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My 2006 chevy impala has a massive power steering fluid leak, so my power steering goes out. This problem is solved when there is fluid in the system. Do i need to replace the entire power steering pump? or with changing out the power steering pump shaft seal solve my problem?

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Answers :

You just need to check your steering pipes and hoses for any leaks. just replace them if a leak is found. if your reservoir itself has a leak, then your only best bet is to replace the whole ting ..
You can change the seal.But check the shaft for a tram line type grove.If this is excesive then change the pump
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My 2006 chevy impala has a massive power steering fluid leak, so my power steering goes out. This problem is solved when there is fluid in the system. Do i need to replace the entire power steering pump? or with changing out the power steering pump shaft seal solve my problem?

You just need to check your steering pipes and hoses for any leaks. just replace them if a leak is found. if your reservoir itself has a leak, then your only best bet is to replace the whole ting .. ... Chevrolet Chevy

My 2000 chevy impala, 3.4, is having power steering issues. The entire system has been changed. New gear box (reman OE), new lines, new PS pump w/reservoir (reman OE thru Auto Zone), pulley was transferred and a new serpentine belt. After installation steering was still very tight after warming up. So, I again replaced the gear box and pump. System was flushed then bled thoroughly. There are no leaks. The problem is when the engine is cold the steering is a one-finger turn with ease. Unf

No there is no high pressure switch/sensor.as you have traced and replace all the possible possibilities which can create this fault still check out \015\012Make sure the power steering belt is tight, sounds like it's slipping then even ... Chevrolet Impala

Power steering I have a 1998 chevy z-71 with a 5.7 vortec . The power steering pump was leaking so i changed it and the steering became very difficult at low speeds. I took it to a mechanic and he said the pump was probably faulty so he put a another new pump on and replaced the belts. Now it seems like it is worse than the last one. It really doesnt even seem to help much when i give in more fuel. . Any ideas what might be causing the problem. I never had this problem with the factory pump that

I would check to see if the PS fluid is foamy. If so, then there is air trapped in the system. You can attempt to bleed it out by yourself . With the engine off, open the reservoir, raise the front wheels off the ground, and cycle the steering side ... 1998 Chevrolet K1500

Brought my audi a4 in to have the timing belt and water pump replaced and my car is now leaking power steering fluid and making loud noise, i was told when i took it back that the the powersteering fluid was low, they topped it off, it was fine until i drove it for a couple hours and the problem returned and my check engine light came on. had the fluid topped off again. can changing the timing belt and water pump damage the power steering pump/rack?

They may have loosened the power steering pump to take off the belt and not put it back right.\015\012They may have overtightened the belt which has worn the bearings out on the steering pump and made it start leaking from the bearings... ... 2004 Audi A4

Need some direction in trying to fix a 2007 chevy 2500 with 6.0. Power Steering went out while playing in snow in 4 wheel high. Replace pump with 3 different remans and now with a new ac delco. have power steering now but is hard to turn while setting still until rev motor then the power steering works, and when braking hard and turning the power steering doesnt work. when i changed the pump the first time there was alot of metallic flakes in the fluid. i have flushed the system several times, b

I would look elsewhere in the hydraulic power steering system for where the metal flakes originated. ... 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Oil change place put wrong power steering fluid in my car. I had to replace hydrolic pump for the power steering....two days later have same problems. do I need to replace all power steering system?

Hi,\015\012\015\012You need to have a pressure/flow test done on the system first, you may only have a certain area which is causing the problem.\015\012It sounds like the incorrect fluid has cause a seal to loose pressure in the steering rack. ... 2001 Audi A4

My Power steering runs out of fluid - I just had the power steering pump replaced because the sensor for fluid loss came on and the pump had a crack in it... I thought the fluid reserve tank was leaking from the top.. I replaced the cap... no change, the fluid pressure was pushing it out of the new cap too.... ...the pump was replaced again.. the CF11 fluid continues to gushes out of the cap... my mechanic tried to flush the lines.. but cant pressure test it and his computer does not pick up a

... 2002 BMW 7 Series

2002 Mercury Sable 6 Cyl. 3.0 - Another question about the power steering pump. When I start up the car, the power steering fluid drains down and when I turn the car off the power steering fluid comes back to its prior level. The rack was leaking so I replaced the rack so that was part of the earlier problem I had with fluid leaking out the top of the pump. My question is now: I'd like to know how to check the power steering pump itself and also I looked for a filter in the return line

You will need to bleed the system. With the vehicle running, turn the wheel fully left then fully right several times. When the fluid level is low, turn off the car, add fluid and repeat the process until it no longer drops fluid level ... Mercury Sable

2004 f350 power steering problem. when the truck is in gear with your foot on the brake you cant turn the wheels. the power steering pump has been replaced and the fluid changed with no result.

2006 f350 crew 4x4. Replaced p/s pump,booster,put gauges to check pressure? Fluid clean, lifted in air to check steering linkage and turning without load. Still baffled ! I work at a Ford dealer and mechanics said its normal. Thats BS! I replaced th ... Ford F-350

2001 Chevy Silverado 3500 6.0L V8 4x4 Dually, I replaced the power steering pump about 2 months ago, now I have power steering fluid leaking from underneath drivers side dash and carpet is saturated, also fluid is leaking from inside the firewall. I am replacing power steering fluid daily. I believe it is coming from somewhere in the steering column but I am not 100%. I need a diagram and directions for the repair.

This sounds like the hydroboost unit is leaking.behind the master cylinderThe braking system on this using the power steering pump to provide power assisted brakes instead of a brake booster. The hydroboost unit most likely needs replaced. ... Chevrolet Silverado 3500

I changed my 2003 Lincoln Navigator air suspension with Strutmaster,since then,I faced a problem with power steering wheel.It became stiff and is hard to steer,although I checked the fluid and was within the range. I think that the workshop which replaced my suspension may did something with steering pump,maybe they disconnect the wire along with the suspension's.before I go to a workshop,is there anyway for me to check if there is a loosen wire?

Well stiff steering can be a big issue so i would suggest u to get it checked right away. ... 2003 Lincoln Navigator

92 buick century blower motor replace? I have a 92 century that im trying to replace the blower motor on. the problem im having is that i cannot get it to slide out because it hits the power steering pump. do i have to take off the power steering pump too? i pulled out every bolt that i could see to disconnect the power steering pump just to move it out of the way. but it still feels solid. i dont know why id have to take off that much stuff just to change a stupid blower motor. any help would b

... 1992 Buick Century

I need to replace the o-ring that prevents power steering fluid from escaping from the power steering pressure hose of a 2003 ford windstar. When you change the power steering pump, as you take the hose out from the old pump a new o-ring must be installed because the old one will not be useful again. I'm trying to buy the o-ring but i no one knows where or how to get it. This o-ring goes into the power steering pressure hose, which goes into the power steering pump.

... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2001 chevy blazer 4.3 vortec v6 4 wheel drive. i have a power steering fluid leak it is only happening when car is in drive and the wheels are turning but it then pours out replaced pump still same problem 5 of us have looked under to see where its location is can not see any ideas where to start also a lot of the fluid is back by the oil pan

Check your steering rack.The lines could be leaking going into it. Or the rack itself is. ... 2001 Chevrolet Blazer

Is it hard to change a 98 Olds Intrigue power steering pump for someone who's not a mechanic? We knew the pump was going but were waiting for money to replace. Then when refilling the fluid one day and turning on the car the pulley froze and blew the serpentine belt off. Now need to change power steering pump and pulley immediately to get car running again. Is this something I can do with general vehicle knowledge or should we pay extra? Is there anywhere on the web that has diagrams of what nee

Power Steering Pump Replacement Removal Procedure \015\012\015\012Place a drain pan under the vehicle. \015\012Remove the fuel injector site shield. \015\012 ... 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have had the power steering pump replaced on my 99 pontiac grand prix, since then it has had no problems with power steering for about two months......then all of a sudden its making that whining noise like its low on fluid....i checked and added fluid, i was able to drive with perfect power steering for a 25 minute drive to work, then no power steering hardly at all. what could be causing this??


2008 Hyundia sonota 2.4L power steering pump making noise. I replaced PS reservoir and fluid was dirty and screen was glogged, flushed old fluid out about 2months ago. 1 month later starting doing the samething again so I fluished the system and now 3 weeks later it started doing it again . I forgot to metion that before doing anything I replaced the pump first and nothing changed so I changed the PS reservoir. What to do next?

If it is clogging with shiny metallic particles then your steering rack is worn out and needs to be replaced. hopefully it hasn't caused harm to your new pump. ... 2008 Hyundai Sonata

Hi there! I'm having a major problem with the power steering fluid pouring out of my 1998 Chevy 4x4 suburban...I was wondering if the entire unit may need replacing or it could be just as simple as a hose? Iwould appreciate any advice...Thank You, Liz

Could be either, to check fill will power steering fluid, start engine, have some one turn steering wheel, and see if it's coming out of a hose or from the back of the power steering pulley, if it's a hose replace power steering hose, if it's from th ... 1998 Chevrolet Suburban

I have a 2000 ford ranger 4 cycl engine i just replace driver and passenger upper and lower control arms and shocks and stabilizer bar links and now my power steering pump is squeling and the fluid is a tan color and when i tried to bleed it i filled it like i was suppose to but if i turn the wheels while the truck is turned off than start the truck it shoots the fluid out the top of the pump where the cap is........is that common and ok or do i have a problem in my power steering system ?

Okay....first, you have a lot of air in the system...hence the tan color. You need to do this procedure about 12-20 times.\015\012\015\0121.) With the engine off and the front wheels ... 2000 Ford Ranger SuperCab

I purchased a 2005 Santa Fe..had it a day and noticed a loud squeeling noise..does it when slowing down for a stop sign ...when you pull out it keeps squeeling for a short distanse...sometimes right after you start it up...mechanic changed the serpentine belt...at that time noticed power steering fluid leaking and said i would have to replace power steering pump...which they haven't done yet..and the squeeling noise is back ..could that be from the power steering pump?

The pump runs off a belt as well, if there is a pump problem it might make the belt squeel ... 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

Got a problem with my power steering. 2 months ago the high pressure hose got busted and i changed it with a replacement part. it was working normally for about a month but lately there are times when i find it hard to turn the steering wheel. i did not see any leak in the system and the power steering fluid level does not decrease. what seems to be the problem? vonnozid

It may be air in the system tho it should have presented itself before now. if you are unsure of how to bleed the air out of the system, you need only turn the steering wheel all the way one way untill ou hear it making a noise move it completely ... Honda CR-V

I got a 99 Chevy Malibu ..the problem is i just started noticing a noise or rattling coming from the top power steering pump pulley ,or tensioner pulley area and it is getting noisier, plus when i try to steer i get a loud humming from the power steering...now i had to replace the head Gasket due to coolant leak ( a common problem on those cars ) so the mechanic had to disassemble the timing belt and radiator etc.. and i must add the mechanic wasn't the best out there ..now my question is, did h

The power steering has nothing to do with the timing belt replacement.\015\012If you here a rrrrrrrr.....rrrrrrrrrrrr..... when you are steering it is because you power steering fluid is low.\015\012You will find the power steering pump o ... 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

While struggling to come out of a parking space in icy conditions, the car lost power steering and the battery stopped charging.Checked uder hood and the serpentine belt had come off track. the belt and tensioner were replaced this fixed the problem with the battery charging, but the car still has no power steering. The pump is still full of clear fluid and there appear to be no leaks. there is not now, nor was there previously a whining noise to indicate the pump has gone bad.

HelloHonestly it sounds like they got the belt on wrong, you have (should have) a diagram of the belt rout under the hood some place, check for yourself.Good luck,Feedback appreciated >:) ... 2002 GMC Envoy

Steering problems The car always has a feel of hydroplaning, and this obviously gets worse in rainy conditions. My 96 Chevy Suburban feels as if the rear end is fish tailing on the street and even more so on the freeway.My wife was recently stopped by the police who thought she was DUI because of this. I replaced the power steering pump a while back due to loss of power. Now this problem has surfaced. Any thoughts?

Replace sway-bar bushings. ... Chevrolet Suburban 1500

I have a 1993 buick skylark. the power steering pump squeals and the belt is loose. i am going to tighten the belt and hope that solves the problem. i also checked the fluid and it is ok. if this doesn't stop the noise then i suppose i have to change the power steering pump correct? thank you for your time.

Yes, you have the correct plan of action for your car. Hope it's just the belt! ... 1993 Buick Skylark
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