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2005 impala hard start when hot

\015 Stalls when starting vehicle hot.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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2000 chevy impala starts but wont stay running when it gets hot runs hard and stall out after 30min starts back up

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2005 impala hard start when hot

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Our 2004 Impala is not blowing hot hair when we turn the heater on. The car temp is normal but the heat is not hardly warm at all should we start by changing the thermostat first.........

Yes that would be the cheapest approach.Is the blower working? ... Chevrolet 2500

Engine is hard to start when hot. Have changed out fuel filter, fuel regulator, spark plugs, and it is better but still hard to start when hot. It was hard to start when cold but has improved with these changes. Approx 105k on milage. 4 cy

Ignition module. ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

2001 tacoma v6 doesn't want to start when hot. I can start it by pressing the gas at the right time. The problem is that it cranks differently. not as hard and kind of "skips". give it a half hour or more to cool, and it turns over like it always has. Seems to be getting worse. I'm starting to have problems in the morning now as well. hard to explain, but it sounds and feels different. If it starts when hot without giving it gas, it idles low and rough for a few seconds and dies.

... 2001 Toyota Tacoma

When my 97 chevy 454 starts it starts goo but after it gets hot it is really hard to start... sometimes it is really hard to start and when it starts it is easy to start again... what is wrong? i have replaced the fuel pump, regulator, filter, plug wires, distributor cap, rotary button, and spark plugs...


Hard starting when I try to start the car first thing in the morning it turns over 4 or 5 times then starts, also have a problem sometimes when its hot. It starts hard and the engine light comes on but it eventually starts.

Hi if the engine light comes on you need to get the diagnostic tester to find out what the fault code is otherwise finding the fault can be a bit hit or miss and end up costing you more money then it might have you had the engined tuned [seviced] as ... 1991 Honda Civic

My wife's 1991 Saab 900i starts and runs fine from a cold start but with a "hot" start on a hot day the car will start, but the engine oscillates between 0-2500 RPM and lacks power. In this condition it dies when the accelerator pedal is pressed and is undriveable. After waiting anywhere from 10-90 minutes the car will again start and run OK.

In a case like this you can have allot of thing's going on to cause this, you really need to have the computer control system for the fuel injection tested for trouble codes before u buy any parts, but based on my experience two thing ar ... 1991 Saab 9000

When you start the ignition, it hardly start, when its already started, after a few minutes if the engine is hot already, it will dies and hard to start again.what do you think the problem is?I've already replaced the computer box,coolant temperature sensor,and the coolant sending unit sensor, ignition failure sensor,intake manifold sensor,fuel pump,it's already top overhauled,camshaft position sensor for this car what else can we do?

Check the EGR valve in your car. Does the car backfire? ... Hyundai Sonata

2004 cheverolet impala 3.4L engine - Started running hot. Had never changed antifreeze, bought a flush and refilled with antifreeze. Ok for several weeks, started running hot again. Replaced the thermostat. Ran hot again, but no steam or bubbling. After that the temp gauge would fluctuate alot, up and down. Replaced the heat sensor and it stopped fluctuating. Now the car runs hot sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I have not leaks (and water pump is not leaking) and radiator is full. ?

Sounds like you have an air;lock in your cooling system.Try placing a bleeder on the return hose to the heater core ........looks like a small tap ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

2001 Dodge Dakota 4x4 quad cab 4.7 engine starts when cold high rpm hard to start when hot check engine light on engine will rev up on own and sometimes will lose power what might be the problem

... 2001 Dodge Dakota

Hard start Hi I have 2001 Montana it is getting hard to start when it is hot I replace the fuel filter 2 days ago but did not solve the problem very time when I try to start it I have to hit the gas pedal what would be the problem ?

... 2001 Pontiac Montana

I have a 1996 toyota 4x4 2.7 engine it start good when cold, after it get hot it hard to start. The motor turn good just hard to start sometime. I have over two hundred thousand miles on it. and it run good.

Information can be found FREE by downloading a FREE SERVICE MANUAL for your vehicle using the link below\012\012http://ezinearticles.com/?Find-the-Free-Auto-Repair-Manual-You-Need-Online&id=92717 ... 1994 Toyota Pickup

Toyota Tercel 92. Manual transmission. When I turn the ignition key, not every single time but most of the time, I hear a single, hard clunk. Starter problem? Also, recently I had my car not starting at all after engine being hot. E.g it always starts when engine is cold but won't start again -after a short stop-when engine's hot. I have a lot of juice in my battery -almost new- and when I turn the ignition key on I can hear the click so wouldn't be the spark plugs either. Could this be soleno

The noise u hear is the starter solenoid starting to engage but failing to make a connection to supply power to the starter motor, this car uses a Denso design started motor and the large copper contacts burn away and create the clunk no ... Toyota Tercel

My car has trouble starting in hot weather. It starts fine in the morning but after that on really hot days I get a vapor lock and have a really hard time getting it to start. The engine turns over but doesn't catch. I have switched to major brand premium gas and that has helped (it use to do it a lot more often) Is there anything else I can do

It could be the Crank Angle Sensor that has gone faulty. Works OK when the engine is cold but won't when hot. ... Honda CR-V

Isuzu Trooper, 1990, 2.8L - 6V, Manual Transmisson. Milage 140.000 miles.  Problem: Engine starts when cold and climb to high rpm and gradually goes down to 800 rpm as it should. When it?s hot stalls on idle and than it?s hard to start. Can?t hold idle. Immediately stops.. Will not start when is hot. I have replaced head gaskets, inlet manifold gaskets and all exhaust gaskets. Also new thermostat. New spark plugs. New parts in ignition distributor. (3000 miles ago). Fuel pump gives right pres

About the only items I see you haven't checked which could cause this condition according to my books is the O2 sensor, Map sensor and Throttle position sensor. Occasionally the Crank position sensor will throw a bad code at you but not often. I wo ... 1990 Isuzu Trooper

Hard starting I just purchased a 99 jeep cherokee it runs and drives great plenty of power the problem is its hard to start it has to crank 8 or 9 times befor it finally starts weather the engine is hot or cold can you help narrow down the culprate. thanks, Brent.

Try cycling the key on and off 5-6 times before cranking. let me know what happens ... 1999 Jeep Cherokee

99 Silverado 4.8 Starts good cold (open loop) Starts very hard when hot, during hot soak. Turns over excessively long before startup. Also at times sets a PO300 multible skip, and starts dropping cylinders. Oddly, mostly on even cyls. Have replaced camshaft, & crankshaft sensors, plugs, plug wires, and checked all coils, all read same resistance. I have Snap-On scanner, and all sensors read ok.

I'd change the coolant temperature sensor. At different engine temperatures, the parameters for starting the engine are different (fuel mixture, ignition timing, etc), and if the coolant temp sensor is out of whack, the ECU won't set up properly to ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Isuzu Trooper, 1990, 2.8L - 6V, Manual Transmisson. Milage 140.000 miles.  Problem: Engine starts when cold and climb to high rpm and gradually goes down to 800 rpm. When it’s hot stalls on idle and than it’s hard to start. Can‘t hold idle. Immediately stops.. Will not start when is hot. I have replaced head gaskets, inlet manifold gaskets and all exhaust gaskets. Also new thermostat. New spark plugs. New parts in ignition distributor. (3000 miles ago). Fuel pump gives right pressure 11 PSI (

... 1990 Isuzu Trooper

Hard start on golf 5 tdi bkc engine any time when cold or hot and fuel line from the filter to engine very hot when engine running

... Cars & Trucks

1985 Ford Crown Vic engine when hot outside last 2 years would take time to start as I waited to re-try until it did. Lately has to have a jump and starts right away. Shop replaced: battery, serpentine belt, alternator, battery cable wires, radiator hoses, cap. Said starter was okay. I wonder about that. Very HOT outside other day. Engine light came on & is on doing in town driving! Added 2 qts. oil as dip stick hard to read. No radiator fluid lost. Took interstate & lacked power about 45 mph. T

It sounds like you have the wrong thermostat installed in your car. You need to get the water to the block quicker then what it's doing now. Always check oil every time before driving. This is a must on older cars. Some Mechanics differ, but in the l ... 1985 Ford Crown Victoria

I have a 95 s10 2.2 it runs good when it is hot but when it is good it ideals like 1300rpm when hot about 900 i got a 180 thrermostat and if you just let it ideal it goes from 1300 to 900 and back up sometimes really hard to start and if you try to pull out the rpms drop amd start bucking

It could be a vacuum leak or the egr valve or clogged airfilter ... Cars & Trucks

1991 lesabre hard to start when cold when hot ok let sit 3 hours hard to start what should i check

... 1991 Buick LeSabre

Hi I just recently started having transmission problems with my 2001 Chevy impala 3.4, Just the other day it started happening to me when I was taking off from first gear the engine rev's up but the car wont drive right away it has a slip but eventually after a second after accelerating the transmission kicks in pretty hard depends how hard I step on the gas, after it changes gears the car works perfect threw the rest of the gears, it happens when the car is already warmed up not when its cold t

... 2001 Chevrolet Impala

I have a 1988 f250 with 7.3lt engine it is hard to start when it is cold.it seams to me that the glow plugs are not staying on long enough.once the engine is hot have no trouble starting it.the owner i bought off said he replaced the glow plugs is there anyway to adjust the plug timer?or how hard is it to replace the timer and would you have any idear how it would cost?

These 7.3 engines always need a reliable source of battery power to start in any wheather when engine is cool, inspect the batteries and make sure they both retain at least 11.3 volts under load, if they are old batteries try replacing them if that ... Ford F-250
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