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Gas tank gauge, does not show correct amount of gas

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Haunted gas gauge? 1997 pontiac grand prix se with 3.8 L engine. gas gauge is haunted? sometimes shows full when I know theres under 15 L in the tank, it will show any amount of gas in the tank but rarely the correct amount any idea?

The fuel guage sender on this model is faulty. Some were recalled when new. You need to replace it with a new one. It's attached to the fuel pump just outside the tank. It's a good idea to replace the pump while you are at it since you have to drop t ... 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix

Gas tank gauge, does not show correct amount of gas

... Cadillac DeVille

2008 DTS gas gauge shows more gallons used than on board computer read out.. OBC shows 7 gallons used.. fuel gauge shows half full... OBC shows 13 gallons used.. gas gauge shows almost empty.. when i fill the tank.. gallons purchased matches OBC... they have changed the fuel pump and sending device...seems i am the only one complaining .. but cadi bulletins says this is correct according to the dealer.. i have never had a gas gauge off approx 3-5 gallons before..

OBC uses injector pulsewidth to measure the fuelbeing used. The gauge uses standard sending units.Standard sending units are notoriously inaccurate partially due to the way they work. Gas sloshing around in the tank can change the gauge reading ... 2008 Cadillac Dts

Gas meter I have a 2000 dodge neon ES. The gas gauge goes up and down so it doesn't show the actual amount of gas in tank. It only started doing it after it got an engine smoke test to find an unrelated evap leak that was fixed. Mechanic said to just reset the battery because it was a common cliche but still the gas gauge on the dash doesn't show gas amount accurately. It'll be on E when it's actually full or something like that. Help? Did I not reset the battery right?? I disconnected the cable

... Dodge Neon

Fuel Gauge Flickers but does not work properly- recent replacement of the fuel pump inside front gas tank. The gauge will show full sometimes when I fill up with gas completely, but not always. The gauge will never work correctly through a full tank of gas. It bounces back and forth sometimes, and sometimes stays on empty with light on through an entire tank of gas. Chevy 2002 4x4 suburban 2500. ( I set the odometer so that I dont run out of gas) I am a woman and dont want to chew on screws when

There is a fuel senor inside of the tank and it could very well be the problem ... 2002 Chevrolet Suburban 2500

The gas gauge does not read amount of gas in tank. How do I search the reason most likely the cause of this. If I tap the glass, the needle seems loose and turns to the area it lands on. When we fill tank it will not show it is full and takes like 7 gal only to shut off , but gauge shows 1/4 tank etc.

It is probably the sender unit in fuel tank,unless you have a sender unit tester you will need to take car to garage to be sure of where problem is ... 2000 Ford Taurus

2004 ford focus, gas gauge erratic...doesn't show correct amount of fuel in tank

... 2004 Ford Focus

When I fill up my 2007 Pathfinder the gas gauge show zero gas, light on and the check engine light comes on. As I run the gas gauge will show the correct amount of gas and later the engine light will go off.

The fuel level sensor is at fault and is setting the service engine soon light on. Your local Nissan dealer can repair this under warranty depending on your mileage. The fuel tank will need to be removed to access the sending unit. ... 2007 Nissan Pathfinder Off Road

Fuel gauge changes the amount of gas shown on dash gauge when below half. with engine running in park, gauge went from half to full then to light signaling low. put gas in tank(5 gallons)now shows over half full.

The fuel sender is in the tank and is part of the fuel pump module ( all in one). the fuel sender is a rheostat and is like a dimmer switch in you home to dim lights, the higher the level of fuel the more voltage the computer sees hence the lower the ... 2003 Buick LeSabre

The gas gauge in my 1997 cadillac deville doesn't work correctly. when i fill up it shows a full tank but when i get down to about six gallons it changes usually going up. i have to use the "gallons used' to keep track of the gas left in my tank. any ideas whats up.

... 1997 Cadillac DeVille

My gas gauge isnt working after replacing the gas tank. it shows only half tank when the tank is full

You will need to replace the fuel tank level sending unit. ... Nissan Sentra

1987 fuel level guage issue 87 F150 Lariat XLT 5.0 2wd. Have a very similar situation. Front tank position shows empty even when I know there is gas. Rear tank position shows full after refilling but after only 66 miles, several 2-8 mile trips, gauge reflects empty. Front position still shows empty. Refilled rear tank with 14 gal and gauge shows full. Is gas siphoning into front tank and if so what is remedy.

The gas is regulated from the switching valve you control off the dash. Check the valve to hear it switch \015\012have a friend help you do this. it will be located under the truck between the two tanks. You may have a faultly valve or switch r ... 1987 Ford F 150

Fuel Gauge goes to empty when tank is full When I fill up my gas tank, the fuel gauge is pegged all the way left past the Empty indicator. It appears as of the gauge is not working. As I start driving, the gauge needle starts to move to the right. When the tank is between 1/2 and 3/4 capacity, the needle will move to the correct position and start to accurately display the gas tank fuel capacity. When I refill the gas tank to full, the above cycle repeats itself. So the fuel gauge is accurate be

It sounds like the fuel sender is bad in the fuel tank. ... 1994 Nissan Pickup

Analogue fuel gauge shows less than the computer shows gas used.. when i fill the tank .. it matches the computer shown gallons used.. ie.. i use 6.5 gallons.. gas gauge shows less than half full tank.. when i have used about 13 gallons.. gauge shows almost empty...

Hi!!\015\012\015\012You may have a defective fuel level sendigng unit or wiring. It should be part of the warranty coverage. Check with your friendly dealer :)\015\012\015\012Good luck ... 2008 Cadillac Dts

This morning the gas gauge in a 2000 beetle read correctly, almost full. Now it reads at least a quarter of a tank past full and instead of going to empty shut off, it shows a quarter of a tank when the car is shut off.

Either your gauge is broken or your sending unit inside the tank is malfunctioning. ... 2000 Volkswagen Beetle

I bought the CLK last week and already have a problem with the Fuel Gauge Indicator. I completely filled the tank with premium gas and the fuel gauge is is showing empty. I know that the sending units have a history of failing in both our SL and the E class. However, I've been told that a re boot of the sending unit can solve the problem. Is this correct? How do I solve this problem?

You may have a faulty sending unit or connection to unit. Check fuses and relay. ... 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK

The gas gauge on my 2004 Corvette moves from regestering the correct amount of fuel to empty.The computer will then show low fuel.The gauge will slowly return to normal.Any ideas. [email protected]

It sounds like one of your sending units has failed.There is a left and right tank on that car and as such ther eis a left sender and a right sender. When one fails you run into this condition where you have abrupt level changes and inaccurate ... 2004 Chevrolet Corvette

Gas gauge my gas gauge on a 2003 honda crv continuously fluctuates. the car may be on half a tank but then reads that it is full even though i know the car is correctly on half a tank. it does this all the time even if the car wasted only a bit of fuel. i think its the senor that is in the gas tank or on the pump. not too sure. i just wanted to get a correct diagonsis. thanks

I think is IAC diagnostic. you have to clean it ... 2003 Honda CR-V

When the gas tank is full the gas gauge shows as empty. When the gas tank is empty the gas gauge shows as full.

Well that tells me that someone installed the wrong fuel level sensor. Your going to have to drop the tank and pull the pump and float assymbly out. Then go to a parts store and get a sending unit that has the opposite resistance of that sending unit ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

Dash gas gauge stops showing proper gas level once it hits half a tank. Then gauge will fluctuate between empty (light will come on), full and anywhere in between but seems fine from full tank to half

If the trouble with the gauge started after you worked on it then you likely damaged or created a restriction to the movement of the sending unit. You will have to remove the tank and double-check your work. ... 2000 Buick LeSabre

Gas gauge is not reading correctly. Shows a full

The problem is caused by a defective gas gauge sending unit, this part is located inside the gas tank, you must remove the gas tank to replace it. ... 2002 Cadillac Deville


My girlfriend bought one a week ago just as a vehicle to drive her to work and back. It was in decent shape considering the years. The only thing that was wrong was the gauge wasn't reading the gas, as well as the head gasket needed replacing, which ... 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

Gauge is not showing the gas amount in the tank it does not move at all when fueling always stays on E

Most likely the fuel sending unit in the tank,but to test it unplug the unit from the tank,the gauge should go to full,if it does not,then the sending unit in the tank is bad. ... 1987 Volvo 740

Gas gauge does not mark amount of fuel properly,the needlle will show a full tank then half, it keeps going up and down

Its most likely the sending unit in the tank ... 1997 Ford Escort

I also have been experiencing oddities with my 2006 Isuzu Ascender. The gas gauge will show correct readings then will drop to empty at about the half tank mark and stay there until I fill it back up again. Also the driver window rolled down by itself yesterday and caught fire, I was able to disconnect the power cables to keep electricity from going to this circuit board but now my window is down and I can't afford to have it fixed. When is GM going to fix these problems?

The tank sending unit works off a resistor to read the amount of fuel in the tank. you will need to replace the entire tank sending unit for fix this problem. As for the door problem....The short in the wiring for the door has to be found to repair ... 2006 Isuzu Ascender
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