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Where would water intrusion come from on the driver side of truck?

\015 Water is clear, not coolant, found on the driver side floormat, approx. 1/4 cup, wet under/behind dash but unable to locate its source. have not been able to duplicate the problem with running water or rain.\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Any chance it is connected to the drain for the air conditioner ? Usually a plugged drain will dump water on the passenger side floor.
There may also be a split in a seam in the firewall or cowl where water will seep into the interior over time from a previous rain.
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Where would water intrusion come from on the driver side of truck?

Any chance it is connected to the drain for the air conditioner ? Usually a plugged drain will dump water on the passenger side floor.There may also be a split in a seam in the firewall or cowl where water will seep into the interior over time f ... Chevrolet Cars & Trucks

The water in fuel signal comes on occasionally on my 2007 f-250 superduty. I have already drained the filter under the truck on the drivers side but I have been told there is a second filter under the hood that I need to change/drain. Is this true and where would I locate this filter under the hood

The best way is to follow the fuel line from the tank to the filters tht way you wont miss it or them! ... 2007 Ford F-250 Super Duty Lariat

I have a 1999 chevy silverado and it leaks water when it rains through the top driver side window. It leaks down through the dash onto the floor and it is so bad that it has rusted out the driver side floor pan. I took it in and go the window re sealed recently and it is still doing it. Why would water still be coming in even after window was re sealed?

Use a garden hoes to find the leak slowly move the hose over suspected leaking area. leak may be elsewhere ... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

When im driving my truck i can here a clicking noise coming from the outside of driver's side. It would come off and on, or sometime when i reverse and sometimes depend on how fast the truck is moving. Thanks

Sounds like you have a bad CV joint. Roll down your windows and drive the vehicle slowly while turning to the left and right. If you hear clicking coming from your drivers side then your CV joint bearings are worn. Replace the CV arm. ... 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Have a 04 dodge with a driver side grinding noise that comes and goes. It started after I got my truck stuck in the snow. I thawed out the front end last night, and now its worse. It comes and goes while going down the highway. Sounds like something loose and grinding on the hub. Also in 4x4 it makes a clicking noise like a CV joint. Would a CV joint make a grinding noise that comes and goes?

C V Joints can make a lot of noises. Sounds to me like you either bent the inner fender or if it is plastic you may have pulled it loose and it looks normal but it is just sitting in place with the push pins out of their intended holes. When you turn ... Dodge Ram 1500

I have a Ford F250 XL- While plowing today I notice that the truck was swaying to the left but didn't think anything of it, thought it was the wet snow. Then while back blading some snow, I noticed that the truck would not back up, almost like I didn't have any 4 wheel drive. I would lift the blade and the truck would back up. When I put the blade down and pushed the snow it would move, but I still felt like the truck had no tracktion on the front drivers side. Almost like the front drivers side

Check both front lockouts,1 side or the other could have broken,unlock 1 side and reach underneath and try turning the axel on the other side-----if it turns all the way around, then replace that lockout,if it doesnt turrn then try unlocking that si ... 1998 Ford F250 SuperCab

I have a 2000 yukon in great condition other than the fact that EVERY time it rains my driver side floor boards are soaked. i have found that the water is coming in close to the plastic running board closest to the door but i cannot find the problem. we have cleaned out leaves and junk that was stuffed under the hood and behind the tires. i have even tried to make it leak with the water hose and cannot seem to do so. i am sick of this problem and would love some help before the rainy season gets

Check door drains on bottom of door?\015\012\015\012Got a sun roof with drain tube off? ... GMC Yukon

2003 chevy silverado extended cab,2500 hd LT diesel,1 I would like to have the wiring diagram on my truck,2 My heated seats are needing repair,just replace both heating elements in driver side seat work great for a bout 3 months,and now I push button on either side,the light come on and then go out, need wiring diagram and trouble shooting procedure on all problem with heated seats

... 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Water leaking into footwell drivers side of suzuki liana, seems to be coming from the right side of the windscreen,is there and if there is a blocked drainage hole would that filter into the foot well, also their is two plastic caps located in the foot well are those there for drainage if removed,

Yes, the plastic caps at the bottom of the footwell, are for drainage. (Don't forget to replace them. You may not be pleased with yourself, if you don't, on a real rainy day!)Does the water have a real nasty smell, and the inner windshiel ... 2003 Suzuki Vitara

My water is now draining out my question is what would cause cold air to come out on the passenger side vents and not so cold air on drivers side vents? and it only blows on high? this is reference to 98 oldsmobile intrique

Hose on drivers side could be off and if you have a resistor pack on the fan motor it might be bad. or fan switch. ... 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue

I have a 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche when it rains water comes inside the cab somehow carpet is soaked on drivers side and speakers on drivers side front and back will not play. Any idea where the water could be coming in maybe has nothing to do with the speakers but they work if it hasn't rained in a few days. The passenger side works well all the time. Thank you for your time.

Check the seal around the drivers door. Try to determine the level of saturation as you move your hand from the door to the center console. If it is wetter closer to the door, this would indicate the door seal of the door window seals are damaged and ... 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche

Engine light came on truck ran ruff, light went out and it came to life, this happend 3 times in 2 days now it just wont run right, there are 4 plugs, 2 on each valve cover, if i un plug 1 on the driver side the truck almost dies, i do the same on the pass. side nothig happens? the truck still runs the same i checked the amps on both sides, the pass side is way lower amps than the driver side, so its only running on 4 cylinders, my injectors are not comeing on i asume cus of the low power going

Kinda confussed? what plug's are you talking about? the glow plugs? once started it should not make a difference if you disconnect them. the first thing you need to do is get the computer scanned to see why the check engine light came on and that wil ... Ford F-250

2002 suburban has leak in driver side rear floor. Cannot see where water would be coming from?

We had same--water on driver side rear floor (soaked!). Driver side front floor seemed dry until feeling UNDER rug, was slightly damp. We found the location of TWO leaks causing this.\015\012\015\012Leak #1 was through the parking brak ... 2002 Chevrolet Suburban

Someone put water from a cooler into the engine where you would put the coolant. it then began to boil out out the top where you put the coolant and coolant was leaking from underneath the car from right behind the driver side front tire. its a slow leak and i cant tell exactly where it is coming from but the car still starts.

You have a bad hose or lose connection. By driving the car it will only get worse from the internal pressure. Putting water into it from a cooler is OK as long as you do it slowly and with the engine running. Take your car to a mechanic you trust and ... Volkswagen Jetta

Car has 142,000 miles on it. The mechanic replaced the water pump, serpentine belt, tensioner, and idler pully. Now when the temperature gauge gets up to mid point or so the radiator cooling fan (on the driver's side) comes on and the temperature gauge drops almost to cold. As soon as the gauge goes to midpoint again the process repeats itself. This happens even at highway speeds, with the outside air temperature very cold. Previous to this repair the temperature gauge would go to midpoint

As long as the temperture inside the car is keeping you warm, I would not worry about the gauge. Everthing sounds like it is working properly. ... Ford Taurus

I have water on my drivers side floorboard. I fixed my condensate drain and that cleared up the water on the passangers side last summer, but now I have water on the drivers side.. Where could this be coming from?

... 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

My driver side door has some sort of water leak. The water is leaking onto the carpet of my 2003 GMC Yukon XL. The water seems to coming in between my side mirror and the driver side window.

Open the door and there is a black gasket on the body jam of the truck and on the door...inspect for crack/break/holes and if located then use a water sealant from Lowe's or autoparts store to fill in. ... 1998 GMC Sierra

Air conditioning for my 2003 dodge 2500 cummins diesel only works on the drivers side and it does not go cold it goes just colder than room temperature and that only last for about an hour than it's like the servo doors close and there's no air at all coming out until I turn the truck off and start it again, than the air starts coming out again but it's not cold. The passenger side not matter whether It's on heat or cold the air coming out is at half the pressure of the drivers side. The heat wo

Sounds like the a/c system is low on refrigerant. At about a half pound low the drivers side still cools good but the passenger side will not ... 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab Laramie

Water leak I have an ongoing water leak coming from the roof passenger side of the van. Everytime it rains, water leaks a lot and sometimes from center console and even the driver side. When I hit the breaks, the water comes forward and leaks. The van does have a sun roof.

... 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan

I have a 1995 Ford ranger and I have a bad water leak but don't know where its coming from. It leaks from the bottom pully but at the same time when I have the truck running it spits water from the left side and right side from the belt running. That is from looking at the engine on top. Ive been told it could be the water pump, the timing belt could be offset,or a leak in one of the hoses. I just want a little more advice before I start taking my truck apart n having to buy all kinds of parts t

... Cars & Trucks

1. Truck has a clicking noise up front on passenger side. We have already changed the relay switch on the passenger side plus the 4 way flasher, but it is still clicking. It sounds like a blinker and when you put your foot on the brake it stops. 2. The drivers side back brake light does not work. all other lights and blinkers work. Tried two new bulbs and still no go. 3. Truck had a security light on plus it would not start randomly and if I waited 10 - 15 minutes it would start... and I

... 2001 GMC Jimmy

Hi i have a '06 dodge ram pick-up truck n there seems to be a problem with the high beams. well first of all i had to replace the head lamp on the drivers side n still when i put on the high beams the driver side does not work. I'm a firm believer in when one side does'nt work to replace both n that's what i did in doing so neither light bulb seamed to work. trying the two new ones n the old ( in which was still good) n the out come was the driverside high beam does not come on whereas the low b

I had the same prob. ended up being a bad connection between the bulb and harness... but then shortly after every time i try to go from dim to bright the wipers come on..... the dealer has finally admitted they have a prob with the multifuntion sw ... 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

1988 s-15, truck died would not start, i jacked up driver side to inspect filter exc, truck started ran great, lowered off jack wont start, jack it up starts lower wont start

... 1984 GMC S-15 Jimmy

Water is leaking into the driver side of the car i really dont know were it is coming from i can not see any sings of water leaking from the evap coil around it or anything it is leaking out side were the drain is fine were can it be coming from the car is a 2003 grand prix four door 3.1 v6

I suspect you have a leak in the heater core. When you turn the heater on do you get a sweet smell and or any fog up by the windshield for a short moment? Is this water possibly green or orange, If it is the heater core the liquid would be the same a ... 1995 Pontiac Grand Am

Wind noise i have a loud wind noise in my 2006 gmc envoy xl at speeds above 60mph. first they said it was driver side mirror, then rain guards they fixed the seal in driver side mirror and i had the rain guards taken off and its still there. the windsheild was replaced a few months ago before i purchased the truck, wondering if this could be it? they also state that the body shop guy has 30+ years and its not noise coming from inside the truck. what do i do, the noise is so luod and we take long

I would check all window and door seals. ... 2006 GMC Envoy
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