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What controls fuel shut off to engine on 2002 buick rend.

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Answers :

No fuel shut off on your car

Never been on anything but a Ford
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What controls fuel shut off to engine on 2002 buick rend.

No fuel shut off on your carNever been on anything but a Ford ... Buick Rendezvous

1999 dodge stratus won't stay running, replaced distributor, fuel filter and fuel pump. Can hear the fuel pump build pressure and shut off. Start the engine and it will start but shut off as soon as the fuel is used. The fuel pump will not operate until the key is cycled. What controls the pump after initial startup?

Security, did you check for codes ?? ... 1999 Dodge Stratus

1997 Buick Riviera 308 supercharged. Where are the engine safety heat sensors located? Car themp reaches 200 degress engine shuts down; Does this have to do with the fuel pump, fuel reg & fuel sensor? 2 quotes both about fuel problems only.

... 1997 Buick Riviera

I have audi A8L 2004 4.2L. The car starts and after 30 sec. main fuel pump relay shuts off and pressure drops to 0 and engine shuts off. I'm auto technician, I checked circuits to main fuel pump relay and signal from ECM to relay is disapering after 30 sec. Car starts fine every time after shut off and every time it shuts off after 30 sec. Tell me what problem could it be or what I should check? Thank you. Sincerely Jerry

Could be an oveheated fuel pump! Extract the pump out from fuel reservoir and test it! ... Audi A8

I have a 94 buick park avenue ultra and it shuts down while driving can any one tell me what it can be? My 1994 Buick Park Avenue Ultra always shuts off while i'm driving. When it shut down it always starts back up with no problem. The lights don't cut off with it only the engine. I got the fuel filter check that's good to go, i change the gas cap, i put a new battery in it, and it kept on cutting off while i'm driving. I took it to a auto shop and the man did the computer test on it and its no

... 1997 Buick LeSabre

1995 Bonneville I have a '95 bonneville that was shutting off on me randomly, I replace the crank position sensor, it fixed the problem. Then the car would sputter and lose power while driving, took it to the dealship and they told me fuel pump, I replaced that and it ran fine for a few days. Now suddenly I would be driving it , and when going uphill it would lose power or shut off. It would start but when i rev the engine over 4k RPM's the traction control light and check engine light would com

The problem is probably one of the battery cables. check for looseness and corrosion. especially at the positive battery connection where the two cables are stacked. ... 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

We have a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo that will only fire on 3 cylinders. THe cylinders are all on 1 side and seemed to point at the Powertrain control module as the problem. We changed out the PCM, EGR valve, checked the timing belt, plugs, wires,as well as fuel pump, and also changed the fuel pressure sensor switch. If you disconnect any of the 3 coil packs on the drivers side while it is running the engine continues to run. If you disconnect any of the 3 coil packs on the other side it shuts the engine

Check the coils themselves ... 1999 Isuzu Rodeo

A 2000 Dodge Ram Van 1500 5.2L shut off while driving without any warnings. New Computer same problem Cables checked Thottle Position Sensor new could it be the Idle Air Control Motor? You can t restart the engine. It takes a time, sometimes a few minutes sometimes half an hour... if the motor controll lamp and the fuel indicator comes on, you can start it. If you re driving fast (75 and up) it wont shut off.

... 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

I have a 1993 Corsica, its been dying on me and not wanting to start, the engine light has been on too. So I put in a new crank sensor,fuel filter,fuelpump, and now a ECC(engine control computer) aka the brain, and i also put new sparkplugs in as well. It started right up and ran smooth and the engine light hasnt came back on now but after a good 10mins it died again. Like when it gets hot a sensor is shutting it off or something??

In that case, it might be your coolant temperature sensor. Have you checked for fuel pressure? ... Chevrolet Corsica

1993 lumina 3.1 engine. shuts down while driving,sometimes bucks at 50 m.p.h. checked plug at fuel pump harness and one pin had about 5 volts other 3 dead.swapped fuel pump relay and same thing.jumped relay and checked plug terminals again,found terminal with approx 5 v and one with 12 volts. reinstalled relay and plugged pump harness together and works fine now,need to know what controls the relay.(fuel pump was replaced about 30k miles ago.I know it's possible it's bad but I'm leaning toward a

The computer is what sends the signal to the fuel pump relay. Check the harness plug at the fuel pump again they tend to get loose. there is an updated replacement plug for this. also make sure the terminals on the fuel pump relay are clean and not c ... 1993 Chevrolet Lumina

On occasion when starting my 1994 Buick LaSabre, the RPM will race to approximaterly 2300-2500. After shutting the engine off and restarting two or more times it will start at 1000 RPM and drop to a 700 idle speed immediately. This occurrs most of the time on a cold engine but also can happen when warm. On occasion, if a sudden braking is done, the engine will act as it is out of fuel and almost die. Most of the time this happens when the gas tank is less than half full.

At times when you start it ,,the automatic choke may get stuck on,,, then realese its self\015\012\015\012\015\012and for the fuel might be a problem in the pump its self,,,blockage,, or the fuel sensor ... Buick LeSabre

1989 lebaron car throttle body fuel injection would'nt run at all , cleaned the connection at the fuel injector and it started and ran for a month. now it will start every time I try it, but it will die after 5 seconds or sometimes longer. has good fuel pump pressure. checked more connections all I could think of to check..... Maybe ,coil,engine control module,auto shut down relay? I can't just try these things for the cost factor.

The hall effect in the distributor may be the problem,these are very bad to go out on these models.This is the most likely cause.Now if this does not fix the vehicle,then the computer is the next thing that goes on these models.If the computer is at ... 1989 Chrysler LeBaron

This is driving me crazy for one, we had everything for the fuel system replaced fuel pump,filter,relay, fuel lines, and now the engine temp control sensor and the car will be going down the road and shut off after a few mins it will crank back up and go for a few more miles and do it a again. is there anything we have over looked that could be the problem.

Check engine earth body earths earth points ... 1990 Plymouth Sundance

2000 vw cabrio runs normal and shuts down, takes 5 to 20 minutes to restart, engine cranks but doesnt start, changed ignition coil, pulled diagnostic codes getting short to ground codes on cylinder injector secondary air injection, cylinder 1 to 4 fuel injectors, fuel tank vent valve, evap control system LDP and also fuel pump relay electric circuit malfunction

Did you ever get to the bottom of this problem? My car has the same codes- dealer says it might be the fuel pump relay. Wondering what you found out? ... 2000 Volkswagen Cabrio

I have 1997 lumina engine starts then shuts down immedately replaced fuel pump fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator also the mass air flow sensor and idle air control valve car still wont stay runn

Have you checked your battery.. If it does not have at least 9 volts it can not run the computer , so it would start up but then die.. ... 1997 Chevrolet Lumina

95 Buick Lesabre, stalling and idle problems either too low,(stalling) or too high. Recently replaced TPS, fuel pump, strainer and filter. Runs great when check engine light is on but stalls or goes to very high idle when check engine light is off. Cruise control only works when check engine light is off but that's when I have the problems. Also, cannot read codes as you get an error when scanner is hooked up. Tried 2 different scanners. Any ideas?

Hi, have you checked the idle air control valve? It's right next to the TPS. Take it out and check the passages for blockage/dirt/gunk. There are some tests you can run on it. Sounds like it may be intermittent. On the OBD connector--are you usi ... Buick LeSabre

Jeep was running fine. Shut it off for parking and it would not start. Jeep has 120k miles. Attempted to get computer call out for faults. Message was no ignition present. check computer cable. All other functions appear to be ok. Fuel relay to fuel pump would not energize. Motor turns over fine. Could this be an engine control module problem. This ECM has part # P56041. This is a 2001 Jeep Wrangler with the in-line 6 cyl. Five speed Trans. Help!

The ECM does control fuel delivery as well as fuel injectors. Unplug the cable from the ECM first and check for any corrosion. Spray with electrical contact spray and reset the plug firmly in the ECM. ... 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

A family member has a 1987 Buick Century 2.5L. Car would intermittently stall out and restart after sitting for a while. Now it won't start at all and has been in the garage for 2 weeks. They have replaced the Fuel Injector, Power Control Module, Oxygen Sensor, EGR Valve, Ignition Module, Temp. sending unit on the thermostat (?) and the Fuel Pressure Limit Switch and nothing has helped. It is letting too much gas into the engine also. Any ideas? The garage called a week ago and thought they

Try and change out the crankshaft position sencor it has a lot to do with the timeing and fuel i had a 12995 chrysler concorde that did the same thing i switched that out and it ran great i now also have the same buick as your family member hope this ... 1987 Buick Century

I have a motor home with a 2000 Ford V!0. It runs beautifully until about a week ago. Cruising down the highway at 60 MPH and the engine shuts down. I put the vehicle in neutral and the engine starts right up. Another 50 or so miles and dit does the sme thing. Yesterday I drove it to the Ford dealership, about 10 miles, and it did it 4 times. Ignition is still on becase all accessories are working. Fuel pump is working because it starts right up. Don Westerhoff [email protected]

Hi 1- Check the oil and make sure it is up to the mark some engines have oil level shutdown switch.2-Check the IAC (Idle Air Control) Valve. Sounds like it could be plugging up and causing the truck to stall at idle. When they're just st ... 2002 Kia Rio

My car while running down the road will shut down lose all power. After the car site for about 15 minutes it will start up again and run for a few days and this will happen again. Before it shuts down the engine hesatates runs rough, Had on the cruse control at the time. I had a fuel pump go out just a few years ago, seems like the same thing also just replaced the computer in this car recently 6 months ago.

Sounds like an EGR valve sticking. Start the engine cold and let it warm up. As soon as it starts to hesitate/stumble, pull the vacuum hose off the EGR and if the engine maintains a steady idle, replace the EGR valve. The EGR is sticking intermittent ... 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

93 buick century 3300 bad hesitation on acceleration , new TPS, IAC , spark plugs etc . no trouble codes, fuel pressure in specs and fuel pressure control valve checks ok. engine vacuum 16'' at idle but drops < 2 when you crack throttle and it has nothing , cant find an external vac. leak and pcv ahecks ok

... 1993 Buick Century

Have a 1997 Buick LeSabre Limited with automatic climate control. The blower has stopped running. We checked the fuses (all OK). We did find a slight current however to the blower motor (about 2 volts at any setting and 0 when the engine is turned off) although there is no evidence that the fan is turning. I have read all of the postings in this site that may relate to this and wonder if it is a blower control module problem because, when it is that unit, the report is always of the fan

Hi, if all the fuses checked are o.k, there is a slight of about 2 volts to the blower when put on any settings and 0 volt when engine is turned off, then it is obvious that you have a faulty blower control module that fails to transmit the required ... 1993 GMC Sierra

Car was running along at 60 mph on cruse control when it suddenly started slowing down and acting like it wasn't getting enough fuel or was not firing on all cylinders. This persisted even at 15 mph. I shut the engine off and waited 15 seconds and restarted, the engine ran perfectly and hasn't had any problem in the last 48 hours. Chrysler LHS 2000 with 3.5L V6. Frank

... Chrysler LHS

Intermitant stalling hard starting replaced ecm, icm, crank sensor, fuel filter, map fuel pressure 40psi at idle and running, no decrease when shut off coils check out fine, strong spark 1989 buick century 3300 engine

Hi, first thing, is your check engine light on? if it is, you can check the codes yourself, get a paper clip unfold it so you got 2 straight ends, find your dianostics port where you plug in the scanner, take the paper clip and stick one end in ... 1989 Buick Century

I had to take my 2008 F250 6.4 turbo diesel to the dealer because it was loosing power, It had codes poo87,p0088 and p2291. I cleared these codes after I changed the fuel filter, but lose of power issue came back after 10mi of driving. If I stop and shut of the engine, restart it, the full power comes back, after about 10mi. the lose of power issue starts again. Each time this happens the cruise control also stops working. The dealer check and found air in the fuel by install a drain line on top

Check the pcm harness and check pin 16 and 39 to make sure not shorting out. thats the fuel preesure pin and genarator pin. ... 2008 Ford F 250 Super Duty 4WD
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