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My taill lights dont work with the normal lights why?

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 15-01-2018

Answers :

Check the fuse box . there should be one undeer the hood and another fusebox inside the car
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I have a 2004 Nissan Maxima and my tail lights dont work and whn my headlights are on the dash dimmer doesnt work and a section up by the radio lights dont work. I checked my fuses and the headlight fuse was blown so i replaced it and i turned on the car and everything was back to normal until a min later and the fuse blew again adn the break lights went out and the dash light dimmer switch dont work . the lights dont dim when the headlights are on. Its back to how it was. What do i do?

Find the short, could be in the switch or a wire itself...and if you have a bulb out it complicates finding it even morenew fuse it, then turn things back on one at a time...should tell u where the problem is ... 2004 Nissan Maxima

My taill lights dont work with the normal lights why?

Check the fuse box . there should be one undeer the hood and another fusebox inside the car ... Cadillac DeVille

My brake lights dont work and my hazard lights in back.. brake light in window works.. hazard lights in front work blinking fast. when put turn signal on go back to normal blink. turn signals work and running lights work in back.. replaced brake switch twice and all bulbs are good... only brake lights and hazard lights in back out

... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

My 2001 Buick Century's tail brake lights are not working. The far right one works but the rest dont. I just replaced all the bulbs and reset the fuses, and they still dont work. When I lock and unlock the car the lights flash normally no problem, but under braking only the right one works. What should I do.

Your brake light switch, which is located on the brake pedal, has malfunctioned. If you replace that your pedals will go back to working. When they go bad one or more brake lights will not work when the brake pedal is pressed but will work all othe ... 2001 Buick Century

I have a 2003 Lancer OZ. The dome light dont work and the lights on my shifter dont work and my dash lights are very dim. Ive also noticed when driving at night my headlights seem to go a little dim then back to normal. What do you think is the problem and where should i start first

... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

1998 chevy prizm when headlight switch s on head lamps dont work and if turnsignal is turned on car will die parking lights work and turn signals will flash normal and car wiil run if the headlights switch is off ar just park lights is on turn signal blinks normal speed also but car dies and blinker flashed very fast. also car dies when emegency flasher is on no matter if lights are on or not

... 1998 Chevrolet Prizm

My taillights do not work on my geo metro 91. they have not worked for a few months but i bypassed the problem by wedging a quarter between the front light and parking light buttons because i could not find any blown fuses. now the quarter does not work anymore and i hessitate to go buy new switches because i dont think the ACTUAL problem is in the switches as you do not have to access your parking lights normally simultanously with your front lights to also get you back lights.I took the switch

The switch is your problem,Yes I know that you took it apart and cleaned it and checked it out.But they are parts that you cannot see and the switch will fix it.Where you put that quarter in there it made contact until it burnt away.Try a switch. ... Geo Metro

The tail brake lights dont work on ethier side. But the overhead brake light works. All other tail light functions work normal.

Brake light switch ... 2003 Chevrolet TrailBlazer

Headlights come on by remote and some times they dont. I tried using the switch on manual and sometime it works and sometimes not. Parking lights,directionals,dashall work fine.The only problem is the headlights not working. 2004 mer. grand marquis headlights will go off unexpectedly either in manual or auto mode.   the only way  to get lights is to pull back on the turn signal lever.  problem will last for 5-10 min. then lights will operate normally for a while and the cycle will repeat.

Simple....... lighting control module good luck ... 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis

I have a 2005 Honda Accord and the only power window that works now is the drivers side. Im not sure if these problems are related but first a few months ago my speakers started making loud poping noises, now they dont work at all. No sound except an accasional pop noise. Then the back light for my stereo/clock started sometimes would work at nite and sometimes not (stock stereo). Then I noticed that my dash lights started flickering. They would be normal and out of the blue get dim for aboput 2

Sounds like you have major electrical problems. I would say a short for sure, it sounds like water is getting inside your door panel for one. Check the fuse box, make sure the box itself is secured, then check the fuses. making sure they are in tight ... 2005 Honda Accord

When ever i make the hot blower air to the windsheld i dont know why my a/c light get on. This is the normall thing with honda CR-V or there is some problem or its normall. tell me when a/c light is on. my a/c works or not.

You can verify that by looking at the clutch plate of the compressor. if it is turning as the pulley, then it is on.is there a switch on the a/c light? you can press that so that the a/c won't come on and also turn the temperature contr ... Honda CR-V

Daytime running lights and high beams dont work replaced blubs and relay and light switch still nothing low beams working normal need answer and locations

Youre looking at damaged wiring, usually in the front harness, there is a connector near or under the battery, chek for continuity from there to the headlights, and don't forget to check the grounds, this can take hours to do so have patience ... 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier

My Honda Odyssey 2005 turn signal and emergency lights dont work on the left side but they do on the right and with the brake lights both sides go on like normally what is wrong?

... 2005 Honda Odyssey

Volvo S60 2008 my remote keys have stopped working, this means my alarm, remote locking, cabin lights and compass on the mirror all dont work. I have tried resetting the UEM to no avail. What is strange however is that very occasionally everything returns to normal - but only for a short while before going again. Please help.

... Cars & Trucks

Hi i have a 2002 passat v-6 4 motion, the engine will not turn over when you turn the key, the car has full power all the lights work and i tried to jump start it, i noticed that when i turn key on epc light comes on i dont know if this is normal before starting or is this a code for the problem

... Cars & Trucks

I cant figure out how to get my turn signals to work. The lights come on but dont flash, both in the hazard and normal mode. They just light up and stay lit but wont flash.

Replace your flasher ... 2002 Dodge Neon

I have a 1997 525tds. the ignition key has sudenly stopped turning the engine !. everything else works, the key opens the central locking on the doors, the dash lights up as normal but the key wont turn the engine over. there is no power drain at all, the lights in the dash dont dim and i no the battery is fine. any sugestions ?

Do you have a key witha chip if you droped it or water got in it will not work at all you need to have it reprogramed hope this helps ... 2003 BMW 5 Series

Electrical problem when i install the fuse for my dome lights my amp will stay on when the vehicle is off my windshield wipers will work and my stereo keeps time and is capable of programming when i pull the fuse my amp goes off windshield wipers work normally and stereo needs reprogramming everytime i turn the vehilce off dont know wut to do also when hooking up my stereo the only way to get power to it is if i connect the red and yellow wires together and for the cord to the amp it also needs

The yellow wire is fine to go there but the red and the amp need to go to acc power if you have a test light u can find the wires needed if not you can put the red to the back of the lighter ... 1992 Ford Explorer

2000 s10 2wd, abs works fine untill you accelrate hard then light comes on and engine reves high untill you shot car off and back on then it works normal untill you accelrate hard agian . this is werd dont know what to do

Check with computer db2 monitor sounds like idle control sensor or mass air flow sensor. ... 2000 Chevrolet S-10

Speedometer normally will read 25mph when ur doing 70. gas gage dont work at all light will come on tho. tach works. will read around the correct speed once in a while. it is a 2004 model year.

The speedometer is run by a small electric generator located at the transmision,the unit could be full of fluid or just worn out,either way it could need to be replaced.However with the other problems you are having first check the ground to the dash ... Pontiac Bonneville

Turn signals dont work brake lights dont work

You didn't mention your rear brake lights. If they don't work either then you probably have a bad light control module (LCM). This is a common problem with big Fords. You can buy a replacement part ($250) or have yours rebuilt (www.autoecu.com). The ... 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

Yeah my Trajet won't start,Battery seems fine plenty of power,however when I turn the ignition key there is nothing ,all the dash lights come on by half power sometimes strong sometimes they fade out,all the electric windows works but sometimes the driver side window works by itself and they dont work at all ,the window wipers dont work at all and the air conditioning works without turning it on. And there is no candle power in the head lights , hazard lights dont work except when I turn it on t

Check and possibly clean all connections to the battery(bat clamps/posts)...check to be sure the ground on the block and the body are clean and well connected ... Hyundai XG350

89 dodge raider the brake lights dont work and also the turn signels dont work but the runing lights and head lights work. i know the brake light and turn signels are wired into the hazzerds so if you dont have the hazzerd swicth they brakes wont work. what i need to know is the wiring diagram for the hazzerd swicth tellin me where the 11 wires from the swicth back run to

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I have a 2003 pontic grand am i dont know why the interor lights, dash lights, and tail lights, aren t working at all! break lights work. right turn light works, left turn light clicks like 4 times faster than right turning light but still works so... but i have cheacked the all fuzes dont know about relayes tho

The headlight switch is common to all your problems except the quick flash of the turn lights on one side the quick flash is usally a bad bulb as the tailights have two and one could be out and it'll still work just it changes the flash quicker with ... 1996 Pontiac Grand Am

I have brake light issues. I got pulled over because only the middle brake light worked. I pulled the assemblies and noticed some pretty charred looking sockets so i replaced those. Now I have perfect lighting when headlights are off, but as soon as the headlights come on the lights go haywire. They all work except the drivers side brake light. but if i turn it onto auto lights the driverside tailights dont work at all. I dont think its a ground or wire because they all work at one time.

Multi function contol switch is shot, ... 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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