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My battery keeps dying out, just bought a new one and it died again. can the brain box cause this problem?

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My battery keeps dying out, just bought a new one and it died again. can the brain box cause this problem?

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I have a starting problem with my 1996 2.2 chevy cavelier. As soon as I turn the key it fires up for just a couple of seconds then dies. Once it starts it runs fine, but I usually have to try to start it at least anywhere from 10 to thirty times before it finally keeps running. Nobody seems to have heard of this particular problem that I know. One mechanic say that the catalytic converter may be stopped up and causing back pressure type of problem. I feel that the problen is fuel related or maay

Is your check engine light on, do you have any trouble codes? If it's a sensor problem, I'm guessing the mechanic would have looked at that already. A plugged cat or muffler (sometimes the guts of the cat converter will plug up mufflers) would lead t ... 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier

O2 sensor Vehicle keeps stalling out but not die'ing. Its not constant, somedays will drive fine, others I would rather walk. Ive had 2 tell me (using check box) that its the o2 sensor, 2 others say its the fuel pump. Im leaning towards the sensor. Here is the problem, before I buy the sensor, Ive heard there is one before and one after the converter. Is this true? 2003 dodge stratus sedan se, 2.4l dohc. thanks

Well i think one o2 senor is by the manifold and the other is under your vehicle by the convertor ... 2003 Dodge Stratus

I have a 1991 nissan pickup 4 cylinder I installed 2 brand new alternators within 2 yrs. The second one died yesterday. What could cause this problem? The battery was brand new too. I've changed the oil, air fiter, gas filter, plugs, and wires. My sister told me when my brother inlaw put the radio in it started to die if she turned it on with the wipers or lights.So I took out the radio. It ran great for a while. But the second one died yesterday. Could a problem with my ignition, cause this, be

I would be checking the wireing from your altenator,with a voltage drop, example if you have a 30 amp alt and the wire going from alt to your battery (usally to the starter)will only allow 15 amps back to your battery,the alt will charge full blast a ... 1991 Nissan Pickup

Have a 2004 corvette coupe that didn't start the other day. Had AAA come out and jump start me and was able to keep vette running the rest of the day. AAA told me my battery was dead and that I needed to get another one. I bought a sears Die Hard Gold. After it was installed my vette started right up. Now, this morning the same thing happened. I put the key in and no response. No lights, no codes, no sounds. What could be causing this. My vette has been running perfect with no problems. I need

Something is draining the battery you need to take it to a dealer or a electrical shop ... 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

I've been having multiple problems with my 1998 dodge caravan, and was wondering if the cause of all of them would be from the moisture that's getting into the brain box?

I suggest you get another unit as the water or moisture in the box will not be helping at all. In all your fault codes if it is the box you would have had a fault code that includes the cpu as a source of the fault. ... 1998 Dodge Caravan

I have an audi 500se auto and the car only moves in its gears when I change it from 1 to 3 and when i put it drive it stay in 3 . It does not changes gears in drive gear. oil is top up and some one told me its the computer box. and I have disconected the battery but same problem. We took out the box some one sort of fixed it and he said he must set computer cause the competer still reads the error. Please advise

... 1993 Audi 100

My 91 Isuzu Pickup quit day like it had run out of gas, but I had just filled it. I can start it but it dies about 45 sec. . I pulled the pump and it works. After I put pump back in I looked to see if any fuses might be the cause. Everything seemed to be OK . I started engine and it kept running. I drove it about a mile came home and it died. Because I had been messing with fuse and relay box last I tapped on lid of box and it started and ran. How do test relays , is that really what my problem

Pull your battery cables and hold them together for 3-5 min. this will reset the cpu. Then try it. You could have also gotten some bad gas. Put in some heet and change the filter. this should help. \015\012Calvin ... 1991 Isuzu Pickup

I had ford taurus 1999 station wagen my problem is no power door locks and no power windows are working i get sugestion from ford tech emissionwiz he said to repl gem module i get two from bone yard both are same number and some year i install one by one still no work power window and power locks all relays are ok cause i repl both acording to owners manual also found blue and black strip wire has no feed from fuse box cause i check this i i jump power to this wire from battery to blue and blac

Hi, My name is Lee and electrical problems can be very difficult and time consuming. I will help you start by giving you some areas to check by diagram. Thank you for using FixYa.com\015\012 ... Ford Taurus

Water light my 306 d turbo 1995 n reg water warning light keeps coming on. i had a few water problems which are all now fixed. heater matrix - new installed water pump and timing belt - new radiator - new these all caused the same light to come on however i got new ones. however i used the old radiator cap which wasnt reli tight. but then i used the new cap. but the problem still persists. the water light keeps coming on??? another thing when i open the cap however the waters alwasy bubbling. an

I think the answer could lie in something which you have not already mentioned. the sender unit usually located on the radiator itself is prone to going and should be replaced when replacing anyt major parts of the rad. if the temperature is still ve ... 2006 Peugeot 405

Stalling problems my car keeps over heating and stalling and i cant seem to find the problem. ive changed the water pump,fan clutch,flushed radiator taken thermostat out put new one in and driven without it and it keeps overheating and dies>< i dont know if there is some kind of heat sensor or something thats bad can anyone help me?

Remove the raidator cap while running or watch the overflow tank for bubbles. If you see bubbles either way, most likely your cause of the overheating is a leaking head gasket. If you have a cooling system pressure tester, pump up the cooling system ... 1989 Ford Crown Victoria

My car keeps stullin and i cant figure y but there is this black box under the hood in the front kinda in the center but on the passenger side that keeps makin a hummin noise everytime my car shuts off and im tryin to figure what this box is and if it could be the cause of my problems'

You need to replace that box if that dont work replace the fuel pumo ... Ford Taurus

I have been having a problem with my 2003 Jeep GC. The original alternator went out about a year ago and I got a replacement from advanced auto. Worked OK for about 4 months and died again. Took it back and they checked it and it was not putting out anything. So far I have had to replace 3 alternators. Each one checked bad at the store. It is getting crazy changing the alternator every other month or so. Has anyone had a problem like this and what could be causing the alternators to die?

You may have a short in it somewhere, i had a small short and it fried my \015\012alternator within a week.\015\012 check all wiring very close. if there is a after market stereo or something else, it may be over heating from working so hard. check w ... 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Need help i have an 89 accord lx 4d carb. manual trans. my car keeps dying even while holding the clutch down i have to keep rpm up when i stop my ac raises the rpm so i just leave it on while driving and it works fine but i wanted to know what this problem could be my guess is the carborator, distribution cap because it shocks people, or the altenator, what do you think got to fix it cause i keep runinng stop signs to keep my car runnin

Try replacing the fuel filter is this does'nt work it may be your TPS ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

My 97 ford ranger wont idle it dies i have to drive it with one foot on the brake and one on the gas. I looked at the engine and found some sort of sensor with two tubes coming out of it and a wiring harness plug in coming of the exhaust manifold. one of the tubes had a hole melted through it i replaced it and two days later the hose barb that the tubing slips onto had melted off. What is this sensor and what can i do to fix it. it seems like there is a bigger problem causing it to get to hot wh

... 1997 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Ignition problem My 1983 E-350 van which has a 351 motor in it, when I drive it I can go 5 or 6 miles with out a problem and then it will start to sputter and eventully die, I'll then leave it sit for about 5 minutes and then it will start again, Then I'll be able to drive it a couple of more miles and it will kill again! I've replaced the coil and the brain box and it didn't fix the problem! what is it?

This is a common occurance in Fords of the 80's vintage. The problem is your ignition control module is bad, and they were the same for pretty much all the engines for the years from 77 through the late 80's. I used the one off my 2.3 liter 81 Must ... 1983 Ford Bronco

My 1991 Buick Regal started up today and I let it warm up for about 10 minutes then it died on me and would not start back up. But when it do start it dies on me just going around one block it might start right back up and go but keeps dying every 5 minutes what could be the problem

Your battery could be weak, Do you still have the original battery? You can get a new one at basically any auto parts store. ... 1991 Buick Regal

I have a 1989 Chevy 20 van with a 5.0. It starts fine, but dies right away. You have to keep pumping gas to keep it going. Could this be the fuel regulator,or maybe the diaphram? I have 1990 G20 Chevy Van with an 8 cylindar engine. Little more than a week ago it would not start one morning. Had the fuel pump changed it would start then but would not stay started. Since then changed the distributer cap and idle coil (?) still have the same problem. Any ideas?

Replace your idle speed control valve.\015\012\015\012Marty de ... 1989 Chevrolet G20

My car had a replaced engine that was usd 125,000 km turbo, on my audi 1998 a4 quattro 1. 8l now all the lights are going off one problem after another, first the abs, light and found out the brain is gone(this light was prior to adding in the used engine) recently the brake light is on always from start of car to finish, also the oil light keeps flashing, got an oil change was told it was due for one anyway but not why light is flashing. was told the by diffrent friends the transmission is not

The oil light is flashing due to a system perceived pressure loss, this would have nothing to do with any on board computer, it would be an issue most likely with the oil pressure sending unit, they fail and send a false low oil ... Audi Quattro

My 92 sunbird will run untill it starts to get warm and then just dies. I when I try to start it after it dies and the car will just keep turning over and wont start. it sounds like the fuel pump doesn;t come on to. but the next day when I boost the battery and turn the key the fuel pump comes on and the car starts up and runs again untill it gets warm. and cuse of this problem I replaced the fuel pump and the relay (I think it was the right Relay. I don't know exacly what what one is the fuel p

Thers a oil psi senser that wont let the fuel pump run at low psi when the car worms the psi gos down ,the fuel rely only runs the pump for about five sec as a primer then the oil psi senser takes over thirs a plug righi behind the oil fliter for t ... 1992 Pontiac Sunbird

I have electrical problems with my ford probe 1994 2.5 24V. It stuttered while driving so I pulled over then it died completly. Just bought new fuel pump but that is not the problem. Mechanic had to bypass fuel pump relay because couldn't find it. I now have to switch my sidelights on for the car to run. Now the airbag lights come on, go out for a bit, then come back on. Also the front passenger headlight keeps blowing. Last time I replaced the bulb, the old one had a bulge on the glass where th

Your mechanic did more harm than good. That little trick of bypassing the fuel pump relay and bugging it in to your sidelights was a mistake. That trick shouldn't have been used as a permanent solution. The burning smell is a car fire waiting to h ... 1994 Ford Probe

The check engine indicator of my 1998 honda civic is always on and the idling keeps at 1500 rpm. what's the possible problem ? is it possible that idling problem is cause of a defective computer box?

Generally this would be related to either a vacuum leak, an idle speed control motor or a throttle positioin sensor. The computer uses these things to determine where to set the idle at after interpreting all of the data "sensed". You can check for ... 1997 Honda Civic

I have electrical problems with my ford probe 1994 2.5 24V. It stuttered while driving so I pulled over then it died completly. Just bought new fuel pump but that is not the problem. Mechanic had to bypass fuel pump relay because couldn't find it. I now have to switch my sidelights on for the car to run. Now the airbag lights come on, go out for a bit, then come back on. Also the front passenger headlight keeps blowing. Last time I replaced the bulb, the old one had a bulge on the glass where th

The mechanic should have never bypassed the relay, this may be where you're smelling the burning of wire or a component overheating. Whatever he bypassed the relay to, it is probably pulling to many amps, causing the wires to overheat, which could be ... 1994 Ford Probe

My miata starts but wont go when u step on gas it dies sometime u start the car it dies too what can cause this problem any one knows?

Might check mas airflow sensor or have pressure check on fuel pump ... Mazda MX-5 Miata

In my 2003 Mazda 6, how are the dual radiator supposed to operate? The one on the passenger side was not plugged in, and when I plug it in it sounds like it's on high speed, they're both on at start up. If I keep it unplugged, the drivers side fan keeps the temperature guage in the middle of the range. I read about the electric fan control on these cars causing problems, do I need to change the module? Thanks.

One is only supposed to come on when the ac is on. one should only come on when the temp. reaches a certain degree. you may need a new temp. sensor. is your check engine light on? ... 2003 Mazda Mazda6
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