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Battery and alternator checked out fine. need to know about voltage regulator

Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 22-01-2018

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Battery and alternator checked out fine. need to know about voltage regulator

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I have a 2002 jeep grand Cherokee 4.7 v8 4x4 I was driving and notice my voltage meter was dropping made it home checked the battery after charging tested fine, voltage again dropped while driving, had the alternator tested it tested fine..... Any ideas maybe a voltage regulator one mechanic said the pcm he wants 500+ to fix it. Need another option can't afford that one any suggestions.

How did you have the alternator checked? bench tested? check the charging system at the battery with a volt meter while the car is running to see what the voltage is it should be above 13 volts but less then 15 volts if not clean all connections and ... Cars & Trucks

I had to replace my alternator and voltage regulator, (external) and I'm not getting any charge to the battery. I'm wondering if I simply need an external ground or do I need to replace the wiring bundle from the alternator to the voltage regulator...this is an 83 F150, 302, it starts and runs fine, but I don't want to ruin a battery

Where did you buy the new alternator? Are you sure the alternator is good? Have the alternator tested before you spend time/money on your other components. If your wires are damaged or corroded, that's another problem. ... 1983 Ford F150

2002 Nissan Maxima......had a new alternator put in in March 2010. About 3 weeks ago, battery light and brake light came on. Took it to shop....no voltage going to battery from alternator. So, I had them replace the alternator (which was under warranty). All was fine, until today......same thing happened. I need to know if this is an alternator problem, or something else electrical. I know that Nissan linked the brake light (in dashboard) with the battery light....for whatever reason. I d

... Nissan Maxima

My 2007 VW Polo Classic is overcharging the battery. Some expert said my alternators Voltage regulator needs replacement when I checked wth VW they said they dont have voltage regulators but the whole alternator which is abt $1000 which I feel is too much.

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Replaced alternator, voltage regulator, and battery is near new, but the battery won't charge. Is there a wire somewhere that is known to go bad frequently I could check. I know on GM products there is small wire alongside one of the battery cables that if broke will stop the engine and it won't restart either. Does the 1995 tempo have such a wire? Also does it have a fuse for the alternator? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is a Ford Technical Service Bulletin and Ford Repair Harness Connector Kit that may be your problem.\012 \012Good luck!\012Article No.96-21-4 \01210/07/96\012\012\012\012^\012CHARGING - GENE ... 1985 Ford Tempo

Headlights are draining my battery. i replaced the alternator because i noticed a severe drain, my cars radio cut out and my engine almost quit. after installing the new alt. everything seemed fine until the weather dictated the need 4 headlights. the car ran fine untill the battery got very low under 11v. at home i performed some diagnostics disconnected all amp wires, turned radio off and headlights. checked the voltage the alt was doing its job battery charging and read 14.5v at idle. reconn

Sounds like you have a shorted wire somewhere. ... 1988 Honda Accord 4 Door

I just replaced the alternator in my wife's 2003 2.0L Ford Focus SE. The battery has been tested & checks out fine (Advanced Auto). My problem is that the voltage keeps climbing to around 17 Volts (which the original alternator did). I assumed it wwas the Voltage Regulator, but I'm scratching my head now. Am I possibly missing something simple? The wires all seem to be in good shape (no rot, cracks, etc.) & I cleaned all of the connections. Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

Probably the best thing to do is get a reading from the Test gauge.Either a Scanner or simple Voltage meter would produce a number. Then you would know if the dash gauge is wrong.I do not have the wiring details for your unit, but a Resistor ... Ford Focus

Hello, I have a 1995 Buick Riviera w/3.8 ltr supercharged VIN 1. I replaced the old alternator for being noisy-bearing worn. I went to Autozone and got a replacement alternator. the alternator is not charging, 11.9-12.0 volts running. took alternator back to Autozone they checked and they tested the alternator and said it passed. Put it back on and still not charging. Checked Voltage to Battery terminal on alternator-o.k. has battery voltage. Checked voltage at regulator S terminal (Lt Blue-Ckt

... 1997 Buick Riviera

Hello, I have a 1995 Buick Riviera w/3.8 ltr supercharged VIN 1. I replaced the old alternator for being noisy-bearing worn. I went to Autozone and got a replacement alternator. the alternator is not charging, 11.9-12.0 volts running. took alternator back to Autozone they checked and they tested the alternator and said it passed. Put it back on and still not charging. Checked Voltage to Battery terminal on alternator-o.k. has battery voltage. Checked voltage at regulator S terminal (Lt Blue-Ckt

Use a jumper to connect the positive terminal of the battery to the terminal L input of the alternator. That will give 12V to the exciter circuit of the voltage regulator and turn on the alternator so that it can begin charging. If that makes a dif ... 1997 Buick Riviera

Hi, I drive a vw golf 4 1.6se 1999 model.My battery light has come on and stayed on..I took it to the garage in a different city and the guy told me that is the alternator and is going to cost me 211.00 pounds to replace.My question is, that how do I know that he is telling me the truth?.He did put a voltage meter on the battery and the reading was 11.5 voltts(BATTERY IS A YEAR OLD)?.Can you please tell me what do I need to ask him he has checked to make sure he is telling the truth?. Than

Hello! Most auto part stores will test an alternator (removed from vehicle) for free...But an easy method is to measure and record the battery voltage with the engine off...Then with the engine at idle...The voltage should increase by 1.5- 1.8 volts. ... 1999 Volkswagen Golf

I have a 2003 kia spectra 1.8 liter. The alternator isn't charging the battery but when I took it off and had it tested 3 times it passed every time. The belt is tight enough and I replaced the plug cause the clip was broke off it. Is there an alternator fuse or voltage regulator I need to check?

Hi, there are 3 fuses the the alternator needs to charge the battery. These may be inside the car or in a box in the engine compartment. They are named IG1, ECU, and ALT. If you have trouble finding them, please get back to me. ... 2003 Kia Spectra

Have a 1987 dodge dakota v6,new battery,new voltage regulator,and new alternator,all grounds checked,it still won't charge,check for fuseable links,couldn't fine nothing wrong there,why won't this truck charge,please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

... Dodge Cars & Trucks

89 toyota pickup, 4x4 3.0 it will not start, the battery light came on a few days ago, then all the electrical slowly went out. after replacing the alternator and recharging the battery, its turning over great but will not start. the fuel pump is working fine but it doenst seem to be getting any spark, especially after checking the output of coil- no spark. voltage regulator? coil? or??? plez help

More than likely either the ignition control module, the stator or the pick-up located in the distributor. ... 1989 Toyota Pickup SR5

Im having a voltage regulator problem on my 96 ford explorer(V8 XLT). I've replace my alternator twice already and the same problem is occurring, voltage regulator failed. Obviously it's draining my battery. When I'm driving, the battery gauge bounces, then stays steady at a low position, then all of a sudden it jumps back up. I've inspected the wires and they seem fine, I've also had the alternator tested before I purchased it and it passed, the battery is brand new and i also replaced the star

Check for faulty ground wire both chasis ground and engine ground for damage looseness and corrosion ... Cars & Trucks

I have a 97 astro van that will not start. Cranks fine but will not start. It has spark, compression, battery voltage, coil checked out fine, crank sensor checked out fine with battery voltage, but how do I know if its faulty. when I wiggle the cps it makes noise like the ones the fuel pump makes. distributor is good, fuel is at 50 psi. Recently the intake gasket was replaced due to coolant leak. Had oil changed and there was evidence of a lot of coolant in motor.

If it has a spark and fuel then it should go ,try some neat petrol down the intake and see what happens ... Chevrolet Astro

I am trying to convert a '63 Ford Galaxie 500 generator to an alternator. I am not sure how to do the wiring. The alternator has the following posts: Ground, Field, Battery, and Stator. My regulator is the original, which has the following posts: Armature, Field, and Battery. I am wanting to know if I need to install a different regulator or if I can use the current one. If I can use the current one, do I connect the battery post on the alternator to the armature post on the regulator? Then I ha

... Ford Five Hundred

Dodge neon 2002. My alternator is not charging, its not the alternator or the battery, Good battery, Good alternator, PCM is only a month old. if it is the regulator I need to test it how? becuase its in the PCM, and I thought about running new wire to the alternator and battery from the pcm but I dont know which wires they are. need wiring diagram :) dodge neon 2002

Wires run direct to alternator from battery ,test big lead for a permanant 12v supplyon the back of the alternator if you have one then the problem is either the brushes worn out or the commutator worn through.or the regulator either way its a recon ... 2002 Dodge Neon

1997 jeep grand cherokee orvis with 5.2. Battery died recently. replaced that. now computer says check battery. had alternator checked. told it is fine. where is the regulator for the alternator and if alternator not putting out even tho it checks out what should i check

... 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Battery over charge. 1975 ford F150 electrics transfered to an older model ford tractor. Needed wire diagram for alternator , voltage regulator to check wire paths. Ken

... 1981 Ford F 150

I have a 1995 eclipse GS-T. I bought it knowing it wasn't starting,which I easily fixed. It ran fine for a couple days, then as I was helping a friend move, the car decided to struggle to get to 40 mph and wouldn't rev over 3,000rpms. Since then I've replaced the ignition coil, plugs & wires, had battery charged ,and alternator tested. Now it won't start. The engine cranks but won't turn over. I'm pretty sure part of the issue is needing a new fuel pump, but also want to check the fuel pump rela

I don't think you have a relay issue. Test the fuel pressure. If there is sufficient pressure, there is what is called a "pre cat" that is bolted on the exhaust manifold by 5 bolts I believe. It is the big part of the exhaust under the hood and bolte ... Mitsubishi Eclipse

Charging system My charge light has been coming on followed by a decrease in speed and eventually dying out. Had the alternator removed and checked and it is fine. Was told that i may need to change the voltage regulator. Dealer says it is now part of the $712.00 PCM.  Is that the only way to fix this thing?

You can also try to instal a external regulator, from the 70,s or 80's but that will be like a good mikey mouse job, \015\012if you can't affort to pay that money now, the only way is visiting auto electrical shops and ask for an external reg ... 2004 Dodge Ram

1999 Toyota solara is making making a clicking sound before I start in the morning, after 3 clicks it starts, I already know the fuel/air sensor needs to be replaced but would this cause the car not to start, I had the alternator and starter plus battery checked and they are fine, please help!

... Toyota Solara

1998 jeep wrangler 4.0 litre , air: problem is alternator not putting charge into battery. had battery checked and alternator checked, both are good. is there a voltage regulator that could be bad?

Theres fusable links in the wires if they are burned replace ... 1998 Jeep Wrangler

Hi, How can I troubleshoot whether I have a bad alternator, voltage regulator or battery in a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Pick up? This truck runs fine with a new battery for a while and then eventually won't start at all. It makes me think it is either the alternator or v-regulator. I read that the v-regulator is in the computer and not in the alternator in this model. Is that hard to change or expensive to replace? How can I tell which is the fault? Thanks, Steve

Best way to test this is to crank the engine, then with it running remove the positive battery terminal. If the motor dies, it's the alternator. Take the alternator off and take it to autozone. They do a free alternator check which will let you kn ... 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD
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