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77 el camino leaks from passenger side behind dash. what could it be?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

Answers :

Hello there:
This leakage that youare seeing is coming from the heater core which means that you will need to remove the heater core and get a new one
The best way to do this is to Mark and disconnect the 2 hoses that are going thru the firewall to whick pipe they attach to on the heater core then remove the 6 or 8 nuts or bolts that hold it into place then you will find that the box that the heater core is sitting in may have some nuts and bolts on it to so remove them next the box itself needs to be seperated at the seam to assist in the removal of the heater core so cut along the seam with a very sharp knife or a utility knife and then remove the old heater core and install the new one then put everything back and dont forget to reseal the box otherwise you wont get much heat flow from the core de to air getting inside of the box ok then make sure you put sealant on the bolts where they go thru the fire wall and tighten it down firmly then reattach the hoses and you are done
Hope this is very helpful for you
Best regards Michael
You need to replace the heater core which is located behind the glove box under the dash
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77 el camino leaks from passenger side behind dash. what could it be?

Hello there:This leakage that youare seeing is coming from the heater core which means that you will need to remove the heater core and get a new one The best way to do this is to Mark and disconnect the 2 hoses that are going thru the ... Chevrolet El Camino

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NO, trans cooler is not part of the heating and air system. ... 2008 Ford Escape

2008 vette coupe experiences a humming/vibration type sound coming from passenger side console, it seems to activate at higher speeds after driving for awhile. Are there there any motor or hydraulic types components behind the passenger dash board that could cause this sound?

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My car is leaking from behind the water pump, but i know its not the water pump what could the problem be. looks like its leaking rite by the engine block on the passenger side

That is the timing cover gasket. The coolant goes through the timing cover into the block and there is a gasket between the two, and it is a common problem on the taurus. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

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My buick is releasing steam vapor though the vest and is leaking in the car from the dash, what could it be? and also it is leaking from underneth the passenger side.

Your heater core needs to be replaced. It's located on the passenger side , under the dash. The heater core is like a small radiator. Coolant from the engine is circulated through it, and that is what provides heat in the car. The heater core is ... 1989 Buick Century

I have a 99 chevy tahoe that will not lock the doors unless I use the keychain remote or puch each lock down, same with unlocking. The lock button on both the driveside and passenger side do not work. Also my rear hatch button does not work either on the remote or on the button on the dash. When pressing the rear hatch remote button I hear a clicking sound from behind the dash. Both problems started at the same time. Could it be a fuse? I was driving on a very dusty road prior to the problem.

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A light on upper dash came on, same time gas leak on passenger side a drip, friend over filled tank. It stopped gas drip when gas cap tightened and was checked for leak in tank. It has happend today. Tank not full but after an hour drive leak a large amount down tube on passenger side in rear, light on dash back on, cap retightened and stopped will check in morning after rain stops. I am in wheelchair, husband passed and kids and friends drive me. No one knows what to do. First time this h

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My 2005 Cayenne just start leaking a clear oil (looks like break fluid) from the passenger side right behind the tire area. what could be the issue?

Most like it is brake fluid. This need urgent attention with a brake specialist. ... 2005 Porsche Cayenne

2002 Chevy blazer is leaking transmission fluid on the passenger side right behind the exhaust. What could this be?

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My 1996 ford taurus station wagon is leaking water under the dash on the front passenger side only when it rains the water has no odor to it today the car now has a foul smell when i get in the car but it is not coming from the carpet also when i looked in where the wheel well is there was about 4 inches of water which i vaccumed out and then found a big plug i could have pulled. where is that water coming from and is that normal?

Sounds like either you have a leaking heater core or a evaporative cooler drain is plugged up and not allowing your evaporater to drain. ... Ford F-150

1993 jeep grand cherokee...i seem to have water leaking in on passenger side of car seems to be coming from under dash....behind the padding that shields the car from the firewall. How do i get a manual to see the firewall?....is it possible for something to be clogged? someone mentioned perhaps the silicone needed to be redone between the fender and the firewall...but not sure how to do that.

If you've been using the AC its more likely that the water is coming from the evaperator....there's supossed to be a drain pipe from the housing and through the floor....If not I think you'd better have the cabin heat units checked for integrity....A ... 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have water leaking from the bottom of my dash on the passenger side of my 1991 cadilac broughan, what could be the problem

It's probably the core in the heating system. Coolant from the radiator is circulated through a very small heater core inside the car to provide heat. It will probably leak worse if the heater is turned on, since that allows pressurized coolant int ... 1991 Cadillac Brougham

I own a 1990 190e Mercedes-Benz, after it has run for a little while, it starts to leak water on the passengers side, behind the heater, which leads to the car over-heating. How could I fix this?

This is your heater core leaking. One thing you can try is some of the stop leaks that the auto part stores sell. I would try "Liquid glass" as the heads on these are kind of delicate once overheated. This may also stop any other damage occuring(like ... 1990 Mercedes-Benz 190

Passenger side leak under dash board

Ok take off the windshield wiper arms, then remove the plastic piece under the wipers below the windshield, there is a tray under there and some drain holes, you may have to remove some more plastic pieces once you remove the one below the windshiel ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

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It could condensasion from your a/c unit, if you have been running your a/c won't drain out, or it could also be your heater core, check your coolant level if it's low could be heater core , if it's not low have them check your a/c could be drain hos ... 2003 Saturn Lw 4dr Wagon
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