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I have a 2002 Chevy Impala. The cooling fans only turn on when the ac is on. I replaced the thermostat and the coolant sensor. I also bled the system and they still wont come on. The hand only goes to the middle of the gauge but the radiator gets to hot and kicks out antifreeze. What else could be done to get the cooling fans to turn on?

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Answers :

Being you have replaced the obvious, the thermostat and the coolant temp sensor(that is the one that threads into the block correct?), then all is left is the fan relay, which shoukd be located in the relay box under the hood, I do believe there should be more than one of the same relay that you can jump just for test purposes and replace after you are done.
\015\012Remember the water temp must get pretty hot before the large fan kicks on and cycles.
\015\012A fan nrelay cost is approx. $15.00.
\015\012Happy Motoring!!
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I have a 2002 Chevy Impala. The cooling fans only turn on when the ac is on. I replaced the thermostat and the coolant sensor. I also bled the system and they still wont come on. The hand only goes to the middle of the gauge but the radiator gets to hot and kicks out antifreeze. What else could be done to get the cooling fans to turn on?

Being you have replaced the obvious, the thermostat and the coolant temp sensor(that is the one that threads into the block correct?), then all is left is the fan relay, which shoukd be located in the relay box under the hood, I do believe there shou ... Chevrolet Impala

I turn on my air conditioner and the compressor comes on and it starts to get cool like normal, but the radiator fan won't come on and so the freon builds up enough pressure to vapor lock the compressor and cause a gut wrenching squeal from the belt until i manage to turn it off. the radiator fan WILL come one when the engine gets hot enough, so i know its good. i want to fix it the right way, but if not i may try to rig it and MAKE it work, any suggestions for how to rig it or what may be wrong

Sorry, but your compressor is failing, maybe install more oil charge, but may be too late. ... 1993 Ford Mustang

Can crank and turn ac on and will run fine for an indefinite amount of time sitting in the driveway. Put in drive and dont get 4 miles before it runs hot. Turn air off and will run without getting hot. ???? Just had ac charged and compressor was not coming on. Did injection clean and grey **** came smoking out the exhaust for ten min, compressor came on and works fine now. Fan is coming on but not sure if pulling enough air when trying to cool ac coil and radiator when driving. In park runs cool

There is definately an issue with your fan. The fan since you confirmed is working, is not pulling enough air to the radiator.Check the fan pressure.Good luck and remember to rate my suggestion. ... 1998 Land Rover Range Rover

We have a 1993 Pontiac Grand AM SE with the 3.3 L V6 engine, automatic trans, power windows and door locks. The engine temp is running hot. I have replaced the cooling fans, fan switch sensor, relay, temp sensor and cap. The guage goes into the red, biut the temp light never comes on. The cooling fan only comes on if you turn the AC on. Fan never comes on except when your turn AC on. Coolant has been flushed, not lease from radiator or watter pump. No blown head gasket, did compression ch

Dose it run hot with ac on or open hiway? ... 1993 Pontiac Grand Am

My Voyager is overheating, Ive flushed the radiator,changed the thermostat,radiator cap & temp.sending unit. The fan works properly but Ive replaced the relay that runs the fan,A/C,& temp. sending unit twice already. So as of right now I have the cooling fan bypassed to where its always on when I'm driving. But where im stuck is when it starts getting hot It will start to cool down when I drive very fast between stoplights,or when I turn on the heater.What else could be causing it to over heat?

It's the radiator cap """" just take the cap off and change evreything underneath it LOL ... 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager

I have a 1997 mazda protege with a coolinf fan prob. The fans work when I turn on the AC but do not work when the engine gets hot at idleing speeds. I replaced radiator and thermastate and also cooling sensor. The 30 amp cooling fuse is good. so my question is , Does the cooling fan relay control the fans for both AC and overheating too?

... 1997 Mazda Protege

Radiator cooling fan only runs when a/c is on.Changed water temp sensor and fan relay. Can get it to come on if I hook up a test light to one of the two hot wires that goes to fan relay. Where does the fan relay get its contol voltage to come on? Ihave checked all of the fuses and power relays.

If you can provide me with the model year and engine, I can look it up for you.\015\012Let me know\015\012Regards, ... Volvo S70

My radiator cooling fan is not turning on when the engine gets hot, causing it to overheat. There are two fans situated in front of the radiator. I don't know if I need to replace both fans, just one, or if it could be a oxygen sensor problem. Thanks for your help

Check your fan relays, and fuse. These are located in the relay/fuse box near the battery. Hopefully this helps ... 1994 Toyota Camry

I own a 2002 Jaguar S-Type 4.0. It started overheating 3 weeks ago. Water pump, coolant reservoir, radiator, and heater control valve have all been replaced. Thermostat changed twice. Cooling fan is operating. No visible leaks anywhere. Bled and filled engine block via thermostat housing with coolant. Still same issue. Can only drive 5 blocks before engine gets hot. Have to pull over and turn engine off immediately to allow it to cool before attempting to get back home. Somebody out there, pleas

You have done everything I would do at the shop except for one thing, this is to take the car to a shop with a gas analyzer and have the cooling system checked for combustion gases in the cooling system, this test is best performed cold, U don't alwa ... Jaguar S-Type

I have a 93 firebird v6 3.4l car was running warm replaced tstat, water pump, tensioner pully, temp sending unit, fan relay, radiator cap, reservoir cap still running real warm, turn on heater blows cool air doesn't get warm at all.stop a traffic lights starts to run hot' then cools down to 240 been running at 220 turn on a/c runs warm quick thanks

Hi there, have you checked the colour of the oil in the motor, if not clear or normal and have a milky look, it sounds like the head gasket is on the way, it will still drive but the symptoms sound like the head gasket, Check the oil. Hope this will ... 1993 Pontiac Firebird

My radiator cooling fan won't kick off and run when the engine gets hot and the a/c is on or ever for that matter. Fan was replaced and still won't run. When I turn on the A/C, I have power all the way to the plug in for the fan. I have jumped the fan directly off the battery and it will run.

Sounds like a bad relay to me. If you jumped the fan to the battery and they kick on, then the motor is obviously good. Replace the high and low speed relays with known working of the same type while running your a/c on high and on low. If they ki ... 2000 Kia Sportage

The radiator cooling fan will not come on when the engine gets hot. Do you think it is a bad fuse, if yes where is the fuse. Or perhaps a circuit breaker, if there is one. Or could it be a relay and if it is where is the relay? The fan itself works good it is the turning on of the fan that is bad.

Fuse relay is under the hood next to the battery. location is (5FL) 60 amp yellow fuse. ... 1994 Mercury Cougar

1996 mazda 626 4cyl,when i start the car the tempture gage goes to hot and after five minutes of running it drops to the middle then i will turn it off its back up to hot again, i have replaced the radiator,sending unit,thermastat,fuse under the hood,I dont hear the fans come on at all,what else can i replace so the gage works and iam worried i will be broke down on the side of the road i just bought the car thinking i could fix it?

... 1996 Mazda 626

2001 dodge caravan temperature gets very hot after less than a mile of traveling . Then I turn the van off , restart and the temperature goes down to a 1/4. Water pump radiator and thermostat have been changed . . I've been reading about a fan relay switch that could be bad , but will a fan really bring the temperature down to a 1/4 temp from almost overheating ? Could the thermostat be bad ? Or maybe do a coolant system flush ?

Are you sure the coolant level is full?Did you "burp" the cooling system after you replaced the parts? ... Cars & Trucks

I drove my Toyota CARINA E, 1.6 Petrol, 1995 100 yards down the road, it was over revving at 2500 revs. I thought the auto choke was stuck but the car overheated down the road. Got out and noticed the coolant was leaking out of the radiator. Put some radwell sealant in and ran it for 25 mins as instructed. Turned on the hot heater but wasn't coming out hot. Cooling fan to engine is still working. Radwell seems to have worked on the whole, still getting a bit of leakage but doesn't seem to be ov

Seems like the thermostat is OK if you are now not experiencing overheating. ... 1995 Toyota Corolla

Emmission light came on - I don't remember if the radiator fan was on when I turned the car off, which usually cools the car. Did smell an odor like mill dew (wet sock) and air conditioner was on. Saw the car getting hot so I put the heater on and the temp went down. This morning light was on but then turned off after driving about 1/2 hour.

Run the car to see if the fan turns on, u can check fan right away by turning on the a/c make sure you have coolant and all coolant hoses are not leaking. ... 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt

My VW Cabrio is overheating after 1-2 miles. Coolant in recovery tank is boiling by this time and making bubbling noises. Someone changed radiator hoses, flange, some housing. They are saying that radiator fan is not getting power supply and is not getting turned on. Another guys was saying change the radiator since the top hose of radiator is hot and bottom is cold, so coolant is not getting circulated in radiator. They also changed radiator fan switch. Multiple guys have charged $150 for diagn

\015\012Run the engine and look at the header tank , is there lots of air bubbles coming back out of the water if is then the head gasket may have split and that is down to either a can of Radweld or a strip down repair \015\012\015 ... 1997 Volkswagen Jetta

I got a new thermostat,thermostat housing,radiator cap, I flushed out the radiator, the waterpump seem to be workin fine, the clutch fan has a slight drag,and smooth turn when i move the fan by hand so I think the fan clutch is working, so heres the promblem when im moving, the temperture is fine, its when the traffic is backed up and im at a stand still for a long time,thats when the temperture is getting hot. I havent picked up a new radiator yet,and was wondering if I get the new radiator, wi

Clean the radiator or change it. Because if the radiatos is clogged, not even will work with the electrical fan. ... Ford Bronco

2001 saturn sl has really weak heat, switches from hot to cold ok and the fans are working but it never really gets hot, just kinda warm, but if you turn off the fans but leave the heat on and let it warm up and turn the fans back on it will blow out hot air for about 30 seconds and then it cools off. the car runs fine any i see no other problems that would relate to this, anyone have any ideas?

Sounds like the thermostat is bad try replacing it this should solve your problem. ... Saturn SL

Radiator fan doesn't always turn on when engine gets hot

Check fuses #25 and #6 (both 30 amp) the fan thermostat is on the left side of the rad.turn the ignition on, and after pulling back the boot, short across the two terminal with a screwdriver.if the fan runs, fan and wiring are ... 1988 Saab 900

I have a 92 camry v6 overheating i put new thermostat, new radiator , fan is working properly you can run engine and fan speeds up to high speed when warm. you can see the guage flow hot to cooler when thermostat opens ,after 30 mins of start stop it gets hot. i pull over and open hood it cools really quick like 10 mins. then 10 mins of driveng it gets hot again.

Two things i can think of with sort of problem ,and the first one is the water pump ,these cars use a plastic impeller on a metal shaft and they come loose and spin on the drive shaft ,but when its in the engine it doesnt spin because of the resistan ... Toyota Camry

I have a 2002 mercury sable, you can feel hot air coming out of the vents, as long as you do not turn on the blower fan, as soon as you turn on the blower fan the air gets cold quick, i have changed the thermastat, flushed my radiator and blew out the heater coil. my radiator fans also run alot. they will kick on and off every few seconds.

... 2001 Mercury Sable

My cooling fan won't come on unless you turn the A/C on. It does not matter how hot the car gets. It won't come on unless you turn A/C on. Where is the cooling fan sensor(thermostat)located?

... 1989 Buick Century

I have a 2004 mitsubishi endeavor and my A/C, heater and defrost have stopped blowing. The A/C knob had blinked at one point. I have looked at the schematics in the owners manual and checked all A/C related fuses inside the cabin and under the hood.The A/c lines get cold and the hearter lines get hot when the switch is turned. Also cool air and hot air slowly leaks from the vents when selected. The fan does not kick on. you can hear the compressor kick on when you turn the ac unit on or off. Wha

... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

Temperature gauge My car recently started giving me a problem that when the radiator fans turn on the temperature guage goes all the way to hot. when the fans turn of the gauge goes all the way down.

Could be signs that you need to replace the radiator. neons have a rpoblem with the radiator cores rotting out pretty quickly. ... 1999 Dodge Neon
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