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Does removing the electric plug on hood latch de-activate alarm

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Does removing the electric plug on hood latch de-activate alarm

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I own a 2002 Lexus Rx300. The alarm in the car goes off perodically, no one is touching the car. Recently the hood latch on my car does not close properly. Can the hood latch trigger the alarm to off? Can the factory alarm be disconnected without causing other electrical problems? My name is Peter and my email address is [email protected]

... 2000 Lexus RX 300

Alarm & Stereo not working... Digital odometer constantly reads 'deck' as if the hood is open, but it is not. The alarm does not honk as it used to when battery cables are reconnected. Dome light does not work, and electric door lock/unlock switch doesn't work so my alarm can't be activated, BUT the electric locks will lock themselves once you begin to drive. Stereo lights up, but does not turn on or function as it once did. All fuses are visibly still good, to the best of my knowledge... unless

Check fuses F10, F11 (mini fuses) in engine compartment, You may have blown maxi fufuse 60 amp circuit in engine compartment fuse F2. i found identical mulitple faults including erratic horm operation caused by back feed. Maxi fuses are difficult to ... 1998 Chrysler Sebring

Hyundai accent alarm doesnot activate. I had an accident recently. I crashed into another car from my front left side. After repair, my car gets locked via remote, but alarm does not activate. The mechanic said maybe the staff unplugged a fuse, but they are not sure. Is it possible whether they forgot to install the plastic piece on the hood activating the alarm? (When the hood closes it touches a button connected to the alarm system) Any different solutions? Thanks..

... 2005 Hyundai Accent

I have the same problem everyone seems to have with the 2004 beetle convertible. I try to close the driver side door but the window sensor is not working. I played around with the door latch which activates the sensor and I get nothing. My question is.....Where is the actual electrical component located, that makes the window sensor work? Is it in the door itself or does the wiring go all the way back underneath the hood somewhere?

There is a micro switch located in the door lock assy, sometimes the switch gets gum up, you have to take the lock out and clean it to repair. ... 2004 Volkswagen Beetle

I am trying to locate the relay panel on my 99 vw passat 2.8 gls. My electric cooling fan was broken so I replaced it last night and tested it on the battery to verify it works- but it is not getting power from the plug. My guess is that one of the relay switches/fuses are blown. When I removed the old fan, I could see where the wires were burned and had obviously touched. I am not sure if the relay panel is under the dash or hood. Thanks for any help! Emily

Open the drivers door .. on the end of the dash (normally covered by the door) is a panel .. pop off that panel and the fuses are there .. of course fix the problem that caused the wires to burn then locate the fuse .. not easy since they give you a ... 1999 Volkswagen Passat

How is the hood latch cable removed from the hood latch? I am replacing the hood latch as it will not engage to lock the hood closed.

Hi my name is Allen!\015\012\015\012Push the cable out of the slot that holds it into place, then twist the cable and ball end around the lever, thats it. Install in reverse procedure.\015\012\015\012For further assistance con ... Ford F-150

Alarm I heard to disarm the alarm on a 1996 Toyota Rav4 you take out the fuse...which fuse is it?? I know where the fuse box is under my hood..but which one? This is the only problem I've had! My toggle switch has broken off and I have already removed the horn to the alarm. I just want it removed! I keep getting stuck out and can't get my car started after the alarm is triggered. This shouldn't affect anything else, should it? Thanks, Bobbi

No, the factory alarm is armed and diarmed either by the power locks locking/unlocking or there will be two wires to arm/disarm the factory alarm. Depending on the specs, it may auto-arm the alarm every time the doors are all closed and locked, so yo ... 1996 Toyota RAV4

2001 s10 hood wont open with latch, tried bouncing hood while latch pulled but will not work. What now, read remove grill but looked at instructions, said open hood take out four screws under hood.

Look at the cable sounds like when you pull the release lever the cable is sticking and not moving enought to pull the latch over usually you can reach up from under and give it an extra pull ,have someone else pull the lever in the truck while you l ... 2001 Chevrolet S-10

My hood on 03 pontiac montana will not latch. everything involved with the latch seems to work. the hood stops are all the way down. nothing in the way. the bar just doesnt seem to go down into the latch far enough to activate it.

You could try raising the latch up are you sure release handle inside car is pushed all the way back in? ... 2003 Pontiac Montana

Every time I open my door my panic alarm goes off and I can't get it to stop until I pull my horn fuse and my headlight fuse I hav ethe identical problem I have a 2000 sebring two door and if I open either door the alarm system goes off. I key fob is ok, I have tried unlocking the car with the key and it still goes off. Until I find a solution I have removed the alarm fuse ( under the dash driver side) and removed the horn fuse ( under the hood) so now only my headlights flash, now at least my

Hi..the reason for the problem is the security\015\012system.If ther is any short of wire or any damage\015\012in the wiring system it could lead to this problem.\015\012so this problem o ... 2000 Chrysler Sebring

I'm trying to fix a hood latch on a 2000 mercury cougar and was told to remove the grill to get in there, but I can't see how to remove it. There are two bolts under the hood that hold it in but I can't seem to be able to reach them. Anybody know how to do this if I can't open the hood?

Go to a parts place or junk yard-they will be eager to help n they may hav needed item ... 2000 Mercury Cougar

Misfire on Cylinder 3 of a 2002 Chrysler Sebring LX (2.7L 6-cylinder engine). I would like to change the spark plugs, but can't reach the 1,3, and 5 plugs even after removing the intake manifold and the ignition coil -- there appears to be not enough space etween the hood (or better lower window part) and the motor to insert the spark plug removal took -- unless there are bendable ones? Are there? Any other way (without lowering the whole motor? I would like to do this in my driveway! Thanks in

You don't have to lower the motor .Ive been in the same situation with the same carI used a swivel adapter . first insert the socket with the swivel on the spark plugthen get an extension and add it to the swivel e ... 2002 Chrysler Sebring


I have a mazda 929 (luce) limited its been parked up for 2 years and now there is no fule getting to the carb ther is no power to fule pump but all fuze r okay can any 1 help ... 1988 Mazda 929

Battery is dead on 1993 BMW 740i. Electric door locks don't operate to open doors and manual key access doesn't work either. Access to battery behind rear seat is not available nor is operation of hood latch to open hood to allow recharge of battery connections. Manual operation of door latch from inside car does not free the door either. What access to the battery is available for recharge from outside the car from underneath and how do I make any necessary connections

If you are going to do it from under the car, disconnect the positive cable from the starter and connect the positive battery charger cable to the disconnected positive starter cable and the negative battery charger cable to the car frame or and suit ... BMW X7 Series

I have a 1996 Toyota Tercel with an aftermarket alarm system that I'm uninstalling. There are two large gauge wires from the ignition bundle, black/yellow & white/red that have taps on them. A third smaller gauge wire, white/black that was cut & installed on the alarm bundle. I removed all taps (including two power taps on the fuse box) and reconnected the black /white wire. Everything else was removed. The problem is the car wont start. I get acc. power & everything electrical works.

Check the motor starter wire, may be it was disconnected while the alarm unit installed. ... 1996 Toyota Tercel

Hood cable is broke on 99 suburban. How do I get the hood opened. Can I remove the front grille to access the latch?

... Cars & Trucks

My electric door lock only chatters when activated on the drivers side door. I am certain I can repair the problem if I can remove the door panel. I see only two small screws and have removed them. The panel does not show any signs of being able to be removed. Is there push pins holding this panel on or how can it be removed? Will these pins break when removed? Thanks, R East

Hi there; \015\012 You need to know how to remove the front drivers door inside trim panel.\015\012 You have found the small screws at the bottom of the door panel. You will now need to remove the smaller triangle s ... 2002 Chevrolet Silverado

Auto repair --1999 gmc k1500 pickup old body style 5.7 liter v8 350 i removed the distrubutor after changing a intake manafold gasket. put back together and it is timed correctly but the engine is missing. i was told in the manual to unplug the electrical spark timing plug ,start the engine and plug back in while the engine is running.. this should fix the problem, but i cannot locate the (est) plug is this the solution to the problem, and if so. where is the (est) plug located on this model...

This procedure sounds correct as long as the timing is set correctly. You can locate this particular plug, usually on the firewall in line with the harness. It will simply be a plug that goes to nothing and has a cap in it to close the circuit when ... 1999 GMC Sierra

I need some expert opinions on the following situation with my 2000 VW Beetle. I have had alarm problems with this since I broke the black plastic hood latch and I only have a valet key. I could not even start the car, so I was told by someone that by disconnecting the battery, it would turn off the alarm. It did that, but then the oil light comes on and flashes, and it did not do that before I had changed the old oil, and turned off the alarm. Also, my speedometer and other gauges does not

As far as the speedometer and gauges not working...a fuse may have blown when the battery was disconnected and re-connected causing those things not to operate. The oil light might be flashing because the oil change indication was re-set when the bat ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

My 2003 Ford Escape will not start. There is electricity and all the gauges show life and the radio works and everything. However when I try to turn on the vehicle is sounds like the factory alarm will not let me turn on the vehicle. There is an ignition kill in the factory alarm and it sounds like the alarm is active when I try and turn on the car. Please help me fix the problem so that I can turn on the vehicle.

Look for the alarm brain usually under driver side dash board. locate the fuse or the switch. ... 2003 Ford Escape

Security reset When trying to remove key following shutting down Montana, went past point of key removal to the accessories mode. Returned the key position to remove key & anti-theft alarm system activated. Reviewed manual & located the icon with the padlock showing. Followed the steps of inserting the key into ignition. Sound system seemed to turn off. Next day had to have car boosted, thought it was due to cold weather, but battery wouldn't turn over. Car was boosted and driven, to recharge

... 2001 Pontiac Montana

Can you supply me with the colour code for the wiring on the alarm/central locking unit under the dash on a 2002 vw golf ? i am fitting a remote start alarm and when i remotely lock the doors i need the vw alarm not to work, at the moment when it remotely locks the doors(new remote) it sets the vw alarm ? I have tryed removing the pluge on the unit, but they stop the interior lights and electric windows working ? Kind regards Ted (auto electrician)

Try using this web site. www.icdynamics.com ... Volkswagen GTI

Hood Ajar on DIC, hood is tight, Remote Start Disabled, ohmed out the switch and it doesn't have continuity, no matter wether I close or release the lever the mechanism moves. Any ideas before I replace the switch? Also, occassionally the security alarm starts honking the horn when vehicle is left locked in the parking lot (no one around) Driving me crazy. Chev dealer says they have to replace the hood latch assembly ($90 and order from Canada--5 days) as a bulletin says do not try to repla

... 2007 Chevrolet Uplander LT Minivan

My 2000 F350 diesel is stuck on defrost and my automatic 4wd won't engage. I replaced the vacuum pupm and it still would not work. I then removed the vacuum line from the black cannister where it plugs into a valve of some sort that is bolted onto the inner right fender. There are 2 lines going into the valve and when you plug it, the ac works fine. What is this valve and is it the problem? The valve has a electric plug connected to it and a plastic cap on the top.

... 2000 Ford F350 Super Duty Super Cab
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