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Saturn ion 2005 leaking coolant from radiator area and overheating

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Saturn ion 2005 leaking coolant from radiator area and overheating

... Chevrolet Cavalier

Coolant leaking I have a 1996 saturn that is leaking coolant from the passenger side tordge the front closer to the tire area. I recently put a new radiator in. So im assuming thats not the problem.Also my fan doesnt always turn on like its suppose to I have to turn on my air conditioning in order to turn my fan on sometimes.Anyone know what could be wrong??

Im not too much of an expert but if you just replaced the radiator, one of the hoses may not have been securely tightened or damaged all together, and if im correct, you're fan runs off the water pump, which might not be getting enough pressure to tu ... 1996 Saturn SL

I'm leaking coolant from area of the water pump. It is not overheating when running even when at idol. When I replace the fluid it starts leaking from the bottom as I'm refilling the radiator but not from the radiator. What could be the problem?

No decent tech will guess where the leak is. You need to actually get under there and look. When you find the leak source, that is the part you need to replace. As for overheating, it eventually will get worse and loose enough coolant to overheat. do ... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My 2000 saturn sl2 is overheating and leaking coolant, but it doesnt appear to be coming from radiator or overflow jug. could this be the water pump?

I would remove thermostat first to see what happens ,if it still over heats is your warer pump ... 2000 Saturn SL

I have a 2000 camry. I noticed bubbling coming from the coolant resovior after a short drive. The radiator was low on coolant and the res became empty after the car cooled down. I started the car up and added distiled water to the radiator. I am leaking coolant at a fast pace but I can't tell where its leaking from. The car is NOT overheating...yet... what could this be?

Yet--HopefullyHead GasketIntake GasketWater Pump & drying off so you don't see it ... Cars & Trucks

My engine is overheating. I have replaced the thermostat, and did a pressure test (found a small leak in my radiator). I have flushed the coolant and refilled with bars leak (for the radiator leak)

Bud not to be funny get the head gasket replaced and get some expert to see if your head is not buckled or hair cracked due to over heating ... Cars & Trucks

Overheating Problem Hello Everyone: I have a difficult overheating problem that I am trying to solve for my 88 ford thunderbird. I had the hoses, water pump and radiator replaced but I am still losing coolant in the radiator. I lose about 1/4 a gallon every 100 miles. It seems like a slow leak. My question is: Where else could it be leaking? Jon

There are a lot of places it could be leaking from,it could be a head gasget, freeze plug, intake gasget, ect. best thing to do is pressureise the cooling system and look for a leak, and watch the pressure guage on tester. Do you have the right radia ... 1988 Ford Thunderbird

My car keeps overheating. Initially I was told it was the radiator so I had the radiator replaced and it was fine for about 2 weeks but now its overheating again. Its not leaking coolant like before but once it overheats when I stop the car and park I hear like a boiling sound and sometimes the coolant will boil out. What could be wrong

Check the thermostat and have the car pressure tested to make sure you do not have a bad head gasket or head or the heater core is plug also like to give you this information as well if you every have a hard to find GM-part its Schram auto & truc ... 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT

2002 Ford Taurus 6 cyc. intermitted coolant leak. Vehicle is not overheating. No indication of where leak is. Vehicle is ok driving for two to three days and then coolant appears on front passenger side under engine area. Resevore seems ok. Water/Coolant then has to be added. If not checked, coolant level will over time fall till vehicle overheats. I have run car for hours trying to see where leak is coming from (water pump, resevore, etc) and cannot located the problem. Any ideas??

Some 3.0 engines hive a head gasket leak on the rear head on the corner hear the water pump.. ... 2002 Ford Taurus

1994 Pontiac Sunbird was driven for three months without coolant until it overheated a day ago. It overheated on the way home and started smoking out of the air vents. That night, I filled it with coolant, the radiator and the overflow, but still overheated. Took it into the shop. They said that there was a problem with the heater? A whole somewhere where the coolant would just leak out. It would cost $400 to get this fixed before they could see if anything else was wrong. I don't know whe

I assume the shop was talking about heater core being bad and even if heater core is bad they should be able to test for a head gasket being bad actually you can totally bypass the heater core so there no reason to fix that before you check for a hea ... 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

My 99 Saturn SL2 has recently been leaking the engine coolant. Every time I drive it, I need to put in a 1/4 to 1/2 bottle of coolant. It was overheating a couple weeks ago and I replaced the fan motor. A few days later, the low engine coolant light on my dash began blinking and I have to add the coolant. I can see a puddle of coolant under the car after I turn it off but with the engine running, I can't see where it's leaking...Just dripping onto the ground. Any advice? Thanks.

Take it to a shop and ask them to put it up on a lift, take a look and figure out where it is leaking. They can tell you and also how much to fix. ... 1999 Saturn SL

2003 hyundai elentra overheating and already did alot of standard procedures to fix the problem and still overheats. Car vurrently has 64k on it. Here is the history. Last year it overheated and changed the thermostat, radiator and fans. Work fine and now this year again. The radiator had a very muddy cap. As if mud was in the radiator. We flushed the radiator checked all hoses for leaks filled with new coolant. Ran okay for about 30 miles and problem started again. Changed water pump, timing b

The only other thing I can think of is maybe you put in the wrong kind of coolant? Not every type of coolant works in every car. Other than that, try head gasket sealer because if your head gasket is leaking, it can't be a big leak, otherwise you'd h ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 2004 Sentra. I have coolant leaking from the radiator cap, the car isn't overheating, and it only starts during the second trip in a row if I am running errands. Then it keeps leaking

... 2004 Nissan Sentra

1992 plymouth voyager keeps overheating, i have to put nearly a half of a bottle of 50/50 in every other day. i have no visable leaking under the car or on the engine. i have replaced the radiator, thermostat, and new radiator cap. im at a loss as to the amount of coolant that is leaking out of my radiator but yet not showing any puddles when i put some cardboard under my car, someone please help. my voyager is a 2wd v6 3.0

Sometimes the pipe that runs under the intake will leak. Can you smell antifreeze burning while you are driving? Another way to tell, is to let the vehicle run with the cap off. IF you get alot of bubbles out of the radiator, you have a cracked he ... 1992 Plymouth Voyager

Radiator Flush I have drained the radiator and need to know what do from here. Do I leave the valve open while the engine is running and keep water from the hose introducing fluid into the cooling system? Or should I be going about this differently? Ultimately, I have a small leak in my head gasket and will be adding Bar's Leaks to fill the viod. The jeep has never overheated and loses water. I have to add water about every 4 days. I have checked the coolant system for leaks and found none. No w

There is no right or wrong for this one but on a car w/ no gasket leaks you can leave that valve open.Keep a CLOSE eye one the temp gauge and oil gauge while your doing it.Change that oil for sure after you flush & refill w/ anti freeze. Since yo ... 2000 Jeep Cherokee

Coolant leaking from bottom right corner area of radiator. not sure if its radiator or hose connection. is there a hose connection in that area? how do i fix? no money for new radiator.

Should have lower radiator hose in that area..if your radiators leaking, as opposed to replacing it you can go to a radiator repair shop and have them fix it for a fraction of the price of a new one ... 1990 Honda Accord

I have a 2003 dodge stratus SE, the other day it started overheating. I replaced the thermostat and it was fine for a day, then it started overheating again. I saw that my coolant was completely empty and notice it was leaking so i thought it was the water pump but when i filled it up with water to take me down the street it started overheating but all the water was still there and smoking, my radiator isnt leaking and i dont hear my timing belt squealing. Could it still be my water pump or some

I recommend you buy staff from http://www.bestcardiag.com/, you can consult the supplier at any time ... Cars & Trucks

Engine Overheating My truck keeps leaking all of its engine coolant somewhere near the water pump. The coolant tank is full and no coolant is being pumped into the motor so I have to keep filling up the radiator. However it completely leaks out of the truck within the hour. There is a cranking sound coming from the engine when the temp goes to the highest point and then the temp comes down a little. Then when i turn the truck off there is a loud hissing sound. Is it the thermostat gauge or the w

It is one of he things you mentioned.LEAK: Check the water pump itself. The seal might be gone.CIRCULATION: Check water pump and thermostat. ... 1999 Dodge Ram

Coolant surge tank on my 93 saturn SL2 has a pine hole leak on the inside seam which is leaking out coolant and causing overheating. It is a plastic tank. Is the tank by itself replaceable? I have sealed it with epoxy a week ago but it pealed off and therefore it is leaking again.Do you know if I can order this part. I cannot find the part in my manual

... Saturn Cars & Trucks

97 Cougar....Radiator not leaking....water pump not leaking....radiator full...getting low coolant warning light and can smell overheating hoses...put on new radiator cap....no change....temp guage shows near normal temps, although higher than usual.....Could it be thermostat ? and where is the thermostat located on 97 xr7 6cly

If your not low, and your not overheating, chances are that the level sensor is either dirty, or faulty. It's located in the coolant resevoir. ... 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7

Hi Expert, I have a 2001 dodge caravan 3.3L; 106,000 k,I noticed that i'm loosing coolant very often as well as the engine gets overheated, a mech. said it's the radiator that is leaking and he changed it!!!few days later i noticed that it's still leaking-a bit less than before-he said this is normal!!a month later i noticed the same problem is repeating itself again-worth to mention here that the coolant leaking is always COLD from the driver's side only to the right when facing the hood-This

It won't be possible to be sure without some extra testing, but your mechanic should be able to easily test these things. \015\012\015\012First off, the location of the drip and the temperature of the fluid dripping won't always really t ... 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

1999 pontiac grand am gt is overheating i replaced the thermostat, waterpump, and the upper hose gave it a full flushing and still leaking antifreeze and now it started to overheat on me. at first it would just tell me i was low on coolant so i would fill it. but i was doing that twice a week. then i found that the upper radiator hose had a crack replaced that. still low coolant light would come on. so replaced the thermostat and the waterpump. but b4 all this it never overheated now it's overhe

First check that the thermostat was installed correctly. It will not work properly if it was installed upside down. If this is the original radiator, it most likely is plugged up with deposits and corrosion. It needs to be replaced with a new one. ... 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

Coolant leaking i am seeing visible signs of my engine coolant leaking on my '95 toyota 4runner, on the ground and the under side of my car, but can not tell where it is coming from...all radiator hoses are in tact and no signs of it leaking from my water pump or thermostat area, please advise

Hello Kasalama :\015\012\015\012 Is it possible to wash off the engine while protecting the distribuutor and other electronics so we can start with a clean and dry engine ? . * Make sure that your radiator is ... 1995 Toyota 4Runner

I have a 1991 Volvo 940 Turbo with about 240K on the engine.The water pump was leaking. I drained the coolant by removing the lower radiator hose. I replaced the old water pump (for the first time) with a Hepu pump, removed old gasket material from block area, cleaned the thermostat housing of calcified corrosion, reconnected all coolant hoses, etc, and filled the reservoir with anti freeze. I started the car to check for leaks. No leaks from hoses. But during the idle process of about ten plu

Did you bleed the cooling system after you reinstalled? Chances are high that there are trapped air pockets in the system. Those systems will thump you big time for not bleeding them (sometimes repeatedly) after a water pump change. It's possible, th ... 1994 Volvo 940

2002 Chevy impala overheating. Replaced radiator, water pump (thermostat is working properly). Not sure if radiator was bleed out correctly. Car is still overheating and fluid leaking out the bottom left of engine area. How do you make sure radiator is bleed out properly?

If your radiator is clean inside and you water flows and circulates with the radiator cap then it is OK. The leak is probably coming from the intake area or the head gasket. You could try some BARS leak that you can get at your auto parts store and s ... Chevrolet Impala
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