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I have a 94 chevy truck and the e-brake will not engage, i push it in and it pops back out and will not put truck in park with e-brake, is this a cable type brake ? the brake fuild is fine....please help

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I have a 94 chevy truck and the e-brake will not engage, i push it in and it pops back out and will not put truck in park with e-brake, is this a cable type brake ? the brake fuild is fine....please help

... Chevrolet 1500

My toyota t100 broke down in a parking lot while i was driving. i pushed it into a parking space and put it in park and engaged the parking brake. later on that day i attempted to move my truck but when i went to release the parking brake the lever pushes in but the cable that attaches to the lever and goes to the brakes does not retract. it has alot of slack under the dash. is there a way to disengage the parking brake; so i can move my car?

Either remove the drivers side rear wheel and disconnect linkage or cut the cable from underneath (do this as a last resort... if you want to keep your emergency brake for future use, you'll have to replace the cable.) ... 1993 Toyota T100

Got a 1997 Ford Ranger 3.0 V-6 with automatic. The transmission would not shift well,the nuts on cable holder under dash were loose,the tried to adjust cable,but it would not loosen up-when I put the trans in drive and held lever in drive I could not line them up. Just put in park underneath,but now the key turns easily,but will not come out or start truck? It is tough to move the auto trans lever from park to drive,the pointer seams to be off. Any help?Thanks

Take it to a tranny place they should not even charge you for a little fix up ... Ford Ranger

The brake light indicator and charging system light came on and battery indicator gauge then went down to almost nothing. The headlights then began to dim and I hear a grinding type noise from under the engine. I slowed down and pulled-over and the noise stops but when I put it in park and it shuts down. I can jump start it to get it out of park and put it in nutrual but when I disconnect the cables it dies out again.

The alternator is kaput. ... 2004 Ford F150

Can not put it into park. The gear shifter will operate between all gears but will not go into park. I have to start the truck in neutral. It will run in Reverse, D,D1, and D2. I have to park it with the emegency brake on and in neutral. Can it be fixed without replacing it? How would I take it apart to replace it? Thanks for your help! Kevin

Kevin - nice description of the problem - but not enough to be sure of the solution.... so this is a guess that the relay that the brake peddle operates is not energizing. Remember, when it did go into and out of Park, you had to press the brake ped ... 2000 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cabs

I have an '07 shelby GT with the standard mustang GT parking brake handle assembly. I purchased the handle from a Shelby GT 500 (only difference is leather covered handle vs. rubber). I have removed the console cover and have access to the 2 top bolts on the assembly and the brake light connection. There are 2 additional bolts that cannot be accessed from the top...how do I access them to remove the old and put in the new? Any tricks to unattaching and reattaching the cable? thanks for the help!

You will have to get at the other two bolts from the bottom. You may want to put the car up on ramps. The cable can be turned slighly when pulling with needle nose pliers.You can go to autozone.com and register for full free online repair ... 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500 Convertible New Cars

Ignition last night started the truck and drove normally, gone about 10 mins. got home key would not turn off, had to disconnect battery cable. now this morning it will not go in gear, I shift to drive and nothing, but when i put it back in park, i hear and gear grind. any help please.

... 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2007 Volvo 670 truck tail lights aren't working all other lights turn, stop , back up light are OK it's just parking light isn't working cables are in good condition there is no brakes or cuts between them, fuses are also fine tho I can't find the problem please help

... Cars & Trucks

I am facing a problem with actros truck.It is a putzmeister concrete pump mounted truck,problem is when i put concrete pump side,power take off time engine rpm should increase to 550 to 750 it is not happening,and rpm is not increasing with the radio remote of the concrete pump, i checked parking brake switch and central gear box power take off switch, i need your help to solve the problem estat the early

... Mercedes-Benz 400-Class

I have a 1994 chevy 1500 2WD truck that I leave it parked at a ranch for several weeks in between uses. When I put truck in drive after sitting for a few weeks, the rear left wheel will not turn. Right side wheel turns fine. I have to put it in reverse and lightly apply gas and then put it in drive again and it usually frees up. After getting it broke loose the last time and drove it for aboput a day, I got around to pulling off wheel and looked at brakes - no leaking brake cylinder, brake co

Hi,This problem won't be your diff, it will be the brakes, even though you don't apply the emergency brake now, the problem is with the foot brake.I would say that the brake shoes are not returning properly and when you stop to park the t ... 1994 Chevrolet C1500

I pushed on my parking brake and something snapped, resulting in my brake pedal pressed to the firewall,when i pulled the release latch it would not come back up,i pulled the pedal up manually but now i have no parking brake at all,the pedal is limp. upon a quick inspection it doesn't appear that the brake cable has snapped, however i noted the cable that runs allong the frame,to the rear tires is now slack. i have a 1995 Ford F150 XL pickup truck (regular cab) if you could tell me how to troub

If you know someone with a lift, get it up in the air and take a good look. it should be immediately obvious which end or which cable has failed. i think you will find there are two cables in the rear which meet one coming from the front at a central ... 1995 Ford F150 Styleside Regular Cab

Acidentialy turned truck off while in drive while sitting in driveway with parking brake on after i turned key off and took foot of brake it started to roll back so i used brake to stop then put in park.. now truck wont start...everything electrical works just wont start

Move shifter around and in neutral, might have broken neutral safty switch ... 2005 Ford Expedition

My Chevrolet Avalanche (2002, Z71) parking brake cable broke and it seems like it should be easy to replace if I can find the right part. The cable I am referring to goes from the Parking Brake Release Handle to the floor where it disengages the floor brake. Can you help me find this or suggest a way to find the part; other than scouring the internet... I have tried that, but not sure I am finding what I need.

... Chevrolet Avalanche

We have a 2005 f150 king ranch v8 5.4L with center console shifting that will not shift out of park. We moved the truck and put it in park. We changed rear brakes and rotor on the right side. We get in the truck to move it again and the shifter will not move. Tried jacking the back up again and moving the tires a little (thought they may have moved slightly taking the lugs off.) Checked owners manual to find out that it may be brake lights or the #16 fuse that is for brake shift interlock. Chec

SO you didnt have any problems before the brakes ..right. How does the top of the shifter feel? does it feel like its lifting the lock or does it feel like its not doing anything. I had one of these in yesterday that the screw holding the shifter kn ... 2005 Ford F-150

This evening my 2001 GMC Sonoma was in 4-wheel drive. As I was backing out of a parking spot, I heard a clunk and had no brakes. I continued to back up with no brakes and then finally felt my brakes coming to. I again proceeded forward and noticed I had no brakes again, so, I placed the truck in reverse and put truck in 2-wheel drive and got my brakes back again. Is the truck just not engaging in 4-wheel driver properly?

I would not drive that truck 1 more foot until that brake situation is rectified! No the 4 wheel drive cannnot make the brakes go out, they are 2 seperate systems entirely and have aero to do with the other as far as operation. This is a very dange ... 2001 GMC Sonoma Extended Cab

Parking brake on 1990 nissan truck cable broke


I have a 2002 suburban and it has a random click/cracking noise in the rear. I can hear it when I drive, and also when I put in park and release the brake. Sometimes when the truck mover forward those few inches on a incline during the park and brake release process. The truck runs fine no slipping on the trans or grinding

I would start with having someone under the vehicle while someone inside the truck stands on the brake and shift from reverse to drive several times and verifies that the u joints are not "bouncing" . you will notice this by where the two sections ar ... 2002 Chevrolet Suburban

My 2008 f 350 4x4 is not going into 4x4 . I can here the vacume going but not locking in. When it did work last year i would put it in park and i would here load grinding of gears. I would have to place truck in neutral turn off then put truck in park. help please !

... 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty 4WD

Tail lights my truck has no tail,turn or back up on the rear.i do have everything up front though. i also have brake lights now but someone had put a new brake light switch in and didnt have it installed quite correct. I was wondering if the brake lt switch may have shorted or something. also in the truck the light for the heater control blinks with the right turn signal, only the rt one though. any help at all would be a start. Im scrathing my head. Is there ways to test the brake light switch

It sounds like a problem in the main harness. The brake lights are on the same circuit as the turn signals and hazards, but the parking lights and backup lights are on different ones. So the only thing connecting all three is the ground circuit ... 1988 GMC C1500

1994 dodge 2500 diesel. Put remanfactored calipers and new hoses on the front of this truck. Now I have a soft pedal that if held fades to the floor. Thought the master cyl must have a leak in it. Replaced no help. Thought Rear anti lock brake system might have a leak in it. Removed it no help. Changed the calipers again thought they might be flexing (bending or springing)....no help..I have power bled the system, I have gravity bled it, I have pumped the brakes and bled it. Please Help....I

Hi,\012sound as if you really do have a problem!\012From your description I presume that you are confident in doing your own work?\012The quickest way to check your system is to use brake hose clamps to isolate each section of the b ... 1994 Dodge Ram

1994 Lincoln Town Car. Cruise Control quit. No Brake Lights. Cannot get out of Park. Found 15A fuse blown. Installed new fuse and got it out of Park. A minute later the fuse blew again. Now with it out of Park the fuse and the engine running, another new fuse blew again. Don't want to put it in Park again and then of course the key must be left in the switch. Help Help !!

It sounds like the brake indicator switch, located at the top of the brake peddle replace that it all should work fine.the switch is only about 10-30 bucks.if this switch is bad it will shut off the cruse and prevent it from shifting. ... Lincoln Town Car

2003 dodge durango no gears were to start diag ?? Was driving fine pulled into store came out and there was no gears or park. Went to put into park and wouldn't fully ingauge to park acted like in between gears turned truck off put into park tried again and no movement checked cable linkage and was fine any ideas on this

... 2003 Dodge Durango

Hi I have a 1997 Chrysler Sebring. I reversed my car out of the driveway, put it in drive to drive forward.... I then put my foot on the brake because I was waiting for my son to get in the car. While doing that I thought I had put my car in park but it was still in drive & I turned the car off. Then I realized what I had done & I put the car back in park & tried to start my car & it wouldnt start. Can u please help me. Please let me know why my car wont start any more.

You might have triggered that crash sensor. ... 1997 Chrysler Sebring

Help, parking brake release handle not working. Vehicle is parked and parking brake applied - now the release comes out and does nothing - is there a cable that could have snapped? Is there a way to manually release this so I can drive to the store for the part?

... 2002 Chevrolet Blazer

Jeep88 Turn on park lights and only the Front left comes on. The rear park lights never came on.when you turn the park lights on the right front turn signal also goes on. Changed headlight switch, nothing changed. Fuses are good and stay good. The brake lights work but when you put the brake on, the front right turn signal goes on. After I changed the headlight switch now the turn signals don't work. HELP???!!!

Try making sure all the grounds are good ... 1988 Jeep Comanche
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