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My car runs hot unless I have the air conditon on full blast is it my Thermostat

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Answers :

As for your car running hot yes it can be your thermostat. It can also be you water pump. I would have them both checked out. If you know how to replace the thermostat I would replace it to see if it fixes your problem.
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My car runs hot unless I have the air conditon on full blast is it my Thermostat

As for your car running hot yes it can be your thermostat. It can also be you water pump. I would have them both checked out. If you know how to replace the thermostat I would replace it to see if it fixes your problem.\015\012 ... Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I have a 2005 Honda Civic coupe, i only have heat when accelerating and the car is running hot, I have replaced the thermostat, the car is still running hot, I had a test done on head gasket and the air bled out of the line at brakes plus the said the head gasket was fine, I don't see where the coolant is leaking but I can add coolant and the car doesn't run hot unless I drive take a long drive, when it runs hot I add coolant and it drives fine for several days unless I take at least a 100 mile

There are only three places for coolant to leak.external leak to the outside of the motor,internal leak like a head gasket causing the motor to burn coolant(white smoke out the tailpipe),internal leak(coolant leak into the motor oil.)you say that the ... 2003 Honda Civic

Car is running hot. overheated a couple of times but then cooled off and was fine. today heater on full blast, car running hot, heater blowing cold, then hot, then cold. Is this my thermostat or heater core?

Add more coolant it happen to me before on 88 toyota supra. ... 1992 Ford Mustang

On my 2001 chrysler it was running hot only way to keep it to normal temp was to have heat on full blast.. i was told the radiato was stopped up so i replaced the radiator the water pump and thermostat the car still runs hot or heats up with thye heat off.. what could the problem be?

... 2001 Chrysler LHS

The car runs hot when the air conditoner is not running. fans do not come on unless the air conditioner is on

It could be the temp sensor is bad. If the service engine light is on have the system scanned for trouble codes. Since the fans work with the ac running it wont be them. Most auto parts store will scan it for fr ... 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix

Running hot water pump was leaking (i noticed because fan didn't kick off when car was turned off so we checked water level). we replaced water pump and belts and car runs hot...so we replaced the thermostat, then radiator cap, then flushed the system (thought an air pocket could be problem) but car still runs hot! top radiator hose gets hot bottom one does not. we also ran it without a thermostat and still ran hot! help

Radiator Fan Control Relay Switch. I bet your electric fan doesn't run? ... 2002 Nissan Altima

My air conditioning has been acting a little strange. The ac does work but only on full blast. When i ajust the air flow the air conditioning unit quits working. My car doesnt run hot from this problem. Is the problem with the wiring. Please help. It has 57000 miles on it right now.

Does heater work on low settings ... 1996 Oldsmobile 88

My 1997 Acura 3.5 RL Revs engine in park and neutral and the car overheats while driving unless the heat is on full blast. The thermostat was replaced just a few months ago and the fan runs when I tu

... 1997 Acura RL

I have put two fans on my car and now the second one has quit running. i had it checked and the fan is good. it was running only when i ran the air. if i turned the air off the car ran hot. has new radiator and thermostat. i want to hook the fan up direct so it will just come on when i crank the car. can you tell me how to do this.

Look it can idle for 30 minutes or more on a cool day, the temp gauge can reach almost to hot before it turns on. I have dealt with 100's of complaints the fan doesn't work, almost always it was the customer bei ... 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier

Running hot 2002 pontiac aztec....my car is still running hot. i have changed the the therostat and radiator cap, flushed radiator,ect sensor,checked relays and fuses. why does may radiator fans only come on if my heater (inside) is on and blowing full blast. if my heater fans are not on the car gets hot

Sounds like Clutch in your fan\015\012\015\012 The coolant level is right on, no hoses are leaking and the accessory belt is intact. You start the engine, let it idle and make a visual inspection. There's no sign of belt slippage.\ ... 2002 Pontiac Aztek

I have a bmw e46 318i se when i start the car the fan comes on straight away weather its cold or hot, i run it up and it doesnt over heat and drives perfect, BUT THERE IS NO HOT AIR COMING OUT THE BLOWERS, i felt all the pipes and there alll piping hot apart from the two pipes coming from the matrix area to the water shut off module the slide onto the chassis leg.i dont know where to look now, i have bled the car so many times there is no air in it and i have replaced the whole thermostat housin

It could be afaulty coolant temp sensor or a sticky fan relay, I suggest to swap the cooling fan relay first but if doesn't make change then i go through coolant temp sensor. ... 1999 BMW 318 ti

2004 cheverolet impala 3.4L engine - Started running hot. Had never changed antifreeze, bought a flush and refilled with antifreeze. Ok for several weeks, started running hot again. Replaced the thermostat. Ran hot again, but no steam or bubbling. After that the temp gauge would fluctuate alot, up and down. Replaced the heat sensor and it stopped fluctuating. Now the car runs hot sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I have not leaks (and water pump is not leaking) and radiator is full. ?

Sounds like you have an air;lock in your cooling system.Try placing a bleeder on the return hose to the heater core ........looks like a small tap ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

Heater blows hot air while car is moving but cold air while idling. The intake manifold was changed last spring, the thermostat has been changed 3 times and the temperature sending unit has been changed. We had the radiator cleaned out and changed the water pump. It was leaking antifreeze from somewhere and was running hot so we finally put stop leak in the radiator which stopped the antifreeze leak but it still runs a little hotter than it did before all of the above and now the heater pro

That sounds like the coolant level is low. If it is not the use of "stop leak" has probably caused a partial clog which restricts the flow of water unless the vehicle is turning higher RPMS. While sitting still raise the RPMS to about 2000 and see if ... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1996 Honda Accord anniversary edition and the engine runs hot. After a while the thermostat needle goes above the white line and goes close to the red. I have to turn the heat on high in the car so it the needle goes down a little. It has a brand new thermostat at 195 degree's and the coolant is full. Why is it running hot like that? What are the ramifications if the needle goes above the white line?

Hi. What criculation on the vehicle is not doing good. Check your vehicle's water pump. This could be the problem. To check if water circulation is doing fine, start the engine coming from cold start and open the radiator cap. You will see there that ... Honda Accord

I have a 2000 mitsubishi,its overheating,i admit i haven;t had an oil change in a while,i took my thermostat out,tried that for a little bit,then i replaced it with a new new one,i admit i din't run the new thermostat long,but should you notice a difference immediately if the thermostat,so now i took it out again,and my car is still running hot;i took my radiator cap off to check to see if the water is flowing through and it is;my resevoir tank is full,and its still running hot.The main thing is

Not positive unless i done some checks but i would hazard a guess and say head gasket,but i would have to do some checks first to confirm ,forget the oil in water thing i would suspect a blow between two compression rings so its only running on 2+a b ... 2000 Mitsubishi Galant

Recent coolant problem. replaced thermostat because car would not blow warm air, temperature gauge seemed normal. seem to be fixed temporarily. couple weeks later temperature gauge increases to hot and blows cold air as if car is overheating or coolant level is low, and it is, then all of a sudden needle drops to normal and blows warm air. i have tried to purge the system by elevating the coolant reservoir and removing the cap and adding fluid as needed, i let the car run for about 30 minutes,

A compression test will tell you if your head gasket is gone.as far as the jumping gauge readings.just means you have air in the system.if no visible leaks are present it is either a cracked head or head gasket. ... Ford Taurus

While running the air conditioner the Thermostat goes hot, when I turn the air conditioner off it goes back down. The low coolant light came on but the coolant is full. What else could it be?

To start with, you are talking about the temp gauge. The thermostat is in the engine.The coolant system could be low or have air pockets and still look full.First thing I would check is the cooling fan, then the coolant level. ... 1999 Ford Taurus

Went to PEP Boys they ran a diagnostic test and said the car needed a tune up. So we replaced the plugs, wires, distributor cap and distributor,IGN coil, Gas filter, air filter, oil change and the water pump since we had to remove it to get to the distributor. Put a new 180 degree thermostat in. Car still run poorly and now get hot at a stop. This never happened. Car still runs poorly just replaced the EGR valve. nothing made a difference. What is next? Patty Burman

My experince with PEP Boys is they do not honor their warrenties. But I would go back and complain about the car running hot since the only part of the cooling system they didn't change was the radiator they did something wrong. It should not be ru ... 1994 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

I have a 2000 ford taurus thats running hot.First thermostat was replaced then replaced the burned out engine. Don't want the same to happen this one. At first the car only seemed to run hot when the AC was turned on now it runs hot w/o air being turned on within 5 blocks. What do you suggest to solve the problem?

Consider a radiator replacement....but try a cleaning and flush first! ... 2000 Ford Taurus

My 95 es300 got overheat on a hot day when i way sitting in the car with the air cond on for a long tine .when i drive home the temp gauge rose to 3/4 hot and the reservoir tank was bubbling pushing coolant out.In the morning i open the radiator cap the fluid is still full ,I started the engine then the coolant slowly rise up ,when the engine gets to normal temp I step on the gas and the coolant flow out more than before.I turn on the heater full blast but only gets warm air.What is the problem

Hi u problem its com from cooling fan if not working good 2 if radiatorclose doing the same problem 3.check C ... 1995 Lexus ES 300

My 2004 Chrysler Concorde keep running hot! The hoses have no leaks, the thermostat has been changed. When the car is in drive but i am stopped it runs hot but when I put it in gear in goes back to normal unless I try to turn the heat on that does not let out heat anymore. That wa the first sign that something was wrong when the heat stopped working. HELP!

It sounds like you have air in the system. Try having system bled and see if that changes anything. Also make sure that the fans are operational. ... 2004 Chrysler Concorde

Car starting to run hot at times, notice that the temp gage will go up to hot when the air or heat is on. Thinking that it could be the thermostat. Where is the thermostat located in order to replace it.

Thermostat is under the air cleaner outlet. also see my tips at http://www.fixya.com/cars/r5929960-s_thermostat for more ideas on possible causes of over ... 2001 Jaguar S-Type

My 2002 BMW 330i is still running hot after replacing the thermostat & housing, fan, fan clutch, auxiliary fan, drainng the reaiator and bleeding the coolant system. They said that it was fixed drove it with the air on let it sit for awhile dove it about 5 miles and it ran hot again.n No smoke from tail or moisture in oil. Car runs great can it be the head gasket?

Depends if your going through coolant. ... 2004 BMW 3 Series

Ford runs hot and all sensors seem to be off lower thermostat housing unit need to be replaced It seemed to have been leaking from the overflow and I kept putting water in it, then one day it ran hot and i started putting water there because te overflow was full. When you go somewhere and cut the engine off it won't start. You have to wait a few minutes, I was told I needed to replace the lower housing thermostat I'm concerned about other damage, the car was driven about 3 months

Oh yes if the vehicle has been running hot for that long. Look at replacing the engine. ... 2002 Ford Explorer

1996 oldsmobile ciera has hole in radiator that I patched with jb weld, did not keep hole closed, later car will drive fine, until it is sit at idle or at a complete stop, the car will run hot and cut off. Any suggestions, what it could? Thermostat, heater coil, cold air comes out of vents, when attempting to run heater. Thanks!!!

Well if the leak is bad enough you should just replace the radiator. A cooling system relies on positive pressure to operate correctly. All that stuff they sell such as stop leak and bars, etc is just a temporary fix. If your coolant is not able t ... 1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
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