylinder lock to replace the old one but I can not remove the old one unless it is in the ACC position! ! Any ideas or assistance is much appreciated

Is it an automatic? If it is then put it in park and jiggle the shifter a little or you can try to start it in neutral. A little bit of wd 40 in the ignition cylinder will help it out too. Hope this helped, keep me updated =) ... Saturn SC1

When turning the wheel slightly left or right the front right side makes a grinding sound i just placed new tires on the car and then recheck the tires and even put on new ones they said it may be a wheel barring assembly what do you think

I would think that you may have a problem with a cv axle. Usually a bearing will make a roaring noise all the time while going down the road. Jack the car up on the right side and see if the rubber boot on the axle is seperated. if so you need to rep ... 2005 Chevrolet Malibu

Gfs car was lacking power big time seemed like an electrical or timinmg issue so i yanked off one plug wire from the coil no change in sound,yanked the one behind that same thing(right hand side of coil looking aft.tryed the same thing on the left side and either wire pulled killed the engine so i go buy a new coil from ford thinking its defective but it does the same thing so i pull the plugs they are fine.Im not getting fire on two cylinders and my coil and plugs/wires are fine....what is my p

It does sound like you have a plug lead out take one off the spark plug and plug another spark plug in to it place the plug to earth and crank the engine over there should be a spark there\015\012also get a compression test done because if ther ... 2001 Ford Focus

I have a 95 jetta and we just threw in a used trans as the other one was gone,we put in new axles and all it is all together,you deive it and can hear a constant noise on the drivers side like somthing is hitting,our old trans was the oen with the smaller axles(100mm) and the new ones are i think 120mm and we have stopped the left axle with our hand and the noise goes away,is it the Trans?... P

Its probably the CV joint. try to check and open it. See if its still good. You will have problems if you have used a shorter drive axle. Using a short drive axle will damage your inner CV. ... 1995 Volkswagen Jetta

Water leaking from my car. We've put in a new thermostat and a freeze plug had a hole rusted through it. We replaced that. We also got a new radiator cap. The car is still leaking and I'm filling it every day with water. The freeze plug was on the right side. Is there one on the left side that could be leaking?

There is usually more than one frost/freeze plug . ... 1999 Ford Escort

Replace Horn I brought a newer Deville and I dont like the horn sound on the new one, and I'm trying to find the horn location so I can take the horn from my old 1995 Deville to the new one before I sell it. The dealership could not find the horn location. Any ideas where it might be? I suspect it might be on the driver side right behind the headlight?

Yup that sounds about likely ... 1994 Cadillac DeVille

I have pulsar 150 2009 model my Indicator (right hand side) is not working but left side working properly. When I show this problem to my nearest service station they said to me to change new one.

... Cars & Trucks

2000 Ford Expedition-Left turn signal and brake light in rear does not work, and left front flasher works but flashes quickly. The front and rear right side of turn signal and brake works perfectly. I changed bulb for left rear and on left top of vehicle for brake bulb, but still does not work. Also, my wipers do not stop on their own (as if off by one on each speed setting, because each speed works but not the "off" setting-it just stays on "1st speed setting) & I have to take fuse out of box f

You may have some wiring 'grounding' problems in the areas of concern. Remove each connection, and clean any rust. Place a light film of grease and a fresh star washer next to ground point, then the wire connector and other washers. Tighten firmly. C ... 2000 Ford Expedition

On a 97 chev lumina 3.1 which side is the number one cylinder on is it front of the car or the firewall side. cause I took the upper intake off and noticed on the intake number one is in front of the car or left side looking at straight on. but the plug wire number one is on the right side so I am a little confused. also were would the number one be when plugging in the injectors is number one on the left or right.

Rear passenger side. Please let me know if you have more questions, and thanks for using FixYa.\015\012\015\012 ... Chevrolet Lumina

Why do i only have turn signals and flasher on the left side of my 98 ford explore when the bulbs are new on that side? The right side works fine.

... 1998 Ford Explorer

Help?!? We are stumped. We have a 2001 Dodge 2500 ram 4wd, with a cummins engine in it. We had a vibration everytime we applied the brakes. It started out mild but got pregressivley worse over time. Bought rear shoes, but our old ones had more shoe left than the new ones so we took em' back, made adjustments so they worked better, but did not fix the problem. We had just replace our front pads not too long ago shcked them again, seem to be okay except that one side is wearing a little uneve

Are your wheels buckled (kerbed) do they need balancing what about track rod ends ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

Hi. i have a 1980 chevy elcamino. turn signal light does not flash on right side. light does come on. left side works like normal. hazards work fine....i beleave one flasher works for both sides...any ideas?

There should be two flasher controls in your fuse box, one for the hazards and one for the blinkers. If replacing the flasher does not work, a bad ground at the signals can cause this problem. ... 1982 Chevrolet El Camino

My right turn signal quit then it worked and the left one quit, they both worked, and now neither work. The hazards work and I am sure it's not a bulb given how the quit. My question is whether there is a turn signal flasher on this car that I should try to replace before I go directly to replacing the switch. Or would it be some other problem?

I don't know what year or kind of Buick this is, but most will have a flasher in the fuse box under the dash, drivers side. ... Buick Park Avenue
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