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On my old brake booster, the little rod from the booster to the master cylinder can easily be be pulled out. On the used booster I bought, the plastic device around the rod follows the rod out. What is right?

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Answers :

Your old one ,sounds like the plastic guide on the new reconditioned secondhand one has siezed to the push rod
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On my old brake booster, the little rod from the booster to the master cylinder can easily be be pulled out. On the used booster I bought, the plastic device around the rod follows the rod out. What is right?

Your old one ,sounds like the plastic guide on the new reconditioned secondhand one has siezed to the push rod ... Chevrolet Camaro

Help me please.... i bought a used toyota 2004 4runner v6 chain drive 4x4 last year (2009) around june... it has 50/50 tread left on Michelin AT or CT tires. the problem is: whenever i am driving (10mph-110mph).... my steering seems heavy. it appears that when i going around corners... left or right... my steering wants to go in the opposite direction i am turning... in better terms.... when i turn left around a curve....its difficult when i turn right around a curve.... its difficult


I have a 2000 subaru forester, I bought it used in 2004 w/65,000 miles on it. The problems started about two years later, with the left wheel bearing just about gone and the right was following. We replaced the left wheel bearing and a week later the right. Then the left was going bad and the warranty was just about up....had the left replaced again. Than again in March had the right replaced again. Now four months later the darn thing is going bad again. I have never replaced any wheel bearings

This seems to very expensive car to maintain as there is too much wear in the wheel which is very unusual in the car try to get the part extended warranty ask about 2 years if any things happens again you can get replaced for free.... ... Subaru Forester

Starter wont connect with flex plate on big block chevy. i built a new motor,454 i installed my starter (mini starter 4 position) i got the position right around the headers which are dynomax 86136. anyway just to test it i pried out the starter gear to check how it would engage. shims came with it so i checked. it would not engage so i added shims then i bought more shims. still not grabbing the flexplate right . i wire just the solenoid to check it that way and still no luck. i'm using a s

You'll need a starter from a 1993 C2500 Suburban which came with a 454. Assuming you're running a TH400 this should solve your issues. ... 1983 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1995 Buick Regal 3800 Ignition Control Module, the factory one tested bad but worked sometimes. I found a used one for $1.04 it worked for a min. I put the old one back on it started and ran for about 10 mins. before it died. Got a used one from a junk yard for $40 bucks it started made it 5 blocks then nothing. I bought a new one from O'reilly's for $130, it got me the other 5 blocks home. Shut it off to unload tools. Go out it starts right up pull in the ally to turn around and it dies. They a

... 1995 Buick Regal

2006 malibu 4door, driver outside door handle rod came off while unlocking with key inside. The rod came out of a white plastic device. How does one get the rod back in the plastic holder? I can see that it snaps onto the door latch . How does one open this plastic device? I can see that the rod has threads which goes on the rod. I am not sure if I should take mechanism off to get to this plastic device?

... 2006 Chevrolet Malibu

So Emissionwiz: Follow up question - We took the car to an A/C service guy to recharge the system and he says it is fully charged. No need for a recharge. The A/C blows cold at idle and normal around town driving. Is it possible that the PCM is shutting off the compressor too early? Right now, the A/C shuts off when pulling a trailer on the slightest grade. I guess I have two questions: 1. What sensor does the PCM use to decide the engine is at 60% of full throttle? 2. Can I adj

If you're going this way - why not just go old school and for this trip run a hot wire straight to the battery for total control? I know this is not kosher but for this one trip it seems to be the quick - simple and true answer. When you get home - d ... Ford Escape

I have a couple. I bought a 1998 to have as a second vehicle for child and dog transport. Upon driving for a little while I noticed a clunk when shifting to or from second (acceleration and stopping) that sounds like a transmission problem. It mainly happens once the car has run for several minutes or more. Also, it appears the used car dealer hid a problem with the cruise control from me. The right side cruise buttons on the wheel have broken from their plastic mounts. Can these be glued back o

... 1998 Mercury Mountaineer

I just need to know when to replace the timing belt on my 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor. It has 48,000 miles right now. It's not in my owners manual. The manual tells me to follow what it says on the warrantee but I bought this used. Anybody know?

Well a timming belt usually out lasts the car its self. i wouldnt worry about till around 130,000 thats just my opinion though its not something u do rutuin maintance on or a scheduled event ... 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor

High rpm (fast idle) when the engine is cold. Every morning start is around 1800rpm. No engine check light on. Nothing changed after decarbonising intake and brake booster line. Voltage and resistance of TPS, IAC, coolant temp sensor and MAF was checked by the manual and are OK. Could this be the ECM issue? When the engine has right temperature, it runs smooth and stay at 700rpm. Lexus ES300 1995, 141 000 miles, bought in Canada.

It is normal. car is designed to do this when engine is cold. it called open loop. when it warms up it is called closed loop. ... 1995 Lexus ES 300

Girl hit curb headon at 50 mph. Flatened 3 tires and messed up 3 rims. Right tire is turned about 3 inches to the right when the steering wheel is straight and left tire is straight. We replaced rims and tires. Bought new tie rod end, sway bar, sway bar bushings and brackets, lower control arm bushings. Adjusted tie rod end to bring right tire straight but the sway bar will not fit and can't figure out what else is bent. What else can a poor man do?

When you get into a collision with a new car, IT'S SCRAP. simple and plain, it is what it is. You can spend to no end chasing down the problem yourself, take it to a ******* who won't do it right or bring it to someone who'll charge you two legs and ... 1989 Toyota Camry

The indicator light that a door is open was on, even though I checked all the doors. I fiddled around with the driver door and found a recess with a white plastic/metal gear. I think it wraps around a metal "U" on the door frame to keep the door closed. Anyway, I pushed the plastic gear back with my finger and now it is stuck that way. The door won't close at all. I have tried locking and unlocking, restarting the car, and using a screw driver to try to get the white plastic gear to move fo

To release that latch, hold the inside door handle as if you were trying to open the door, and use a screw driver to move the latch. as for the warning light, probably a bad door switch (dont forget to check the hood and the trunk aswell, they can so ... 1999 Toyota Corolla

I just bought a used 2004 g35 coupe. The right headlights comes on but then goes out all the time. I went to infiniti and they stated that it could be the headlights themselves. I finally bought a new set of after market headlights. Once again the right side only, headlights turn on, but goes out again. I was told that it could be the ballast, but I just wanted to make sure. The entire headlights works and stays on, its just the headlights bulb that keeps going out after a few seconds. What can

... Cars & Trucks

Bought a used 2006 Nissan Titan with a 1 year old Continental battery. Drove it for 4 days, was cleaning it out with all windows down and doors open. Tried to crank it. Wouldn't start and wouldn;t allow key to be removed. Bought a new Duralast battery that is suggested for that model. Cranked right up after installation. But the Continental also cranked right up.....after about a 30 minute charge. SHould I be concerned about something else being wrong, or was the Continental battery just poor e

The key not being able to be removed was most likely the steering lock...a dead battery cant make the key unable to be removed. Batteries can go bad without warning. Checking the alternator would be a good idea. ... 2006 Nissan Titan

I have a 2007 Saturn Ion with a power steering issue. The car only has 31,000 miles, but fell short by 14 days of the warranty. We contacted the dealer, they ran the vin # and said the vehicle was sold on a certain date.(We bought it used from another dealer) I have seen several other complaints on this, shouldn't there be a recall on this problem. I hear the part runs around $600 and labor around $400-$500. Anyone see a way around this expensive and well know problem?

You can now buy just the power steering motor for $150 instead of the complete column for $600,,the motor overheats and cuts out,thats all you need,easy to install or about $150 ish laborat dealer,that will fix the cutting out and no power steering i ... 2004 Saturn ION

Bought the inner tie rod for 1990 cadillac but didn't need it need a inner tie rod for my 91 cadillac is it safe to use the inner tie rod for the 1990 cadillac to put on the 91 cadillac basically our parts interchangeable?

Jusjt ask the parts counter person they can tell you ... 1990 Cadillac Deville

On a 1966 ford galaxy with drum brakes all around, is there some sort of washer that goes between the push rod from the brake booster to master cylinder internal guts! All I did was take it apart to sand blast the parts for paint and now its as if the push rod doesn't make contact with the cylinder! And I did not change the length of the push rod!!!


I have a replacement rear bumper/fender (the plastic shell) for my '93 190e 2.0, but its different to the original - the right dimensions, but its one piece that fits right around from one wheel arch to the other. Problem is there;s 3 pieces to the original - main piece across the back (easily removed) and smaller sections just behind the wheels on each side. The brackets on the new shell are right where these two are sitting. So what I'm stuck with is, how to get these off safely, and, if I d

You will be able to change the bumer and get it back on safely, take care with it, andyou will be able to do it. remember your onyl huan, if you cant do it. sell the shell. bye ... Mercedes-Benz 190-Class

Steering/Suspension Mystery My S80 has over 100k miles, and I recently got a suspension job done, including : a. Both tie rods replaced b. Lower control arm bushing replaced c. Ball joints replaced d. Steering rack bush/stoppers replaced e. Full wheel alignment done. After all this work, the car does not seem to drive right. It has following symptoms: 1 On take-off, the steering pulls to the right, and drives straight with the steering tilted to right 2. On braking, the car pulls to

Ok after reading everything that you have posted I would recommend you getting a few more things checked:\015\012\015\012\015\012Try rotating the tires and see if an old wear pattern is causing what you are dealing with now and g ... 1999 Volvo S80

I bought a 2000 Mustang GT with 12,000 original miles. It came from a collections and we use it for crusing once a month or so. Recently I was driving it and after I shifted into second gear, the engine just quit. The motor cranked over fine, but it woul not start. I had to towed to my car service center. This was on a Saturday and when they came in on Monday ot started right up and ran. They used it for a little while and it finally shut off like it did for me. They check the fuel and replac

I have a 2000 gt that sits for long periods of time and I have to keep it on a battery maintainer or it goes dead. It's caused by parasitic loads. (radio clock, alarm system etc.)\015\012Sounds like a fuel delivery problem?\015\012You ma ... 2000 Ford Mustang

I have a 1999 blazer. It was making a roaring noise in the front end. Took it to a garage. They replaced the passenger side wheel bearings. This cost around $400.00 for parts and Labor. When I picked the car up from the garage the ABS light was now on. I drove around the block and came right back to the garage. He hooked it up to a device and said that now the speed senser in the driver's side wheel bearing was bad and that now has to be replaced at the cost of another $400.00. Is there a reason

Ask them why it wasn't a problem before the work that they did in that area, and if it normally needs replacement because of bearing work done, then why wasn't it done, and why should you pay the labor to pull everything apart again? Call your local ... 2000 Chevrolet Blazer

Hi got a 1993 2.4 non turbo 5 speed manual i had the front end of the gear stick come out of the bearing block got a new bearing block and was told to replace the gear control leaver and all the rod ive done the large rod with the 2 plastic balls on new bearing block but not the road as there seems no play. i can not get reverse gear when using the gear stick but if some one pushes down on the gear box selector it will go in to reverse and help would be great thanks neal

You have the wrong lever try mesure the shifter assemblies if they are not the same then find a different shifter also replace the spring that shoves the stick back up. ... Volkswagen Microbus

92 cadillac 4 door 4.9 engine 256 k, basically won't run right. Won't keep timing , goes around corner and konks out. Won't start some times , only to start and won't even run in idle, in idles engines runs rough, backfires and speeds up and slows down by it self. Mechanic checked all grounds and computer would not give any codes or just blank. So he replaced computer and used same prongs from old computer to new one , just as book calls for. Still car won't run right , Mechanic says car doe

Check the distributor. See if the shaft bushings are loose. ... Cadillac DeVille

I have a 2002 SC430 problem with the alignment. The car has 50,000 miles on it and i bought it used at 46,000. For about 2-3 months the car was driving fine. The car now ALWAYS pulls pretty hard to the right, most often on side streets. The highway isn't as bad for some reason. I've gotten the car aligned TWICE at the Lexus dealership and they've told me that the tires are the problem bc they aren't "runflat", but the tires were new when i bought the car. What should i do? Replace the tires? ive

Let me 1st explain about right pull on the highweay and on city streets, all streets and roads are "crowned" this means that the street is high in the center than on the sides for water drainage, so a slight pull is nothing to worry abou ... 2002 Lexus SC 430

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix uses oil between oil changes and has a black carbon type ring around the exhaust pipe opening. Pontiac dealer told me it's normal for a 3800 V-6 to use a quart of oil in a thousand miles. Doesn't seem right to me. Any suggestions?

It is not normal for that engine to use that much oil. i know of another grand prix like yours that lost the engine and the dealer had to replace it. something is wrong with that engine. maybe talk to another gm dealer. good luck ... 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP Sedan
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