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My s 10 smell like gas coming 4rm my mufflers

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

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It is running rich and sounds like maybe needs a tune up not burning all the gas or you need to llook at the injectors maybe one isx leaking
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My s 10 smell like gas coming 4rm my mufflers

It is running rich and sounds like maybe needs a tune up not burning all the gas or you need to llook at the injectors maybe one isx leaking ... Chevrolet Chevy

I hear a noise under my car when Im driving down the road seems like it right under my feet on the driver side, also my muffler makes a putting noise when i let off the gas petal, but I dont have any smell coming the car or the muffler

... 1998 Dodge Neon

My car will turn over till the battery dies but will not start. when it is trying to start air comes out the tail pipe but it smells like gas and i can take off the oil filler cap and it smells like gas. the sparkplugs are sparking.

Sounds like it is getting plenty of gas. First off check to see if the fuel regulator is bad either with a pressure gauge or pull the vacume line off and see if gas is seeping out, if it is theres your problem. Replace it. Pull out the plugs and let ... 1991 Geo Metro

2001 Monte Carlo has about 168,000 miles on it. Stopped for awhile left engine running and car smelled like gas (propane like smell). Recently "low Coolant" light has come on and then gone off when starting engine. Coolant is not low. Had been having issues with turn signals making a buzzing noise instead of blinking sometimes and thought the "low coolant" was maybe a fluke shorts in electrical system until the smell started during short periods of idling. Once while driving it felt like t

... 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I got into my wifes chevy equinox this morning and I smelled natural gas. I had the window rolled down and the smell went away in a few seconds so i thought it might have been coming from somewhere outside. My wife took it to work later in the day and she called me when she left work saying that the car smelled really bad like natural gas when she got into it. She said she started smelling it a few days ago but it wasnt real bad until tonight so she didnt say anything.

... 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Gas leak there is a leak on the passenger side about 1/2 way back under the car. It looks like its coming out of an object that looks like a tin can. Smells like gas. Anyone know what part this is called or what has caused this? Thanks for your help in advanced.

Hi, Your description matches the fuel filter, the only way to tell exactly what is wrong with it is to have it looked at. It could be a fitting to or from the filter or the filter could have a crack or there could be a split in the line. Best of Luck ... 1998 Audi A4

I just had my muffler/exhaust system changed at a garage. Before I brought the car in it was loud, but otherwise ran fine. Since I picked my car up I have noticed that now it struggles to reach cruising speed, sputters and feels like it is going to die. Sometimes it puffs out black smoke out of the pipe and now I am burning gas like crazy! when I step on the gas pedal the car struggles to go, before it was a nice smooth sound coming form my muffler, but now it sounds like some heavy muscle car

Sounds like they choked up your exhaust to much. What you needed was a quieter muffler. Buy having an exhuast that is to small on your car it will kill gas mileage and power. Most mitsbishis like a 2 1/2" exhaust, and if your have a turbo motor anyth ... 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Missing on passenger side of engine. Gas floods through and comes out exhaust. Replaced fuel pressure regulator.no change. Checked compression on all cylinders.120 - 190 psi. Dropped exhaust at engine,no change. While running,I disconnected both fuel injectors on passenger side and no change. Misses real bad. Has a whitish-blue vapor- like exhaust cloud. Smells of gas. No antifreeze smell. Gas was found in oil and it was changed.

That is too wide of a gap between cylinder compression readings. 190 psi is great and 120 is worn but workable. What were all of the numbers and which cylinders? ... 1990 Subaru Legacy

Just purchased 2000 lincoln ls v6 and half way home stopped for gas and noticed steam? coming from under hood and smelled like radiator fluid. Drove the car home and still noticed steam coming from under hood and smell. looked for coolant on ground but nothing . added coolant to empty radiator . next morning drove it to work(35mls) 5min into trip engine light came on but car ran fine . almost to work and noticed antifreeze smell again. Dealer says head gasket was replaced. Whats going on???

I would take it straight back to the dealer and demand they fix it or give you full refund! ... 2000 Lincoln LS

Went to store and was shopping about an hour, when i went to leave, the car would not start. then i noticed a gas smell so i lifted the hood and seen a drip of gas coming from the boot on the throttle body to air filter housing. i removed the air filter housing and seen that every time the accelerater pedal was pressed, gas started coming out (it looks like) the throttel body boot. what could be causing this? any help is big time help, thanks

Sounds like you have a bad fuel pressure regulator.Try this,pull the vacuum hose off of the fuel pressure regulator and if fuel runs out then the regulator is faulty.You can also pull the vacuum hose off the map sensor and if you see fuel run out the ... 1997 Buick LeSabre

I have a 98 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2, I have a code for lean mixture for a long time, I have replaced plugs, wires, it seems to help, but after awhile it comes back, sometimes when I give it gas it sounds like it bogging down, has not done this in a long time, just started again, smell fuel while idleing, idleing is rough now, when idleing and you give it gas, when you let off the gas it acts like it wants to die. Have no clue and running out of money. Please help if you can! Thanks

A major problem with those trucks is the idle air controll valve that goes bad have you checked it ? and does your truck waste any oil ? the fix for this problem is to remove the intake manifold there is a plate on the bottom of it that the gaket goe ... 1998 Dodge Ram

White smoke coming out of tail pipe and it smells like gas when warming up.

White smoke usually means that you have a blown head gasket,need to have it check out asap,could damage motor worse and cost more.How is your antifreeze in your over flow container,Is it low,check your oil and see what it looks like,might be milky. ... 1995 Nissan Maxima

Horrible smell coming through the heater fan it stopped working recently but even though they 'fixed it' it only really works at the higher settings but the smell comes every so often almost like a gas what could be wrong?

... Renault 181

I have a 1995 Mercury Sable that runs good in town but when I take it out on the interstate and as we come off it acts like the breaks are on. The motor smokes and smells hot but the temp. gauge is normal operating temp. I pull off the road and set for a few minutes and start it up and it will go again. I thought it was the fuel filter and changed it but it worked for a while and did it again. Like it is starving from gas, loosing power and check engine light comes on. Also the air bag ligh

I don't know if this would be the problem or not, when I worked at Ford, I had a car about the same year doing the same thing, coming off the freeway the brakes would apply themselves. But there was no check engine light, but the Anti-Lo ... 1995 Mercury Sable

I think my engine is flooded with gas. When i turn the car on it turns over but it starts acting like its going to shut off. White smoke comes out of the the tailpipe and it smells like gas

Replace your coolant temp sensor. this will cause a flooding problem. ... 2004 Chevrolet Impala

My definitely smells like gas while it's running and on when parked. what is the problem? when I turn on the heater it's even worse it's all gas smell that comes out. Please help!


Hi i have a 1988 ford f150 it idles up and down and always smells like gas also when you floor it or tap the gas after idling for a while black smoke comes out the tail pipes. i'm so sick of it running like **** anyone have any idea how to fix my problem?

Check fuel pressure regulator by removing the vacuum hose. If idle does not change or fuel comes out of regulator replace it. Otherwise check your injectors one at a time while car is running. If idle does not change replace it. ... 1988 Ford F 150

Is this also for a 2004 doidge durango smells like gas bucking and emissions imalfunctions indicator light coming on

Since you have a dash light on--there should beno wondering what to doCheck for codes,every timeHave to resolve codes related issues first ... Cars & Trucks

Car has been running fine..check engine light does stay on..today driving it..acted as if gas was hung up..moving right along without touching pedal..now will not crank..acts as if it is not getting any gas although there is a strong gas smell like it's flooded and there is black smoke coming from the tailpipe when you do try to crank it...any ideas?? thanks..desperate

Will not crank or will not start? it may be running rish..that ;s way the gas smell, the cylinders may be washed down with gas , and do to that lost compression, you will need to pull the plugs , put some oil , just a bit and let it seat for a minute ... 1995 Volvo 960

I have Nissan altima 2005 ,when i was driving i smell some bad smell, like gas smell or anything i dont know,after half an hour my AC blower stop to blowin air, Ac compressor still working coz i can hear compressor sound, but air is not coming .

Possible the blower motor burned up. Someone would need to check for voltage and ground at the motor. ... Cars & Trucks

1976 f250 truck sat for 6 yrs the gas has turned orange and smells like varnish this truck has an electric fuel pump i replaced the fuel filter and tried to start it several times with starter fluid ive used seafoam cleaner in the carburator and tank ive drained all of the gas from the tank using the fuel pump ive refilled the tank and have clean gas coming to the carburator it still wont start i get a little ignition with starting fluid but as soon as it burns up nothing i dont know much about

Hello, usually when gas sets in carb for a long time it turns into a varnish, you will have to take carb apart and clean all jets out, even the fuel pump may be clogged up, you will probably have to rebuild carb, unless you have access to air line to ... 1982 Ford F 250

Troubleshooting check engine light 1992 chevy G20 5.7 v8 van light comes on at idle. goes off when driving the van. come to a stop a real rough idle, hard to restart, hard to stop and hard to steer when foot is off gas and coming to a stop. exhaust smells like bad fumes.

Replace your oxygen sensor ... 1992 Chevrolet G20

2005 chevrolet cavalier Gas smell coming from the engine. looks like there is a leak coming from a small cylinder where a fuel line is attached by a large fuel line nut.The cylinder sits on top of the fuel rail.a small tube comes out the back of the cylinder that runs to the air intake to the engine. Is there a fuel filter in side that cylinder?

... 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier

There is a raw gas smell coming through my car heating vents. Its especially bad when my car has been sitting...like overnight. The smells is not as intense after driving car for 15 minutes; however the smell is still there. I just wanted to know what this could be.

Oil dripping on the exhaust. ... Dodge Stratus

I am having a problem starting my car when it have sit for a long period of time like overnight. I would have to step slightly on the gas while turning the ignition key to get the engine to catch. When it does catch it will idle high and then idle properly below one. Then I can turn the engine off and then restart the car no problem. While the engine is idling high I would step on the gas and heavy smoke comes out the tail pipe with a gasy smell. Then when it idle properly that heavy smoke

This sounds a lot like a knackered air valve. This valve regulates the idle speed. When it fails open, too much air gets in, forcing the system to richen the mixture ratio. When it fails closed, not enough air gets in causing you to make up the diffe ... 1990 Volvo 740
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