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At speeds above 40 mph, the front end of my lumina will **** to left or **** right. New ball joints and tie rod on left front. What are the symptoms of rack n pinion goin out? Could it be a bad alignm

\015 Front end jerks at 40+ mph.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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At speeds above 40 mph, the front end of my lumina will **** to left or **** right. New ball joints and tie rod on left front. What are the symptoms of rack n pinion goin out? Could it be a bad alignm

... Chevrolet Lumina

Leaking excessive amounts of power steering fluid from left front rack and pinion boot, could the inner tie rod seal be blown out? and how much work to replace and adjust new rack and pinion?

You Could find a new or rebuilt rack for two or three hundred bucks plus about two hours of labor. Then you will need to have a wheel alignment. So around $500-$600 total. Good Luck. ... 2003 Ford Taurus

When i step on the brake pedal the car pulls to the right 60% of the time and 40% to the left side' do the front caliber need to be replace or is there a pressure equalizer gone bad. or it is the rack and pinion part of the problem. any leads are appreciated. thanks

Theproblem seems to be in the steering or suspension system. The brake systemon your vehicle is diagonally pllumbed, so if there was a bad part on the brake system not functioning right, then the car would still stop straight. hope it helps! ... 1996 Honda Accord

Power steering pump and rack and pinion replaced. when turning hard right or left the wheel locks up plus squirts large amounts of fluid. I have no idea where it could be coming from? puddles are located on drivers side near front tire. please help!

Something not right there\015\012\015\012Take it back where the work was done\015\012\015\012Not usable like that ... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2009 Sennia ,when I turn left I get a loud popping sound in the on the drivers side. I've taken it to Toyota and have no idea what the problem is , they have tightened bolts on the front end, and replaced the strut, still having problems. Could this be a rack in pinion problem?

... 2009 Toyota Sienna

Suspension is very weak on left front...I replaced front shocks and it didn't help... roll over on left front in curves is very bad also...what could be the problem?

Your left front spring is likely broken ... 1996 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup

I have a 1987 Dodge caravan with 216K on it. I have a humming - grinding sound coming from the front. I replaced the left front wheel bearing assemble ( it was pretty bad) but still have the same noise and it is getting louder. To see if the left wheel bearing was going, I jacked up the car and let the wheels spin. I could not hear any difference between left and right and I am starting to think it is the transmission. Does this have a trans-axle that would make a grinding noise like that? Thank

Try making tight turns to the right and then to the left. see if the grinding noise comes and goes. It could be your C/V joint and they need to be replaced. The noise will only come when your making the tight turns, you don't have to go fast. ... Dodge Caravan

While driving the car after having a rack and pinion put in the car 6 months ago, the car has been making this whriling noise which is getting louder. I do not use the same mechanic because he had to repair the problem more than once on the rack and pinion. I have used 3 right front tires in 6 months any ideas what this could be?

Did he bleed rack and realign??? ... 2001 Ford Taurus

Axel Change? I have a Vue with 40,000 miles. It has developed a thumping sound on the right front and even more noticeable when turning left. The dealer changed the left hub bearing assembly and it did not fix the problem, now they are saying the axel is bad. The sound is a deffinate thumping sound and not the clicking sound you would normally expect from an axel. There is not much feel of the thumping in the steering wheel just the sound and light vibration. Baffels me how a axel could go bad a

I had the same issue and had it fixed for free based on my warranty. I don't remember the name of the part, but it wasn't the axel. From what I was told, it was a common problem, but not common enough to issue a recall. I recommend talking to a fe ... 2004 Saturn VUE

I have a 2002 trailblazer LS 4wd. driving down the road there is a humming that i can hear and feel in the pedal and the steering wheel. Turning left does nothing but going to the right even slightly makes the noise go away, everything feels tight in the front end when i just serviced it. Could this be a left front hub going bad?

... 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer


If you look at each brake pad you will see a difference between the outer and inner pad. The outer pad has a metal squealer part that sticks away from the pad material. Each squealer is intended to rub the Rotor when the material on the pad is worn ... 2003 Ford Explorer

I have a 1998 Olds Bravada. With the factory stereo in, the left front speaker is the only one that works,very very little sound out of the front right. I tried all the faders,nothing. I bought a new Pioneer thinking the stereo was bad. Same thing. All the stereo's Ive owned in my life,Ive never had a speaker just stop working and I would hate to try and rewire the whole thing. Could 5 out of 6 speakers just go bad??

... 1998 Oldsmobile Bravada

I own an 04 Navigator been having a bad vibration over 40mph when a bump in the road is hit. Rotated tires and had them checked for a hop, replaced lower ball joints because of minor play, had the front end checked by 3 mechanics and nothing can be found to be bad. today i noticed that the left front tire seemed to be "hopping". Air suspension says its ok on the dash. Its sitting normal and lowers and raises normally. could the strut assy be blown and the tire be bouncing because of it? I have r

Did they check the wheel bearing?That can cause a vibration.As far as the hopping,you might have a bad shock.The air bags just make for a more comfortable ride and do nothing for the tires keeping contact to the road. ... Lincoln Navigator

2004 pontiac grand prix gt. humming noise while driving. Louder at 25 mph or higher. Changed front passenger side hub bearings due to when turning slightly left humming quiets. I stol have humming. Replaced driver side front cv joint/axle, humming still there. Checked front driver tire to see if play in tire - no play. Bushing on sway arm or stabilizer bar is bad. Could that make the humming noise? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I change both wheel hub bearings when one goesDoesn't matter what stabilizer does--- the bushings needto be done-- so you sayMaybe you replaced the wrong drive axlePut the front tires on the back to see what happens ... Cars & Trucks

When backing up and turning the wheel to the left feels like the front end drops there is no noise it feels almost like a hard staright wind blowing across the front end. I have had the front right wheel hub assembly replaced the rack pinion catalytic convertor fuel pump and lastly a new engine 11000 miles ago. The car has 76000 miles. My sister said when she drove it hears a high pitched whine coming from teh steering column

... 2002 Chevrolet Impala

I have a chevy silverado 1500 Ls.Im experiencing a swaying sensation in the front end. In a curve the front end will lean excessively to one side. This vehicle will not hold an alignment Everyone says nothing is wrong. But I just replace a tire rod on the left side of the vehicle.The shocks are good, the coils, and the ball joints. Just brakes says that the bearings are not bad. What could it possibly be? Iam clueless, and tired of wasting money. Its an 06 with 74,000 miles.

This is a known issue on these trucks. Its the tires. There was a recall on them a while back. If you still have the original tires replace them. If they are not original have them checked by a dealer to make sure they are ok.The problem was the side ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Car vibrates in the front in when turning to the right but when turning to left it stopsAlso when accelerating it vibrates feel bad but when I let off the gas it stops. Could it be a bad motor mounts or Wheel bearing.

CV joint! They are not easy to replace yourself ... Cars & Trucks

I have a chevy malibu 2005 with a steering problem my power steering goes off i need to turn off the car and on and the problem goes away could it be my rack pinion or the sensor that goes on the steering colum or could it be the assistance power steering motor going bad

... Cars & Trucks

Humming noise sounds like from the front end. I just replaced wheel hubs and still making noise. The tone of the humming changes with slight on off the gas pedal. I just ordered new front axles thinking it could be bearings in cv joint going bad and they were never replaced. I have 130,000 miles on 2000 durango. Noise tone also changes when turning to the left.

Check side carrier bearings in the diff i have rreplace a lot of them for the same noise thats all you have to do remove the diff cover remove end caps and see if the bearings are pitted if so replace ... 2000 Dodge Durango

Ford fiesta 2000 i have changed wishbones/bushes as when i drove the car if i went over bumps the car would make a big impact noise. The noise improved and the road handling was better. Then a week later I saw a tyre bent although I havent noticed a significant pull to the left hand side. My mechanic has suggested that it could be the front shock absorbers, the knuckle or the subframe.Which one do you think it could possibly be. Need your advise badly. WHat do you think is the problem

My guess would be bad ball joints. Raise the front of the car and place it on safety stands. Find a long board or some type of tool that you can put under the front tire and pry up on the tire. If the ball joint ... Ford Fiesta

I have 2004 expedition with front end noise. When you drive slow it sounds like you have a flat tire on front passanger side. At 70mph or above it has a really bad vibration. What could be the problem? Is it the wheel bearing? I have 500 miles left on my warranty. Please help.

Sounds like front wheel bearing or CV joint (constant velocity joint) - get it in before warranty runs out - they are not cheap! ... 2004 Ford Expedition

I have a 94 mercury sabel with 70,000 miles on it. The problem is when going down the road it seems to have a vibration at slow speeds. None at high speed. When I jacked up the front end you can move the front tire on the passenger side back and forth a couple of inches of free play. Looks like it is in the rack and pinion steering drivers side is not as bad but also has some play. CV joints seem fine, kinds scary should not have that much play. Zero play up and down, just side to side

Wheel bearings are bad ... 1994 Mercury Sable

II have a 1994 sedan devill the power steering dosn't work the reservoir is full of fluid and I can't find any leaks the drive belt is tight there is no noise comming from the pump even when you turn hard to one side and hold it do you think this is a bad pump or a problem with the steering gear it turns smooth just very hard also the book mentioned somthing about a pressure controle valve and manifold on some models on the rack and pinion so could this pressure valve be bad if so were is it an

This is hard to tell what is wrong, without doing some tests. I would say that the actual power steering pump is the problem. The Deville had lots of problems with the power steering pumps had lots of problems in these cars. ... Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge two-wheel drive with a 3.0 engine & automatic transmission. It has a 5'' aftermarket lift kit which replaced the spindle and arm. I am replacing the rack-and-pinion. I have removed the tierod ends with the balljoints. I have disconnected all lines from powersteering pump. I have removed all bolts. I slid the assembly all the way to the left (facing the vehicle from the front). I have slid the right and tried to pull the assembly out through the front side and throu

Sounds like you need to remove the inner tie rod ends from the rack. If the outer tie rods are removed you need to remove the rubber bellows boots from both ends by removing the metal bands or clamps, then you need to use an inner tie rod tool (a lon ... 2002 Ford Ranger Regular Cab

Kia Sedona - 2005 - it keeps making a clicking popping sound from around the left front tire. The bolts holding the rotors were popping out. Tightened and still clicking and popping. What could cau

Anytime you change a timing belt- you alsochange the water pump,all pulleys & tensionersSo this time the dealer was correctIf you recognize the time & work involved, you wouldunderstandAll you ever need to do, ... 2002 Kia Sportage
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